Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

As we approach the end of Week 3, it is important to note that our Year 12 students have begun the final stage of their Terrace journey. Their classes have now finished, and tomorrow they will commence their external exams. Over the coming three weeks, they will complete their external exams and prepare for their final farewell to Terrace. The Year 12 cohort has worked hard throughout the year and is well placed as they enter this important exam block. On behalf of the Terrace Family, I wish the Year 12 students the best for their upcoming exams.

Our annual Giving Day concluded at 12 pm today, and I am delighted to announce that the College raised $415 186 towards the Edmund Rice Bursary program. This is an extraordinary amount, and I sincerely thank all those who generously supported the Giving Day appeal.

Last Monday evening, the College hosted its annual Celebration of Excellence. It was pleasing to see good numbers of people in attendance this year following some easing of restrictions. The Celebration of Excellence is a significant event on our College calendar as it showcases the diversity and excellence within our College community. I thank the many staff involved in meticulously preparing this event, and I congratulate the many award winners. As was the case last year, we did not announce the College Dux at the Celebration of Excellence. This announcement will be made at the Scholars’ Assembly, which will be held in February 2022.

Despite current COVID restrictions, the College’s camp program continues this term with Year 9 students involved in camps and retreats at Maroon. I thank the Maroon and College staff involved in the program for their assistance in ensuring the continuation of this important aspect of the holistic education offered at Terrace.

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been media coverage of the College’s proposed building plans. As part of the College’s Masterplan, a long term, strategic capital development program has been developed, mapping potential development for the next 20+ years. The College has submitted a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) application with the State Government. Within the application, four potential developments are outlined, including the development of a new Waterford Place at 184 St Paul’s Terrace. Details of the MID application may be found on the College website (linked here). It should be noted that the potential developments outlined in our application are long-term, and major capital work on the main campus is not expected for at least ten years. The first project is the development of the 184 St Paul’s Terrace site, which is planned to commence in 2022.

As I have outlined previously, the capital development programs at the College are designed to enhance the quality of our teaching and learning agenda and to cater for the breadth and diversity of our holistic educational program. For example, the development of 184 St Pauls’ Terrace as the new Waterford will allow the existing Waterford building to be converted into a Cultural precinct to cater for our expanding Music program. These planned developments will enhance both our academic and co-curricular programs.

The College continues to face strong enrolment demand. However, there is no plan to dramatically increase enrolment numbers, as has inaccurately been reported. In 2022, an additional Year 5 class will commence, adding 27 students, while a further 27 students will enter into Year 6 in 2023. This will take the College’s student numbers to approximately 1760. This projected enrolment number of 1760 forms the basis of our financial and capital planning up to 2035. Put simply, our proposed capital development program, as per our Masterplan and MID application is based on an improvement and enhancement agenda instead of a growth agenda. I felt it was necessary to clarify the inaccurate and ill-informed commentary circulating in recent weeks.

To promote positive relationships with our neighbours, I ask that parents/caregivers limit driving on Victoria Street. It is a narrow street and poses potential risks to students. Please use Rogers Street as your drop-off and pick-up street. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Finally, this week, I encourage parents/caregivers, students, and staff to continue working closely together as we head towards the end of the academic year.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

The Celebration of Excellence is a significant date on the College calendar and a fitting tribute to all that is great about a Terrace education. The diversity of the evening was as impressive as ever. Where else can you see a Year 5 ‘boy band’ perform alongside awards for the highest academic achievement? A highlight for me was the opportunity to thank a group of 12 staff who have served the College for at least 25 years. In celebrating excellence, it was appropriate that we acknowledge the contribution of the following staff who have influenced so many young lives:

  • Mr Ken Hainstock 37 years
  • Mr John Hinch 33 years
  • Mr Peter Whitehouse 32 years
  • Mr Russell Muir 31 years
  • Mr Luke Robba 31 years
  • Mr John Hawthorne 31 years
  • Mr Brad Esbensen 30 years
  • Mr Alan Kennedy 30 years
  • Mr Anthony Hayward 26 years
  • Mr Damien Coman 25 years
  • Mr Damien Cuddihy 25 years
  • Mr Luke Gribble 25 years

While the length of service is one indicator of commitment, these dedicated staff represent all at Terrace who embrace their vocation in the selfless service of others. Terrace is truly blessed to have a highly professional staff who help make a Terrace education a genuinely unique experience.

