Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

Last Friday night the College hosted its annual House Choir at Pat Rafter Arena.  It was an excellent evening with a combination of fun, talent and community spirit on display. My thanks to the many staff and parents who were involved in organising and coordinating the evening. I also wish to congratulate the students for the way in which they engaged in the night. Kearney House won the ‘Peoples’ Choice Award’ whilst Mahoney House were the House Choir champions for 2019. However, the night was stolen by Conor Tweedy and his performance as part of the Kearney House act. Conor’s courage, and the audience reaction to it, epitomised the spirit and relationship that exists within the Terrace Family.

We are approaching the end of Week 3, and from the classroom perspective Term 3 is in ‘full swing’. The second of the Parent/Teacher/Student meeting evenings has occurred, the mentoring interviews have been completed and the Assessment Calendars have been published. It is critical that the routine of study, homework and assignment preparation is well underway. The academic success at Terrace, which will be evident at next week’s Academic Assembly, is due to the hard work of the students, the support and guidance of the teachers and the strong partnership between home and school. However, the key to academic success is delivered by the hard work of the students and the strong culture of learning that exists. It is imperative that all students are consistently working at their studies.

At the recent College Board meeting, Mr Mason Hellyer (Dean of Studies) presented an update on the new Senior Schooling System (ATAR) and importantly, what Terrace has planned and actioned with respect to the introduction of this new system. The presentation was very comprehensive and will be published on Parent Lounge and on the College App so that all parents can gain further insight into Terrace’s approach to the new Senior schooling system. I encourage all Terrace families to examine this presentation as aspects of our ATAR preparation span all year levels and will expand even further in future years. Further specific communication regarding ATAR will be sent to our Years 10 and 11 families in the coming weeks.

Finally this week, the Terrace-Nudgee round of Chess, Basketball and Rugby is on this weekend. I look forward to seeing many of you in our ‘Red and Black’ at Nudgee.
Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Deputy Principal | Mr Chris Ryan

Catholic Education Week

Whenever Catholic Education Week comes around, I think of people like Br Vic Larkin, my great mentor who was a teacher and an amazing person of community, courage and compassion. People like him are what our tradition as a Catholic teaching and learning community is built on; people who build quality relationships with young people, parents, colleagues and Old Boys in building up individual and collective wellbeing in light of the Gospel. Not all of the memories of our tradition are positive - some of them are outright painful, but a lot of them are also joy filled and strewn with tremendous characters who dedicated their lives to providing opportunity for others. Br Vic was a Terrace Old Boy who sadly passed away last year and is a person I very much pay my respects to especially during Catholic Education Week. Vic dedicated his life to the Gospel and to humble service. He was a Novitiate Master, Community Superior, Deputy Leader of the Christian Brothers Province and a College Principal and also the most humourous, gentle, kind and compassionate of true teachers who, when he passed away, could fit all of his personal belongings in the suitcase that his mother packed for him as a teenager when he left to join the Brothers. I could go on with example after example. In short, we stand on the shoulders of giants who didn’t see themselves that way. They were and are people trying to live a Christian life of authenticity so that others may benefit and grow. We are called to do the same for our times and what a tremendous privilege that is.

On your behalf I thank all of the teachers, school officers, coaches and mentors of Terrace who not only in Catholic Education Week, but throughout the year in the ordinary and every day, build up God’s Kingdom of right relationships, respect, inclusivity and care.

Staff News

We extend our condolences to Mr Michael MacDermott (Acting Head of Business and Technology Faculty) and his wife, Lisa (former member of teaching staff) on the passing of his much-loved Father, Denis.

Next week we farewell Mrs Erin Bowpitt for her maternity leave. Mrs Bowpitt works in the Development Team, particularly with our Old Boys community. This is her first baby and we wish her well for this special time. Whilst she is away, Mrs Carol Stephens, the Foundation Administration Officer will move into the position of Old Boys and Development Officer and we welcome back to the College, Mrs Beth Muller who will act in the position of Foundation Administration Officer.

