Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

I hope that your Exhibition Wednesday holiday was pleasant and relaxing.

This week has been a busy week for our Year 12 students with Monday and Tuesday being a full two-day QCS practice and then the Year 12 Formal being held on Tuesday night. Finally, when the majority of us were relaxing on Wednesday, 148 Year 12 students attended a voluntary QCS workshop where they focused on some key aspects of their QCS program. The dedication and focus displayed by the Year 12 students across these days has been extraordinary, and I congratulate them on their efforts. I also thank the staff involved and the parents who drove their sons to school on Wednesday. Our Year 12 students are well prepared for the upcoming QCS tests.

I wrote in last week’s Newsletter about the illness present amongst students. While this appears to be improving, I again encourage parents to be cautious in sending your unwell son back to school too early.

This week the Year 11 students begin their Leadership Program with leadership days being held today and tomorrow. As one group prepares to finish their journey at Terrace, another group begins their journey into Student Leadership. 

Next Monday 19 August, from 3.30-6pm, Terrace will host its Open Day.  As I have previously mentioned, this event is an excellent opportunity for current parents to see the new Mt Sion building in operation, as well as see the many activities that your sons are involved in during their time at school. I am looking forward to a great afternoon and seeing many of you there.

This week also sees 35 ensembles from Terrace perform in the Queensland Catholic Music Festival (QCMF) across four days. Students from Years 5 -12, representing a range of instruments, will perform across the festival. My congratulations to all the students involved and my thanks to the many Music staff for their ongoing commitment to our program.

As we continue to ‘live’ in the new Mt Sion Building and adjust to the new pick up/drop off arrangements, I thank parents for your consideration when it comes to road safety. I would, however, remind parents to avoid doing U-turns, double parking or queuing for a parking space. If there are no parks, please drive around the block. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Finally, this week, as we hit the midway part of the term, I encourage all members of the Terrace Family to keep maintaining the routines and practices around homework and study. The assessment workload is mounting, and the students are feeling the pressure collectively. Our role is to support and encourage, while at the same time, ensuring that focus is maintained. Good luck.

Have a great week.
God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Deputy Principal | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

Best wishes to Mr Brendan Ganley, Program Leader Years 5 and 6 who commenced long service leave for the remainder of the term this week. Mr Innes Harriman will act in this role for the rest of the term and we wish him every success for this experience. We welcome Mrs Kaylene Campbell back to Terrace and into Mr Ganley and Mr Harriman’s classes for this time.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Mrs Suzanne Black, a member of our Waterford teaching team who has been very unwell for a couple of weeks. We thank Mrs Susie Cooper for ably covering for her. We wish Mrs Black a speedy recovery.

Thank you to our hard working and committed pastoral team for their presence at the Year 12 Formal on Tuesday night this week and for backing up to lead the Year 11 Leadership Camp later in the week. We also continue to work hard on meeting the challenge of change with the senior schooling system alterations this year. Term 3 is a particularly busy time with this for curriculum leaders and teachers of Years 11 and 12 who are managing two processes at once. Their commitment and dedication is outstanding.

College Open Day

Next Monday 19 August, the College will be ‘open’ from 3.30-6pm. All of our community are most welcome.

Our Year 11 students will be hosting tours commencing from the flagpole area near the Rogers Street entrance. Dr Carroll will facilitate a Principal’s welcome each half hour from 3.45pm for a five minute address in Duhig Place. Duhig Place will also have various displays and information booths from our terrific parent Support Groups.

The new Mt Sion Building will be open all the way through to the roof area which is called Mt Sion Court. Please feel welcome to come and take a look from the College Pool under Duhig Place and all the way up to the roof.

Our wonderful teaching staff will be hosting displays in classrooms on Level 4 (one up from the ground floor of Duhig Place) and Level 5 in the classroom buildings that run along Victoria Street. Further displays can be found in the Art and Engineering rooms in the building on the corner of Victoria and Water Street. These spaces have been recently renovated and are great.

In the Campbell Centre, you will find various sport and HPE activities and parent Support Group information booths.

