Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Welcome to 2021, our 146th year of providing a quality Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.  I particularly welcome all students and families who joined the Terrace Family on Wednesday.

This year, the College theme is Answer the Call.  Each of us in the Terrace Family has an opportunity to identify ‘our call’ and then develop ways to Answer the Call.  Our community consists of 1705 students, 250 staff and 1350 families, collectively we, as the Terrace Family, can affect significant change if we Answer the Call.

Although school only commenced on Wednesday, there have been many students, staff and parents involved in a range of co-curricular training clinics and camps over the Christmas break.  The GPS season commences this weekend with Volleyball, Cricket, Rowing and Swimming.  Each year, the College is fortunate to have fine young men selected to lead their respective activities.  It is my pleasure to announce the following Captains and Vice Captains of our Term 1 sports.

  • Captain – Jack Manly
  • Vice Captain – Mitchell Bodimeade
  • Captain – Shaun Anderson
  • Vice Captain – Tom Sheehan
  • Captain – Mitchell McGeever
  • Vice Captain – Joseph Liddy
  • Captain – George Williamson
  • Vice Captains – Byron Jackson and Luke Hancock

I congratulate these young men and know that they will lead with distinction.  Good luck to all players this weekend.

At the end of last year, I wrote to families outlining the excellent ATAR results attained by the Year 12 cohort of 2020.  The students worked very hard to achieve these results. In 2021, it will be important that our strong ‘Culture of Learning’ continues and that all students from Years 5 to 12 start well and focus on their schoolwork from now.  Over the next couple of weeks, there will be a series of Parent Information Nights for various year levels that will provide further detail of your son’s academic journey.  The most important message that can be reinforced by parents is the need for the boys to start early and maintain consistent application throughout the year.

Over the coming weeks, there will also be several important whole College events.  I encourage parents to use the College App and other platforms to keep up to date on what is happening at Terrace.  I look forward to seeing you at these events and the many activities that occur throughout the year.

Sadly, over the holiday break, we lost several members of the Terrace Family.  We ask that these families and others who are battling illness or discomfort are kept in the thoughts and prayers of the Terrace Family.

Finally, I welcome you to Terrace in 2021 and look forward to catching up with you over the coming weeks and months.

God bless.

Dr Michael Carroll                                                                    

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the Terrace Family a very happy new year and a warm welcome to the new academic year. I trust everyone has returned feeling refreshed and ready for all that 2021 will bring. It has been wonderful to welcome students back this week, particularly those new to the College. After a long break, students have demonstrated that they were keen to return to school, catch up with friends and return to the classroom.

In the weeks preceding school, the College Leadership Team spent significant time finalising our new Strategic Plan, to be launched early this year. Connected to the Strategic Plan is the Annual Action Plan, which sets goals and informs our practice for the year ahead. Teaching staff have undertaken a week of planning and professional learning which has included mandatory compliance training and preparation for the teaching and learning that is so important at Terrace. It is wonderful to hear many of our teaching staff speak of how much they look forward to returning to the classroom.

We have welcomed 14 new staff to Terrace this year, including eight teachers, and we wish them all the very best as they navigate their way through the complexity of life at Terrace. Our new staff certainly receive considerable support and professional advice from their peers, which we hope makes the transition a little smoother. Included in our new staff is Ms Ralda Deoki, who joins the College Leadership Team as Dean of Pedagogy and Learning Innovation. Ralda will work with Terrace Educators to assist them in maximising their teaching and learning skills. We look forward to Ralda’s contribution as we continue to seek new ways to improve the educational experience and outcomes at the College. In 2021, we also aim to develop a new learning framework which will allow for greater consistency in the way lessons are delivered at the College. While exposing students to various learning experiences in the classroom is of great importance, tying our lesson plans to a schoolwide framework ensures students are consistently receiving the best possible pedagogical experience.

I look forward to seeing many of our families at information evenings, around the College or at co-curricular events in the coming weeks. I value time spent with parents and caregivers and encourage you to come and have a chat at any time. I look forward to an uninterrupted and highly productive year - best wishes to all.

Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

Answer the Call

We extend a warm welcome to everyone joining the Terrace Family and welcome back to all existing families. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year. Everyone deserved and needed it after 2020.

To those who had a challenging time over the break, I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Last Friday, the teaching staff participated in their annual spirituality formation day. The day was led by Fr Richard Leonard, a Jesuit priest with degrees in Arts, Education and Theology. He is also an author of various books and has been involved in film and broadcasting for many years. Fr Richard led our opening staff Mass and followed by discussing the topic: How can Catholic Education form believers in a media-saturated culture? Staff were both challenged and inspired to continue our mission as teachers in a Catholic school.

Last Sunday, Mr Damien Cuddihy, Mr Andrew Stormonth and I took the 2021 Senior Leaders (41 students) on a two-day Formation camp at the Br Buckley Outdoor Education Centre. The camp studied the following topics:

  • Roles/responsibilities/expectations of a leader
  • Servant leadership
  • Answer the Call (2021 theme)
  • Public speaking
  • College and House Leader planning
  • Team building activities
  • Wellbeing/self-care
  • Approaching leadership collaboratively

The boys were fortunate enough to have Dr Carroll and Mr Adrian Pauley (a former staff member) present during the camp to provide them with meaningful and practical advice. On Sunday night, the students engaged in a House MasterChef challenge to cook their own roast lamb (and vegetables!) in camp ovens. Surprisingly, they all did very well.  

As decided by the 2021 Seniors, the theme for Terrace this year is Answer the Call. I know it is early, but I have already seen the Year 12 students embody and live out this theme leading the new students and their families on Wednesday.

I will conclude with the blessing I gave our Years 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12 students on Wednesday. When Jesus began his ministry, he laid out his plan for the journey. It is known as The Beatitudes – as we commence 2021, I wish everyone the best in Answering the Call on our journey together.

Jesus, give us the wisdom and courage to be humble. . . in a world that glorifies power and fame.
Give us the wisdom and courage to cry. . . because we know you are with us always.
Give us the wisdom and courage to remain gentle. . . and to be mindful of the truth that all we have, and know, comes through you.
Give us the wisdom and courage to do what is right. . . even when what is right, is not what is popular or easy.
Give us the wisdom and courage to be forgiving. . . because it is easy to forget what you did for us.
Give us the wisdom and courage to be pure of heart. . . even when we feel overwhelmed by uncertainty, fear or a need to be popular.
Give us the wisdom and courage to be peacemakers and friend makers ... in a world torn apart by bullying, gossip and violence.
Jesus, give us the wisdom and courage to serve our loving God by supporting one another to be and become the very best that we can be with you as our brother and guide.
Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Welcome to a new year, the 146th time new students have walked through gates at Terrace. Wednesday certainly saw the College come alive, with the arrival of most of our students.  The day’s central theme was ‘welcome’, with our Years 11 and 12 students stepping into their roles as buddies in admirable fashion. Their brief was to ensure that all students from Years 5 and 7 enjoyed a smooth start to the year, whether they were returning students or donning the red and black for the first time.  Year 10 students were welcomed to Waterford Place and have begun to learn the routines of College life in their new environment. While there may have been some nerves and anxiety, I hope the first day was memorable for all the right reasons. Thursday saw the entire community return, and it was wonderful to see our whole College gather for the first time in 2021.

I often refer to the phrase an 'Atmosphere of Care’ as our major pastoral focus and the responsibility of all students in creating this. Relationships are crucial to success and students are reminded that it is critical that all members of our community interact in a caring and supportive manner. The quality of pastoral care is a distinct point of difference that makes a Terrace education unique. The staff at Terrace are committed to maintaining high academic standards at the College. The establishment of routines and expectations around the College is a priority in the first term in creating a tone that is conducive to learning, and we ask for your support in this area. I was pleased with how our students presented and carried themselves this week, and we should continue to set high expectations regarding personal appearance and behaviour.

