Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

I will begin this week’s newsletter by thanking the many people who made the Long Lunch so successful.  It was a wonderful example of the Terrace Family in action and a great way to raise funds for a range of worthy causes.  My thanks to the organising committee, the Terrace staff and our many generous sponsors.  Thank you to all involved and make sure to lock in the date for next year.

Exams for all years have commenced and will continue until Thursday 19 September.  I remind parents and students about the importance of good preparation and ensuring that students have the correct equipment for all their exams.  A reminder that the Years 11 and 12 students are only attending school for their exams and that special study areas have been set up in College Hall and Treacy Court.

Congratulations to our Music staff and musicians for a great jazz concert ‘Starry Night’, held last Friday night in Duhig Place.  Our top musicians gave excellent performances for a great crowd. Congratulations for creating a fun night for all.  

This weekend sees our final round of GPS fixtures for Rugby and Basketball played against Ipswich Grammar School.  Best wishes to our 1st V Basketballers who are vying for a premiership. I wish to thank and congratulate all coaches, players and supporters of both Basketball and Rugby for your efforts throughout the season.  Terrace has again fielded a large number of Rugby and Basketball teams with nearly 1200 players representing the College each weekend.  Well done to all involved.

This week,  Mrs Lea Walker-Franks, Director of Development finishes at Terrace.  I thank Lea for all that she has done at Terrace and wish her all the best for her new role at Brisbane Boys College.

Finally this week, as we journey towards the end of the term, I remind the students about finishing well.  Term 3 will finish at 3pm on Thursday 19 September.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Deputy Principal | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

 In Term 4 we will welcome back Mr Luke Robba.  Thank you to Mr Josh Kersevani for acting in the positing of Coordinator of English Years 7-9 for this time.

 Best wishes to Mr Sonny Ali who will finish his time at the College at the end of the term.  Mrs Karyn Negus is taking some leave next term and we wish her well for this time.  The College is currently recruiting for her replacement.

 The College wishes Mrs Lea Walker-Franks all the best as she leaves the College on Friday for her new role at Brisbane Boys College.   

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

This week exams have commenced for our Senior students. I have already seen great dedication by many students to produce their best outcomes. I continue to be inspired by the planning, preparation and thought that many students make towards their academic outcomes. Years 5-9 students will commence their exams from tomorrow.

All students have been issued with copies of the exam schedule. Copies can be obtained from Student Services or downloaded from Moodle. These timetables are a necessary part of a strategic revision plan. This week and next week’s challenge is to ensure that our boys exhibit perseverance in their preparation and commitment until the completion of their final exam. Our aim is for each and every student to finish the term knowing that he has given his best, whatever that outcome may be.

Ultimately, the key to good performance is preparation – it is still not too late to be prepared. Therefore, when your son is feeling the pressure of exams here are some hints to share with them:

  • Be prepared. Work backwards from your exam date to plan when you will prepare. Don’t just leave it for the night before. Complete all the revision sheets. 
  • Use Moodle and the subject checklist to go back through the content you have covered. 
  •  Test yourself: 
    • use flashcards 
    • do as many practice questions as possible 
    • mind dump – close your notes and recall everything you can in your own words 
  • Continue to exercise and eat well. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. 
  • Have a good sleep the night before, be well rested. 
  • Go back over your study notes before the exam. Don’t engage in speculative talk. 
  • It is okay to be nervous, in fact, it is normal. Your mates may not obviously show it, but they are just as nervous as you. Feeling nerves is your body’s way of getting ready. 
  • Walk into the exam with confidence – you have done the work, now is the time to show it!

All the best for the next week.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

The benefits of having more positive relationships with teachers are far more significant than the impacts of negative relationships for students and can shape the overall scope of your son’s educational aspirations

The above statement is one we have all known anecdotally for many years. I was sent an Australian research paper last week which appeared in the Journal of Educational Psychology on the relationship between school engagement improvement and positive relationships with teachers which I would like to reflect on in today’s article.  