Also, next week we will welcome back Mr Gavin Clements from his period of leave. Thank you to Mrs Kaylene Campbell and Mr Rob Sweeper who have assisted with his classes. Mrs Campbell will return later in the term to assist with Mr Ganley’s Year 5 class and Mr Innes Harriman’s Year 6 class whilst Mr Ganley is on long service leave and Mr Harriman acts as Program Leader: Years 5 and 6.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

 Success is what you make of it

There are many quotes that attempt to define success. Many refer to the attainment of a physical object; a gold medal, a championship ring, money. Some refer to the attainment of intangibles such as power or influence. These definitions all refer to external rewards as measures of success.

External rewards are very powerful as they provide a focus or an outcome goal to strive towards. Next Tuesday’s Academic Awards Assembly will be a wonderful opportunity to recognise the achievements of our students. The awardees have made the decision to commit to their studies, follow up on their commitment with hard work and have been rewarded with an academic medal. 

The Academic Award is an external recognition of success. However, most of the boys awarded have been motivated by the internal desire to succeed. I see these award winners as a success. Our Diligence and Improvement Award winners are also a success. 

At Terrace we intentionally challenge every boy to be a success, or more specifically, to be the best he can be. Remember, as 2018 College Dux Jacob Montaner said at Scholars Assembly, motivation leads to hard work, and hard work leads to success.

Next week’s Academic Awards assembly will also usher in a new era of Academic Award criteria for Senior Students (Year 11 only in 2019). The Academic Medal is an important part of the Academic Culture of Terrace as it provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate consistent academic achievement. However, the awarding of the delineated (Gold, Silver, Bronze) medal presents an issue under the new system:

In Units 3 and 4, results from Internal Assessments (IA) are not confirmed by QCAA until well after completion. Consequently, reporting from the College on IA results will be preliminary prior to confirmation. The due dates of IA’s (including exams) will also be spread through the Units. Additionally, students in Year 11 could be completing either 5, 6 or 7 subjects. These factors now make the criteria for awarding a delineated academic medal more difficult in Years 11 and 12.

In response to this, the College will be adapting the Academic Award for Years 11 and 12:

• The award will be known as the Academic Medal
• It will be awarded to those students in Years 11 (and 12 from 2020) who achieve an A in all bar two of their subjects (General &  Applied) – this is the same criteria for the awarding of a Bronze medal in Years 5-10 or an Academic Excellence Award at Awards night.
• Years 5-10 will continue to be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal.
• In 2019, Year 12 will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal for the final time.

Acting Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

I hope you enjoyed the premier House event for 2019 last Friday evening. During the College Assembly this week, I acknowledged the various groups who supported the evening but my special thanks went to our Senior students. So many aspects of what happens leading into this event and on the night are what make the event so special. I suspect it would be different for everyone, but for me it is about the interactions between older and younger students and the fun and laughter generated by this event. Schools have become very serious places where outcomes drive students to greater honours. I understand the importance of this but also believe in the need for balance. I think House Choir is an important component of this balance. 

Our boys need to develop an understanding of the role balance plays in their health. They need to do their school work, be a son and a brother, socialise with friends, play some sport or music or both and take time to sleep and relax. Get the balance wrong and success is impeded. In speaking with a number of Year 12 students during OP interviews in the past week I know it has been a frenetic start to the term and with the Nudgee round this weekend, this pace continues. However, over the next couple of weekends the boys will have the opportunity to slow the pace down a little with co-curricular events to ensure assignments are being completed to the best of their ability. 

We have been waiting for the flu to hit Terrace this year and I can confidently say that it has arrived. There have been between 150-180 students absent each day this week. Can I ask that if your son is not attending school that you ring the Absentee Line on 3214 5244 as early as possible please? Our other concern is the number of boys arriving late to school over the past two weeks. A number of boys are arriving around 8.45am towards the end of AM Pastoral Care group. Students need to be on campus at 8.25am when the first bell rings. House Deans will be targeting repeat offenders in the coming weeks and communicating their concerns with home. 

