Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

Next week, Term 1 exams commence for all students.  By now the assignment program should be finished, and students can focus on their exam preparation.  For students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10, the Checklist provides an excellent way to undertake your revision work.  For students in other year levels, the use of revision sheets and the Term Planners on Moodle will be of great assistance.  Over the next two weeks it is very important that students prepare well for their exams.  This preparation includes spending time revising your work and also involves having an early night before exams, having the correct equipment for exams and to be ready in plenty of time.  I wish all students the very best over this upcoming exam period.

Over the last few weeks, the College has been undertaking the process of appointing a new Director of Sport.  It is my pleasure to announce that Mr Tony McGahan has been appointed to this position, bringing extensive experience in the field of professional sports administration and management to the role. Tony will officially commence at the start of Term 2 but will be around the College prior to this.  My thanks to Mr Tyron Mandrusiak for the outstanding way he fulfilled the Acting Director of Sport role during Term 1.  Tyron will return to the Director of Rugby role in Term 2.

Last Saturday, the 97th Head of the River was held with Terrace performing very well.  Our 1st VIII placed a very creditable second place in the O’Connor Cup, an excellent result for our crew.  Congratulations to the Year 11 1st XIII, the Year 10 2nd Quad and the Year 9 1st Quad crews for also winning their races at the Head of the River.  Overall, Terrace was placed second in the Old Boys’ Cup, which is again a great result.  Congratulations to all rowers, coaches, parents and staff on a great season.  A special thanks to the Director of Rowing, Mr Brendan McGrath and to Mr Simon Daly, Chair of Terrow.  Well done to our Rowing community.

Finally this week, please keep in your thoughts and prayers, Mr Mark Shori.  Mark continues to show improvement in his health but remains in hospital.  His recovery will be a slow one, but I know that the Terrace Family wishes Mark and his family all the best.  I would also ask that the Terrace Family prays for the people of Christchurch as they process the events of last week.  St Thomas of Canterbury College is an Edmund Rice School in Christchurch, and as a fellow Edmund Rice School, we reach out to them at this time.

Have a great week and study hard.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Acting Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

In recent weeks, members of the CLT have been conducting enrolment interviews, in which we meet and converse with families hoping to join the Terrace Family and provide their sons with all the opportunities that a Terrace education provides. In our discussions, buildings and facilities will get some mention, but invariably the conversation is far more centred on significant adults, role models and the relationships that are so important in a successful educational experience. Hence, it is of critical importance to us that we recruit quality adults, form them appropriately in the Edmund Rice tradition and ensure their practices are in keeping with our ethos, values and expectations.  The same is true for all members of staff at all campuses. With the recruitment, training and retention of quality staff such a high priority, the College has opted to appoint a Human Resources Manager.  This process in underway and the College hopes to finalise this in the coming weeks. Among other responsibilities, the role-holder will work closely with our Compliance Manager to ensure we meet all obligations regarding blue cards and child protection.  We look forward to the appointee value-adding to our staffing processes.

Saturday's Head of the River at Wyaralong Dam was probably the most enjoyable regatta I have witnessed in the past 14 years. While the results were excellent, I was most pleased with the way the boys competed, giving everything they possibly could. Many crews who did not win were clearly proud and delighted that they had given their absolute best. It was a wonderful community day and just one great example of the enormous effort made by so many adults to make Terrace the place that it is.

The recent tragedy in Christchurch helps to remind us of what is important in life and of how fortunate we are.  As we approach the final two weeks of the term, I wish all of our students the very best for the exam period. It is an important time for our young men.  We hope they can finish the exam season proud of their efforts and appreciative of how fortunate they are to have so many people and resources working for them. All the very best for the final few weeks of term.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Professor Geoff Masters, CEO of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), states that the one purpose of assessment is to establish and understand where learners are in an aspect of their learning at the time of the assessment.