Teachers are well aware of this benefit and look for opportunities for pro-social engagements outside of the classroom. The House system provides a wonderful platform for this type of engagement as does the traditional roles of being involved in coaching sporting teams, musicals, bands, retreats and immersions. Nurturing this interpersonal relationship involves showing interest in the boys through the provision of emotional support.  Importantly, the research reinforces the need to avoid the trap of showing favouritism.  As teachers, we value these relationships, but when we are under stress, like parenting, sometimes relationships can also come under stress. Developing positive rapport between staff and students is not the sole responsibility of the teacher. Our staff are the main drivers in developing positive relationships, but at Terrace we also speak to the boys about their role in taking responsibility for creating positive engagements. I think it is worth raising the question with your sons about how they feel their relationship with teachers is tracking and why would that be the case, positive or negative. What are they doing which is a proactive step in relationship building? A smile or nod when walking through the corridors, a thank you at the end of class or a quick inquiry at lunchtime is often all it takes to elevate the relationship and hopefully contribute in some way to the overall educational aspirations of your son.

With the temperature starting to increase over the last week, we have told the boys that they are not required to wear the College blazer to school anymore. Can I ask for support in ensuring that Years 11 and 12 students maintain a high standard of grooming and dress during exams?  We have noticed in the past that this has dropped during this period. We expect that boys are clean shaven for exams and dressed in proper school uniform. 

Finally, a reminder that Centenary Pool carpark is not the Gregory Terrace Year 12 carpark. I have spoken to the boys about the need to carpool and share the expense of daily parking between occupants. 

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Used Futures

According to futurist Sohail Inayatullah, a used future is one that belonged to someone else before you, like a used car. Instead of inventing a truly new vision of the future, some settle for someone else’s vision – or lack of vision.

With predictability we can sometimes sense comfort. With predictability we can sometimes sense cynicism. It is with comfort that I currently share time with fellow EREA Identity leaders, Studies leaders and Deputy Principals, exploring the future of our schools. Having never previously occurred, there is a large degree of hope, optimism and excitement in the air. Also lingering, is a slight tinge on conference cynicism. And I am ok with this.

Perhaps it is just teachers (or me!), but sometimes we can become a little too critical of that which is presented to us. We can feel as though we have ‘heard this before’, ‘this won’t go anywhere’, ‘here we go again”. These are all natural responses for individuals within any group working together to explore change. Our keynote speaker for our conference, Professor Sohail Inayatullah would say that our thought patterns and responses are wired to the past, not the future. The source of cynicism emerges when our default thinking in settings of future thinking (e.g. conferences) lean towards the past. From this perspective, cynicism is perfectly natural. However, school leaders are being challenged to shift our mind-sets and thought patterns to imagine a new future for education in the Edmund Rice tradition. Not because it is broken, but because our education tradition is thriving and has a wonderful future.

What does a Terrace education look like in the year 2040?

What is our used future? What is outdated? What are we clinging to that won’t enable a prosperous future?

Such questions are difficult to answer. They are disturbing. They can be become points of anxiety. However, our conference provided a remedy to these. Our young people are our remedy. Our future. When our conversations regarding the future became stifled and past-orientated, it was the students from St Pius, Chatswood who taught all the teachers in the room an extremely valuable lesson. 

The future is bright. Our young people are our guides to the future. Not our passengers. Our youth's honesty and innocence are sacred. Their thought patterns aren’t clinging to the past. Cynicism, doubt, fear and anxiety are not stumbling blocks. For them, a used future doesn’t exist. 

Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

This week marks the middle of the Year 10 Immersion program. We currently have boys in Brisbane, Western Queensland, Cape York, Hinchinbrook Island, Arnhem Land, Central Australia, Timor-Leste and India. 

