Director of Sport | Mr Tony McGahan

Another season of Terrace Sport has concluded, and while it wasn’t smooth sailing, we thank our students, parents, and coaches for getting the job done. In the end, we were fortunate to be able to compete for most of Term 3.


The Terrace Basketball program again enjoyed a successful season, with most age groups across the program recording strong results. Each Saturday, 52 teams participated and showed a great connection to Basketball at the College. This is due to the fine work of Mr Tom O’Malley and his team, who deliver an excellent pre and in-season program here at Terrace. Congratulations to our 1st V squad on a very positive season. They played high quality Basketball, reflective of their ability each week. While they had some close losses, they didn’t let it deter them from maintaining their high standards of sportsmanship. They will compete in the State Basketball Championships this week and are looking forward to finishing, ranked one of the top teams in the state. Head Coach Mr Matthew Hamilton-Smith and his assistants Mr Rodger Smith, Mr Andrew Latimer and Manager Mr Josh Kersevani have done an excellent job.


Thank you to the Director of Rugby, Mr Tyron Mandrusiak, for again delivering a high-quality team experience to the young men at Terrace. The Rugby program received excellent support from the student body, with 642 players this season. To all the coaches and parents, thank you for your time and support at training, camps, and games throughout the season. The 1st XV, under the guidance of Head Coach Mr Michael Broad, assistants Mr Mick Tunney, Mr Nick Stiles and Captain Joe Liddy gave everything they could to the season and can be proud of the way the team has conducted themselves each Saturday. Congratulations to the other Open and age group teams who also delivered solid results and performances across the season.

Track and Field

Mr Anthony Hayward, Coordinator of Track and Field and Head Coach Mr Werner Botha, have been driving the Terrace Athletics program hard this term, both on and off the track. The four Friday night meets completed this term have given both the coaches and the athletes feedback on what is required over the holiday period to ensure they come back and attack the GPS Track and Field Carnival in Week 2 Term 4. Some outstanding individual performances by Captain Griffin Kelly in the middle-distance running events and Lachlan Kennedy in the sprints have the squad eager to continue to train hard over the holiday period.

Attendance at training

I ask that all boys commit to their attendance at training during the week and present ready for their games/lead up meets, home or away. Representing the College is something to be valued. Being a team member who can be depended on entails sacrifice and commitment, no matter the level of activity. Communication for being absent at training or games is important for coaches and directors to finalise teams each week. This has a flow-on effect for all teams, especially when you are working with 40 plus teams.


Please be aware that all directors, coordinators, and coaches have been asked to monitor the training and playing uniform. We want to ensure we represent the College and ourselves well, both on and off the field.

Parent Lounge Participation in Terrace Sport is outstanding due to the quality of the sporting programs offered, allowing for all levels of participation and the high standard of coaching across individual sports. The easy flow of communication is important, ensuring everyone is kept informed. Please sign on for each Term Sport via Parent Lounge for the in-season and pre-season activities offered each term. Typically, this is available for two weeks towards the end of term. Term Sign On dates are noted in the College calendar.

Communication To remain up to date, please download the College App and select to receive notifications for your son’s chosen activities. You will find updates, training and playing schedules, team lists, game/meet locations, and further information under the individual sport. The College is moving away from ongoing email communication, with the College App as the primary source of communication.

Seniors 2021

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all Year 12 boys who took part in Term 3 Sport and thank them for their efforts playing their respective sports at Terrace. These young men have represented the College well, some since 2014. The Terrace community is very proud of you, and in your final year, we want to thank you for pulling on the Red & Black Jersey for the final time.

Have a great Term 4 in Terrace Sport.