As a school we are at that point in the term where students are ‘formally’ assessed in order to ascertain where they are positioned with their learning, and to also report back to students and parents. Assignments are being finalised and exam block, for the majority of the school, starts next Tuesday.

However, the information collected from the exam period is also used to inform and shape teaching and learning into the future. The data is used to track student performance, ascertain whether students are working to capacity and to highlight individual, subject and cohort strengths and weaknesses.

One of the most powerful outcomes of this reporting period is the Parent/Student/Teacher interview early in Term 2. This is an opportunity to conference and to generate strategies to assist your son’s learning. Information regarding these interviews will be included with your son’s report.

During this period of assessment, students will be under stress. I have reinforced, especially with the Senior students, that to feel nervous or anxious prior to an exam is normal. It is largely a physiological response and it should be recognised that it is okay to have some anxiety. Dealing with this reaction is vitally important. Deep breathing, task focus and breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable parts are all strategies that have been explained to the boys.

Another important aspect in dealing with exam block is to normalise routines as much as possible, continue to exercise, ensure that your son is following a healthy diet and make sure he has enough sleep, especially the night before an exam. 

Exams are an opportunity to demonstrate what you know and to be rewarded for the hard work that has occurred through the term. 

All the best to all students in their exams.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

The issue of wellbeing is not only very important to the mission of our College but to all schools. I hope this is experienced by our students and felt by our parents and other members of our community. If we strip the teaching profession back to its core, then it is the creation of an atmosphere of care that is left exposed. 

As parents, we employ a wide range of approaches in supporting our children throughout the developmental stages of childhood. The nurturing of independent and resilient children is often rightly acknowledged by experts in the field as an important character trait to develop in our young. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with this belief, I do recognise that there is always a ‘tipping point’ where various interventions are required by the adults in the community which acts as a safety net for our students. 

I acknowledge that one of the greatest fears for your sons, and yourselves, is that a situation will become worse if the school becomes involved in resolving an issue. The particular issue could be one of many. Managing gaming, bullying, depression, anxiety, relational issues with friends and family to name a few. I would like to encourage you to reach out to the College when you have that feeling that your son is really starting to struggle in coping with a particular issue. In many cases this support person may be your son’s Pastoral Care Mentor or House Dean. 

We recognise that we are in a privileged position to hold the stories of many of your sons. In many cases, you will ask us not to action this information but rather to walk with you on this journey. I want you to know that we understand this and do it often with families at the College. 

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Terrace Rowing community. The 2019 Head of the River was an outstanding display of the character that exists within the shed. I am always impressed with the energy that the community has for each other; the boys, the coaches and the parents. This triad came together on Saturday at Wyaralong, when the crews consistently won the tight battles all day. I believe this is only ever possible through a genuine display of teamwork on all fronts. Congratulations, not only on the day, but on all the processes in place throughout the season. 

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

“Love or fear”

Silence filled the Campbell Centre on two significant occasions this week. Both occasions were to reflect on the Christchurch tragedy of last Friday. Both occasions provided us with some time and space to consider our personal and communal response to this horrific event. It became clearer that we have two choices – love or fear.

Tuesday’s Feast of St Joseph Day provided our community the opportunity to come together to explore the true meanings we can extract from the stories of Joseph’s life as foster-father of Jesus. We explored the concepts of courage, humility and love and how each of us can enact these qualities with strengthening our Terrace Family and our world community.

As we gathered in community to recognise our foundation story, the story of St Joseph, we also took time to recognise the Christchurch community who are seeking ways to cope with the tragedy of last Friday. Often, when our friends, our family, our brothers and our sisters are struggling, we also feel their struggle. It is deeply human to be affected by the struggles of others. 

To symbolise our solidarity with all those affected by last week’s tragedy, our students and staff were invited to offer messages of support and prayed together for our resolve to be strengthened with advocating for a peaceful and tolerant society. These messages of support will be sent to our fellow Edmund Rice school, St Thomas of Canterbury, Christchurch and the Islamic College of Brisbane. We hope they may represent our commitment to ensuring an inclusive and welcoming society, including within our school communities.
In better understanding our personal and communal response to the tragedy of last week, well-known Australian cartoonist, writer and poet Michael Leunig starkly describes our choices in life, particularly when facing a personal or social challenge. Let us pray that our response, both personal and as a society, is rooted in love and not fear.