Our Music and Drama students will be active throughout the site and in the Billet St Theatre.

Please also feel welcome to visit the Years 5 and 6 classrooms which are all renovated in the Billet Street building and above College Hall where the Terrace story begins and ends each year.

There is also the opportunity to visit the Year 10 Waterford Place campus to meet staff and students to learn about this key year in the Terrace journey.

Please feel welcome to visit yourself or to tell your friends and family who are thinking about a Terrace education for their son. We look forward to welcoming you.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

We are midway through the term this week and the focus has been squarely on our Year 12 students. On Monday and Tuesday, we completed a full mock QCS program. Students were required to sit the Writing Task, Short Response Item (SRI) and two Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) papers over the two days. By replicating the full QCS program, students gain an understanding of the mental endurance required to complete four external exams over two days.

On Wednesday, the Year 12 cohort were invited back for the final QCS workshop for the year. This workshop, on the Ekka holiday, is the culmination of three terms of QCS preparation. Over three quarters of the cohort (148 students) were present at the holiday workshop. This was a wonderful response from the 2019 Seniors and very much reflected their motto of All In. At the workshop students heard advice from Jacob Montaner (2018 College Dux and Captain) and the 2018 Seniors, worked on the Writing Task with Mr Adrian Pauley as well as practicing SRI questions from Dr Carroll and myself. The cohort is now well placed to achieve highly at this year's QCS exams on 3 and 4 September.

The busy week for Year 12 concludes on Thursday evening with the QTAC information evening. The College Careers Counsellor Mrs Natalie Twine will guide students and parents through the application process for tertiary study. Year 12 students will be making decisions regarding their post-school futures over the next six weeks. We wish them all the best with this important decision.

In 2020, Terrace will be transitioning to NAPLAN online. As part of the preparation for this transition, we recently conducted an Equivalency Trial with a Year 7 and a Year 9 class in respect to the writing task. The trial went well, and we were able to gather important information regarding the structure of online testing and how students responded to the online format. Importantly, we gained insight in how to best prepare students for online NAPLAN. Furthermore, it reinforced our current practice that the best preparation for NAPLAN (written or online) is quality, thorough teaching and learning of the existing curriculum in the classroom. The next stage of our preparation is a School Readiness Test (SRT) where a whole cohort will be involved in a practice test toward the end of this term. Further information will be provided to this cohort as the exact details are finalised.

The middle of the term always has an increase in assignments and draft becoming due. Therefore, it is important to:

• Be organised. Make sure you allow enough time to complete all assignments to the best of your ability.
• Finish, edit, print out, electronically submit – the night before the due date. Do not leave things to the last minute.
• If you need an extension or assistance – speak with your teacher ASAP
• Keep your exam subjects ‘on the boil’. Don’t forget to continue your exam subject revision. Look for a small period of time every day to consistently work on your exam subject preparation.

All the best for the week ahead.

Acting Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

On Tuesday night, the College hosted the Year 12 Formal at the Brisbane Convention Centre. It was a pleasure to share the evening with this group of young men and their partners. One of the many rewarding moments in the teaching profession is watching the boys grow into young men over the years. Tuesday night was certainly one of those milestone moments. They almost looked ready to graduate. The Seniors thanked Mrs Jo Tarlington on the evening but I would also like to thank and acknowledge her tireless efforts in running the event. It was a fantastic evening.

When discussing student leadership in the school context, many of our EREA schools focus on the theory of servant leadership. Robert Greenleaf, founder of the Centre for Servant Leadership, describes “The servant-leader as servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead”. At Terrace, we aim to develop leaders who live from the heart and want to build a community who encourage and inspire others with their values-driven leadership.

This model of leadership sits in harmony with the narrative of the Christian Brothers and our founder Blessed Edmund Rice. Over the last month, our Year 11 cohort has been unpacking the concept of servant leadership within the Terrace context. This process culminated in the Year 11 Leadership Camp being conducted this week. One of the key phrases unpacked on the retreat was the concept of the ‘Hidden Heroes” within their cohort. The selfless individuals who find success in the shadows at Terrace are ones who have always given depth to servant leadership character at Terrace. As a College community, we value this as a learning journey that commences with our Year 5 students and is fostered over time particularly through the House system, retreat and formation programs. 

