Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

Welcome back to Term 3 - I trust that the holiday break gave you the opportunity to rest and recharge for what will be a busy and full Term 3.

My thanks and congratulations to all the staff, parents, coaches and students who were involved in the many holiday tours, camps and clinics. Well done to all involved.

As we begin a new term, there are a few staff changes with people on leave, returning from leave or beginning their journey at Terrace. Firstly, I welcome the following people who begin their journey at Terrace this term – Miki Gardiner-McIvor (Teacher), Andrew Fellows (Outdoor Education Instructor), Cathy Stacey (Sponsorship Manager), Wayne Bird (Groundsman), Tracy Harries (College Receptionist) and Alice Finn (College Nurse).

Secondly, I welcome back Mary Meadows, Dwayne Hoy, Anthony Hayward and Sian Graham from leave. Finally, Sam Mackinnon, Luke Robba, Suzanne Cook, Gavin Clements and Paul Antenucci are all on various forms of leave during this term.

The Mt Sion Building is now completed and operational. Whilst it will take some time to ‘live in’ the building and to fully understand it, my initial impression is very positive, and I believe it will be a significant addition to many aspects of the College. It has been a major project and I thank the students, staff and parents for their support, patience and cooperation over the last 2 years. I am sure you will agree that it has been worth the wait.

With the new building completed, there are a number of changes to the practices of the last two years. The most notable is that the drop off and pick up areas revert to Rogers Street, and the use of the Centenary Pool carpark finishes. Again, I ask people to show a high degree of caution and awareness when driving around the streets.

This weekend sees Round 1 of the GPS Rugby, Basketball and Chess seasons. My congratulations to the following students for their appointment as Captain and Vice-Captain of their respective activities.

  • Chess: Co-Captains - James Hurst and Yang Zhang                           
  • Rugby: Captain - Louis Jorgensen and Vice Captain - GlenVaihu            
  • Basketball: Captain - Mitchell Wright and Vice Captain – David Eltima

Finally this week, as we begin a new term, it will be very important that all students begin well and focus on their academic work from day 1.  There are Parent|Teacher|Student meetings scheduled over the coming weeks, however a positive start this week, in and out of the classroom, will be critical for a successful Term 3.

Have a great week.

God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Deputy Principal | Mr Chris Ryan

A warm welcome to Term 3. I trust that all members of the Terrace Family are energised for another busy and enjoyable term ahead.

Staff News

Congratulations to Mr Paul Antenucci whose first baby, Josephine, arrived safely over the break. Josephine and her mum, Frauke, are doing very well.

Congratulations to Mr Peter Whitehouse who was recognised by the international body of educators in Information Technology recently for his leadership and service in this field over a long and pioneering career. Mr Whitehouse was nominated by his state and national peers for this well-deserved recognition and the Terrace community joins Mr Whitehouse and his family in celebrating this achievement by a long-standing member of our teaching faculty.

Our sincere condolences to Mrs Pam Lather, Mr Gavin Clements and Mr Peter Marendy, whose father in law, father and brother respectively passed away over the holiday period. May they each Rest in Peace and May Perpetual Light Shine Upon them. We join their families in prayers of support and friendship at this sad time.

A reminder that Mrs Suzanne Cook and Mr Gavin Clements are on leave for the first two weeks of term. Mrs Susie Cooper is facilitating Mrs Cook’s classes and Mr Sean Benham is acting as Head of Faculty: Humanities and The Arts. Mrs Kaylene Campbell is leading Mr Clements’s classes except for HPE which Mr Rob Sweeper is covering. Mr Luke Robba is also on leave for the term and Mr Sonny Ali is taking his classes, with Mr Josh Kersevani acting as Coordinator of English Years 7 to 9 for the term.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Welcome back to Term 3. I hope that you had a restful and refreshing break from the busyness here at the College. Holidays are an important time for all students to rest, reflect and reconnect with family and friends.