There are only two feelings.
Love and fear.
There are only two languages.
Love and fear. 
There are only two activities.
Love and fear.
There are only two motives,
Two procedures, two frameworks,
Two results.
Love and fear.
Love and fear.

By Michael Leunig

On behalf of our Terrace Family, I would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to and all those, directly and indirectly affected by last Friday’s tragedy. Please know we join with you as brothers and sisters in trying to come to terms with all that has happened and all that is hoped for into the future.

The Good News of Terrace - Magee House raising awareness and funds for their friendship with St Mary’s of The Cross School, Windsor.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Music success at the state level

Well done to the 35 students who have been accepted into the State Honours Ensemble Program. Terrace Music is proud of our 21 successful and 14 reserve students.

Debating the road to Darwin | Alexander Sullivan, Vice Captain of Debating

Over the past five weeks, many Terrace debaters – including Scott Moran and myself – have participated in the Queensland Debating Union’s state team trials. The purpose of this is to earn the privilege of participating at the National Schools Debating Championship in Darwin. We are hopeful that we might be able to follow in the steps of past Terrace state team debaters like Xavier Redmond (GT 2015) and Tristan Hurree (GT 2017). 
The initial trials consisted of a weekly debate, halving the pool of the participants after each trial. With only one hour to prepare and multiple adjudicators for each debate, the trial process has been extremely difficult and unforgiving. Despite this, Terrace students have been very successful this year with a number of top 48 placements.
This culminated in the selection of a top 12, which, this year includes two Terrace debaters, Scott and myself. Once in the top 12, a debater has a session each day of the weekend, spanning four hours for three weeks. These contain two short preparation debates, general knowledge quizzes and priceless information on how to improve your debating. Furthermore, as it comes to the end of the trial process to select the state team from the 12 debaters left, we would like to extend an invitation to come and watch the final debates. These will be held on Monday 25 March at the Abel Smith Theatre at the University of Queensland.

Please click here for all Debating Results

Madagascar Jnr starts to dance | Assistant Director, Mr Greg Moore

Our first Sunday rehearsal for the Middle School Musical 'Madagascar Jnr.' took place on Sunday 17 March. Our students showed up full of energy and ready to participate in their very first choreography call with our guest choreographers. After some physical warm up exercises, it was time to start piecing together one of the most popular songs from the show, 'I Like to Move It', and boy did they ever! This song is a work out in itself from the very beginning, right through to the end with plenty of jumps, fist pumps and some clever foot work. It didn't take long for our talented cast members to 'find their feet' and by the end of the day our ensemble and leads, led by the popular character King Julien were proving that not only could they 'move it' but 'move it' well! Not even the passing storm could match the energy coming from our rehearsal space. The day was a huge success and our young gentlemen are certainly looking forward to our next dance call, and even more so, getting on to the stage.

Madagascar Jnr – Save the Date!

Ticket sales will open soon for our Middle School Musical via trybooking.   Please keep your eyes open for information via our social media sites.

The show runs over three nights: 9-11 May.

Support Group Meetings

  • Tuesday 7 May, 5.30pm in the Old Boys’ Room, Debating Support Group 

  • Tuesday 7 May, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre, Terrace Performing Arts

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

Acting Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Congratulations to our large cohort of successful SHEP Middle School candidates.

