Principal's Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family

Welcome to Term 3.  I hope that the holiday break provided an opportunity for families to enjoy some down-time and re-energise.  It goes without saying that Term 2 was like no other school term any of us has experienced.  My hope is that Term 3 will provide some continuity and consistency for our College community and that we can have 10 weeks of uninterrupted teaching and learning, whilst enjoying the many social and co-curricular activities that usually occur in a school term.

It has been wonderful to see so many students engaged in the range of camps, clinics, games and rehearsals that were staged over the holiday period.  My thanks to all staff, students and families involved in the various co-curricular programs.  I spent last Saturday at Tennyson and was very pleased to see so many students running around and engaged in their sport.

As I have written previously, this term of sport will be comprehensive, but also different.  Our community is coping well with the ‘sign in’ process at the various venues.  I again remind parents to download the EVA Check-In App and populate your details in order to save time on Saturday.  The ‘check-in’ process will operate at all GPS school venues during this term so there should be familiarity with the system as the term progresses.  I also remind parents that for all activities, only 2 parent spectators per player are permitted to attend.  Unfortunately, other family and friends are not permitted to attend.

The Semester 2 Reports were sent over the holiday period and although Term 2 was interrupted from a teaching and learning perspective, assessment was conducted and the reports provide an indication of overall performance, while potentially highlighting strategies that need to be employed by students for Term 3.

In a year where we have seen so many new initiatives introduced, Wednesday’s hosting of our first ‘virtual’ Parent-Teacher meetings continued the trend.  Whilst not quite the same as our normal face-to-face meetings, I trust they provided an opportunity for teachers, parents and students to examine Semester 1 results and together, develop strategies for Semester 2.

I am sure that we are all hoping for a less disrupted term and that we do have 10 weeks of face-to-face teaching and learning.  It will be important for all students to ‘start well and start now’ and equally important that all students get into the routine of homework and revision this week.  For our Year 12 students, they are entering their final semester of school and will need to ensure they are focused from the start.  For all students, a positive start this week is imperative.

Term 3 co-curricular activities commence this week with fixtures against IGS in chess, basketball, tennis and football.  The rugby season will commence in Week 4.  The cross-country championships will also be held in Week 4.  I wish all players the best for the upcoming seasons and remind all players and supporters of the need to display the highest level of sportsmanship throughout the season.  I offer my congratulations to the following leaders of their respective activities:

Co-Captain:  David Eltima  
Co-Captain:  Ose Motuga

Captain: Yang Zhang

Captain: Josah Hitchcock
Vice-Captain:  Malakai Love-Semira

Captain:  William Campbell

Finally this week, I welcome back Ms Suzanne Black and Mr Michael MacDermott from leave.

Have a great term.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal


Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

Welcome to the new term. It is with a sense of expectation that we commence this term under relatively normal circumstances and with the hope that we can get back to our routines with minimal interruption. I trust everyone has had some opportunity for a break; I know that many students, staff and families found Term 2 to be long and challenging and were very keen for a chance to refresh.

This week, we welcomed back Mr Anthony Baruksopulo, who finished last term with a period of paternity leave following the birth of his son Lennox. Mr Craig Tonkies will also take leave for the first two weeks of this term after the arrival of his daughter Daniella late last term. Craig’s place will be taken by Mr John Langer, who we warmly welcome. We also welcome back Ms Suzanne Black and Mr Michael MacDermott, both of whom have taken leave in recent months.

Many families will know the much-loved Mr Paul Antenucci, one of our Personal Counsellors and former Campus Minister. His plans to marry fiancé Kay in his homeland America during the recent holidays were sadly foiled by the pandemic. Never to be deterred, Paul and Kay made the decision to elope and get married in our very own Chapel of the Holy Family. The Terrace Family is delighted for Paul and Kay on their wonderful news.