The College Akubra can be a source of frustration for a number of families at the College when they are misplaced. Can I ask that you check to make sure your son’s name is still visible? The best way to name the hat is with a whiteout pen. Many people use a black marker pen which fades over time. We currently have several hats in lost property which remain unclaimed due to difficulty in reading the name on the hat. 

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Let’s Listen

Two days into the EREA Let’s Talk immersion to north-west NSW, I had plenty of evidence to suggest the program be changed to Let’s Listen. Standing at the barbed-wired perimeter of a dry and desolate pastoral property outside Brewarrina, NSW, the outlook was sad and deeply disappointing (see below image). On the horizon were trees marking the site of a massacre of 300 Aboriginal people in 1859. In the foreground was memorial to this tragedy, and all too repeated occurrence of the time. Keeping me from each of these places was a barbed wire fence of a property owner who refuses to allow anyone access to either of these sites. This outlook summed up my immersion experience. As a nation, we are still not listening to the hurt, the hopes and the wisdom of our Aboriginal people. As a result, we are all suffering. Let’s listen.

The Hospital Creek Massacre site is located about 10km outside of Brewarrina, a town standing on the backs of the Barwon/Darling River in north-west NSW. Local Aboriginal Elder, Brad Steadman, spent the day with our immersion group humbly sharing the cultural traditions, historical injustices and current hopes of his people. What quickly became evident was how the same sequence of events have deeply affected his people and have deeply affected, and continue to deeply affect, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people across our nation. 

Many of us are familiar with the impact European colonisation of Australia has had and continues to have on our Aboriginal people. Prior to my time away last week, I would have been among the first to say that I’d be more than familiar, and quite confident, with understanding the impacts of colonisation. How wrong I would have been. How wrong you may well be. As is often the case, until we are personally connected to an idea, a story or an experience, we cannot truly understand its meaning. 

The Hospital Creek Massacre site is a metaphor for our nation and our relationship with our Aboriginal people, history and culture. We have acknowledged wrongs of the past in parliament. We have erected public memorials. However, as is the barbed wire in the above image, we are yet to remove the barriers and injustices in our political, economic and social systems to truly and fully liberate our Aboriginal people.  

We need to listen to our Aboriginal people’s approach to caring for our land and waterways. 

We need to listen to our Aboriginal people’s approach to building loving and caring communities. 

We need to listen to our Aboriginal people’s approach to integrating our physical, spiritual and emotional being. 

We need to listen.

I will be forever grateful for being given the opportunity to be with and listen to the Aboriginal people of Kamiliaroi, Wirradjirri and Wailwaan countries. Their resilience, honesty, hope and optimism has inspired me to talk less and listen more when trying to understand others, be it an individual, a community or a culture. Although saddened and deeply disappointed by what I heard and grew to understand whilst away, I have been inspired by the endurance and heart-felt determination of our Aboriginal people who continue to find ways forward where we can all thrive together. 

‘We don’t travel a road. We are the road.’ -  Locky Dennis, proud Wailwaan man. 

Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

This week, the Year 10 boys have been meeting with a Heads of Faculty to review their subject selection for senior subjects. Some boys have a clear idea of the direction they want to pursue in their senior years and even have an idea of their pathway after school. The reality is there are many who are still undecided. The fear of the unknown and the discomfort of making such important decisions in Year 10 has been a jolt for many. With the right mindset, this process can be a positive step in engaging in all that is on offer at Waterford, and a positive start toward a future pathway. If your son is not sure of the pathway ahead, he should be working hard at keeping his options open. There is also concern about how the different subjects will contribute to the new ATAR score. My advice to the boys has been to focus on what is in their control. That is to achieve to the highest level they can in their chosen subjects. If they do that, the outcomes will be taken care of. 