  • Year 5 – Louis Dubois 
  • Year 7 – Max Beckmann, Tom Beckmann, Thomas Bremhorst, Maxwell Carlile, Adrian Chan, Max Chan, Harn Hur, Nicholas Kim, Bernard King, Lucas McIntosh, Lachlan McNamara, James Merrett, Felix Mihala, Daniel Williams, Ben Zhang.   
  • Year 8 – Jack Barends, Harry Barnes, Ethan Bernat, Daniel Connor, Reuben Dooley, Thomas Druve, Yuvaj Kang, Hinbom Kauri, Edward Lane, Jiwon Lee, George Lunn, Kalen Mills, Hugo Panizza, Parva Patel, Thomas Simpson, Ethan Sun, Rory Whitta.   
  • Year 9 – Thomas Barnes, Gabriel Kolakowski.

Holiday workshops

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming holiday workshops (please see below) for the ANZAC Day Marching Band and the Red Peppers Pep Band.  For those who will be also trying out for the Years 8, 10 and Open Football trials, please attend the trials first up at 9am, then come across to the band rehearsal. We are all in the same space at Tennyson. The expectation from the sport department is that it won’t take long to assess you. 

Recently, Event Memos for the ANZAC Day Marching Band, Drumline and Pep band outlining details for the remaining rehearsals and performance were sent out via the College App. Separate tour notifications for each element were sent to enable us to create accurate rolls for each rehearsal given that they are outside of school hours and regular rehearsal times. In preparation for the holiday rehearsals, students are reminded to ensure they have their music memorised and spend some time working on marching; doing this in front of a mirror or video recording their practice will help to improve their skills. Year 11 and 12 students in the SWE and Red Thunder Drumline are reminded that this performance forms part of their qualification for an Honour Pocket (see p.151 of the Student Diary) for those ensembles.

Lesson cancellation

Today (Thursday 21 March) is the last day to cancel lessons for next term. To discontinue lessons, please email at least two full weeks prior to the end of term. Notification after today will incur a full term’s fee for the following term. 

Trousers are available from the Uniform Shop in sizes from 8 to 18. Students who perform only as part of the Years 5 and 6 Band and Strings classes do not need to purchase trousers. 

Music Practice Hall

Music Practice Hall is held on Mondays from 3.15-5pm. We encourage you to support this unique opportunity on a regular basis, whereby your sons can practice and receive guided supervision with tutors from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and other tertiary institutions. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

For those students who perform with our beginner and intermediate level ensembles, it is a requirement that they wear grey trousers for performances. This provides a more formal and unified look as opposed to a mix of trousers and shorts.

Please note: There will be no assembly performance next week due to exams.

Holiday Workshops

  • Monday 15 April 9-12pm Tennyson, ANZAC Day Marching Band, (Consisting of BCB, RCB and Red Thunder Drumline) 
  • Monday 15 April 12.30-2.30pm Tennyson, Red Thunder Drumline  
  • Tuesday 16 April, 9-12pm Tennyson, ANZAC Day Marching Band (as per above + SWE) 
  • Tuesday 16 April, 12.30-2.30pm Tennyson, Pep Band (TJO, BBB, Tuba Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble Two Drumline)

Term 2 Events

  • Thursday 25 April 8am-12.30pm,  ANZAC Day Marching Band Thursday, meet at Terrace, march in Brisbane CBD. 
  • Thursday 9 - Saturday 11 May, Middle School Music Production, selected performers only. 
  • Saturday 11 May, 12.30pm, Pep Band. • Saturday  25 May, 12.30pm, Pep Band.  
  • Saturday 1 June, 12.30pm, Pep Band.   
  • Sunday 9 June, Villanova College. Norman Clarke Concert. Sound checks from 10.45am, concert at 3pm.
  •  Monday 24 June, Drumline and BB2 Workshop • Tuesday 25 June, First Percussion Ensemble BB3 band Workshop  
  • Wednesday 26 June, Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC band Workshops 
  • Thursday 28 June – Saturday 6 July, USA Music Tour 

Acting Director of Sport | Mr Tyron Mandrusiak


Congratulations to all members of our Terrace Rowing program who were outstanding at last weekend's Head of the River. Second place overall in the Old Boys Cup is just reward for the time and effort the boys have devoted over Term 4 2018, Christmas and Term 1. A special mention to our winning crews - Year 9 1st Quad, Year 10 2nd Quad and Year 11 1st VIII. 