The reflection aspect of holidays is an important aspect of the break. This reflection allows us to re-examine our achievement from the previous term and ask important questions about the next step forward. Over the next two weeks, we will formalise this process through Parent/Teacher/Student interviews. These interviews are an important time to discuss what has occurred but more importantly what strategies can be put in place to improve.

It is also important that students are part of these conversations, because ultimately it is the student who must implement the changes and do the work. However more importantly, by being included in the conversation, the very important student/teacher relationship develops further in a positive manner. Interviews can be booked through the Parent Lounge.

During this first week, I have been meeting with all year levels and reinforcing the message of being prepared.  Whilst Term 3 is a 10 week term, there are many disruptions due to public holidays, school events and QCS. Therefore, it is vitally important that students are commencing their preparation, planning and revision ASAP. Furthermore, students should be completing the following:

  • Prepare their study timetable
  • Plan how to use their study time effectively
  • Plan how they will work toward their assignment due dates
  • Set their academic goals for the term
  • Prepare to work hard

Ultimately it is up to each student to take responsibility for his own learning. However, the College is here to work with each student on his academic journey. There are a number of initiatives that students can access to assist with their study:

  1. Assessment calendars have been distributed to students to assist with their planning.
  2. Staff tutoring is offered to students by our generous staff. The staff tutoring list can be found on the College App.
  3. Study Group is available to Years 11 and 12 students only, every afternoon in 4.23 / 4.22 from 3.15 – 5.30pm, and every morning from 7.15am.

All the best for the term ahead.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Welcome back to Term 3. I trust that everyone enjoyed the holidays and has returned safely this week. Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to attend the International Boys’ School Conference in Montreal. Many of the workshops I attended centred around wellbeing and student leadership models being used around the world. It was refreshing to hear that many of the processes that we run here at Terrace are also employed by many other boys' schools at the conference. The concept of developing a strong sense of connection within the community was the common thread.

Terrace does community well but we need to keep very conscious about developing authentic connections within our community. We have some excellent structures within our Pastoral Care, Identity and co-curricular programs that aim to develop and enhance the connectedness of our community. Whether it’s the traditional entry points of Years 5 and 7 or the gathering of Year 10s at Waterford and then life as a Senior student, all year levels have unique challenges that provide opportunity for growth for our students. Many behaviour psychologists refer to these incidents when the brain detects challenges or threatening information as the “mammoth moment” stimulating a fight or flight response. Whilst we are not literally fighting for survival it may well feel that way for a number of our boys. Our role as educators is to provide a safe, controlled environment that promotes processes to enable a sense of connectedness for our students. It can be a tricky road to facilitate and navigate at times but it is one we are very conscious of at the College and always re-evaluating.

Term 3 is always a crucial time during the academic year for students. Our Year 12 cohort are steadily building towards the QCS tests in Week 8 at the same time the Year 10 students commence their Immersion program. These events combined with a significantly high portion of our students involved in co-curricular events means that the boys can sometimes “burn the candle at both ends” during Term 3.

This week has been characterised by the need to quickly re-establish normal routines within the College to ensure that class time is as effective as possible. Our approach in “sweating the small stuff” assists staff in establishing a productive tone. I congratulate our students for their ability to settle quickly and focus on the core business of learning in the classroom.  

This weekend we enter Round 1 of the Rugby, Basketball and Chess competitions against the Toowoomba Grammar School. The College’s expectations are that the boys enter into competition this weekend with the highest level of commitment and respect for our opposition both on and off the field as players and supporters. All students remaining to watch the 1st XV or 1st V this weekend will be required to wear the formal College uniform (including the white shirt, blazer and red cap). 

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Why Mt Sion?

A place of belonging. A place of sharing. A place of hope. With utmost confidence and pride, I could use these very same phrases to describe the type of community each individual of our Terrace Family commits to nurturing and building. This strong communal aspiration follows a path established 2000 years ago - a path uniquely strengthened in 1802. A path affirmed this week at Terrace. This path is the path of Mt Sion.