Finally, I reminded the boys on Tuesday’s College assembly of the need for the best of sportsmanship this weekend. Respect for game and those involved through the way they communicate and through their actions is paramount. I would appreciate it if you could also reinforce this message over the next few days. We will have a large number of students out at Nudgee this weekend. Uniform standard makes a very significant statement about your son’s school. White shirts, blazers and the red HPE caps need to worn by anyone staying to watch other matches. No variations please. 

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

How are we different?

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” I am confident this phrase is well known amongst all members of our Terrace Family. It is well known, it is encouraged, it is practiced, it challenges our worldview, our biases, our values and our behaviours. It also strongly resonates with a Christian perspective. In relation to forms of education, my worldview has been greatly influenced by Catholic education. From primary schooling to secondary schooling, through tertiary education and into my career, I have been continuously immersed in Catholic education. For me, Catholic education has been normalised. 

I can recall the moment when commencing at a Catholic secondary school in Year 8 when my worldview was challenged – “Ahhhh, you guys haven’t all gone to a Catholic primary school. You mean you don’t know that we do this stuff (liturgies etc)?” I’m so thankful for this realisation. I had to put myself in another’s shoes. It taught me two key lessons - always try and see things from another’s perspective and know thyself (what you stand for and what you won’t stand for). 

Why do we celebrate Catholic Education Week in Queensland? 
Are we that unique that we need a week dedicated to its celebration?  
What do we stand for? What won’t we stand for?

Our greatest strength as a Catholic community is our people. We encourage, we listen, we share, we apologise, we forgive. No one person is above or below these communal attributes. This is our uniqueness. We stand for looking outwardly towards those who are struggling. We won’t stand for turning our backs on others. Although this can become normalised (and I can attest to this!), Catholic Education Week provides us with an opportunity to put ourselves in another’s shoes and reflect on our uniqueness, our strengths and opportunities for growth. 

At this week’s College Assembly, we continued the tradition of acknowledging and celebrating staff who have served our Terrace Family for 20 years. It was very fitting Mrs Orrell McKenna be the sole recipient of our annual College Service Award. It highlighted how Orrell epitomises Catholic education. Orrell greets our young men with a smile. Orrell is patient. Orrell is kind-hearted. Orrell humbly creates welcoming learning and play environments for our Terracians without asking for something in return. Orrell has dedicated herself to Catholic education for over 30 years, warmly and gently influencing the schools in which she has worked in light of the Gospel. Our Terrace Family is built on people such as Orrell. 

As we join 306 Catholic schools in Queensland with Catholic Education Week, may we continue to be challenged to put ourselves in another’s shoes to reflect on our uniqueness as a Catholic community, what we stand for and what we won’t stand for.

The Good News of Terrace – welcome back to our Year 12s who are living the fourth day of their Kairos retreat.

Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

There is plenty happening in and around the Waterford community as we reach the Week 3 mark of the term. The boys will have their first assessment item this week with the Math Mid-Term task distributed on Thursday and English drafts due on Friday. Thanks to those who brought their sons along to the Parent/Teacher/Student interviews this week. It is an important time for your son to take ownership of his learning and future directions. 

As well as immunisation this week, the boys had an opportunity to listen to our Careers Counsellor, Mrs Natalie Twine. In this session Natalie walked the boys through their QTAC guide which will assist in their subject selections for Years 11 and 12. 

The Subject Selection information evening next Monday 5 August at 6pm in the Campbell Centre is an important part of the subject selection process. A subject selection booklet will be given to each student this Friday. This booklet contains the relevant information about the subjects on offer in Years 11 and 12 for your son. It would be beneficial to spend some time reviewing the various course outlines prior to the information evening commencing. The individual subject selection interviews will be conducted the following Thursday through to Tuesday and all students need to have made their selections through the online link sent via email to their school account. Parents are more than welcome to attend these meetings, but the timing of this meeting is not flexible due to teaching and other constraints.

