Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

This time 12 months ago, I was writing to inform you that the College would close a week early and that Term 2 teaching and learning would commence in an online format.  Much has unfolded since that time. However, there are ongoing signs of optimism and positivity for our College community.  The positive impact of student spectators now being allowed at sport and debates, along with the ability to host concerts, are just some of the reasons for this optimism; and the associated effect on our students' psyche.  The renewed ability to connect and engage are significant influences on wellbeing, academic engagement and community spirit.

As Term 1 approaches its conclusion, the majority of students are in exam mode.  I have written previously regarding the ingredients for success in exams, but I will re-emphasise the importance of sleep, diet and equipment as key factors at this stage of the exam period.  

Reports will be sent electronically on Tuesday 6 April, from 9am.  I also remind families that Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held online again this year and are scheduled to occur on Monday 19 April and Wednesday 28 April. The booking system for these Parent /Teacher Interviews will be activated on Tuesday 6 April, following the release of reports.

The Term 1 co-curricular program is nearing its completion and preparations for Term 2 activities are well underway.  Last Saturday saw the final Volleyball round played, and I am pleased to report that we are the 2021 GPS Volleyball Premiers, repeating our 2020 Premiership success.  I offer my congratulations to all involved in the Terrace Volleyball program, which continues to attract large numbers of participants and enjoy success across all year levels.  I particularly wish to congratulate all players, especially our 1st  VI players, for their outstanding season.  Despite several close games, our 1st  VI demonstrated strong self-belief to close out the premiership.  Well done gentlemen.  Following a washed-out round last weekend, good luck to our cricketers, who will play their final game this Saturday.

Towards 150

At our St Joseph’s Day Mass last week, I had the opportunity to launch the College’s new Strategic Plan – Towards 150.  In developing this new plan, the College has renewed both its Vision and Mission Statements.

Vision Statement

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, we inspire young men in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge, humility and wisdom through a liberating Catholic education that is informed by the life of Blessed Edmund Rice.

Mission Statement

As the Terrace Family, we commit to the formation and education of young men who will make a difference through service of God, the community and each other.

At the centre of the Strategic Plan are five priority areas that will form the major focus for the College over the next five years.

These areas are:

  1. Our Faith
  2. Lifelong Learning Through Excellence in Education
  3. An Atmosphere of Care
  4. Responsible Stewardship
  5. Community Relations

Commencing in Term 2, I will use my Terrace News article to further unpack aspects of the Strategic Plan.

Finally this week, I encourage you to continue to work closely with your sons over the coming days to ensure they remain focused, have a successful exam period and finish well.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

With a week remaining of the term and the assessment and reporting process well underway, there are several staffing changes being finalised for the commencement of Term 2. Our College is a large, dynamic workplace with over 100 teachers and around 200 staff in total. With such a large staff, there are regular changes resulting from retirement or leave.

After loyally serving the College since 1988, and having seen two sons through their Terrace education, Mrs Mary Meadows has decided to retire at the end of this term. It is hard to imagine how many young men have passed through the door of Mary’s classroom during this time, but we know that her students were well taught and cared for. We thank Mary and wish her the very best as she moves on to a post-Terrace world without reading drafts and marking assignments. Our Compliance Manager, Ms Katie White, also departs to pursue a new professional challenge at the end of term, as does Ms Clare Condon, who has worked diligently in our Human Resources department. We thank both these valued staff members, who have brought an excellent level of expertise to their critical and rapidly growing roles. Ms Katie Carrick has produced outstanding editing work in our Communication department and leaves us to pursue her teaching career. Again, our thanks and best wishes.

At the end of the term, we will farewell Mrs Emma Hatchett for the remainder of the year as she and her husband Andrew excitedly prepare to welcome twins into the world. Our very best wishes to Emma as she commences life with two new members of her family. Best wishes also to Mrs Louise Cosgrove and Mrs Genevieve Claffey, who will take long-service leave for Term 2.

As a result of the staff movements above, the following changes will be in place:

  • Mrs Sally Hart will act as Head of Faculty, Religious Education for Term 2.
  • Ms Bridget Clarke will act as Subject Coordinator, Study of Religion for Term 2.
  • Mr Michael Wooldridge will act as Xavier House Dean for Terms 2-4.
  • Ms Miki Gardiner-McIver will act as Subject Coordinator, Science Years 7-9 for Terms 2-4.

