Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

The end of Term 3 is upon us, and thankfully we appear to have been able to negotiate a relatively normal final few weeks. I do wish to thank the many people within the Terrace Family who have worked so hard during this term to ensure that the impact of lockdowns on co-curricular activities, the Year 10 Immersions and the Year 12 Formal was minimised for the students and their families. There were some significant challenges at times. However, by working together, we have been able to keep things happening.

The holiday break brings an opportunity to recharge in preparation for the traditional busyness of Term 4. Some students will be involved in Sport or Music activities over the holidays, but for the majority, the first week of the break should provide time for rest and recovery.

In the second week of the holidays, the College will again conduct the Open Classroom program for our Year 12 students. During that week, Year 12 staff will be hosting masterclasses, one-on-one interviews, tutorial sessions and a range of practice exams. Last year the Senior cohort strongly supported the program, and we anticipate that this will be the case again this year. In advance, I offer my thanks to the staff and students involved in staging the program. The Year 12 students have worked very hard this year, and, with only a matter of weeks until the start of their external exams, these Open Classrooms will form a critical component of their preparation.

Last week, the College sent a survey to all families seeking input regarding school fees. Terrace has been chosen as one of the pilot schools to trial the EREA survey in 2021. All EREA school communities will be required to complete the survey in the coming years. The data obtained from the survey will be invaluable for our planning as the College strives to maintain value for money in the holistic education it provides for Terrace students. We have previously committed to capping school fees increases in 2022 and 2023, so the data collected will influence decisions from 2024 and beyond. Your opinion is valuable, and I would encourage all families to take the 10-15 minutes required to complete the survey. We will keep the survey links open until the start of Term 4 - Tuesday 5 October.

The students finish Term 3 today, and Term 4 resumes on Tuesday 5 October. Friday 17 September is a marking and reporting day that will ensure that students in Years 5-11 will receive their results when they return in Term 4, with reports being released on Friday 8 October. For Year 12 students, your son’s progress report will be available on Parent Lounge from 12pm on Tuesday 21 September.

My thanks to all the Terrace Family for their efforts and support during Term 3. I wish everyone a safe and relaxing break and look forward to sharing the sprint to the finish with you in Term 4.

God Bless.