This week we also hosted the information nights for the Red Earth (Cape York and Arnhem Land) and Meraki Immersions. Thank you to the many parents that attended. There will be information about the various Immersions being sent out over the coming weeks so please monitor the emails from our office. Finally, House Choir was a wonderful community event last Friday night and I was pleased to see many of the Year 10 boys reconnect with their House.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


Round 2 was held last week at BBC. Our Premier Board lost 3-1 to BBC. It was close and a good result as the BBC team is ranked higher than our team.

We played very well with five wins, four losses and a draw overall.


Thanks to the Support Group for the behind the scenes organisation of yet another fantastic annual Debating Dinner.  With over 200 guests, it is a wonderful celebration of the success that the Terrace Debating program brings to the College and students.

House Choir

Thank you to the Terrace Family who came out in great numbers for our annual House Choir event. This was another successful House Choir at the Pat Rafter Arena. House Choir night is the biggest community event in the College calendar in which the entire College participates. With over 1600 students at the College, we regularly have 3000 in attendance at the venue.  I think we may have eclipsed that number this year!

Congratulations to Mahoney House, 2019 winners of the House Choir Cup, and Kearney House, 2019 People’s Choice Shield winners.  The strong involvement of their House Deans (Mr Steve Hohn and Mr John Hinch) both on stage and at rehearsals certainly highlights how involved each House becomes in making the evening a success.

The highlight of the evening was Conor Tweedy – not only standing; also slow dancing! A year of hard work has certainly paid dividends. His acknowledgement to the audience certainly had those who were not already on their feet, standing in ovation.  

Whilst the students certainly enjoyed themselves, it is important to acknowledge the extraordinary amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this evening an event. From the House Captains and House Deans to each student learning their part; the staff involved running the sound, lights, screens and microphones; to the vendors who worked hard all night; to the volunteers who helped out; to the Terrace Performing Arts Support Group for all they did and continue to do – we thank you all.

The tickets for raffle the of the Thermomix (Smart Connected model TM6) are available via the following Trybooking link:

Tickets are $20.


Please see Mr Hewerdine’s article about the upcoming QCMF – Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival.  It is important that parents visit the Parent Lounge and click “Accept” beside their invitations for their son/s ensemble event.  This represents our Grand Final competition and takes precedence over other events.

The annual Terrace Jazz Night will be held on Friday 6 September on the roof of the new Mt Sion building.  Further information will be forthcoming.

Support Group meetings

Debating Support Group 
Tuesday 3 September, 5.30pm in the Old Boys’ Room

Terrace Performing Arts 
Tuesday 3 September, 5.30pm in the new Mt Sion meeting rooms. 

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything. If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

TPA Entertainment Books | Information Here

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Thank you to all our musicians, singers and Music staff for your commitment to what was a busy week of performances!

The past week has seen the Music Department hit the ground running. The Terrace Jazz Combo played at the Victoria Park Golf Club for the annual Debating Dinner. Friday saw us at the Queensland Tennis Centre for House Choir night. On Saturday the Terrace Rock band and the Red Thunder Drumline performed at halftime for the GT vs BBC rugby match at Tennyson. Congratulations all for a sterling effort!

GPS Music Day of Excellence

Next Tuesday, 6 August we have 23 musicians and singers participating in the annual GPS Music Day of Excellence. This brings the GPS Association’s finest middle school aged music-makers together for one day, culminating in an evening performance, which will be held at Brisbane Grammar School 6-7.15pm the same day. 

Music Practice Hall

A reminder that Music Practice Hall runs on Monday afternoons 3.15-5pm. I encourage all Wind, Brass, Percussion and String students to take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

Parent Lounge

A crucial component in managing performances and sending out information is through the Parent Lounge. Can I ask that families respond to requests in Parent Lounge promptly. This provides us with rolls and information so as to best manage equipment, personnel and transport.