Many thanks to our Director of Rowing, Mr Brendan McGrath, the coaches who gave up their time to support and prepare the boys for each regatta and to the parent body for their support with the breakfast and at each regatta.


Our 1st VI Volleyball team closed out a tight round of games against our friends from Nudgee College winning 28-26 in the fourth. The 1st VI remain undefeated at home. Best of luck to all teams as we head into our final round of games. I encourage all teams to finish off strongly this weekend against BGS.


Our cricketers head into this weekend's bye round playing several supplementary games against Downlands, BGS, ATC and NC. With a few cancelations due to the weather last weekend, it will be an opportunity for our teams to play more games heading into our final round against IGS next weekend.

A reminder that sign on for Term 2 sport is now open. Sign on will close Friday 22 March. Please be sure to take time to sign on as the playing numbers assist with the organisation of coaches, referees, buses, field usage and ultimately how many teams we nominate in the GPS competition.  

Term 2 In Season

• Football
• Cross Country
• Tennis
• Gymnastics

Term 2 Preseason 

• Rugby Development program
• Basketball Club program

The Weekly Wrap

Cricket Wrap

Despite the wet conditions on the weekend, Terrace was able to complete the majority of the scheduled matches in Round 7. Whilst a few matches were inevitably called off due to the weather, a significant number were played, which is a credit to the coaching staff and Parent Support Group for their willingness to press on with matches, enabling students to play in what turned out to be a great round of cricket. In total, Terrace played against six different schools, a remarkable effort in terms of scheduling and logistics. Stories emerged throughout the day of great team and individual efforts and it is fair to say the efforts made by all involved were well worth it. 

In the GPS fixture against The Southport School (TSS), Terrace won 17 out of the 24 matches played, giving them an overall percentage win of 71% for the day. A special mention to the 5 White team who represented Terrace in the ‘C’ division on Saturday, and although they fell just short of a victory, the team competed well and showcased their development and skills learnt during the Term 1 Cricket program. The 1st XI were unfortunately outclassed by a well drilled TSS side who look likely to take out the GPS premiership with one round remaining.  We congratulate TSS on their victory on Saturday. Terrace enjoyed success in the supplementary matches including a thrilling tie in the 5 Black fixture. 

With only one round remaining for the majority of teams, we encourage students to relish the opportunity to play once again this weekend in the yearly ‘Mates Round’ of the Terrace Cricket season. ‘Mates Round’ celebrates the mateship shaped by cricket and formed through team work and a willingness to compete on the field.  The program looks forward to seeing these actions on and off the field this weekend. 

Please click here to view: Round 7 Results 

Volleyball Wrap

The last home round for the 2019 season was yet another chapter in the Terrace and Nudgee rivalry. There were plenty of tight games throughout the day, with Terrace victorious in many matches, particularly the older age groups. Terrace Volleyball went undefeated in the Terradome against some strong Nudgee teams.

The 7As ran into trouble and were forced to a third set but extended their winning streak after taking the match 2-1. Conor Coulson was awarded MVP for his attacking when in front row, and excellent passing which allowed the team to set up many options. The 8As were pipped in the final moments of the game, narrowly losing 2-1 to a big Nudgee side. Paul Papacostas was dominant at the net throughout the game, winning points in crucial moments.

The 9As cruised through their match, winning 2-0. Nazar Angallo was a dominant force at the net, with big blocking and attacking high above the other team. Joachim McMahon was in fine form in the 10As 2-0 win, attacking the ball well and passing perfectly to allow his team to run all options.

Thomas Brannigan showed outstanding leadership and critical setting decisions to help the 11As win in the third and deciding set. The 2nd VI won 2-0, and Benjamin McMahon made key contributions with his aggressive serving and hitting in front row.

