Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

Our Year 10 students have had a busy term, but many have still made time to participate in our community outreach and service-learning opportunities. This week was the final visit to St Mary of the Cross Primary School for Term 2. Our boys have assisted and mentored their little buddies admirably. The students, parents and Principal from St Mary’s have expressed how much they appreciate and have enjoyed the experience of getting to know our boys through their help with all things homework related.

On Friday mornings from 7.30am, we will continue our Waterford Brekkie and Kolega Café outside the main entrance raising funds for Edmund Rice Camps. This is a wonderful way to finish the week with Waterford staff and students enjoying a coffee and breakfast together. Parents and caregivers are most welcome to grab a coffee and sandwich as well.

Our boys volunteered in big numbers to run the BBQ for the Year 7 Inter-House Futsal competition after school last Friday. I am proud of our students’ efforts to contribute to our community and the growth they are demonstrating.

We are in the midst of National Reconciliation Week. Along with our College community, we took the opportunity to recognise our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters through prayer, our actions and our renewed commitment to equity and care in all we do. We came together to particularly commemorate National Sorry Day on 26 May to recognise the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and The Stolen Generations. Luke Ames, our College Vice Captain, led us in prayer and shared with us the importance of recognising the hurt we can inflict on others and the constant importance of reassessing and adjusting our behaviours and attitudes to people of various cultural backgrounds. A critical message for each of our young men.

The Waterford cohort was also treated to a night at the theatre with an evening at the production of the Taming of the Shrew. Thanks to Mr Giles for his organisation of the event and thanks to Ms Graham, Ms Gibson and the staff who helped supervise the evening.

At this time of the term, students can be feeling a bit stressed and fatigued from the busy schedule of homework, assignments and other pursuits. I encourage you to check in with your son to see how he is managing. Reaching out to teachers and Pastoral Care Mentors is encouraged if your son needs support. Minimising distractions when working, enjoying some exercise and downtime when not, and ensuring enough hours of sleep are great self-care habits for us all.

Have a great week.