The start of a new semester often necessitates some timetable changes and a small number of classes have had unavoidable teacher changes for Semester 2 as a result. While consistency of teacher is our preference, the complexity of our timetable sometimes forces these changes. We do know that students will be quickly in routine and will be well taught, even if they have had a change of teacher.

Mrs Jan Lightbody has returned from a period of leave after sustaining an injury. Her return will be gradual, commencing with 3 days per week in the classroom and progressing to 5 days in the near future. Jan’s absences will be filled by subject-specialist teachers and she will closely monitor their progress for this period of time.

This week has again seen us in foreign territory with parent/teacher/student interviews conducted online via Teams for the first time. Round 1 was a great success on Wednesday evening and we look forward to the second evening next Wednesday being just as successful. Many thanks to our teaching staff who have responded so positively and embraced the challenges that recent months have presented. Parents will be aware that we opened interview bookings for both evenings only once. This change from our usual routine was designed to give IT staff time to ensure they could set interviews up. It has become obvious that a number of parents missed the opportunity to book interviews, so we have made the decision to re-open bookings for interviews for a brief time. Bookings are now open and will close at 11:59pm on Sunday if you would still like to make an online appointment with a teacher for Wednesday 22 July via the usual booking method. Thank you to parents for your flexibility with this new system.

Best wishes for the term ahead. It is nice to see the return of co-curricular activities for our young men – a key ingredient in their holistic education.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Welcome back to students and parents to Term 3. During this week, I have had the opportunity to speak to every year level, examining Semester 1 academic performance and setting goals for the term ahead. An essential element of academic performance is to actively reflect on the previous term's results. To assist students with this reflection a number of processes will occur.

Firstly, on Wednesday next week we complete our Parent/Teacher interviews. Secondly, students will meet with their PC mentor for academic mentoring during College Assembly time in Week 2. Thirdly, Years 5-10 students will move through an active reflection and goal setting process in their Formation classes. This process culminates with the creation of the Term 3 Study plan. Finally, Years 11 and 12 students will have Academic Mentoring interviews with their House Deans and members of the College Leadership Team. Consequently, I encourage parents to continue discussion with their son’s regarding their academic goals for this term and importantly their plans to achieve them.

Over the first half of Term 3 there are a number of Parent Information Evenings to be held online:

  • Year 12 2021 Extension Information Evening, 22 July, 6pm – 7pm
  • Year 11 2021 Subject Selection Evening, 27 July, from 6pm
  • Year 9 2021 Subject Selection Evening, 3 August, from 6pm
  • Year 12 QTAC Information Evening, 17 August, from 6pm

Further information regarding these evenings will be communicated to the relevant year levels via email and the Terrace App.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Term 3 is always a pivotal time during the academic year for our students. Added to this, the anticipation of regular co-curricular training and Saturday fixtures makes for an exciting term, with much to offer. As usual, in the year level assemblies this week the pastoral focus has been around reinforcing the College expectations for students. Our approach in “sweating the small stuff” assists staff in establishing a productive tone.

Of particular interest to the boys was a change to the College Mobile Phone Policy. Whilst the requirement for students to secure their phones in lockers when they arrive at school for the duration of the day has not changed, the consequence for not following this procedure has. In addition to handing the phone into Student Services, boys will be issued with an automatic Short Detention. The consequences will continue to escalate for repeat offenders to Long Detentions and then Saturday Detentions for the third time within a term. I look forward to your support on this matter.

 The other theme discussed with several year levels was the need to bring a ‘champion mindset’ into this term. Whether it is in response to academic results, Saturday sporting fixtures or within social settings, responding to adversity with resilience is such a fundamental component of life. For growth to occur in this area we naturally move through a phase in which we tend have a victim mindset. The challenge for our boys is now to transition through this space and drive the result in Term 3 with a ‘champion mindset’.  