The 1st VI started the match with a big lead, but slowly some errors crept in. Despite Terrace winning the first two sets, the Nudgee Firsts fought back and took the third to force the Terrace 1st VI to continue to work for the match. The Terrace 1sts responded, by reducing their errors and playing a more aggressive style of volleyball, led by Ned Esler whose consistent energy, leadership and enthusiasm helped the team fight back. Whilst no team wanted to give up, the Terrace 1st VI took the fourth set 28-26 to take the match.

Many Terrace teams are still in premiership contention. The final round for the 2019 season will see us making the trip up the road, where we will fight it out for the 'King of the Hill' title. BGS teams are proving to be very strong in the GPS competition, so we expect some blockbuster matches this Saturday. All of the Volleyball community's support is appreciated, and we hope you can get to some games this weekend. Don’t forget, the End of Season Function will follow immediately after the conclusion of the 1st VI game, back at Terrace.

See here for Volleyball Results

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, James Hurst

A quick disclaimer: a number of events have occurred this week, so this Captains' Corner might be quite long.

When I started writing this Captains' Corner, I was sitting inside sheltering from the rain on Friday afternoon. I was looking forward to my debate, and everything seemed to be blissful. Then I turned to my friend; he was staring at his phone with a look of horror on his face. The Christchurch terror attacks had just occurred. Over the next few hours, as more details emerged, my stomach sunk further than I thought it ever could. The brutality and callousness that was exhibited that day was haunting. 

Let us be clear, hate has no place at Terrace. I ask any person who sees any hint of hate like that in the Terrace community for them to call it out. To the victims of Christchurch, we are sorry.

In response to this, today students gathered in the Campbell Centre to show their support for harmony and respect, to make a small gesture and show our solidarity with those in Christchurch.

After Friday, it seemed any other activities were insignificant, yet Terrace carried on. The 1st XI Cricket unfortunately lost their game against top-ranked TSS.  The Volleyballers defeated Nudgee and the Senior A defeated TSS. However, possibly most exciting was the Head of the River.

It would be remiss of me if I did not mention the amazing work done by our rowers at Wyaralong. Notably, our 1st VIII came second and Terrace came second overall. For the Seniors, this marks the last time they will pick up an oar as a Terracian. It was an emotional time. In the hours after the conclusion of the event, an outpouring of Facebook posts, Snapchat stories and Instagram photos told me that this meant a lot to the shed. 

Despite Saturday’s successes, many of the rowers walked in on Monday downtrodden and sullen. I asked one of them, why? He told me that the last three months and Saturday were some of the best times of his life. He had built a home at Terrace, somewhere he belonged, somewhere he was accepted, and somewhere he enjoyed attending. And that was it; he walked off. He wasn’t sullen because he hadn’t done as well as he wanted, or because he was too tired from all the training. He was sad because it was over. For close to five years, the early mornings, the calluses and training had all been worth it, because it was for Terrace. Now, he has done his bit, and leaving is going to be all the more difficult. To all those rowers who concluded their rowing at Terrace, thank you for what you have done, the College is in a better place because of it.

For the rest of my Captains' Corner, I am going to be talking about next Friday’s Senior A debate against Churchie. This is the greatest opportunity for a premiership in any sport for years. If we win that debate, the Senior A will be premiers and I am calling for all students to attend and support.

The first time I saw a debate was in 2013. One of the Vice Captains that year was a man by the name of Henry Bretz and he was in the Senior A. I vividly remember him coming up to talk to me and asking if I would be coming out to support the Senior A against Grammar that Friday. Henry was not someone you said ‘no’ to. That Friday, I dutifully walked into the Campbell Centre to see row upon row of Terrace students packing the Campbell Centre. I was shocked, this was not an entertaining rugby match or a rowdy volleyball game, this was a debate. Yet that didn’t matter to the Terrace supporters; they turned up because they wanted to support their mates. We lost the debate that night but seeing the amount of Terrace support spawned a lifelong love of this school. I have experienced few Friday nights that are as good as that one.