Term 3 Events

• Thursday 25 July | Woodwind AMEB Exams 
• Thursday 25 July | Debating Dinner 
• Friday 26 July | House Choir 
• Saturday 27 July | GT vs BBC RTD/Rock Band
• Tuesday 6 August | GPS Music Day of Excellence 
• Wednesday 7 August | String Showcase 
• Saturday 10 August | GT vs BSHS RTD
• 15-18 August | QCMF
• Monday 19 August | Open Day 
• Friday 20 August | Presentation Assembly: Music 
• Friday 6 September | Terrace Jazz Night 
• Friday 20 September | Battle of the Rock Bands 
• Monday 23 September | AMEB Brass Clinic 
• 23 September - 4 October | European Tour 

The Weekly Wrap

Basketball Wrap

Round 2 of GPS Basketball saw Terrace take on Brisbane Boys College. Our two Colleges boast the biggest participation numbers in the GPS competition. This participation saw 38 matches being played between the two schools. Terrace also hosted a handful of supplementary matches against Nudgee College.

In a day of tightly contested games and high-quality basketball, Terrace won the day taking out 20 of the 38 games played with two games resulting in a tie. This is an extremely positive result for Terrace Basketball, consolidating on the positive 2018 result against BBC and only conceding one game in the A level and 1st V fixtures. Despite ultimately losing to BBC, special credit must be afforded to the 6A group who, after losing 41-7 to the same BBC outfit in 2018, managed to compete incredibly well to only be pipped in the fourth quarter this year. This is a fantastic turnaround by coach Mr Liam McInerney and the team. 

The standout performers of the Round were the Year 9 age group, only dropping one game and recording some dominant victories in the 9A, 9B, 9D and 9E games. The 1st V were also impressive in their 104-67 victory, led from the front by Captain Mitch Wright who was inspiring in both attack and defence.  

Last week, the Terrace Basketball program celebrated Timor Friendship Day which saw the Year 10A-D teams play together at Waterford with strong support for all teams by their peers. The Timor Tais (traditional Timorese woven fabric) were also presented to the BBC 1st V team prior to the tip off. The Br Dan Courtney Medal was presented to Joahchim McMahon, an award which recognises the best performer from the 10A game on the day. Joah received the award for his level-headed performance in a physical 10A contest as he rebounded the ball well and played with poise in a high-pressure situation.

A special thanks to the Basketball Support Group for their continued support on game day, running a fantastic BBQ and bake sale each Saturday. The BSG welcomes all parents to volunteer some time before or after their son’s game to help serve or prepare food each weekend from our location in the bottom staff car park. 

The Basketball program now eagerly awaits Round 3 against traditional rivals Nudgee College. All players are encouraged to compete to the final whistle and support every basketballer in the program by staying behind and watching their mates. 

Rugby Wrap

Tennyson was at its very best last weekend when it hosted Round 2 of the GPS Rugby competition against BBC. Thank you to everyone who made the day a success. Thank you also to Mr Alan Kennedy and his staff at Tennyson for preparing the fields. Special thanks to the Rugby Support Group and all of the parents who generously gave up their time to assist in the BBQ Pit and Canteen. Without the help of these people, offering the best game day experience would not be possible. I encourage all families to assist when they can.

The Terrace Rugby program is built upon a sound philosophy of educating and developing our coaches and creating a standard of knowledge and understanding.  Our C to E teams are primarily coached by Old Boys who generously give up their time to coach our boys. Once again this season, we are fortunate to have the service of Next Gen Rugby Coaching. The role of these experienced coaches is to support our young coaches to demonstrate best practice while ensuring consistency of skill execution, terminology and performance, leading to a whole school approach.

As part of our player readiness program we are required to introduce components of the World Rugby ‘Activate’ program. The focus for this week across all teams is to ensure we keep up the good work around our warm ups for both training and games.

The key benefits of the warm up are:

  • To raise the temperature of the body so that muscles become more elastic and thus movements are more efficient.
  • To stimulate the heart and lungs so that the pulse and breathing rates are increased.
  • To activate the relevant muscle groups.
  • To improve reaction speed by stimulating the nervous system.
  • To improve coordination.
  • To enable players to prepare mentally.