Our Catholic tradition holds that Mt Sion (Hebrew ‘Zion’) was the upper room site of the Last Supper. Additionally, it is widely accepted that it was the gathering site for the very first Christians. This Jewish-Christian community was inspired by the Gospel and life of Jesus and determined to authentically follow the way of Jesus. In this place of gathering and reflection, the very first Christians found belonging, shared their hopes and fears and prayed for strength and courage to follow the way of Jesus despite being outcasts. 

In 1802, Blessed Edmund Rice followed the path of Mt Sion by deliberately naming his first school in Waterford, Ireland ‘Mt Sion’. Interestingly, and quite deliberately, by naming his first school ‘Mt Sion’ Edmund Rice chose a Christian name for his school that is not especially Catholic. So why Mt Sion?

According to Associate Professor Denis McLaughlin, well-regarded Ricean scholar, Mt Sion was chosen by Edmund Rice to highlight the inclusivity of his model of education. By not choosing an exclusive Catholic name for his first school, he was proclaiming to Irish society that his school was open to all. Having said this, by its nature, Edmund’s Mt Sion was extraordinarily Catholic. Just as was the original Mt Sion for the first Christians, Edmund Rice’s schools have been, and continue to be, an experience of companionship, refuge, love and nourishment.

Our Terrace Mt. Sion was established in 1989 under the leadership of Br Tony White. This affirmed to our Terrace Family the College’s commitment to following the path of Mt Sion through building a community of belonging, sharing and hope for all, particularly our students. With the reopening of our renewed Mt Sion this week, we have renewed our commitment to the path of Mt Sion that was established 2000 years ago.

Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

At our Monday morning gathering, we welcomed the boys back to what always proves to be a most enjoyable term for the Waterford community. In the teaching faculty, we welcomed back Ms Sian Graham from her maternity leave and Mr Dwayne Hoy back from long service leave.   

After two terms, the boys are now well and truly aware of the Waterford Place dynamic and many have achieved very pleasing academic results throughout the first semester. At the start of the year we promoted the concept that Waterford is a place where the boys can fully engage and work toward being well prepared for senior schooling. While this is still very much the case, there is no ‘magic’ here at Waterford. The reality is that while we can provide the environment and opportunity, it is up to the boys to engage and grab the opportunity with both hands. Some boys would have been disappointed with their results and I hope that they refocus, set realistic goals and work toward achieving them. There is still time!

The challenge in what will be a short teaching term is to maintain our high standards. The reality is the term consists of only six teaching weeks followed by exam week and then the three weeks of the Immersion programs. Due to the time limitations, we have a reduced assignment load this term. However, teachers will be moving through the various units of work at a faster rate which presents a different set of challenges for the cohort. We have discussed this at assembly this week.

In addition, throughout Term 3 all Year 10 students will be working on completing their Senior Education and Training Plans. This process will assist the boys in making an informed decision about subject selection for Year 11. The Subject Selection evening is being held on Monday 5 August in the Campbell Centre commencing at 6pm.

Best wishes for the term ahead.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

USA Music Tour

For many people in the USA, summer means only one thing: Summer Camp, and we took full advantage of this on the 2019 USA Music Tour by attending the Music For All Summer Symposium (MFA) at the Ball State University, Indiana. 

This week-long camp saw 11 Terrace Gentlemen join with 1500 other students, 300 directors and a faculty of 200 who tested and challenged the students to become better musicians and leaders in life, throughout a week long program. Each evening had a rock style concert matching anything we see at QPAC. These concerts covered all the genres and disciplines of the week. On the final night of camp, everyone was transported to Ball State’s Scheumann Stadium, to see a drum corps show which was a first for our students. A drum corps show is a competition where 7 – 10 corps of 150 musicians and performers (under 22 years) perform a show for 11.5 minutes on an American football field with music, drill, choreography and props that would rival our musicals sets. The sound is phenomenal!

As the stadium filled for the evening performance, the marching band students including our own, assembled on the field. Moments later, the crowd at Scheumann Stadium was treated to a beautiful arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner, arranged and conducted by Richard Saucedo.