This weekend we enter Round 1 of the Tennis, Football, Basketball and Chess competitions against Ipswich Grammar School. We celebrated the members of the Basketball First's program earlier in the week, during our Presentation Assembly.  All teams were reminded of the College’s expectations that the boys enter into any competition with the highest level of commitment and respect for our opposition. Further to this, the GPS Association has made the decision that no student spectators are permitted to watch First’s matches at this point. Attendance for all matches throughout the day is restricted to two adults. Best wishes for the term ahead.

Acting Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

A warm welcome back to Term 3. I hope your son/s managed to recharge the batteries from what was a unique and busy Term 2. I was fortunate to spend some time up the coast during the holiday break. It appeared that a lot of other Terrace families did too! It was nice to spend time with my wife, Vanessa, and our two-year-old ‘independent’ daughter, Isabel. While chasing Isabel up and down the beach most days, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on this unprecedented term.

Although as a school, we faced many challenges, it also provided me with some key learnings that I will cherish forever. On our College assembly on Tuesday, I shared some of these learnings with the students:

Never again, will I underestimate:

  • being able to visit my parents.
  • teaching face-to-face.
  • attending Sunday Mass.
  • a handshake with another person.
  • accessing essential items for my family from the grocery store.
  • going to watch the mighty Broncos play at Suncorp stadium.

The list is endless. It’s times like these that you don’t realise what you have got, until it’s gone. I have definitely learnt a lot throughout this pandemic. I challenge you to reflect on what you have learnt the past three months.

And throughout all of this, let us hold in our prayers:  

  • Those people who have lost loved ones
  • Those people who are homeless
  • Those people on the margins
  • Those people who have lost their job
  • Those people who have helped others
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope - Jeremiah 29:11


NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920s, who sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

NAIDOC week was scheduled last week. As a College community, Terrace had planned to celebrate this week (commencement of Term 3). However, the National NAIDOC Committee decided to postpone NAIDOC week this year to the 8-15 November due to COVID-19 and the associated risks to communities and cities.

I would like to acknowledge the theme for NAIDOC week this year – “Always Was, Always Will Be”, which recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65 000 years. I look forward to celebrating this key event in November.

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever.

Dean of Waterford Place | Mr Luke Gribble

Welcome back to Term 3 to all our Year 10 students and families. It is a pleasure to see the boys back refreshed after a break and be able to start the term with face-to-face teaching.

Due to the current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, our traditional Term 3 Immersion program has had to morph into something different this year, and we have worked hard to come up with a meaningful experience within the limitations placed upon us. The boys will experience a two-day Outdoor Education program facilitated by our Maroon staff, followed by a Retreat day at our Tennyson facility run by our Campus Ministry team and guest presenters.

The Term 3 schedule for Year 10 students will align with the existing Terrace calendar with six weeks of core teaching with the Exams scheduled for Week 7. During Weeks 8, 9 and 10 the boys will go on their 3-day Camp and Retreat experience with their core class (Mathematics line). When the boys are not on their Camp/Retreat they will be in normal classes at Waterford, starting Term 4 units of work. More information about the Camp and Retreat will be communicated later in the term, but I have included the dates for your sons Camp and Retreat below:

  • 10A Camp + Retreat – WEEK 8 - Monday 31 August – Wednesday 2 September
  • 10B Camp + Retreat – WEEK 8 - Tuesday 1 September – Thursday 3 September
  • 10C Camp + Retreat – WEEK 8 – Wednesday 2 September – Friday 4 September
  • 10D Camp + Retreat – WEEK 9 - Monday 7 September – Wednesday 9 September
  • 10E Camp + Retreat – WEEK 9 - Tuesday 8 September – Thursday 10 September
  • 10F Camp + Retreat – WEEK 9 - Wednesday 9 September – Friday 11 September
  • 10G Camp + Retreat – WEEK 10 - Monday 14 September – Wednesday 16 September
  • 10H Camp + Retreat – WEEK 10 - Tuesday 15 September – Thursday 17 September
  • 10I Camp + Retreat – WEEK 10 - Wednesday 16 September – Friday 18 September

The Camp and Retreat program is an important part of our Formation program, providing an enriching experience to grow in leadership and fellowship. These core values are engrained in our Terrace community and as such we expect all Year 10 students to take part in this experience.