To cover staff departures and release time for those acting in leadership positions, the following teaching staff have been appointed:

  • Ms Danielle O’Dowd – teacher of Drama and English, Terms 2-4
  • Mr Josh Potter – teacher of Science, PE and RE, Terms 2-4
  • Ms Kelly Findlay – teacher of Music, Term 2
  • Ms Claudia Houston – teacher of SOR and RE, Term 2

These changes will have implications for Parent/Teacher Interviews, and I will write to families affected next week. Changes to teachers are not ideal for young men, but we are confident that we have covered these absences in a way that will ensure no negative impacts on teaching and learning. I trust that families see the young men of Terrace busily engaging in their studies and finishing the term strongly.

Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

Everyone Belongs - Buckley Brother

God of all people, God of love,
Just as the colours of a rainbow
Blend and merge to form one rainbow,
So too may the colours of our different cultures and beliefs
blend and merge in our families, our communities and throughout our world
through mutual respect and acceptance
so that we may come together in true harmony. Amen

Last Sunday, Australia celebrated Harmony Day. Harmony Day celebrates Australian multiculturalism based on the successful integration of migrants into our community.  Harmony Day is about inclusivity, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.  Harmony Day is celebrated every year on 21 March. 

Early this month, Buckley House launched their renewed vision for their House, the Buckley Brother. This vision encapsulates the continuing message of Harmony Day - everyone belongs.

Mr Anthony Baruksopulo (Buckley House Dean) has kindly shared the details of the launch and the Buckley Brother vision:

On 4 March, Br Barry Buckley, Buckley House students and Pastoral Care Mentors, and other guests were all present in College Hall to launch the Buckley Brother concept. The purpose of this renewed vision is to give students of the House further identity as to who we are and what we stand for, along with an innate sense of belonging.

Driven and created by current students, Buckley House alumni and in consultation with Br Barry Buckley, the Buckley Brothers A.R.E vision was developed. This stands for Brothers of Action, Brothers Who Respect and Brothers with Empathy.

Brothers of Action

Brothers of Action are men of motivation, proactivity, a sense of purpose, courage and integrity. As a Buckley Brother, we are called to action every day. We strive to not only talk the talk but walk the walk and hold each other accountable for it. Whether it be in the classroom, playground, at home, or in our community, we contribute to positive outcomes and leave the place in a better state than when we found it.

Brothers who Respect

Brothers who Respect are men who respect themselves, the environment, diversity, values as a House and our fellow brothers. Brothers who respect strive to live by the golden rule of treating and respecting others how we would like to be treated. This can be achieved through politeness, kindness, listening and being present in conversations and in class. Respecting others can also mean making decisions based on what is right for the greater good.

Brothers with Empathy

In Buckley House, we know that every student has a unique story. Buckley Brothers strive to be men of empathy with the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes. We aim to be inclusive of others and look out for our fellow brothers in all that we do. In being empathetic, we aim to see and seek to understand what others are going through and then act appropriately. It may be offering our seat on public transport, sticking up for someone, sitting next to a student if they are alone, helping someone in the classroom, or reaching out and be a positive influence.

Br Buckley spoke at the launch and left the students of Buckley House with the following quote

Do not walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Do not walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my brother.

To celebrate the launch, Francis Nona (First Nation representative and parent of Iona in Year 8) presented Buckley House with a gift of a didgeridoo. This was a gift to Buckley House for their recognition of Reconciliation of Australia’s indigenous and first peoples. This will be used at House assemblies as an alternate way to pay our respects to the land's traditional owners. 

Inspired by Br Buckley, it is hoped that the students of Buckley House practice and live to be brothers who A.R.E.  

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

I have listened to Michael Carr-Gregg speak on several occasions and have always walked away with the feeling that ‘I can do this as parent and educator’. He gives practical advice that seems universally reachable. Last week during the combined AHS/GT webinar on Building happy and resilient children, Michael flagged that the current understanding amongst child psychologists is that the age range for adolescence has now changed to 10-24 years of age. Puberty is starting earlier, and our children are staying at home much longer. What we as parents knew at 15 is now experienced at ten years of age - referred to as developmental compression. Michael outlined a range of common characteristics of adolescent children and the known preventative measures such as having other charismatic adults around (the village), a safe school environment, a focus on the quality rather than quantity of friendships, and of course, having a diverse range of pro-social activities to stimulate social, emotional growth. To conclude the evening, Michael provided his essential parenting tips based on his 25 years of experience. These included:

  • Being present. Showing up spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially to your children.
  • Model respectful relations through the way you interact with your partner.
  • Be honest. Particularly about your own mistakes.
  • Work hard. Show your children how to work hard and avoid not bothering to ask them to do anything mindset.
  • Give them opportunities to contribute.
  • Actively construct family traditions. Friday night pizza, camping trips, family board games.
  • Encourage rather than discourage dreams.
  • Affirm them. Tell them when you are genuinely proud of what they have done or achieved.
  • Be affectionate.
  • Do not skip on consequences, and be prepared to say no.

