Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

Last weekend saw the world acknowledge 20 years since the World Trade Centre towers were attacked and ultimately collapsed. Undoubtedly like many others, I can distinctly remember where I was when I first saw footage of that most incredible day. Having finished supervising students in my role as Head of Residence in a boarding school, I took a moment to flick the television on before calling it a night and was astounded by what I saw. It will remain one of those ‘where were you when….’ moments that no doubt many of us will never forget. The following morning was the only time I ever saw the students watching the news rather than sport or cartoons before heading to school.

I have been thinking about our Year 12 students and how close they are to finishing their time at Terrace – their Formal is this week, and in Week 4 of next term, they will commence external exams. I imagine their most enduring memories of school will not be the news and current affairs of the day, but rather, their interactions with friends and the daily events of the College that make them love their time here at Terrace. I wish the Seniors the very best as they reflect on their mock exams and participate in the Open Classroom program in Week 2 of the holidays. It is an important time, and they have our support and best wishes.

This week, Mr Geoff Ludlow informed the College of his decision to move into retirement at the conclusion of this term. Geoff commenced working at Terrace in 1987 and has been a loyal servant of the College since that time, a large portion of which was in the role of Head of Science Faculty. It is difficult to imagine the number of young men who Geoff has taught and influenced over the decades, and we thank him for his dedication to the College and its students. As a staff, we will formally farewell Geoff at the end of the year. We are in the process of appointing a replacement for Geoff’s classes.

The experience of being a female teacher in a strongly male environment is not something I can even pretend to understand. I know that the young men of Terrace need to see, be taught and be influenced by strong women. Our female staff, teachers and non-teaching staff are a gift to the College and its students, and I hope this is an attractive place for women to work. This week, we commenced what will become a series of gatherings of female staff to share their experiences, provide support and professional development and explore leadership opportunities. I look forward to this continuing as we aim to enhance the experience of working at Terrace for all staff.

As always, Term 3 has been fast, furious and packed with events. I know our staff are very much looking forward to a break, and I am sure families feel the same way. I hope all in the Terrace Family have an opportunity to rest, refresh and spend time together over the next two weeks. I know I always enjoy the extra time to savour a morning coffee during the holidays. My very best wishes and warmest regards to all, and I look forward to returning for the final term.