So, I am going to call the Terrace Family to action. Instead of procrastinating on Fortnite or watching TV next Friday, I urge every student to come to the Campbell Centre at 7.15pm to attend this debate. I enjoyed it when I first went six years ago, so I am sure anyone who turns up will remember it for years to come. To parents who might be reading this, please encourage your sons to come out, it is an event not to be missed.

Terrace Ladies Group

TLG Meeting - next Monday morning at 7.30am Founders’ Room

Next Monday, we are fortunate to have a star line up of guest speakers for our meeting. Mr Tyron Mandrusiak will hold a Q&A session around the 2019 Rugby Season. If you have a question around safety or just how the 2019 season will look, this is your opportunity. Mr Mason Hellyer - Dean of Studies will also join us for the morning. Do you want to know more about Terrace’s philosophy on studies both now and into the future? Mason will be able to give us a unique insight into the inner workings of what makes Terrace one of the most successful academic schools in the state. 

If you have never been to a TLG meeting, this is your chance. It is a very relaxed atmosphere. Why not bring a friend along with you?

Years 5 – 9 Mothers' High Tea

Planning is well underway for the Years 5-9 Mothers’ High Tea event to be held on Friday 3 May at Victoria Park Golf Complex. Tickets will be $57 each, which includes a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival, sumptuous High Tea and your chance to win the wonderful main lucky door prize or one of the lucky draw prizes for each of the five year levels coming on the day. 

The main prize is a fabulous overnight accommodation package at the newly opened Calile Hotel in James Street, Fortitude Valley.  The prize also includes complimentary valet parking and a $200 Hellenika voucher which you may choose to use for breakfast, dinner, or poolside cocktails.  That's a prize worth winning! 

The prizes to be won between the year levels include, in no particular order: 

  • $150 Clayfield Hairlines Gift Pack including $100 treatment voucher and products 
  • $150 Gambaros Voucher to be used at Gambaro's, Persone or BlackHide 
  •  Susan Driver necklace 
  • $100 Lipstick Time Starter Pack and Colour consult and a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Champagne 
  • $150 La Cache a Vin , Spring Hill Dining voucher

Key dates

  • Friday 22 March – Invitations emailed with a covering letter providing all details. This will include a link to the College Events page for booking your ticket. However, no tickets will be able to be purchased until Monday 25 March. 
  • Monday 25 March – Tickets sales go live on the College Events page from 9am. Follow the link from the emailed information letter and invitation or go straight to the Events Page. 
  • Tuesday 23 April – RSVPs close. 
  • Friday 3 May – Years 5-9 Mothers’ High Tea at Victoria Park from 10am.

Don’t forget that it is always a good idea to get in early to purchase your ticket, as these events tend to sell out quickly. This event is only in its third year, but has proven to be one of the most enjoyable and popular events on the Terrace calendar. Ladies are seated in nominated year groups, so there is no urgency to organise groups to sit with. We also take a lot of care in where we place ladies on tables to ensure you have a wonderful time together. If you have more than one son in these grades, you nominate which year level you’d like to sit with this year when you purchase your ticket.

TLG Date Claimers

• Monday 25 March – 9am tickets on sale for the Mothers of Years 5 to 9 Boys High Tea: College Events Page
• Monday 25 March – 7.30am TLG Meeting and breakfast, Founders' Room
• Friday 3 May – Years 5-9 Mothers' Morning Tea, Victoria Park Golf Club

The Terrace Family

In his time of illness, we ask the Terrace Family to pray for:

Mr James CLIFFORD - GT 1956

Terrace Shop

Read more for limited stock details and important reminders | Trading Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30am-12pm, 12.30-3.30pm

  • Black blazers are now in stock.  Please accompany your son to try these on as there is no exchange or refund on blazers.
  • Limited stock of Senior red blazers are now available for sale. Please accompany your son to try these on as there is no exchange or refund on blazers.
  • A limited number of the GPS100 caps are available for sale - grab these collector's items fast before we sell out.