The aim of the Immersions is to provide experiences that extend our young men through a variety of challenging but extremely rewarding experiences. Throughout the various programs, the students are instructed by passionate people in their field of expertise. An invaluable part of the program for students is the privilege of being invited into the lives and hear the stories of people who face various challenges. In this space students have the opportunity to reflect on what is fractured and yet so sacred in our world. The Immersion experience will be different for each of the boys. We hope to plant a seed that will continue to grow into the future.

I want to thank the Year 10 parents for your contribution to allow your son to experience his Immersion. Logistically these Immersions are a massive exercise and the staff involved are people who are consistently present to your sons. Without their passion and commitment, we would not be able to offer these opportunities. 

I look forward to the Immersion Presentation Evening at Waterford Place on Wednesday 18 September to hear more about the boy’s adventures.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


 Well done to the Year 7 QDU Debating teams who received the following results in Round 4 of their competition.

  • 7.1 – Loss
  • 7.2 – Win
  • 7.3 – Win
  • 7.4 – Loss
  • 7.5 – Win


Thanks to all the Jazz musicians who participated in this year’s annual Jazz Night ‘Starry Night’. This year the event was held in the new Duhig Place. It was a beautifully themed event and all four Big Bands were able to present their repertoire. The conclusion of the night was a performance by Dr Kristina Kelman, backed by the ‘Terrace All Stars’, a band made up of staff and elite Year 12 musicians. Congratulations to Jack Gardiner, Thomas King Koi and Paul Clarke for their outstanding performance.  

 Thank you also to the parents and the TPA for their support and manpower they provide.

Support Group meetings

Please note the change of venues

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 8 October, 5.30pm in the Francis Rush Room, Mt Sion.

Debating Support Group – Tuesday 8 October, 5.30pm in the Mary Rice Room, Mt Sion.

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Jazz Night

Last Friday Jazz Night was held in Duhig Place and it was an unequivocal success. Themed ‘Starry Night’, this event featured our jazz ensembles and jazz vocalist Kristina Kelman.  Bravo to our five jazz ensembles and our sincere thanks to the TPA and all of the parents and guests who chose to be with us on the night.  

European Tour

We are now in the final stages of our preparations for the European tour, which takes place during the Term 3 break. Highlights include performances in Geneva and Italy, culminating in the participation in a mass in the Sistine Chapel for our musicians and choristers.

During the break, Music at Terrace will be holding workshops for rhythm section musicians and exam workshops for upcoming external music exams. Can I ask that if can avail yourselves of these opportunities, we would be most grateful. Please go onto the Parent Lounge to accept or decline.

Music Events

Term 3 

  • Friday 20 September - Battle of the Rock Bands
  • Monday 23 September - AMEB Brass Clinic
  • Monday 23 - Monday 30 September - European Tour 
  • Tuesday 1 October - Percussion Exam Workshop
  • Wednesday 2 - Thursday 3 October - Rhythm Section Workshop  
  • Tuesday 3 October - AMEB Brass Clinic  

Term 4 

  • Monday 21 October - Placement Day (Pupil Free Day) 
  • Thursday 24 October - Chamber Music Concert  
  • Monday 28 October - 1 November - Celebration of Excellence rehearsals  
  • Monday 4 November - Celebration of Excellence  
  • Monday 11 November - Enter Reports  
  • Wednesday 13 November - Spring Concert  
  • Friday 15 November - Valedictory Mass 
  • Saturday 30 November - Sunday 1 December - SHEP Primary

Term 1 2020 

• Monday 20 - Friday 24 January - Music Camp 

Terrace Ladies Group

Calling the ladies of Terrace 

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the TLG Ladies Night Out – the TLG’s Christmas party for the women of our Terrace community.  The night is shaping up to be sensational –lucky door prizes, bespoke drinks packages (watch this space…) and beautiful and generous canapés (GF included), just to get started. 