During the Q&A session, Michael referred to comments he had made to the Sydney Morning Herald about his concerns that the peer group is becoming the substitute source of life wisdom if adult figures, including educators, do not continue to have a strong focus on setting intelligent limits, boundaries and consequences for children and adolescents. The pillars of good parenting and student formation in schools of respect for all, wise, firm, fair and prudent governance, need to be at the forefront of our decision-making to give our young men something to imitate.

I would imagine that the homes of Terrace students have been busy this week with final exam preparations. At the end of the term, it is time for every student to bring together the work from the preceding weeks to ensure that he is as well prepared as possible. As with most aspects of our lives, students need to understand that reward comes from effort; this includes academic success, which, in the long term, is more strongly linked to effort than natural ability. At the end of the term, I would encourage each student to take some time for genuine reflection about what he is proudest of and what needs greater effort and focus during Term 2.

Just a reminder that all students will be required to wear their blazer to and from the College every day commencing in Term 2. They must remain in the blazer until the 8.25am bell to start the school day. Long trousers are also a compulsory aspect of the winter uniform for all students in Years 11 and 12.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Exams commenced this week, and I have already witnessed great dedication by many students to produce their best outcomes. I continue to be inspired by the planning, preparation and thought that many students put towards their academic results. One such example is the student who has downloaded all the learning required from the checklists provided and has methodically and systematically marked off the lists as he has mastered each topic. His commitment has given him confidence in approaching this exam block that is an essential part of success. All students have been issued copies of the exam schedule. Copies can be obtained from Student Services, the App or downloaded from Moodle. These timetables are a necessary part of a strategic revision plan. This week and next week’s challenge is to ensure that the boys exhibit perseverance in their preparation and commitment until completing their final exam. Our aim is for each student to finish the term knowing that he has given his best, whatever that outcome may be.

Ultimately, the key to good performance is preparation – It is still not too late to be prepared. When your son is feeling the pressure of exams, here are some hints to share with them:

  • Be prepared. Work backwards from your exam date to plan when you will prepare. Do not just leave it for the night before.
  • Complete all of the revision sheets.
  • Use the subject checklist to go back through the content you have covered.
  • Test yourself
    • use flashcards
    • do as many practice questions as possible
    • mind dump – close your notes and recall everything you can in your own words
  • Continue to exercise and eat well. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Have a good sleep the night before, be well rested.
  • Go back over your study notes before the exam. Don’t engage in speculative talk.
  • It’s okay to be nervous; in fact, it is normal. Your mates may not show it, but they are just as nervous as you. Feeling nerves is your body’s way of getting ready.
  • Walk into the exam with confidence – you have done the work, now is the time to show it!

All the best for the next week.

Terrace Library

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Spotlight on our Movement Coach – Mr Dan Venz

Dan is a professional choreographer, director and performer, specialising in musical theatre, cabaret, children’s theatre, corporate and festival formats. With 15 years experience, he has worked both on stage and screen, performing around the world with names such as Gemma Rix, Dami Im, Kanye West, Christine Anu, Courtney Act and Hugh Jackman, and choreographed the first international live children’s shows for Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. He has performed in National tours of shows such as Hairspray, Grease, the Wizard of Oz, Spring Awakening, Sweet Charity and many more.  Dan’s love for dance and storytelling has been instrumental in his success as a choreographer.

Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat

The biennial production of our Middle School Musical will be held in Week 3 Term 2 in the Edmund Rice Theatre. This musical places students from Years 5 – 8 onstage, where they learn the formative tools to succeed in this and future productions. This year will see the production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as an all singing musical to help grow our vibrant choral program.

Tickets will be on sale via College Events soon.

Jazz Night – A Night with Frank

Tonight will see 70 of our Jazz students perform at the annual Jazz Night, where guest artist Brad Leaver (Frank Sinatra) will end the night with the Terrace All Star Big Band. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to perform for a live audience, hear their peers perform and either perform alongside their teacher or be mentored by a professional artist.

Ticket sales have been very popular, for last minute tickets visit College Events.

Continued success in Debating

Well done to our Senior A who won against ACGS last week, keeping them second on the ladder. Congratulations also to our 9.1 team, who are back on their winning streak.

Well done to the following teams sitting in either first or second place on their respective ladders: 5.1, 6.2, 7.3, 9.1 (equal first), 9.2 (equal first), 11.2 and Senior A.