I would like to extend the sincere appreciation of the Terrace Family to the significant number of people who made the evening enormously successful and entertaining. Many months of planning are invested in bringing the event together. Most people do not see the staff and students packing and tidying up long after the event. Staff from Music, Culture, Communications, the Studies Office, Maintenance and multiple other areas of the College are all contributors, and they deserve our thanks.

The College’s IT Steering Committee is tasked with ensuring our IT resources add value to teaching and learning. In recent months, we have followed a process to choose and commence implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) known as Schoolbox. The LMS will be configured and branded specifically to Terrace and will be known as ‘Spire’. I have written previously about this initiative and its benefits; among them are removing multiple learning platforms and increased capacity for parents to access student work. Feedback from many other schools that use this platform is highly positive. Planning is well underway for Spire to be launched at the commencement of 2022. Our IT department is building its framework, and faculties are completing professional development and populating the LMS with learning materials. We look forward to launching Spire and helping students and parents to navigate this exciting innovation.

Best wishes to our Senior students who have now attended their final classes and commence external examinations this Friday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the best possible outcomes.

Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is held annually on 17 October to provide:

  • an opportunity to acknowledge the effort and struggle of people living in poverty;
  • a chance for them to make their concerns heard; and
  • a moment to recognise that poor people are the first ones to fight against poverty.

Poverty entails more than the lack of income and productive resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods. Its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion, as well as the lack of participation in decision-making. Various social groups bear a disproportionate burden of poverty. (United Nations, 2021)

Our touchstone of Justice and Solidarity challenges us to be committed to justice and peace for all and stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised. This touchstone, more than any other, defines, celebrates and enables opportunities for action. We have the deep thinking and understanding, the strong faith foundations, and the valued support of others to ensure that we can commit to an ongoing journey of advocacy, solidarity and reconciliation.

On Saturday night, 32 Reidy House students and five staff took part in the annual Reidy ‘Rough Night In’. Students from Years 7, 8 and 11 volunteered to ‘rough it’ for a night. The boys went without technology, a big dinner and a comfortable bed to raise funds for their House Friendship Group, Brisbane Youth Service. This practical activity raised much needed awareness about homelessness and poverty and raised $3000 - a fantastic effort.

God, let the world be changed, for I long to see the end of poverty; Let the rules be changed, for I long to see our economic structures bring justice to the poor;Let my life be changed, for I long to bring hope where the Good News is needed.
In the strength of your spirit and inspired by your compassion, I make this promise to work for change, and wait confidently for the day when you make all things new and those that weep will rejoice. Amen.

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever

St Joseph…Pray for us

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

This week, our Seniors completed another milestone when they attended their last classes. On their final day, it was fitting that they also attended their final House Assembly and spent some time in sessions with their House Deans, reflecting on their time at Terrace. As I moved around and observed these assemblies and reflections, I was struck by how important the connection to House is for our young men. It is wonderful that they have such a sense of belonging to Terrace and that the feeling of family that exists within House groups is a highlight of the pastoral system. Many of our students’ strongest memories are from events related to their House, indicating the importance of our pastoral system. We wish our Seniors the very best for their exams and their Valedictory celebrations. As a College Family, we will have the opportunity to farewell the Seniors at their final assembly on the afternoon of Thursday 18 November.

At this stage of the term, it is very easy for our young men to be thinking about the future – in only a few short weeks, they will be on holiday and away from the routines and boundaries of the academic year. However, despite the temptation to be thinking ahead, the students must live in the present and focus squarely on their responsibilities – finishing the year well, finalising assignments and carefully preparing for exams.