I continue to have conversations with parents who are frustrated that their son is not self-motivated toward schoolwork and is often distracted by gaming, YouTube videos and social media. As teachers, we fight the same battle every day. Having clear expectations regarding access to phones and the internet are crucial in this battle as the boys often do not have the skills or motivation to limit these major distractions. It is worth fighting that battle now to keep your son on task.

I hope the Ekka week brought some family time on the Wednesday. 

Parent Morning Tea

Date: Friday 23 August 
Time: From 8-9.30am
Venue: Victoria Park Café
No need to RSVP, just turn up if you can join in.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


In the third Inter-school chess competitions, our congratulations go to D’Arcy and Patrick for achieving merit ribbons in the Open A division. 

Round 4 was held at Brisbane State High School. It was a hard round against some stiff competition. Our Premier Board lost against BSHS with one win overall.

We now play against two very strong schools in Churchie and Grammar.  These are both home rounds and support from their brothers in #RedandBlack will certainly lift our Chess players. 


Congratulations to our teams who have progressed to the Quarter Final round of the 2019 QDU Secondary Finals – Senior A, Senior B, 10.1, 9.1 and 8.1 teams.


The Senior Theatresports team is through to the semi-final in this competition.  They will be playing on Monday 19 August in the Edmund Rice Theatre – doors open from 6.30pm.  All are welcome to stay after Open Day to support our players.


Last week was a busy week for our Terrace musicians with 23 boys representing Terrace in the Junior GPS Music Day of Excellence at Brisbane Grammar School.  Congratulations to these boys on your behaviour and performance.  We look forward to hearing your musical skills develop over the coming years.

Congratulations to Mrs Domenica Kelly who hosted a String Showcase concert last Wednesday night at Waterford.  

Our Drumline had their last performance of the rugby season last week at the State High game at Tennyson.  We hope you have enjoyed this elite group of young men.


The annual Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges’ Music Festival (QCMF) starts today.  Terrace Music has 793 boys in 32 ensembles!  This is an incredible number of students to organize.  Thank you to Mrs Shiby, Mr Hewerdine and the entire music staff for your leadership in this undertaking.  Please check the Event Memos on the Terrace App to ensure you know where your son needs to be and when.  

This event takes priority over all other activities as this is our major competition of the year. Good luck to all our Terrace Musicians and Ensemble Directors.


Our Middle School Musical had a very successful, sell-out run in May.  Please enjoy the highlights from the show via the below YouTube link.

Support Group Meetings

Please note the change of venues

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 3 September, 5.30pm in the Francis Rush Room, Mt Sion.

Debating Support Group – Tuesday 3 September, 5.30pm in the Mary Rice Room, Mt Sion.

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

AMEB exams

Congratulations are in order to the following musicians who undertook AMEB exams recently.

Callahan Condon (Year 6) oboe grade 3 C
Cormaic  Dunne (Year 6) oboe grade 3 B+
Thomas Druve (Year 8) bassoon grade 4 B+
Nicholas Fraser (Year 9) Alto saxophone grade 4 B+
Edward Heffernan (Year 9) Tenor saxophone Grade 5 A
Isaac Hession (Year 6) bassoon grade 2 B
Matthew Plant (Year 5) Alto saxophone Grade 1 A
Oscar Plant (Year 8) Alto saxophone Grade 4 A
William Rollston (Year 11) clarinet grade 4 C+

A big thank you to the Red Thunder Drumline for their final performance at the GPS match last Saturday. Nice one!


Today sees the commencement of the QCMF at Villanova College. Each year Terrace Music starts with a full performance calendar scheduled for the new academic year. Each ensemble prepares music to suit the unique needs of each event. However, one event dictates 12 months of preparation. This is the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF). This is the biggest music event of its type in the southern hemisphere. With 793 Terrace boys participating in 32 ensembles, we are in the top two largest participating Colleges. 
I would like to encourage you to come listen to our ensembles play, listen to other schools in the same section and support our boys at the end when they receive the adjudicator’s results. Standards are high across all the schools and colleges participating, so you are assured of a quality musical experience and most importantly, supporting the boys’ musical endeavours.