We thoroughly look forward to this journey for our students.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


The State Debating Trials were recently held via Zoom and Terrace had three students who made the top 12 for the State – Thomas Musgrave (Year 10), Luke Ames (Year 11) and Benjamin Scuderi (Year 12). Congratulations to Benjamin who was made a Reserve position for the State Team. 


As noted in last Term’s Terrace News, our top Chess players attended clinics over the holiday break, where our Premier Board took online lessons from Australian Grand Chess Master and International Chess Federation Senior Trainer Mr Ian Rogers OAM. 

His credits and biography are quite impressive and include: 

  • First Australian-raised chess Grandmaster. Rogers attained the Grandmaster title in 1985 after becoming an International Master in 1980. 
  • Australia's highest-rated player for over twenty years, and represented Australia at fourteen Chess Olympiads 
  • Peak international ranking was 50th in the world in 1999
  • Highest-ranked Australian player from 1984 until his retirement in 2007
  • Rogers was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the 1996 Australia Day Honours for his Service to Chess.

With a pedigree such as this, I am sure you will agree our Terrace Chess students will be primed for Term 3 GPS competition.  The very best of luck to our GPS Chess team who travel to Ipswich Grammar this Friday night for the first round of competition.

Holiday workshops

Thanks to all of the students who were involved with the many holiday clinics we ran. It was a great time to get back into our activities. Following is the footage from our Terrace Choir Workshop where we welcomed our new vocal teachers Mr Jacob Bradford and Miss Irena Lysiuk. We look forward to working with Mr Bradford and Miss Lysiuk as we grow our vocal program.

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.  The Cultural YouTube Channel is also worth a look!

If you have any photographs or video that you would to share, please tag us.

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Welcome to Week One. Lessons and ensembles are underway and it has been particularly pleasing to see the high level of collective competency in all groups. Given present circumstances, this is most heartening.

Our thanks to the Red Thunder Drumline for their support at College Assembly. Yesterday the Pep Band had their final rehearsal in preparation for filming next Wednesday.  We look forward to providing more detail around this.

We are delighted with the participation of so many boys in our holiday workshops. In particular, I would like to highlight the success of the vocal workshops and their performance afterwards.

Music Practice Hall is held on Mondays from 3.15-5.00pm. We encourage you to support this unique opportunity, whereby your sons can practice and receive guided supervision with tutors from the Qld Conservatorium of Music and other tertiary institutions.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Music Department

Director of Sport | Mr Tony McGahan

Welcome to Term 3 Sport.
After a disrupted Term 2, I am glad to welcome you back to Terrace Sport in Term 3. My thanks to players and families for the outstanding attendance at holiday clinics over the winter break. The great work completed over the holidays has set us up to start the Term 3 sporting season safe, skilled and ready to compete. 

I had the opportunity to visit and observe the many programs in action over the holidays, and the performance and participation levels indicate the great work that our Directors, Coordinators and coaches deliver. Through the constantly changing landscape of coaching, training numbers, fields and health protocols, our program staff have adapted expertly, and their hard work has allowed our students the opportunity to compete in four GPS Saturday sports this term. 

The sports in season this term are Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics, Rugby and Tennis. Three sports – Tennis, Basketball and Football – will start competition with Round 1 in Week 1. Rugby will commence its competition in Week 4, with internal and external trial games during Weeks 1-3. Cross Country and Gymnastics competition schedules will be confirmed in Week 1 with a view to commencing GPS activities in Week 4 and Week 8 respectively.

Thank you to all families, players and coaches who have committed to Terrace Sport programs this term. It is not always easy to juggle sporting commitments with family needs, so we thank you for your continued support. The large number of boys involved in Sport across our programs in Term 3 allows us to continue our strong spirit of participation in the sporting environment, and we are thankful for the time and effort every family contributes to this success.