I must thank our referees for their efforts each weekend. Special thanks go to our student referees who are always willing to referee games each weekend, in particular Harrison Weinrauch, George Platt, Fred Marshall, Lachlan Hilleary, Will Siddle, Tyler Fisher-Smith, Joe Sorby and Oscar Holt. Refereeing is a great way for parents to be involved, so if you are a dad or mum with refereeing experience and want to be involved, please contact me in the Sports Office. 

A special thanks to Mr Cocking and the boys for the half time entertainment which was enjoyed by all.

Weekend results can be found by clicking on the GPS Rugby link below. This will give you access to all results across all school and age groups. Please note that the 1st XV competition is the only grade that plays for a premiership.


An important reminder that Training is not optional, if your son is unable to make training, he is required to let his age group coordinator know. 

I wish every team all the very best for their games this weekend against NC.

For Round 2 results and team man awards please see - Round 2 Results

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, James Hurst

The past week for the Terrace Family has been a blast. My grandparents’ first House Choir was last Friday, and it is safe to say that they absolutely loved it. The costumes and skits, not to mention the songs were a spectacle to behold. The community came together for a night of celebration, festivities and enjoyment. It was also an opportunity to show the College’s capacity for charity, with the night raising thousands of dollars for our various House Friendship Groups.

What I want to talk about in this Captains' Corner is this weekend and the clash we have with Nudgee. Until 2017, I wasn’t aware of how big a deal this event is. Some estimate that over 7000 people have watched the 1st XV game each year for the past five years, and even for non-Rugby fans, it is unmissable. 

In 1981, Michael Lynagh, a future Wallaby ran out onto Ross Oval. His team was good, but Nudgee’s Ross Oval was a fortress. That game was different. Terrace fought with guts and heart and won that game. But since 1981, a Terrace Rugby player has not felt the elation of 1st XV victory on Ross Oval. In 2017, we came agonisingly close. A last minute try on the siren to Nudgee held the game in the balance. The game all depended on the kick and 36 years of Nudgee’s domination could have all come to an end. The kick came, and it missed. The GT stands cheered with jubilation. And then the whistle blew - it was a re-kick. A Terrace player had yelled in their charge down. The ball was slotted perfectly through the uprights, and hundreds of Terrace supporters were crushed.

I remember every moment of that game. The ebbs and flows, the jubilation, the dismay. Despite the result, it was one of my most cherished Terrace memories. I would not have forgiven myself if I could not have been there. This year will mark 38 years since we last won at Nudgee. It is up to us to change that record.

So, I set this as a challenge to the Terrace Family. Our motto for Terrace Nudgee is 'Outnumber, Outplay'. We can’t control the second half of that, but we can outnumber. So, every member of the Terrace Family, please be there on Saturday, it is not to be missed. We are fortunate that both Basketball and Rugby are at the same venue on Saturday. It is a unique opportunity to get strongly behind both sports, with our talented 1st V deserving of our support.

All In!

Terrace Ladies Group

Canteen thank you

Last week we put the call out for extra parent helpers in the Canteen and BBQ pit. I am happy to say we were able to fill each and every spot on our volunteer list. Thank you to each and every one of you. It meant that everyone was able to watch their son/s in their respective games. Homebake walked out the door, with boys especially liking the chocolate slices and iced cupcakes. 

Next week we are back at home against State High. A parent volunteer list will go up early next week. If you are able to assist, it would be greatly appreciated. Special mention also goes out to our two dads who volunteered in the canteen.

Open Day

Terrace Open Day is fast approaching - it will be held on 19 August 3.30-6pm. On this day TLG provide the staff with much needed sustenance for afternoon tea and also have a presence in one of the tents. We will be in Duhig Place for the evening. Please consider coming along for 30mins to one hour. One of the experienced TLG mums will be there with you. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, gain a better understanding of how the College works, have a peek at the new building, including the roof top terrace, and show prospective families what Terrace Family hospitality is. 

The TLG display will focus on awareness of the following: Care and Concern Group, GT 145 Gala Ball in June 2020, Canteen Days and Masses held during the year. We will have the ‘Terrace Cookbook’ and tea towels for sale as well.