Our message to students is very clear: it is business as usual for the remainder of the year, and it is important to finish the year as well as possible. It is also tempting to let their hair and uniform slip as we get close to the end. However, our standards in this regard do not change. We expect students to continue to keep the bar high. I look forward to watching our men give their best until the end of the school year.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

An important aspect of any successful organisation is that it can celebrate success and recognise individual excellence. On Monday night, as a learning community, we were able to celebrate and recognise the academic excellence of our student body. I again congratulate every student who was awarded an academic honour. Attaining an academic excellence award, a first in a subject, or the most improved award takes hard work and dedication. However, it is my belief that by publicly recognising academic success and improvement, we send a strong message to our students that, at Terrace, academic success is valued. This recognition of the core value of learning and striving to be the best you can be is one of Terrace’s academic culture drivers. Congratulations to all award winners and all who performed, organised and took part in a wonderful evening.

Jonathan Doyle is an author and speaker familiar to students who have completed Year 10 Formation. The Men We Need program examines modern masculinity, and Jonathan is one of the main presenters. In his recent book, Finishing Strong, Jonathan looks at strategies for thriving rather than just surviving the final years of high school.

Our Year 12 cohort will commence their external exams on Friday. The next few weeks will be both exciting and challenging. Jonathan’s final chapter is titled 'The work’. His point is that you can be the best-prepared student or the most talented student. However, if the work does not continue till the end, all will be in vain. Logic will get you from point A to point B. Imagination and hard work will take you everywhere else. (Albert Einstein).

This year, the 2021 Senior cohort has led the College academic culture outstandingly, considering a still new Senior assessment system and ongoing COVID disruption. Their commitment to their studies and assisting younger years is to be commended. The College will have an opportunity to wish them well for their exams by participating in the exam tunnel on Monday morning as students make their way from College Hall and down to the Campbell Centre for the English exam.

Our younger students can take a leaf from the Year 12 academic book by demonstrating the same characteristics. In Week 3 of an eight-week term, assignments are upon us, and exams are on the horizon. We have spent the first part of the term getting back into the normality of the school routine, identifying new ways of working, getting organised, celebrating our academic achievements and talking about how we want to improve. However, the time for talk is over. It is time for action.

How? Take a small step first. Complete all your homework; start your revision now by doing some questions from last week’s work; work your way through the checklist book; read back over the notes you took two weeks ago; attend the staff tutoring sessions (timetable on the College App); log your study hours in your diary; ask your teacher for assistance.

We wish our Year 12 cohort all the best over the next three and a half weeks.

Terrace Library

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Thank you to the Musicians of the Celebration of Excellence

The Celebration of Excellence was a true display of our cultural excellence. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and parents/caregivers for the support you provide to enable our students to succeed in such a great setting. For those families who missed the event or would like to relive moments, the Live Stream is still active.

National Champion

Congratulations to Year 12 student Alex Smith who was announced as the national tenor drum champion for the Australian Drumline Eisteddfod Solo Section – Tenor. The drumline competition can be seen live on YouTube. We are proud of the educational foundation we have given these members to succeed at the highest level. Alex is our second national champion in the drumline. Well done Alex.

Terrace Guitar Orchestra

This ensemble recorded a version of Blinding Lights by the Weeknd in the September holidays, where they workshopped their perfection in musicality and performance. They performed this live for the College yesterday to an outstanding round of applause. All the sounds heard on the video are being made by the players using effect pedals and a Mogees vibration sensor set to replicate drum sounds and looped in Ableton Live. We are proud to bring the modern digital world into our student music education.

Blinding Lights

State Debating team trials

Registration for the Queensland State Team Trials has opened. All debaters in Years 10-12 in 2022 are encouraged to apply. These trials enable debaters to represent Queensland at the national debating competition. Applicants find the trial process massively rewarding as the trials allow debaters to strengthen their debating skills while meeting debaters from other schools. Even debaters who don’t make the state team benefit from trialling because of the competition and feedback provided.

Registration closes Wednesday 17 November 2021.

Please follow the link below to register:

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

Quote of the week

Music is an outburst of the soul ― Frederick Delius

Celebration of Excellence

Monday evening’s Celebration of Excellence was a fine example of how the Gentlemen of Terrace rise to the occasion. All boys who performed as part of the evening’s entertainment should be immensely proud of their performance. The many hours of rehearsals and preparations all contributed to realising our Terrace goal for Excellence.