Particularly in the first week or two, congestion around Rogers Street becomes a problem during afternoon pickup time. It is important for students' safety that parents and caregivers do not double-park or stop in the middle of the road to pick students up. If there is no stopping space available, it may be necessary to drive a lap of the block to allow some space to clear. Some parents delay their pickup time slightly to allow the traffic to settle, while others arrange meeting spots in adjacent streets (particularly for older students). Congestion is a problem in the inner-city, and we ask you to be patient and understanding.

By now, College calendars will have arrived home, and the College App is loaded with content. I encourage all families to familiarise themselves with upcoming events, including special assemblies, parent information evenings, Opening Mass and Year 12 Induction, co-curricular rounds and Parent/Mentor interviews. One notable event on the 15 February is the Year 8 Father/Son Evening. Terrace is a busy place, and, hopefully, your son will have plenty on his plate this year. 

We look forward to our strong relationship with home continuing - best wishes for the year ahead.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Welcome to 2021

Today I had the pleasure of standing on Treacy Court to welcome some of the new Years 5 and 7 students and parents as they entered the College for the first time. There were lots of excited faces and some nerves as they entered.

For these young men and their parents, the Terrace journey has begun. This first week has hopefully been a week of new beginnings, new friendships and new opportunities. For those of us who are ‘old hands’ at the Terrace journey, our role this week has been to welcome, answer questions and make our new Terracians as comfortable as possible.

This week is about reconnecting and making the transition from holiday to school mode for those students and families returning to familiar grounds and returning to routine. To refocus and reset your academic goals for the year.

From a practical point of view, Term 1 Assessment Calendars have been distributed to students. These calendars are an essential organisational tool for students and the first step toward academic success. Students should spend the time now to plan out their time, especially with respect to upcoming assignments. Additionally, during the first part of the term, students in Years 5-10 will spend time in Formation class learning how to construct a study plan, of which the assessment calendar is the starting point.

I will speak to the student body regarding the following four points to start the academic year:

  • Presence – in class be ready to learn, be an active learner, work with your peers and teachers.
  • Organisation – the goal this week is to complete a study calendar. Use the assessment calendar as your starting point.
  • Persistence – Academic success = consistent effort + time. Start ASAP.
  • Resilience - students will have tough times throughout the year. It is important for them to ask for assistance and to bounce back and be persistent.

I look forward to working will all students and parents to ensure the best academic outcomes for the year ahead. 

Terrace Library

On behalf of the Terrace Library staff, welcome to both our continuing students and those who are new. We look forward to supporting all students with their reading and research needs, as well as hosting several social events throughout the year.

The Terrace Library opens at 7.30am and closes at 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday and closes earlier on Friday at 3.30pm.  Students are welcome to access physical and digital resources, seek research support, read, or complete homework in the library.  A Librarian or Teacher Librarian is always available to assist students if needed. 

Year 10 students can access Library Support on the main campus, or at the Waterford Campus from Ms Elizabeth Hornsby, who is available at lunchtimes Monday to Thursday.

We also offer individual support to students with any aspect of the research process. Please encourage your son to come to the library to book a suitable time. Alternatively, he may use the Book a Teacher Librarian link via eScholar. 

eScholar is our digital space for library resources such as assessment guides, eBooks, databases, reference generator etc. Students can find the eScholar link on the Terrace website dropdown for students, located in the top right-hand corner.

If you would like to keep up with library happenings, you can follow TerraceLibrary on Instagram. We run regular events such as book clubs, MakerSpace and the Readers’ Cup throughout the year. Next week we will be hosting a Board Games event where students are encouraged to get to know their buddy and make new friends. 

Please note, on 10 February the Library will close at 3.10pm for Parent/Mentor meetings.

Mrs Louise Underwood |Head of Faculty – Library Services

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Cultural activities 2021

We have had several staff changes within the Cultural team this year.  Please join me in welcoming the following staff to our team:

  • Mr Derek Rose – Director of Music
  • Mr David Giles – Coordinator of Chess
  • Mr Sonny Ali – Coordinator of Debating
  • Ms Bridget Clarke – Coordinator of Public Speaking

We look forward to the knowledge, enthusiasm and experience these staff will bring to our team.

Workshops and camps

During the past week, Debating and Music held camps and clinics both at Terrace and off-site facilities.  Thank you to all the students who came to these events.  These events help prepare students well for the year ahead.

Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols

Congratulations to our current and past students who performed at the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols.  If you were watching, you would have noticed several past and current staff members.  It is a great honour to be involved in this event and we are justifiably proud of all our Terrace staff and students.


All lessons, training and musical rehearsals start next week – Week 2.  This allows our students to settle back into College life.  Please ensure your son/s know where they need to be and have all their correct equipment (instruments, music, costumes) for each activity.


GPS Debating starts this Friday with Round 1 against Ipswich Grammar School (IGS) at their venue.  Debating information has been sent home; however, please note the following:

1.  Uniform

Students are expected to always wear their formal Terrace uniform correctly – before, during and after the debate.

Years 8 - 12

  • College blazer – worn at all times including during the debate
  • College tie
  • White shirt
  • College trousers with grey socks
  • Black belt
  • Black shoes – clean and polished
  • No College hats to be worn during the debate

Years 5 - 7

  • College blazer – Terms 2 - 3
  • College tie
  • White shirt
  • College shorts with long socks
  • Black belt
  • Black shoes – clean and polished
  • No College hats to be worn during the debate 
2.  Bus

As this is a non-metropolitan Brisbane debate, we will provide a bus to and from the debate.  Parents/caregivers are to collect their son from the Terrace Chapel bus stop on Gregory Terrace upon return.  Students will contact their parents when the bus leaves IGS to give an approximate arrival time.  We would ask parents to be at the College waiting for their son.

3.  Food

A light snack will be provided for students. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have organised individual snack packs consisting of fruit, popper and a muffin.  If your son has specific food requirements, we would ask in this instance that you provide food for him.  Parents/caregivers are welcome to give their son extra food in his lunch bag if they feel this will not be enough to sustain him.

We wish our Terrace Debaters all the best for the season.

Support Group meetings

Support Group meetings will be held online if necessary.  Should you wish to contact the 

The Terrace Performing Arts (TPA) and Debating Support Group (DSG) have their first meetings next Tuesday night, 2 February.  We like to invite all parents to these meetings, starting at 5.30pm, held in the Mt Sion building – best accessed via Rogers St.  The TPA meeting will be held in the Francis Rush Room, and the DSG meeting will be held in the Mary Rice Room.

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or videos that you would like to share, please tag us.

TWITTER                  @GTCulture

INSTAGRAM            terrace_gtculture

YOUTUBE     Terrace Culture YouTube Channel

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

Welcome to Terrace Music for 2021, I am delighted to join the Terrace Family, and I look forward to meeting the parents and working with the many new and continuing students in our program.

Last week, we began the year with our annual Music Camp, held at both Terrace and Brookfield. Being new to Terrace, this was a great opportunity for me to witness firsthand how our ensembles bond and develop their skills as musicians. By the conclusion of the various camp activities, I was proud to see how much the boys developed as individuals and collectively as ensembles. The success of this year’s camp would not have been possible without the tireless dedication and support of our Music staff.

I am very optimistic and excited about the range of opportunities and possibilities present for our Terrace Music students in 2021.

Year 5 Norman Clarke Music program (Classroom Music)

Those students who have not received their instrument, they will be allocated on Monday 1 February (Week 2). Every effort has been made to assign an instrument of choice. However, it was not always possible to give one of the preferences. We aim to balance the need to provide a positive experience for the student, coupled with the availability of instruments and creating balanced ensembles. Whatever the instrument assigned to your son, we ask for your support and that your son enters into the experience with an open mind. Please be mindful of the size of certain instruments for those students who catch public transport.

Instrument storage

All students’ instruments must be stored safely and securely. Music staff will instruct students to store their instrument in either their locker or in MU2 on Level 3.

Individual or shared lessons and ensemble rehearsals

Music and Speech and Drama lessons, as well as all ensemble rehearsals, will commence in Week 2. You will receive email notifications of lesson times and ensemble involvement. If you have not done so, please contact  The ensemble rehearsal schedule is available through the Terrace App under Culture > Music.

