Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

As we start the last term of the year, I trust that families were able to enjoy a restful break from the school routine and students (and parents!) are now feeling refreshed and ready for the term ahead.

Term 3 reports for Years 5-11 will be available from the Parent Lounge at 3pm on Friday 8 October. This reporting timeline is consistent with the timeline from previous years. There are a number of different reports that will be provided.

  • Years 5-10 will receive a progress report detailing the Term 3 and cumulative results.
  • Year 11 will receive a detailed subject report with subject based comments. This report marks the conclusion of Unit 2 and the formative aspect of each subject. All internal and mock external assessments will be detailed on the report and a Term 3 grade, cumulative result, and cumulative grade.

As always, a report is an opportunity to reflect on a student’s academic performance. I encourage students and parents to celebrate the positives and discuss strategies to overcome the disappointments of the report. Additionally, students will meet with their Pastoral Care Mentor or House Dean to discuss their academic progress.

In the second week of the holidays, the Year 12 cohort were offered the opportunity to attend open classrooms. This program was an opportunity for Senior students to continue their preparation for the upcoming external exams. Open classrooms were well attended, with well over half of the grade on site for each of the five days. This is a wonderful reflection of the commitment to each student’s academic performance and a reflection of the Terrace academic culture. My thanks to the students who attended and the staff who enabled the week to occur and run smoothly.

Term 4 is a very short term of only eight weeks, with only six teaching weeks until the commencement of exams. In year level assemblies this week, I have discussed the importance of starting ASAP. Academic success comes about through sustained effort over some time. As this term is short, the time to start is now.

All the best for the term ahead.