Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

I always enjoy listening to our Director of Cricket, Mr Blair Copelin, speak about the boys at the Annual Cricket Season Launch. The pinnacle of the evening is the presentation of players who have represented the College in 50 matches and the announcement of the Ron Oxenham Medal recipient. The medal is presented to the boy who best displays the values of the game and the Terrace Cricket program over a long period. This year the award was given to Harry Forster and Ben Good. Both talented cricketers who have trained hard only to fall short of initially making the 1st XI at the College in their final year. Blair spoke glowingly of the depth of character displayed by both boys and resilience they have shown in the face of adversity this season. This story is replicated numerous times through all of our co-curricular programs. It reminds us that co-curricular activities provide so much more than winning or losing a game. In the face of adversity, it allows students to develop the highly sort after quality of resilience.

In nurturing resilience in our children, we often run the fine line between being loved and hated! A central component of being resilient is developing an understanding that you cannot always have what you want as soon as you want it. It is an important concept to pass on in the age of Snapchat, Netflix and Spotify, which acutely target our vulnerability for instant gratification. Psychology teaches us that people who can accept delayed gratification lead happier, healthier lives. As a community, we need to embrace the wide range of opportunities present throughout the year to develop this important skill for wellbeing.

Congratulations to Barrett House on their victory at last week’s Inter-House Swimming Carnival - three in a row is an impressive record for the Bulls. While it is nice to win, the spirit of participation, House connection and fun is far more important. It is always pleasing to watch our Seniors step up for their first major event, and I want to commend them on the way they led on the day. We challenge all our Seniors to embrace their role as leaders in the College, and I know that House Deans were pleased to observe their leadership in action on Friday.

Many thanks to the large number of parents who accepted the opportunity to attend this week’s Parent/Mentor Interviews. I trust the brief time together was valuable, and I encourage parents and caregivers to use Pastoral Care Mentors as the first point of contact regarding their sons. This Friday afternoon, we look forward to the Year 5 Inter-House Soccer competition at Waterford Place.