Events such as Monday do not just happen; they require hard work, dedication and determination by the staff involved. I would like to thank all the Music staff for all they did to ensure the success of this year’s Celebration of Excellence.

I would also like to recognise and thank Mr Matt Cocking, the Director of Culture, for his vision, energy and tireless efforts in bringing this year’s Celebration of Excellence to fruition.

Music Practice Hall

Music Practice Hall resumes on Monday at 3.10pm in the Terrace Music Centre. If your son has been considering attending but has not done so yet, now is the perfect time for him to start. With instrument-specific Music staff here to support your son, they can assist him in building and developing a solid practice routine. Music Practice Hall is an invaluable opportunity.

Term 4

  • Tuesday 9 November - TPA AGM Francis Rush Room
  • Wednesday 10 November - Chamber Music Concert Wednesday 10 November

The Weekly Wrap

Track and Field

Our Track and Field season culminated with the GPS Championships on Tuesday 12 October. It was a fitting end to a season filled with high attendance at training, and strong performances at invitational meets on Friday nights.

Our Juniors performed outstandingly well, finishing third, our best result since creating the Junior GPS competition. There are far too many outstanding performances on the day to name them all but amongst them were a few that are worthy of mention:

Edward Klinge

  • First Shot Put (Division 2: 7.91m)

Tom Nasser

  • First 200m (Division 4: 30.85sec)

George Hollyman

  • First 80 meter Hurdles (15.08sec)
  • Second High Jump (Division 1: 1.35m)
  • Second 200m (Division 3: 30.41sec)
  • Second Long Jump (Division 1:4.09m)
  • Second100m (Division 3: 14.71sec)

Vincent Faulkner

  • First 200m (Division 1:26.74sec)
  • First 100m (Division 1: 13.27sec)

Oliver Logan

  • First 800m (Division 4: 2:37.95)

It was wonderful to see the Junior Track and Field Captains, Will Reilly and Jacob Caltabiano, standing on the podium at the end of the day. Congratulations to all of the boys in the Track and Field Team who contributed to such an outstanding result- it is very well deserved.

Our Senior Track and Field team, in an incredibly competitive championship, also performed exceptionally well. In an event filled with national class athletes, the Terrace boys showed grit and fought tenaciously to achieve a well-deserved sixth place- again, one of our best performances in recent times. Amongst the many excellent results on the day, there is once again a number worthy of mention:

Griffin Kelly

  • First 1500m (OPEN: 3:54.23)
  • Second 3000m (OPEN: 8:28.37)

Oliver Casey-Ryan

  • First 400m (OPEN: 48.85sec)

Lachlan Kennedy

  • Third 200m (OPEN: 21.66sec)
  • Second 100m (OPEN: 10.85sec)

Although I am very proud of the effort the boys put into their championship event, what I am most proud of is the commitment shown to training, particularly over the last couple of months. We consistently had large numbers of boys attend training and work incredibly hard to improve their performances. A great season culminating in great results. Well Done!

Captains’ Corner | College Captain, Jake Laherty

Final Captain’s Corner

Isn’t time cruel? This ravaging, intangible machine that drives humanity forward, inching moment by moment. You can’t really subdivide it – to say time moves fast or slow is illogical, as the slow passing of years is simultaneously the dizzying procession of seconds. The only real determinant of this great mechanism is the moments we fill it with. In times of joy, it passes without warrant. In times of pain, it seems to slow just out of spite. This engine is dispassionate, swallowing in time not only every one of us now, but everyone who has been, ever was, or ever will be. Every moment that has passed in elation, every sorrow that has been mourned ad nauseum; every idea that has taken hold; every instance of compassion, every instance of hate. All these moments alike will subside in the churning sands of time.

It seems then incredible to impose our own experiences on the time mechanism, to impose our momentary existence on a universal force that has never faltered for anyone and never will. And yet, we do. In fact, perhaps what we do, is the best thing we do. Time may seem suffocatingly dispassionate, but the great beast grants each of us our place within it. Each of us has our lineage of experiences, streaming behind into the mechanism, twisting, and turning and connecting in a great mess of humanity. That we had our time is made all the more special by the improbability of it. And we certainly have had our time.