We have one more round in the GPS competition, and it will be a home round against The Southport School (TSS).

Last Monday night saw the Queensland State Debating Team trials where three Terrace students Fergus Farrell (Year 12), Thomas Musgrave and Thomas Nunn-Rutledge (Year 11), competed against seven other students for two state team positions.

Sincere congratulations to Thomas Nunn-Rutledge, representing Queensland as a member of the Queensland State QDU Debating Team. Thomas Musgrave is a Queenlsand reserve.

Support Group meetings

The next TPA and DSG Support Group meetings will be held on Tuesday 25 May.

Debating Support Group,
Terrace Performing Arts,  

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us.

TWITTER            @GTCulture

INSTAGRAM      terrace_gtculture

YOUTUBE          Terrace Culture YouTube Channel

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

A Night with Frank

The annual Terrace Jazz Night themed A Night with Frank will be held tonight at XCargo. Tickets are still available through Humantix (link here), with adults priced at $15, grandparents $10 and siblings $5 (performing students will be free of charge). Doors will open at 6.15pm for students and families, with the Terrace Jazz Combo launching the evening’s entertainment. What better way to enjoy dinner together as a family and listen to great Jazz music performed by our very own Terrace Ensembles? Our guest artist Brad Leaver will conclude the evening’s entertainment backed by our very own Terrace All Star Big Band.

Holiday workshops

Various holiday workshops have been scheduled for the two week Easter break. Event Memos have been sent out to the relevant students involved. Please contact the Terrace Music Department if you have any queries regarding the workshops.

Years 5 and 6 Norman Clarke Music Program (Classroom Music)

All students in Year 5 are receiving new repertoire leading on from their performance assessment. As part of the structured program, all Year 5 students will perform as part of the Norman Clarke Concert on Sunday 6 June. Please mark this important date in your diary.


A reminder that the Terrace App is used to store and disseminate information such as the Music and Speech and Drama Handbook, the weekly rehearsal schedule and Event Memos for performances. 

Save the date

Term 1 
  • Thursday 25 March - Terrace Jazz Night 
  • Thursday 15 April - Anzac Band and Red Thunder Drumline
  • Thursday 15 April - Drumline Workshop Afternoon
  • Friday 16 April - Anzac Band and Pep Band Workshop
  • Sunday 25 April - Anzac Band March and Red Thunder Drumline
Term 2
  • Sunday 25 April - Anzac March Band March and Red Thunder Drumline
  • Thursday 6 -Saturday 8 May - Middle School Musical Performances
  • Tuesday 25 May - TPA Meeting

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Eden Chan

In December 2019, while travelling solo in Taiwan to exercise some of my newly learnt Chinese, I was lucky enough to attend a high school in a small southern city known as Pingtung. To put it into perspective, Pingtung is less than one tenth as large as Brisbane and – in many places – has little access to clean water. Why then, you might ask, would I ever be interested in going to such a place? Frankly, even on arrival in Taiwan, I hadn’t yet answered that question myself. I was figuratively (and often literally) directionless.

Despite this, I tried to remain optimistic and perfect my dodgy Chinese speaking skills as much as possible. Thankfully, all the students and teachers at my host school welcomed me with open arms and willingly helped out with every aspect of life in Taiwan. Along with my host family, I can say with complete confidence that the generosity and care shown to me by the people of Taiwan was truly unparalleled.

But what amazed me was not the kindness of the Taiwanese but rather their seemingly endless gratitude for everything they received. Having been at the College since 2016, it was certainly easy to develop a sense of entitlement over time, especially considering all of the state-of-the-art facilities we are constantly surrounded by. Needless to say, the fairly dilapidated and run-down classrooms of my host school were a far cry from anything I had encountered at Terrace. In fact, after speaking to a few of the school’s teachers, I soon came to realise that many of my new peers were only just able to afford much of the stationery and uniform we often take for granted. With their perpetually gracious and cheerful outlooks on life, I simply would have never known.

See, what was so special about this community was not any particular material possession or building but rather a profound sense of gratitude. On return to Australia, I brought back not only a slightly improved pronunciation of Chinese but an admiration of my host peers’ immense appreciation and gratefulness. Only then did I realise how good we have it at Terrace. Tennyson, Mt Sion, Waterford – there isn’t much we don’t have.

So, gentlemen, I challenge every one of you to be just that little more gracious. Thank your mum or dad for driving you to school in the morning. Thank your teachers for their wisdom. Thank God for all the tremendous opportunities afforded to us.

Answer the Call to be grateful for all that we have.