  • Details: Friday 18 October | From 6pm

  • Where: Gambaro Hotel, Caxton St Brisbane
Cost: $44.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes champagne on arrival and generous canapés
  • RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 11 October 2020 Places are limited so grab your friends and book early!
  • For further information or enquiries, please contact:

TLG Meeting 9 September 

I would like to thank both of our guest speakers at our meeting last Monday. Dr Carroll updated the meeting with the latest school news. There has been a lot going on this term and Term 4 looks like it won’t be too different.  Everyone at the meeting agreed our Director of Sport, Mr Tony McGahan was an excellent choice as a guest speaker. Tony gave us an insight into who he is and where he has come from before he came to Terrace. We are a very lucky school indeed to have such a man leading this department. We look forward to seeing your master plan come to fruition in the near future for all students and coaches alike. Thank you both for giving up your valuable time to come and talk to us.


Monday 28 October will see the TLG AGM take place. This year our Vice Presidents of Hospitality, Treasurer and Secretary will be retiring after two years of dedicated service. If you would like to consider taking on an official committee role or know someone who would be perfect, please read the role details below. If you have any questions, please send me an email.  Please note: All retiring committee members will mentor the new office bearers through their first year. 

Vice President/s (Hospitality) 

This role is more suited to being shared by two people.

The VP (Hospitality) is the first port of call for all events requiring the traditional TLG hospitality. Assistance for larger events is supported by volunteers. Duties include: 

  • Coordinate and manage all the hospitality at TLG functions (e.g. Masses, welcome morning teas, information evenings and orientation evenings).
  • Order breakfasts for TLG meetings. 
  • Coordinate, order and manage the Track and Field Carnival. 
  • Coordinate and manage the Staff Christmas lunch.

The Treasurer ensures a familiarity with the TLG accounts, having regular communication with the relevant officer in the Finance Department. You do not have to be an accountant to fill this role. Duties include: 

  • Oversee TLG Accounts. 
  • Be familiar with the TLG accounts spreadsheet through the Finance Office and income/outcome.
  • Approve all payments and invoices - with the joint endorsement of the President or the VP (Logistics). 
  • Provide a report to the TLG meeting with a summary of income and expenses for the period leading up to then, and projected cost expectations. 
  • Organise floats and banking for the Tennyson canteen and other events requiring these supplies.

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring all formal communications are carried out in an efficient and timely manner. 

  • Manage the TLG database. 
  • Manage the TLG email account for Volunteer sign-on pages ensuring future  access and a consistent approach. 
  • Send out correspondence relating to TLG matters. 
  • Record, manage and distribute the minutes of TLG meetings. 
  • Assist the President with the Terrace News TLG segment. 
  • Liaise with Dean of Communication.
Date Claimers
  • Friday 11 October 7.30am - Inter-House Athletics Day Canteen and BBQ, Tennyson
  • Friday 18 October 6pm - Girls Night Out, Christmas Drinks, Gambaro Hotel 
  • Monday 28 October 7.30am - TLG AGM Breakfast Meeting, Founders’ Room

Terrace Performing Arts

All British Day

One of the major TPA fundraisers, All British Day is being held on Sunday 22 September (the first Sunday of the school holidays).  We operate the canteen, BBQ and drinks stall at the event.  It is a great event to catch up with other parents as well as checking out some classic British cars and motorcycles.  

We require quite a large number of volunteers to help out, so whether you can volunteer an hour or all day – the volunteer sign-up sheet will be your oyster.  Sign up by clicking on the volunteer link here: Volunteer Sign Up  

Students are also able to sign up to help in the canteen and drinks only.  

If baking is your thing, home baked goodies are always popular and gratefully received.  Please contact Nicole Hoffmann (Terrace Performing Arts Chair) –, for drop off details if you are able to assist with baking.
Thank you to all who attended our magical Jazz Night on Friday night.  It was a wonderful atmosphere with some fantastic musicians and was a great way to kick off the weekend.  I would like to thank the team who helped out on Friday to pull it together – your assistance is truly appreciated.
A reminder that our last raffle for the year is still running for the Thermomix 6 Raffle #2.  Enter and you could be cooking up a storm in time for Christmas Day.  A maximum of 200 tickets are available and we are over halfway there.  