At the end of the evening, while drum corps scores were tallied, the marching band students took the field again, this time alongside resident drum corps of camp, Carolina Crown. The drum majors gave the downbeat, and the field exploded into sound: Crown, playing their powerful opener, augmented by over 200 MFA marching band campers. These high school students not only matched Crown note for note but duplicated the choreography as well. They left the field jubilant, cheered on and high-fived by Crown’s brass and percussion.

Moments later, the marching percussion campers took the field, thrilling the crowd who clapped along to the beats they’d learned throughout the week. Each section - snares, tenors and basses - was featured in turn, along with talented soloists. 

The following day saw a morning of performances by all of the other ensembles who rehearsed throughout the week. Well done to the Terrace Gentlemen who challenged themselves and performed gallantly in the Concert Bands and Jazz Band on this last day.


FRIDAY, 26 July 2019 (Different to the printed calendar)

This year’s College House Choir event is being held on Friday, 26 July 2019 with each House allocated a six-minute performance. Please be advised the College calendar has this scheduled for Friday, 2 August, but has been moved to this day to avoid clashes with the Nudgee weekend. The evening proceedings start at 6.30pm and should be finished by 8.45pm and will be held at Pat Rafter Arena, Queensland Tennis Centre (QTC), 190 King Arthur Terrace, Tennyson.  The precinct opens at 5pm with a variety of food trucks, with doors to the Arena open from 5.45pm. 

House Choir night is a great opportunity for the boys to make a statement about the character and sense of community that has been developing within the House this year. Parents are very welcome, and I would encourage you to take this opportunity to watch your son and his mates perform. 


The Pat Rafter arena is serviced by public transport.  The closest station to the QTC is Yeerongpilly. It is serviced by the Beenleigh and Gold Coast train line. The walk from Yeerongpilly train station is approximately 700 metres and takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Limited bus services are available from both the Graceville and Fairfield Road ends of King Arthur Terrace. For complete timetable information visit or call 13 12 30.

Traffic management at the venue will be controlled by the QTC Traffic Management team.  There are no drop-offs allowed outside the entrance to the QTC on King Arthur Terrace as this is a high traffic area.  For visitors with specific mobility requirements, drop off will be available in the QTC carpark as directed by traffic management.

Additional parking is available at Terrace playing fields – 67A Vivian Street, Tennyson where there will be shuttle bus services to and from the Arena.


The night is also an opportunity for our Terrace Performing Arts (TPA) committee to raise important funds in support of an audio and lighting upgrade to the Edmund Rice Theatre. You can also take part in the event by participating in the "People’s Choice Award".  After each choir performance, boys from that House will run through the audience with buckets to collect your donation in support of their performance. Each dollar represents one vote and you can donate in coins or notes. The winning House and People’s Choice awards will be presented by Dr Carroll. I hope to see you and your son at this fun event.

Thank you for your support.

House Choir Volunteer Help Required

As with any large event, House Choir would not occur or run smoothly without the assistance of a parent volunteer workforce.  We are looking for parents to assist both in the arena during showtime with running and collecting buckets for the People’s Choice Award as well as outside the venue with the drinks and chocolate stall, change table and raffle.  Please sign up via the link .  Whilst we have set times in the link and outlined roles, if you would like to help but cannot commit to the whole time but would still like to help, please contact Nicole Hoffmann on or 0417793583 and we will work through. No experience necessary for any role and full instructions provided. It is a great time to meet other parents on a fun-filled and action-packed night.

TPA Meeting

A reminder the TPA meeting will be held next Tuesday 23 July at 5.30pm in the Callan Centre. On the agenda is finalising House Choir details, Jazz night preparation and British Car Rally. If you would like to be involved, we welcome any new attendees.

Public Speaking

Thank you to Mr Pauley who helped the following students reach excellent results in the 2019 Plain English Speaking Australia and Rostrum competitions over the break. We are proud to announce the following results: Scott Moran - Runner Up (PESA), Will Ames - Runner Up (Junior Division - Rostrum).