If you are able to volunteer to either cook some homebake for staff for afternoon tea or help at the TLG information table for a short time, please sign up using the links below.

Homebake Volunteer Signup
TLG Information table Volunteer Signup

Care and Concern

This week saw the Inaugural “Cook Up A Storm” at Tennyson. A small group of the C&C volunteers gathered to prepare and cook meals to be kept in the Waterford freezer. These meals are kept in case of emergency, as a one-off help to a Terrace family in crisis or to fill the gaps in the meal trains run to assist families. 

In true TLG spirit, there was a great sense of community and hospitality, lots of talking and laughing and of course good food! It is amazing what you can achieve when a group of women come together with the common goal to provide kindness and support to families in our Terrace community who need some extra care.

Thank you to all those who volunteered their time. Thank you also for the financial donations which funded the purchasing of the ingredients. And big thanks for the donation of the plastic containers that have made storage and transport of the frozen meals a breeze. 

Chris Giust and Cathy Nash
TLG Care and Concern Coordinators
Chris 0423 218 549
Cathy 0408 150 036


Find all your Term 3 Terrace Family event details here...

Want to help but poor on time?
You can now donate money directly to Terrace's Care and Concern Committee. Cash donations will be used to purchase ingredients to make meals for Terrace families and staff in need.
All donations are appreciated greatly, and will support the important work this committee undertakes for our community.

Cash Donation | Click Here

Details: Fragments of Medea presented by the Senior Class of St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace 
Date and Time: Preview - Thursday 8 August | 6.00pm 
Performance - Friday 9 August | 7.00pm
RSVP: Limited seats. Bookings via College Events
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Emma Hatchett - Drama Subject Coordinator |

Winterfest Performance | Book Here

Details: Tuesday 13 August | 6.30pm - 10.45pm
Where: Rydges Hotel, Pool Bar, 9 Glenelg St Southbank
Cost: $56pp (+ booking fees) | Includes welcome drink & canapes
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Tuesday 6 August
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Formal Parent Function | Book Here

Details: Friday 30 August | 6.45am for 7.00am start - 8.00am
Where: Novotel Brisbane, 200 Creek St Brisbane
Cost: $46pp (+ booking fees) | Includes full buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP via the link below by 19 August or ASAP as numbers are strictly limited
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 12 Father/Son B'fast | Book Here

Details: Saturday 7 September | 12.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: $600 for a Table of 10 or $60pp (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Tickets on sale 9am 19 July via College Events. Please RSVP by Friday 30 August
For further information or enquiries regarding the event, please contact
Anne McMahon | or Jacinta Hearne |

Terrace Long Lunch | Book Here

The staff, students and parents of Terrace look forward to rolling out the Red and Black carpet on Monday 19 August for our annual Open Day.  
Date & Time: Monday 19 August | 3.30pm - 6.00pm
Where: St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
No RSVP necessary.

The Year 12s will undertake QCS testing on Tuesday 3 September and Wednesday 4 September. Donations from Year 12 families to assist with providing a special lunch for the boys on these days are being warmly welcomed.
Please use the below links to donate.

Cash Donation | Click Here
Win a brand new Thermomix TM6 - just released model!

Only 200 tickets will be sold. 
$20 per ticket - get in quick before they sell out!
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Thermomix Raffle | Tickets Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Term 3 Year Level parent/caregiver function details here...

Year 8 Dad/Caregiver Catch Up

Details: Saturday 10 August | From 4.00pm
Where: Newstead Brewery, 67 Castlemaine St Milton
Cost: Pay as you go.
RSVP: for planning purpose by Friday 9 August using the below link
For further enquiries, please contact
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Year 8 Dad Catch Up | RSVP Here

Community Information

A message from Windsor House

Peter Augustus Meat Tray Raffle

Thank you very much to all of the people who bought tickets in our raffle. The money raised will go to Youngcare, Redhill Special School and The Qld Guide Dogs. Our congratulations go to the lucky winners of the meat tray, Neil and Lee Martin.