Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Exams commenced this week, and I have already witnessed great dedication by many students to produce their best outcomes. I continue to be inspired by the planning, preparation and thought that many students put towards their academic results. One such example is the student who has downloaded all the learning required from the checklists provided and has methodically and systematically marked off the lists as he has mastered each topic. His commitment has given him confidence in approaching this exam block that is an essential part of success. All students have been issued copies of the exam schedule. Copies can be obtained from Student Services, the App or downloaded from Moodle. These timetables are a necessary part of a strategic revision plan. This week and next week’s challenge is to ensure that the boys exhibit perseverance in their preparation and commitment until completing their final exam. Our aim is for each student to finish the term knowing that he has given his best, whatever that outcome may be.

Ultimately, the key to good performance is preparation – It is still not too late to be prepared. When your son is feeling the pressure of exams, here are some hints to share with them:

  • Be prepared. Work backwards from your exam date to plan when you will prepare. Do not just leave it for the night before.
  • Complete all of the revision sheets.
  • Use the subject checklist to go back through the content you have covered.
  • Test yourself
    • use flashcards
    • do as many practice questions as possible
    • mind dump – close your notes and recall everything you can in your own words
  • Continue to exercise and eat well. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Have a good sleep the night before, be well rested.
  • Go back over your study notes before the exam. Don’t engage in speculative talk.
  • It’s okay to be nervous; in fact, it is normal. Your mates may not show it, but they are just as nervous as you. Feeling nerves is your body’s way of getting ready.
  • Walk into the exam with confidence – you have done the work, now is the time to show it!

All the best for the next week.