Support Group meetings:

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 23 July, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything. If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

TPA Entertainment Books | Information Here

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Welcome everyone to Term 3. We closed off last term with a group of 11 musicians travelling to the USA to participate in the Music For All Summer Symposium at Muncie. The six day intensive camp was a revelation to all our participants. We feel certain that the standard of excellence that they were exposed to will filter through to their peers.

During the Term 2 break, we ran workshops for Big Band 2, Big Band 3, TJC Band, European Tour Choir and Orchestra, Percussion 2, Percussion 3, Red Thunder Drumline, an AMEB Woodwind Bootcamp and a First Percussion Ensemble Workshop.

Term 3 promises more highs with the QCMF, the GPS Music Day of Excellence, the Jazz Night and the String Showcase.

Australian Honours Ensemble Programme

Congratulations to Jack Gardiner who received a successful nomination for the Australian Honours Ensemble Programme (AHEP). In addition, Max Beckmann, James Cameron, William Gu, Ethan Ling, Jamie Park and Marindra Welgampola all received successful nominations for the State Honours Ensemble Programme (SHEP). Special mention goes to Jamie Park who is also on the reserve list for AHEP.

Parent Lounge

A crucial component in managing performances and sending out information is through the Parent Lounge. Can I ask that families respond to requests in Parent Lounge promptly. This provides us with rolls and information as to best manage equipment, personnel and transport.

Music Practice Hall

For those students who are working towards AMEB exams, a reminder that Music Practice Hall on Monday afternoons 3.15-5pm is an excellent opportunity to work on your pieces and receive assistance with the aural component of the exam.

Term 3 Events

  • GT vs TGS 20 July RTD
  • Woodwind AMEB Exams 25 July
  • Debating Dinner 25 July
  • House Choir 26 July
  • GT vs BBC 27 July RTD
  • GPS Music Day of Excellence 6 August
  • String Showcase 7 August
  • GT vs BSHS 10 August RTD
  • QCMF 15-18 August
  • Open Day 19 August
  • Presentation Assembly: Music 20 August
  • Terrace Jazz Night 6 September
  • Battle of the Rock Bands 20 September
  • AMEB Brass Clinic 23 September
  • European Tour 23-30 September

Director of Sport | Mr Tony McGahan


The 2019 Terrace Rugby Program is well underway and will once again see a large number of boys pulling on the red & black butcher stripe jersey.

The Rugby program is once again committed to offering a safe and well-structured environment with the focus being on participation, enjoyment and the opportunity to learn. In doing so, the program provides boys, coaches and referees with a strong framework for improvement and abundant opportunity to develop the key elements of Rugby.

Holiday tours, camps and clinics

Thanks to all staff, Old Boys and parents for their generous support over the holiday period. The 1st XV and 2nd XV teams travelled to Twin Waters for a three-day camp. The Under 15A squad travelled to the North Island of NZ, experiencing all that NZ has to offer on and off the field. The annual holiday clinics at Tennyson were once again a huge success with large numbers of boys in attendance. The holiday period was capped off with a round of games against Nudgee College.  The work over the holidays will lay a solid foundation for us to build from as we head into Term 3 Rugby.

The purpose of the holiday clinic is to prepare the boys for the upcoming GPS Rugby season. During the Clinics all elements of the Smart Rugby and “Confidence in Contact” program was delivered by experienced coaches leading into our trial games against Nudgee College on Saturday 13 July at Tennyson.

Boys who did not participate in the Term 2 Rugby Development Program and did not attend the Holiday Rugby Clinic are required to complete the Smart Rugby and “Confidence in Contact” training during the first two weeks of Term 3 training prior to being eligible to play in Round 2.

Representative Rugby

Congratulations to Ezekiel Amituanai Angus Dillman, Xavier Boyle and Patrick Elekana on their selection in the Queensland Schoolboys Teams. All boys travelled to Sydney to contest the National Schoolboys Championships. 