I write these reflections because I have been thinking a lot recently about time. The great machine has been playing on my mind this past week. I look back to moments in Year 7 when I was already looking ahead, desperate to see the world and be independent, desperate to graduate. I was desperate to have attended Terrace. It did not occur to me then that I would be desperate just to attend Terrace. It was like I was being chased toward a cliff by an angry ram, and at first, I tried to sprint away from the ram and toward the cliff, thinking it was the easiest escape. Now, as I approach the cliff, the ram has caught me, and I am pushing back against its horns, digging my heels into the ground, and trying my hardest not to go.

But what is over that cliff? I don’t think it’s the daunting fears of next year – I am actually quite excited to get out and experience university life (especially where I’ll be on the Gold Coast, popping for a swim in between lessons doesn’t sound too bad at all). No, my fear of the cliff is not a fear of the drop or a fear of what lies at the bottom. My fear of the cliff is just a fear of the ground dropping away, a fear of this footing I have become so accustomed to, have spent the last five years on, simply no longer being there.

Because in my tracks, up to this point on the clifftop, are embedded the little moments of Terrace life I crave to hold on to. Contained in those tracks are the images of my post-admission-interview tour of the College and the feeling of running back home absolutely itching for my start. The image of Lucas Samut, popping into Mr O’Shea’s office on the first day, making my first friend. The images of my group as it started to form in those early years, the mates I have come to see grow into incredible young men. The memories of camps, riding the bus and telling stories, navigating terrain and cooking dinner absolutely knackered but pushing on because we were knackered with mates. Memories of our first mixed classes, making new friends and giving our Maths teacher a terrible time as we raged our antics in the corner. Memories of entering Waterford for the first time and meeting teachers who would soon become mentors. Making friends on the volleyball court, crying together as the premiership was continually pulled from our reach, and eventually doing the same because we finally pulled it back. Cheering on the sidelines of Tennyson, grabbing a mate by the shoulders and shaking him until there was no air left. Dancing a year’s worth of stress away on the Formal floor. Teaching children the English word for “lafaek”, or the sum of a couple of integers, in a mountaintop school in Timor and hugging mum when I got back and telling her all about it. Hugging mates as I walked down the steps of the Treacy building, having just been announced as College Captain. Sitting, conspiring, planning, laughing with those motley Vice Captains who have become my best friends.

These are the footprints I have left on that clifftop. There have been stumbles, there have been strides, but each moment has left a mark. And as I approach the edge, I feel as though I may lose them. I feel as though the faces I see every day; I may never see again. I feel as though I am losing more than just my footing, but a part of myself.

But I am comforted by my reflections on time. These moments are not special because they can be remembered; they are special because they happened. And because I have said my farewells does not mean they need to be forgotten. Time is dispassionate - it’s not personal. It was always going to happen. My feelings now are just an indication that those five years were filled to the brim with beautiful Terrace moments. Maybe it’s okay to let go. Maybe I’m ready for the drop.

Goodbye, Terrace.


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Details: Monday 25 October | 11.15am onwards
Venue: Duhig Place
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Terrace Volleyball Estee Lauder Corporate Shopping Experience

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Holiday Clinic #1

Details: 6 - 7 December | 9.00am - 12.00pm
Year Levels: Year 7 - 9 2022
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Cost: $50 (+bf)
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Holiday Clinic #2

Details: 17 - 19 January | 12.30 - 3.30pm
Year Levels: Year 10 - 12 2022
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Cost: $65 (+bf)
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Holiday Clinic #1

Details: Tuesday 30 November - Wednesday 1 December | 7.00am - 11.45am
Venue: Victoria Park Training Facility | Gilchrist Avenue, Herston
Cost: $70 (+bf) RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 29 November
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Batting Clinic #2

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Venue: Victoria Park Training Facility | Gilchrist Avenue, Herston
Cost: $85 (+bf)
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Holiday Clinic #3

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Batting Masterclass Clinic #5

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T20 Masterblast Clinic #6

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Specialist Batting Clinic #7

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