Terrace App and Parent Lounge

A reminder that the Terrace App is used to store and disseminate information such as the Music and Speech and Drama handbooks, the weekly rehearsal schedule and event information for performances. Information found on the College website will be more general. 

Performance and workshop notifications are emailed via Parent Lounge and used to ascertain who will be attending performances and for roll marking. I ask that you respond promptly to these notifications as we use this information, among other things, to generate rolls and book transport (when applicable). Please keep in mind that it is expected that all members of an ensemble participate in all performances, we understand that from time to time, there may be circumstances that prevent attendance. 

Finally, as these notices only go out to parents, could you please discuss the event with your son to ensure that he has the details entered in his calendar. You and he will be able to view the Event Memo via the Terrace App. Links to Parent Lounge will be mentioned in this Terrace News article as they become available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Music Department  

A list of each term’s events is included at the end of this article and updated as required. This list will contain a basic outline of each event with more detailed information sent directly to those involved via the Parent Lounge.

Term 1 

  • Tuesday 2 February - TPA Meeting 
  • Friday 5 February - Opening Mass and Year 12 Induction 
  • Wednesday 11 February - GPS Music Showcase 
  • Thursday 4 March - Chamber Music Concert 
  • Tuesday 16 March - TPA Meeting 
  • Friday 26 March - Terrace Jazz Night 

Director of Sport | Mr Tony McGahan

Welcome to Term 1 Sport

On behalf of the Terrace Sport Office, I would like to welcome all families to a new year of Terrace Sport.

Throughout the holidays, the Term 1 in-season activities Rowing, Cricket, Volleyball and Swimming have been putting the finishing touches to their preseason preparation for this week’s Round 1 competition and various lead-up meets. 

  • Rowing: Camps at Bundaberg, Maroochydore and Maroon plus internal testing and training.
  • Cricket: Camps at the Sunshine Coast. Cricket clinics. Various trials and internal training.
  • Volleyball: Internal trials and training
  • Swimming: Training and a camp at the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you to all families, boys and coaches who have made themselves available for training over this period in preparation for the start of the GPS fixtures and the upcoming championships.  It is not always easy to juggle sporting commitments with family needs at all levels. Your time and commitment are appreciated.

As well as Term 1 sports, our Term 2 sports start preseason preparation with Cross Country, Tennis and Football.  Please read the individual details around sign-on and training commitments for each sport on the Terrace App.  Please note in-season sports take precedence over preseason training.

Students of all abilities are catered for, supported and encouraged to compete in the Sport program. The elements of representing Terrace - playing with your mates, teamwork and discipline - allow each young man to create their own experience at Terrace.

Term 1 COVID-19 Sport guidelines

Please note that the GPS Sports Term 1 season will undertake COVID Safe restrictions consistent with the guidelines from Term 3 2020.  Please read below. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

  • Note: Campbell Centre Canteen – drinks only - Tennyson – food and drinks
  • Players, coaches and spectators are not to attend games if feeling unwell. 

To enter, visitors must download the EVA App, which is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. This tracking app records attendance and is a requirement of the College for the season. It is strongly suggested that you download and create your profile before the day to prevent lines and groups from being held up before entering the venue.

  • There will be signs and posters with a QR Code at each venue that must be scanned when coming into each different premises. Please ensure all visitors check out via the App once they leave the venue. 
  • Please check the Terrace Sport App each week for each school’s directive as there may some be variance in guidelines, e.g. one parent, not two, depending on the size of indoor spaces.
  • Play and leave only – no standing around or socialising following games.
  • Arrive ready to play – there will be no change rooms. Students cannot arrive more than 30 minutes before their game commencement, as each court will need to be cleared and then cleaned before the next game.
  • Social distancing will be required – 1.5 meters between spectators.
  • Sanitiser stations will be available – we encourage all guest to keep hygiene at a high standard.
  • Spectators will be asked to follow all COVID-19 directives and view from the allocated areas, which will be signed at each venue.

Support Groups

Parents/caregivers can support our Sport programs through dedicated Support Groups.  Support Groups meet regularly, and all parents are most welcome to play an active role in supporting their sons and our programs.  Please check the College calendar for meeting dates.