Congratulations also to all boys who participated in the 2019 QJRU State Championships which were held in Toowoomba during the holidays. Terrace was well represented in all ages.

Term 3 Tennyson training schedule

Please note: Buses depart Terrace at 3.15pm sharp and will return at approximately 6.15pm.






4pm – 5.30pm

U11, U12 & U13

U14, U15, U16 and Opens

U11, U12 & U13

U14, U15, U16 and Opens

Follow us on twitter @TerraceRugby which is your first point of call for all news and information.

I wish all teams the very best for the season ahead.

Mr Tyron Mandrusiak

Director of Rugby

Captains’ Corner | Captain, Oliver Seawright

Welcome back to Term 3 at Terrace – the busiest term. Over the next 10 weeks, most will endeavour to work hard in the arenas of school work, Rugby, Basketball, Chess, Debating, Music and the many other sporting and cultural pursuits that exist in combination with Terrace life. But amid this frantic 10 weeks, there is also a wealth of opportunity to engage with the Terrace community and with our friends and families. 

The term begins with House Choir next Friday, followed by the fourth Year 12 Kairos and the Senior Formal, as well as Years 8 and 9 camp and retreats. Similarly, the Year 10s have a unique opportunity to take part in the Immersion program and seek an education of the greatest importance. They will embark on journeys throughout Queensland or the Asia-Pacific that enrich their knowledge of other cultures and allow them to appreciate the perspectives of others. Perhaps as important however, are the perspectives they gain upon their own lives. Together with the Year 8s and 9s on their retreat and the Year 12s on Kairos, the Year 10s will be given an opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture. In the busiest term on the school calendar, these breaks from the often monotonous day-to-day, remind us of what is important. 

I strongly encourage everyone to adopt this attitude and to make the most of the opportunities that Terrace schooling presents, whether it be at retreat, immersion, playing or supporting sport or at House Choir.  

Terrace Ladies Group

Rugby Season Canteen and BBQ

And just like that we are full on into Term 3 - I need a holiday. The TLG and Rugby Support Group have been busy over the last month refining operations for 'Rugby Season’ at Tennyson. Nothing could have prepared us for the onslaught of last Saturday’s trial matches. We thought we knew how busy it was going to be from our records but we blew those out of the water…some 800 burgers later, we ended selling out of just about everything.

Since the introduction of the Augustus Rugby Cheeseburger in 2018 and the collective strengths of the Rugby Supporters' Team and the TLG Canteen Team, we have never been busier. It is wonderful what can be achieved when everyone is working towards a common goal. I would like to say thank you to all those who volunteer in both the BBQ and the Canteen; we do appreciate your help each and every time.

It is just like the saying ‘ask and they will come’ and come they do from an hour before the first game to the finish. This year we have changed how we schedule the timeslots to give more people the chance to be able to come and help out. Even if you don’t get to add your name to the volunteer sign-up each home game, just pop in and see if we can help you out.

Sometimes life does not allow us to all physically help - that’s fine, so feel free to bake HOMEBAKE and send it in with your child or to the sports office on Friday. Popular suggestions are iced cupcakes, muffins, slices and the always popular brownies. We sell the portions for $1 which is good to know when cutting up slices or brownies. Please see the College App for the volunteer sign-up links.

Care and Concern Committee 

We are starting Term 3 with HUGE gratitude in our hearts for the generous members of the Terrace community. Thank you so much to those who took the time to collect and donate your plastic containers to the Care and Concern program. We now have a substantial bank of potentially reusable containers for the freezer meals. This is not only a more environmentally friendly option but assists the volunteer meal providers with keeping costs down.

And speaking of our volunteers – more huge thanks to those who have been participating in the Meal Trains that are currently running to support two Terrace families.  These meals not only provide nutrition and sustenance to these families, but also give them more time to be together as a family, knowing that the larger Terrace Family is holding them in their thoughts and prayers.