Mothers’ High Tea

The Mothers’ High Tea for Years 5-9 is the hottest ticket in town. There are only a handful of tickets left. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, get in fast. #friendraising event.

We are very grateful to our generous prize donors, including:

  • Malouf Family, Calile Hotel
  • Mrs B Jewellery
  • Gambaro
  • Watt Style
  • Rosalie Deli
  • Oatley Wines/Piper champagne
  • Cosmetics Fragrance Direct


Our goal at Terralicious’21 is to fundraise to assist TIACS, which is creating greater awareness of mental health in young men. Undoubtedly an important issue for us all.

Terralicious is known as a day of fabulous fashion, food and prizes. Can you help us with our raffle prizes for the day? There are several ways you can Answer the Call – donate a prize, reach out to a contact to ask if they would donate a prize, send a prize/ business suggestion to the TLG at We would love to hear from anyone who might be in the beauty, self-care, restaurant, entertainment or life experiences industries. We are aiming to surprise everyone with exciting prizes on the day.

Needed Hair/ Makeup stylists

Thanks to those who have been in touch to help out with hair/makeup styling on the day.  We are still looking for assistance on this front, so if you (or someone you know) fit the bill, we would love for you to come and join us. Email us if you are interested at


  • 17 April - Tennyson Canteen - trial Football games
  • 30 April - TLG Years 5 to 9 Mothers' Morning Tea, Victoria Park Golf Course.
  • 1 May  –Tennyson Canteen – GPS Football Round 2
  • 10 May  – TLG Meeting 7.30am
  • 10 May - Open Day
  • 11 June – Terralicious’21 Fashion Parade.


Please find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

Details: Thursday 25 March | From 6.15pm
Venue: X Cargo Social Club, 37 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley
Cost: Adults $15, Grandparents $10, Siblings $5 (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link
For further information or event enquiries, please contact
Terrace Culture |

Jazz Night | Book Here

Only a handful of tickets remaining - get in quick if you are still thinking of booking!

Details: Friday 30 April | 10am - 3pm
Venue: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex, Herson Rd, Herson
Cost: $55 (+ bf) | Includes champagne on arrival, traditional high tea & lucky door prizes
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 20 April or before tickets sell out!
For further information or event enquiries, please contact
Tammy Butterfield |

Mothers' High Tea | Book Here

Lend us some muscle!

In March 2020, Lisa and Peter Chounding’s 12-year-old Terracian was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia.  This is a rare and progressive neurological disorder that leads to difficulties walking, affects balance, fine motor skills, speech and causes heart disease. There is currently no treatment or cure.  

Researchers have had some major breakthroughs over the past few years and to help continue the important work they are doing to find a cure for this devastating disease, they are raising funds for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Association (FARA) in Australia. 

Over the next 2 weeks, they are running a raffle with the following prizes:

  •  1st prize - 7 nights’ accommodation in a Deluxe 2-bedroom Waterfront Apartment at the beautiful Noosa Pacific Resort valued at $2200 (Conditions apply).
  • 2nd prize - $500 St Joseph’s College Uniform Shop or Westfield voucher valued at $500.

Please show your support for this worthy fundraiser by using the below link to purchase tickets.

FARA Raffle | Tickets Here

Details: Saturday 27 March | 3 - 5pm
Venue: Terrace Courtyard, Rogers St Spring Hill
Cost: No cost event. Cash food and beverage bar.
RSVP: For planning purposes, please RSVP via the below link by 24 March. Free drink for all those who RSVP
For further information, please contact
Anne McMahon |

Volleyball Celebration | RSVP Here

An invitation to all Years 5 - 12 Terrace Football students. Sign on via Parent Lounge

Details: Thursday 8 & Friday 9 April | Years 5 - 8 | 9 - 11.30am
Thursday 8 & Friday 9 April | Years 9 - 12 | 12.30 - 3pm
Cost: $50 per player for both training days | Includes specialised coaching. Prizes to be won!
Venue: Tennyson Playing Fields

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming Parent/Caregiver year level event details here...

Year 12 Mother/Caregiver & Son Breakfast

Details: Friday 14 May | 6.30 - 9.00am
Venue: Victoria Park Marquee, Herston Rd, Herston
Cost: $29pp (+bf) | Includes continental breakfast and drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 31 March
For further information, please contact
Julia Joseph |

Year 12 Breakfast | Book Here

Community Information

2021 Next Step survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2020. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12. 

Between April and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate. 

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2021.

Further information on Next Step, including results from previous years, is available online at or on toll free telephone 1800 068 587.