Tickets are $20 and are available via Trybooking link: Win a Thermomix.  Don’t miss out.

Terrace Shop

Volunteering in the Terrace Shop 

During Term 4 we will be welcoming our newest students to the Terrace Family and we need your help! We would love to have you assist us in the shop as each new student is fitted out in his Terrace uniform.

It is a lovely tradition to have current parents volunteer in the shop during this time. It gives new families an opportunity to meet other parents and ask those everyday questions in a friendly and welcoming environment. 

It doesn’t matter if you have not volunteered with us before – we warmly welcome all Terrace parrents! We will be here to help you and will give you a quick cheat sheet for the fitting process.

We will attend to the uniform fittings from Week 1, Term 4; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8.30am until 2.45pm. On 29 and 31 October we will need assistance until 5pm. There are two families booked at a time, therefore we need two volunteers for each fitting. 

If you are interested in helping us, please put your name down to volunteer via the following links. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We both look forward to welcoming you!

Donna Asnicar and Felice Gatenby, Terrace Shop staff


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family events here...

Details: Friday 13 September | 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Where: The Campbell Centre, Gregory Terrace
Cost: No cost event. No RSVP required. All players and families are warmly invited to join in the celebrations.
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Ange Papacostas |

Details: Saturday 14 September | 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Where: Cloudland, 641 Ann St Brisbane
Cost: Adults $61 (+booking fees) | Includes welcome drink & 2 course dinner 
Students $31 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Friday 13 September
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Rosanna Ferguson |

Rugby Dinner | Book Here

Details: Friday 11 October - Saturday 12 October | Bus from Tennyson following Inter-House Track & Field to Maroon, returning to Tennyson @ 5.30pm Saturday
Cost: Free of charge | Open to all current Year 7 students to attend
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Wednesday 9 October
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Brendan McGrath | | 3214 5217

Yr 7 Learn to Row | Book Here

Details: Sunday 13 October | 3pm - 7pm
Where: The Montague Hotel, West End
Cost: $125 per ticket  The event will support programs that empower women  and girls through education in Australia and overseas.
For further information or enquiries about the event, please contact
Jarrod Turner |

Sequins & Sandshoes | Book Here

Details: Friday 18 October | From 6.00pm
Where: Gambaro Hotel, Caxton St Brisbane
Cost: $44.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes champagne on arrival and canapes
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 11 October
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Libby Baynton |

Girls' Night Out | Book Here

Details: Friday 25 October | 5.45pm - 8.00pm
Where: St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
Cost: No cost event. Please RSVP for catering purposes using the below link by Monday 21 October.
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Toni Williamson |

Swimming Launch | Book Here

Details: Friday 8 November | 11.45am
Where: The Greek Club, 29 Edmonstone St South Brisbane
Cost: $87pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 course lunch & champagne on arrival
RSVP: via the below link by 31 October
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436 

Mothers' Lunch | Book Here

Details: Sunday 1 December | 1.00pm - 4.30pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields
For further information or enquiries, please contact 
Blair Copelin |

Want to help but poor on time? You can now donate money directly to Terrace's Care and Concern Committee. Cash donations will be used to purchase ingredients to make meals for Terrace families and staff in need. 
All donations are appreciated greatly, and will support the important work this committee undertakes for our community.

Cash Donation | Click Here

Win a brand new Thermomix TM6 - just released model!

Only 200 tickets will be sold. 
$20 per ticket - get in quick before they sell out!
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Thermomix Raffle 2 | Tickets Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming parent/caregiver year level functions here...

Year 6 Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Friday 8 November | 7.00pm - 11.00pm
Where: Hello Gorgeous, 32A Chester St Newstead
Cost: $41pp (+ booking fees) | Includes drink on arrival and nibbles
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by 4 November
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Bec Gasciogne | | 0419 792 463

Year 6 Function | Book Here

Community Information