Game Day

The way game day venues are run has changed in light of COVID-19. Please familiarise yourself with the below guidelines that GPS schools will be following this term:

  • To enter, visitors must scan the QR code to register their attendance via EVA Check-in. Parents/caregivers with iPhones can download the EVA Check-in App and create their EVA profile prior to game day. Android users and users without existing profiles will be directed to the EVA Check-in website to fill in their information.  Players are not required to check-in.
  • There will be signs and posters with a QR Code at each venue. This must be scanned when coming onto the premises. Please ensure all visitors check out via the app once they leave the venue to assist with tracing.
  • All sports (outdoor and indoor) allow 2 parents or caregivers per child to spectate (no siblings/children, grandparents, family friends etc.).
  • Play and Leave Only | There will be limited canteen facilities but spectators should avoid standing around following games.
  • Arrive Ready to Play | There will be no change rooms. Students cannot arrive more than 30 minutes prior to their game commencement as each court/field will need to be cleared and then cleaned prior to the next games entering.
  • Social distancing will be required – 1.5 meters between spectators.
  • Sanitiser stations will be available – we encourage all guests to keep hygiene at a high standard.
  • Spectators will be asked to follow all COVID-19 directives and must spectate from the allocated areas, which will be signed at each venue.

Please check the College App for current information for your sport each week.

Parent Lounge

Participation in the Terrace Sport program is large and continuing to grow, with most families at the College engaging at some level of participation. The flow of communication to this number of families is paramount in keeping everyone informed. It is vital to ensure you have signed on electronically through Parent Lounge and follow the weekly updates for your sport on the College App. Game day updates on venues, times and last-minute changes, as well as training cancellations due to weather, will be communicated through each sport’s dedicated Twitter account, so please follow the relevant accounts to receive this information. Each sport’s social media account/s can be found on the sign on booklet or by searching Twitter for “Terrace [your sport]”. For any questions or concerns about any sport, please contact the relevant Director or Coordinator, found on the sign on booklet and on App notices. 

Attendance at training

I would ask that all boys commit to their attendance at training twice a week and arrive ready for their games, home or away. Representing the College is something to be valued. Being a team member who can be depended on entails sacrifice and commitment, no matter what level or activity.

Training nutrition

With a busy term of sport, and many boys engaged in sessions in the College Gym, our Director of Athlete Development, Mr Mark Chisholm, is looking to support good nutrition to ensure maximum energy.  Users of the gym will now be fortunate enough to enjoy a serve of Bareback Biltong at the conclusion of sessions. Bareback Biltong is a healthy and delicious meat snack, an ideal alternative to fatty chips and snacks that some boys may reach for.  We are excited to have Bareback Biltong fuelling the recovery of Terrace athletes across all sports.  Whilst it is the perfect amount of protein to refuel, this grass-fed, Aussie beef snack makes a tasty treat anytime, for anyone.  Use code terrace20 at and members of the Terrace Family will receive 20% off their order. Our thanks to Bareback Biltong for their support of Terrace athletes.


Please be aware that all Directors, Coordinators and Coaches have been asked to monitor training and playing uniform.  We want to ensure we are representing the College and ourselves on and off the field with the highest standards. 

Training buddies needed

Fight4Balance is an Australian registered charity dedicated to improving the lived experience and wellbeing of adolescent youth with learning and perceptual disabilities and their families.  The program are looking for exercise training training 'buddies' for their next programs.  A number of Terracians have previously participated as buddies within the program - please consider if you are able to assist in 2020.  More information can be found here.

Have a great Term 3 in Terrace Sport.