We have some exciting news about another way you can support Care and Concern. In response to your feedback about wanting to help but not having the time or opportunity to do so, the TLG have created a donation option. This will allow families to donate money directly to the Care and Concern program. This money will be used to purchase ingredients to make meals for Terrace families and staff in need. It will also be used to purchase disposable containers for use by the volunteers. Please use the link below. 

And finally, we are trialling a new initiative – the “Cook Up a Storm” crew. On 30 July a group of Cand C volunteers will get together and cook up a cache of meals that will be in the freezer for emergency use. This may be for the families we are currently supporting if there are gaps in the roster, or for families who experience a crisis and are in need of some shorter-term help.  We are planning to do this once a term, or in response to need.

For more information about Care and Concern or any of the information above please contact Kirsten at or Chris and Cathy at

Care & Concern Donation | Click Here

The Terrace Family

We pray for the families of the following members of our Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest:

Mr Bill TRACEY – GT 1949
Father of Neil Tracey (GT 1988) and Grandfather of Charlie Tracey (Year 12), George Tracey (Year 8), Oliver Gallagher (GT 2018) and Henry Gallagher (Grade 9).

May they be consoled by their many memories of those they have loved and lost.


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

Details: Saturday 20 July | 3.45pm - 8.00pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields
Cost: No cost event. No RSVP required.
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Cerene Hughes |

Details: Sunday 21 July | 4.00pm - 6.30pm
Where: The Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Woooloongabba
Cost: Free | Function includes drink on arrival & canapes. Cash bar
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Ange Papacostas | | 0411 749 044

Basketball Launch | RSVP Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 July | 6.00pm - 11.00pm
Where: The Grand Chancellor, Leichhardt St Brisbane
Cost: $135 per Old Boy or $95 per "Young" Old Boy (Class of 2018 - 2014) or Vintage Terracian | Includes 3 hour beverage package, canapes & 2 course sit down meal 
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Wednesday 24 July
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Erin Bowpitt | | 3214 5422

GTOBA Annual Dinner | Book Here

Details: Tuesday 13 August | 6.30pm - 10.45pm
Where: Rydges Hotel, Pool Bar, 9 Glenelg St Southbank
Cost: $56pp (+ booking fees) | Includes welcome drink & canapes
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Tuesday 6 August
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Formal Parent Function | Book Here

Details: Friday 30 August | 6.45am for 7.00am start - 8.00am
Where: Novotel Brisbane, 200 Creek St Brisbane
Cost: $46pp (+ booking fees) | Includes full buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP via the link below by 19 August or ASAP as numbers are strictly limited
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 12 Father/Son B'fast | Book Here

Tickets on sale 9am tomorrow!

Details: Saturday 7 September | 12.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: $600 for a Table of 10 or $60pp (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Tickets on sale 9am 19 July via College Events. Please RSVP by Friday 30 August
For further information or enquiries regarding the event, please contact
Anne McMahon | or Jacinta Hearne |

Terrace Long Lunch | Book Here

The staff, students and parents of Terrace look forward to rolling out the Red and Black carpet on Monday 19 August for our annual Open Day.  
Date & Time: Monday 19 August | 3.30pm - 6.00pm
Where: St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
No RSVP necessary.

The Year 12s will undertake QCS testing on Tuesday 3 September and Wednesday 4 September. Donations from Year 12 families to assist with providing a special lunch for the boys on these days are being warmly welcomed. 

Please use the below links to volunteer. 

Cash Donation | Click HereParent Volunteer | Sign On HereHome Bake | Sign On Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Year Level parent/caregiver function details here...

Year 12 Parent/Caregiver Coffee Catch Up

Details: Friday 26 July | 7.45am - 8.30am
Where: Victoria Park Bistro, 283 Herston Rd Herston
Cost: Cash bar
RSVP: Looking forward to seeing you there
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Community Information

Laptop Bags

Red and Black laptop bags are now available to purchase at the Terrace Shop. Costing $45, they will help keep your son's laptop safe and supported!