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Thank you to the staff, families and students who participated in activities over the recent holiday period. Over the holidays we had the Guitar Orchestra shoot a video of Blinding Lights by the Weekend. To be released on YouTube in the coming weeks. We also had rehearsals for the 2021 Celebration of Excellence.

Congratulations to the six students who participated in the Australian Honours Ensemble Program (AHEP) and the 24 students who participated in State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP).


This weekend will see Terrace host the Queensland Interschool State Chess Championships. This event will see students from across the state coming to our College and spending two days competing.


After a long, drawn out, COVID affected season, our Senior A team played in the QDU Grand Final in the last week of Term 3. Congratulations to these young men who gave it their all. They were narrowly beaten by a very competitive Churchie team, who we congratulate for a spirited debate.

The QDU season continues for our other teams, with our 10.1, 9.1 and 9.3 competing in the finals.

Debating for Years 5-7 QDU teams will continue for the next five weeks.

The 2022 Debating trials will be held next weekend. Registration is via Parent Lounge and is open to all students in Years 7-11. Registration for Year 5-6 will be at a later date.

Public speaking

Students participated in an online public speaking seminar with World Champion Public Speaker Mark Hunter. Thank you to Ms Clarke for facilitating this event during the break.

Support Group meetings

Support Group meetings will be held on 9 November in the board rooms at Mt Sion. Please note the change of rooms for the Debating meeting.

Debating Support Group:

Terrace Performing Arts:

Staying in touch

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