A reminder: We will gladly exchange an item (as new, with tags and receipt) within four weeks of purchase. We do not refund for change of mind and only refund as per Australian Consumer Law. The Terrace Shop no longer holds personal credit card details on file, but parents can use the uniform order form, found on the website.

Terrace Uniform Shop Purchase Form | Click HereTerrace Uniform Shop Webpage | Click Here


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

Details: Thursday 28 March | 7.00am - 8.30am
Where: Queensland Cricketers' Club, Gabba Towers, 411 Vulture St East Brisbane
Cost: $57 (+ booking fees) | Includes sit down breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Monday 25 March
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Erin Bowpitt | | 3214 5422

Br Buckley B'fast | Book Here

Date and Time: U14 - U17 Age Group | Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 April | 9.00am - 3.00pm
U9 - U13 Age Group | Thursday 11 & Friday 12 April | 9.00am - 3.00pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: $358 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 days coaching with English premier league coaches, full AFC Bournemouth premier league kits & all food
RSVP: Please RSVP using the link below by Thursday 28 March
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Mitch Edwards |

AFC Bournemouth Football Clinic | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 April | 11.00am
Where: Public Lawn Marquee, Eagle Farm Racecourse, 230 Lancaster Rd Ascot
Cost: $190pp (+ booking fees) | Includes racecourse entry, exclusive use of the Public Lawn Marquee, 5 hour food & beverage package, racebooks, private tote, bus to Cloudland after party and much more!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Kristin Esler | | 0411 871 899
Natalie Davis | | 0403 466 354

Race Day | Book Here

Date and Time: Monday 29 April | 7.00pm
Where: Heritage Room, Blackbird Bar & Grill, Riverside Centre 
Cost: $39pp (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP via below link by Friday 19 April
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Natalie Davis | | 0403 466 354

Semi Formal Parent Function | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 11 May | From 5.00pm
Where: Br Rogers Pavilion, Tennyson 
Cost: Adults - $37 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes & noodle box
Children - Free | Includes pizza & a soft drink
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Friday 3 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Ida Gambaro |

Football Launch | Book Here

Date and Time: Sunday 19 May | 10.00am 
Where: Chapel of the Holy Family, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
Cost: $26pp (+ booking fees) | Includes morning tea
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 14 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Samantha Mills | | 0409 290 906

Past Mothers' Mass | RSVP Here

Booking details coming soon!
Date and Time: Thursday 25 July | 6.30pm 
Where: Victoria Park Golf Complex, 309 Herston Rd Herston
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Andrew Stormonth |

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming year level functions here....

Year 5 Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Saturday 30 March | 7.00pm 
Where: Heritage Room, Story Bridge Hotel, 200 Main St Kangaroo Point
Cost: $31pp (+ booking fees). Includes drink on arrival and cocktail food
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Wednesday 27 March
For further details or enquiries, please contact         
Carleigh Andrews | | 0411 654 247

Year 5 Function | Book Here

Year 12 Parent/Caregiver Coffee Catch Up

Details: Friday 26 April | 7.45am
Where: The Johnson, 477 Boundary St Spring Hill
Cost: Order at the counter
RSVP: No RSVP required. Please feel welcome to join us.
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 12 Mother & Son Breakfast

Details: Thursday 9 May | 7.00am
Where: Rydges Fortitude Valley, 601 Gregory Terrace Fortitude Valley
Cost: $31pp (+ booking fees). Includes full buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Wednesday 1 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact          
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Mother & Son B'fast | Book Here

Year 12 Mother's Lunch

Details: Saturday 8 June | Midday
Where: Azure Restaurant, Elements of Byron Resort, 144 Bayshore Drive Byron Bay 
Cost: $73pp (+ booking fees). Includes 2 course lunch 
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 30 April
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Prue Long | | 0427 134 693

Year 12 Lunch | Book Here