Monday next week, the College is holding an Open Day after school. Many of our top ensembles and choirs feature prominently during this event. 

On Tuesday 20 August, the College is holding a Music Presentation Assembly at which we will be publicly acknowledging the musical achievements of our Year 12 ensemble musicians.

Additionally, the premier ensembles will be performing at this event.

Term 3 events

• Saturday 10 August | GT vs BSHS RTD
• 15-18 August | QCMF
• Monday 19 August | Open Day 
• Friday 20 August | Presentation Assembly: Music 
• Friday 6 September | Terrace Jazz Night 
• Friday 20 September | Battle of the Rock Bands 
• Monday 23 September | AMEB Brass Clinic 
• 23 September - 4 October | European Tour 

The Weekly Wrap

Basketball Wrap

Terrace Basketball had a fantastic weekend in Round 4 of the GPS Basketball season against a very competitive Brisbane State High School as well as a host of supplementary matches. Although the program had its first game day loss of the season, as a program Terrace was able to provide strong and competitive matches for the majority of teams from the 7Fs through to the 11Fs. Playing State High is often difficult as team numbers don’t always match up, but the program is committed to sourcing as many competitive games as possible outside of the allocated round games. Terrace played extra matches against State High, Brisbane Boys College, Brisbane Grammar School, Nudgee College and The Southport School.  The program would like to thank the parent group in supporting these extra matches and their continued support of their sons' involvement in the Terrace Basketball program. 
Congratulations go to the Years 7 and 9 age groups who won the majority of their games on Saturday. Our teams outside of the A and B programs were exceptional, which highlights the depth of the Terrace Basketball program. Some great efforts with a number of teams defeating higher ranked sides throughout, pointing to some great camaraderie in the C and below squads. The 1st V recorded a tough loss on the weekend after leading in the early stages of the second quarter. The squad is eager to bounce back this weekend in a game that will define their season moving forward.
Although winning is the desired outcome each weekend, a tremendous amount can be learned from playing teams who are your equal or greater in ability. The lessons learnt from Round 4 will hold Terrace in good stead when it comes to this week’s games against GPS Basketball leaders, Anglican Church Grammar School. The program looks forward to seeing the Terrace boys compete this weekend and rise to the challenge, in what is a great opportunity to see where we are as a program. Players are encouraged to continue to work hard, stay humble and be resilient as we approach a tough round this weekend.

Rugby Wrap

Terrace Rugby played host to several schools on Saturday including The Southport School, Downlands College, Brisbane Boys College, Churchie, Nudgee College and Brisbane State High School. To host so many schools requires a huge amount of support, so thank you to all involved for making the day the success it was.


Once again, I must thank our referees for their efforts each weekend. This week a special mention to our parent referees, Mr Danny Boyle, Mr Luke Simpson and Mrs Andrea Andersen who are always willing to referee games each weekend. 

Confidence in contact 

Our confidence in contact program continues to be a non-negotiable aspect of our training each week.  Much of our contact work is done on either on Monday or Tuesday and it is vital that all boys within the program continue to attend training to cover off on this important safety component. Once again, I must stress that training is not optional, so if your son is unable to make training, he is required to let his age group coordinator know. 

Game Day program

The Home Game Day program is a production of the Rugby Supporters' Group. A big thank you to Lou Condon and our friends from CPX printing for the work they do in putting the program together each weekend. Please ensure you collect one from the merchandise tent at our next home game.

Representative Rugby

Congratulations to the following boys who represented Metropolitan North teams at the recent Under 15 State Carnival: Will Hancock, Josiah Harrison-Leaunoa, Joseph Liddy, Mitch McGeever and Angus Munn.

Team Man award 

A weekly Terrace Team Man is selected by the coaching staff during the GPS season. This is in recognition of any player who makes an outstanding contribution to their team both at training and in a game. 

Rugby results

Weekend results can be found by clicking on the GPS Rugby link below. This will give you access to all results across all schools and age groups. Please note that the 1st XV competition is the only grade that plays for a premiership  ""

I wish every team all the very best for their games this weekend against ACGS.