The Weekly Wrap


Terrace Basketball is excited to return to play this season after our fantastic success last year. Season 2020 will obviously be quite different to other years as we adapt to training and playing in a COVIDSafe environment; however, we are determined to deliver a great experience to every student through our quality coaching and promotion of enjoyment through learning. Basketball participation at Terrace this year is the highest of any GPS school with 345 players making up 37 teams, indicating the popularity and prominence of Basketball at the College. We hope that, despite the new challenges this season, our sense of community at training and on game days remains strong with the players, families and supporters of the Basketball program. 

Last weekend was an opportunity for some of our teams to engage in trial games with fixtures against Nudgee College, Ambrose Treacy College and St Laurence’s College, along with some internal matches. It was a positive return to Basketball for the program and we thank our Basketball families for making their sons available over the holiday period to best prepare for the 2020 season. 

The 1st V Squad began their preseason training last month, and despite the shortened preparation period, all players have readily invested time and energy in improving their skills. The team boasts 12 players returning from the 2019 Premiership side; however, the group is acutely aware that their success last year won’t guarantee any easy wins this season – only their teamwork and dedication on court will decide whether they can go one better in 2020. Consistency will be key in this year’s highly competitive championship. The program would like to thank Mr Matthew Hamilton-Smith, Mr Sam McKinnon, Mr Rodger Smith and Mr Josh Kersevani for their efforts in preparing the 1st V this season. Many thanks also to Mr Henry Mahoney and Mr Patrick McInerney for their work with the wider program. 

Round 1 | Ipswich Grammar School

This weekend marks the start of the GPS Basketball season, and Terrace will take on Ipswich Grammar School (IGS) for their first fixture. IGS are a formidable opponent to face first up and a good result on Saturday will require all players to be at their best. To win a championship, teams must play like champions, so all players are encouraged to actively compete on every play this weekend. Proactive and engaged play will define the results each Saturday this season. Whether chasing down the play to try and block a certain layup, or simply diving on a loose ball to gain possession, competing up to the final whistle is critical regardless of the score.  We wish all Basketballers representing the College this weekend the best of luck.


The 2020 Terrace Rugby Program is well underway, with large numbers of boys attending the annual Rugby Readiness Clinics held at Tennyson. The work over the holidays will lay a solid foundation for the program to build on as we head into Term 3 Rugby.

Thanks to all staff, Old Boys and Rugby families for their generous support over the holiday period. A special thanks to the Mr Alan Kennedy and the Tennyson grounds staff who had the facility in perfect condition for the clinics.

Player Readiness Clinics

The purpose of the clinics was to prepare the boys for the upcoming GPS Rugby season. All elements of the Smart Rugby and “Confidence in Contact” program were delivered during the clinics by experienced coaches.

By their nature, body contact sports like rugby have the potential to cause injury. In order to develop the next generation of rugby players, we must give them the skills to approach body contact with confidence and minimise the chance of injury. The focus around the tackle and tackle contest is a key area of our weekly training, which will ensure that techniques are progressively developed by our boys.

Boys who did not attend the Holiday Rugby Clinic are required to complete “Confidence in Contact” training during the first two weeks of Term 3 training prior to being eligible to play in Round 2 against TGS.

Internal training day and practice games | Saturday 18 July

Building on from the good work at the Rugby Readiness Clinics the boys will train at Tennyson this Saturday and will participate in internal practice games – schedule TBC, please check the College App.


A reminder that the Term 3 Training Schedule is available on the College App. Buses will depart the College at 3.15pm sharp and return at approximately 6.15pm. Boys may be collected from Tennyson at 5.30pm, but parents and caregivers must stay inside their cars during collection according to COVIDSafe guidelines.

Captains' Corner | Vice Captain, Noah Stevens

During the Term 2 break, a number of boys found themselves busy, as if the term was still going - assignments, study, sport camps and clinics happening every day. There is always an easy option in the holidays to switch off, stay at home and, for me, lounge around and play games all day. But this holidays was distinctly different.  