Please see here for your Round 4 Results

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Tom Woodrow

Last Sunday marked the fifth year since Robin Williams tragically passed away. For millions of fans around the world, it was a day to mourn the death of the beloved comedian, but also a time to celebrate the wonderful legacy Robin left behind and the long-lasting effect his words and actions will have on our world. 

I still remember the day I found out Robin had passed away. I was in Year 7 and as an oblivious 12-year-old kid, I mistook Robin for the English singer-songwriter, Robbie Williams. So, I was beyond confused when my teacher stopped the class to talk about some of his favourite movies; a list which included greats such as Aladdin, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society and Good Morning Vietnam. However, being the clueless kid that I was it was only after he said Mrs Doubtfire when I finally put a face to a name. 

The comedic genius. The charismatic poetry teacher. The compassionate therapist.

Ever since that day in Year 7, I have been an avid fan. I have watched his movies more times than I can count. I have read hundreds of news articles on him. And I have even visited the park bench from Good Will Hunting – the one from which he spoke that powerful monologue. Yet, one thing that has stood out to me throughout these years of ‘fanboying’ is a sad truth that I came to realise; those who appear happiest in the world may be those suffering the most. 

“If you are that depressed, reach out to someone. And remember, suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem.” 
Robin Williams

The other day I came upon this quote. A message from Robin which may have saved the lives of many, yet one which didn’t save his. For on 11 August 2014, Robin Williams took his own life, unable to remember the words he spoke just years before. 

From hundreds of profound and meaningful things Robin preached throughout his time on Earth, I believe this quote is one of the most important ones to remember. It is a reminder to those who may be going through a rough time to carry on. Although it may be long and dark, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This is something I want the members of the Terrace Family to know. On average 3000 Australians take their own life each year, so it is vital that we as a community remember Robin’s words. 

Therefore, to those of you who are reading this newsletter, I offer you a challenge; I challenge you to take some time out of your own busy schedule and have a conversation with someone who may be struggling – whether it be with homework, a broken heart or the death of a family member. You do not have to offer them words of wisdom or even try to make them feel better, your presence is all that’s needed. 

When Sean Maguire (played by Robin Williams) opened up to Will Hunting in that famous scene in Good Will Hunting, Will did not say a thing. His words weren’t necessary; rather, it was his presence and his readiness to listen which made all the difference in their relationship and in Sean’s life. Similarly, when you have a conversation with that person you feel may be struggling, do not get caught up worrying about giving an inspirational speech to cheer them up. Instead just listen to them. Sometimes in life, by putting yourself in the shoes of another you can truly get to know another on a more personal level and in doing so you show that struggling person that you care about them and will always be there to support them. 

Terrace’s motto in 2019 is All In. To us, it is more than a poker phrase. It is a commitment to those people beside you that you will walk with them during the good times and the bad. All In does not end at 3pm and it isn’t just confined to the 1665 men who go to school every day. It includes the teachers, the parents, the staff, the brothers, the sisters, the friends, and more. Everyone who is a part of the Terrace family is All In and that is why I ask you to look out for those around you because it just may save a life.

God Bless. 

Terrace Ladies Group

Girls night out

To celebrate 2019 and the efforts of all the Terrace Mothers and female carers, the TLG is hosting a ‘girl’s night out’ at Gambaro Hotel in Paddington on 18 October, starting at 6pm.  It is the mothers' Christmas party – so mark your diary!  Invitations will be distributed soon. If you have any questions, please contact, or call Libby Baynton on 0414 517 784.


Monday 28 October will see the TLG AGM take place. This year, our Vice Presidents of Hospitality and our Treasurer will be retiring after two years of dedicated service. If you would like to consider taking on an official committee role or know someone who would be perfect, please read the role details below. If you have any questions, please send me an email. 
Please note: All retiring committee members will mentor the new office bearers through their first year. 

Vice President/s (Hospitality) 

This role is more suited to being shared by two people.
The VP (Hospitality) is the first port of call for all events requiring the traditional TLG hospitality. Assistance for larger events is supported by volunteers. 

Duties include

  • coordination and management of all the hospitality at TLG functions (e.g. Masses, welcome morning teas, information evenings, orientation evenings);
  • ordering breakfasts for TLG meetings;
  • coordination, orders and management of the Track and Field Carnival coordination and management of the Staff Christmas lunch.

The Treasurer ensures a familiarity with the TLG accounts, having regular communication with the relevant officer in the Finance Department. You do not have to be an accountant to fill this role. 

Duties include

  • overseeing TLG Accounts;
  • familiarity with the TLG accounts spreadsheet through the Finance Office and income/outcome;
  • approving all payments and invoices - with the joint endorsement of the President or the VP (Logistics);
  • providing a report to the TLG meeting with a summary of income and expenses for the period leading prior, and projected cost expectations;
  • organisation of floats and banking for the Tennyson canteen and other events requiring these supplies.

Date Claimers

  • 19 August - 3.30-6pm Terrace Open Day 
  •  31 August - 8am-3pm Terrace v TSS Canteen 
  •  7 September -12.30pm Terrace Long Lunch, Tennyson 
  •  9 September - 7.30am TLG Breakfast Meeting, Founders' Room - Guest Speaker – Tony McGahan Sports Director 
  •  11 October - 7.30am Inter-House Athletics Day Canteen and BBQ, Tennyson
  • 18 October - 6pm Girls Night Out Christmas Drinks, Gambaro Hotel 
  •  28 October - 7.30am TLG AGM Breakfast Meeting, Founders’ Room


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

The staff, students and parents of Terrace look forward to rolling out the Red and Black carpet on Monday 19 August for our annual Open Day.  All members of the current Terrace Family are warmly welcome to join us to view the new Mt Sion building. 
Date & Time: Monday 19 August | 3.30pm - 6.00pm
Where: St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
No RSVP necessary. 

The biggest raffle to hit the Terrace Family for 2019 is now on sale - win a Toyota Yaris! 

Tickets cost $50 each or 3 for $100. Raffle will be drawn Saturday 7 September at the Terrace Long Lunch.
Tickets can be purchased via the below link until Thursday 5 September or in person at the Terrace Long Lunch. 

Win a CAR | Tickets Here

Want to help but poor on time?
You can now donate money directly to Terrace's Care and Concern Committee. Cash donations will be used to purchase ingredients to make meals for Terrace families and staff in need. 
All donations are appreciated greatly, and will support the important work this committee undertakes for our community.

Cash Donation | Click Here

Details: Friday 30 August | 6.45am for 7.00am start - 8.00am
Where: Novotel Brisbane, 200 Creek St Brisbane
Cost: $46pp (+ booking fees) | Includes full buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP via the link below by 19 August or ASAP as numbers are strictly limited
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 12 Father/Son B'fast | Book Here

Only 2 weeks remaining to book your spot! 

Details: Saturday 7 September | 12.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: $600 for a Table of 10 or $60pp (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Tickets on sale 9am 19 July via College Events. Please RSVP by Friday 30 August
For further information or enquiries regarding the event, please contact
Anne McMahon | or Jacinta Hearne |

Terrace Long Lunch | Book HerePre-order Drinks | Click Here

The Year 12s will undertake QCS testing on Tuesday 3 September and Wednesday 4 September. Donations from Year 12 families to assist with providing a special lunch for the boys on these days are being warmly welcomed. 
Please use the below links to volunteer. 

Cash Donation | Click Here

Details: Friday 11 October - Saturday 12 October | Bus from Tennyson following Inter-House Track & Field to Maroon, returning to Tennyson @ 5.30pm Saturday
Cost: Free of charge | Open to all current Year 7 students to attend
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Wednesday 9 October
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Brendan McGrath | | 3214 5217

Yr 7 Learn to Row | Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

Year 10 Parent/Caregiver Coffee Catch Up

Details: Friday 23 August | From 8.00am
Where: Victoria Park Cafe | 309 Herston Rd Brisbane 
RSVP: No RSVP required. Please feel welcome to join us on the day.
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Paula Lazzarini  | 0412 661 036 |