After spending nearly all of Term 2 training, some boys came into the break exhausted and in need of rest. Members of the 1st XV squad, Oliver Nash and Harry Walters suffered early injuries in the preseason with Oliver recently pulling his hamstring after only just returning from a shoulder injury.  These boys have been through the wringer. But despite injuries, these two men have been some of the most hardworking, vocal and supportive players of the squad. Oliver had a huge preseason with a distinct drive for the Firsts this year.  He trained hard, continuing to use gym as rehab as well as strengthen as much as possible. Every session he would be there early, rolling out or talking to gym staff about possible workouts. Even after doing his second injury, he has worked even harder, with nearly perfect attendance and finding odd jobs and learning to do while not participating in field sessions, to ensure he is ready for a shorter and more intense GPS season.  Harry Walters has followed this same path, continuing to train as much as physically possible to prepare himself for the return to the season. One of the leaders of the squad, Harry has organised the team with off field commitments and communication after sessions, whilst always finding time to have a laugh. 

These two men are just a couple of examples of the many boys who, despite setbacks, recently have continued to strive for success. Hopefully crowds can soon return to Tennyson, and young fellas will be able to look out for Olly and Harry in the back line this year.  It will be a site to see! Particularly for me, these two men, and so many more, have been inspirational in getting back into this term.  With new, and better habits, hopefully we can all take their lessons of resilience into the final half of this year, especially for seniors going into external exams. Also a big thank you to all the parents who continue to guide our resilience in school. 

Finally good luck to all  teams this week.  Sadly there are no crowds, but the whole GT community is with you.  Don't forget to show your red and black support this Friday, with a very special Red and Black day at Terrace, and a gold coin for education in Timor Leste.

Terrace Library

The Terrace Family

We pray for the families of the following members of the Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest. 

Mr Damien John McMENIMAN, GT 1985-89
Mr Leo John THOMSEN, GT 1942-43

College Events

Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

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Community Information

All-Star and Training Buddies needed

Fight4Balance (F4B) is an Australian registered charity dedicated to improving the lived experience and wellbeing of adolescent youth with learning and perceptual disabilities and their families.  F4B is launching a new online exercise and community-participation program adapted for adolescent youth with mild-moderate cognitive & perceptual disabilities called: Fit-4myFightClub (Fit4myFC)

The Fit4myFC Program is aimed at connecting and growing a community of families and a buddy network to improve individual health outcomes and strengthen family/community bonds.  F4B are looking for both participants, ALL STARS, and TRAINING BUDDIES.  A number of Terracians have previously been involved as Training Buddies, all speaking enthusiastically about the joy they experienced being part of the programs.

Program Highlights:

  • This is a self-paced, progressive exercise program delivered over 11-weeks which participants fit in with their individual weekly schedules  
  • 20min videocasts exercise sessions of varying levels delivered online
  • Videocasts feature progressive exercise skills instructed by our team of qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologists and demonstrated by guest ALL-STARS & TRAINING BUDDIES
  • No exercise or gym equipment required
  • Age and gender matched TRAINING BUDDIES participate in weekly exercise sessions under our Inclusive Youth-Leadership Buddy Program; with no face-to-face contact  
  • TRAINING BUDDIES are matched with ALL-STARS by our Medical & Allied Health Clinical Panel via our secure online web-based platform (de-identified) 
  • TRAINING BUDDIES and their families are invited to join the program at no cost. 

Get Involved:    

ALL-STARS and their families are invited to participate in this 11-week program at an introductory cost of $77.00 per/family. 

Please note:  It is important to the success & experience of ALL-STARS (our affected youth) that a parent/guardian/sibling participate in the weekly instructional exercise skills alongside their ALL-STAR (as their home exercise partner).

City & Country Outreach

We are seeking your help to spread the word across Queensland to reach our target of recruiting 120 All-Stars and 120 Training Buddies across both programs.  

Sign-Up and Queries

Registration inquiries can be directed to our website  Alternatively, please email to:  

All at F4B look forward to your daughter/son/family joining this exciting new program for our charity.

Spread the word – no geographical limits!