We thank Mr Cameron Van Balen for his time as Tennis Chair and welcome Mr Shane O’ Kane to this position. Terrace Sport appreciates all of our Support Group members for their dedicated service and time, allowing our sports to function so well.

Parent Lounge

Participation in the College Sport program is growing and will continue to do so due to the quality of the programming, allowing for all levels of participation and quality of coaching across individual sports.  With around 1200 students participating in each GPS weekend, the communication flow is extremely important in keeping everybody informed. It is vital to ensure sure you sign-on electronically via Parent Lounge for the in-season and preseason activities offered each term.

Attendance at training

All boys need to commit to their attendance at training and present ready for their games, home or away and lead-up meets. Representing the College is something to be valued. Being a team member who can be depended on entails sacrifice and commitment, no matter what level of activity.


Please be aware that all Directors, Coordinators and coaches have been asked to monitor training and playing uniform.  We want to ensure we represent the College and ourselves on and off the field to the highest standard.


Please download the College App and select to receive notifications for your sons’ selected activities to remain up to date. You will find updates, training schedules, team lists, playing schedules, game/meet locations, and further information under the individual sport.

Please note we are moving away from ongoing email communication, with the College App acting as the primary communication source.

Please refer to the College App or contact the Director or Coordinator of that sport if you have any questions.  If you have anything further, please email me at

Have a great Term 1 in Terrace Sport.

Captains’ Corner | College Captain, Jake Laherty

This morning was my first day as College Captain, and for an hour, I stood by the front gates with my fellow Year 12s, welcoming new boys to their first day at the College. As I milled around, dripping with sweat underneath my blazer, greeting new parents and handing out Terrace stickers, I was struck by a realisation – one that I had considered previously, but not one that had ever been so concretely presented before me. 

I was struck this morning by the brilliant breadth and diversity of the boys at this College. Walking through those front gates, it couldn’t be clearer; some were chomping at the bit to get inside, running to see mates and high-fiving buddies, while others were more reserved, hoping to slink by unnoticed and start the day quietly. Some were lugging cricket bags; some were struggling with boxes of books; some refused at all costs to take a photo with Mum and Dad, while others were keen to say a final goodbye; some went for high-fives, others defaulted to fist bumps. These may seem like surface level affectations, but to me, they were indicative of a brilliant breadth of personality. No two young men walked through the Rogers Street gates this morning in the same manner. For everyone, arriving at Terrace is like coming home, but each approaches this place with their own style and their own voice.

It is interesting that we hold a single archetype for the Gentleman of Terrace, and yet 1700 young men can fill the description perfectly, without any overlap between them. I count myself lucky to be a part of a place where this is promoted, where mates celebrate each other and foster personality. Everyone has an avenue to express their immense value to the College. I say this from the experience of nearly five years within these halls, having seen firsthand how the culture of Terrace can pick a young lad up by his boots, and build him into something he is proud of.

A culture like this doesn’t just happen. It takes all 1700 Gentlemen of Terrace to appreciate and commit to ensuring such a beautiful place maintains this characteristic. Our theme for this year is 'Answer the Call’. The 'call' is not necessarily a concrete idea, but rather the collection of imperatives emanated by the College’s ideals, values and programs. It is easy to tick off a lot of 'calls'.  Answer the Call to respect others, Answer the Call to academia, and Answer the Call of the Terrace legacy. Today, I gained an appreciation for a call that is much harder to pin down, and oftentimes, nearly impossible to embody truly.

Answer the Call, to be yourself.


Hello everyone and just like that ‘we are back’!  I trust that you and your families have had a restful and restorative Christmas and New Year break.  The TLG has lots in store this year, plenty of opportunities for mums, dads and caregivers to get to know each other, get involved and Answer the Call.  Hopefully, COVID-19 restrictions permit us to get together in support of our boys and the College.

We are off and running already for 2021, holding the TLG Welcome Morning Tea for parents and caregivers new to the College in 2021. While we have lots planned for this year, flexibility and agility will be key.  Given the potential for changes in response to revised restrictions, please ensure you stay tuned into the various communication tools available (especially the Terrace App) for updates.

To assist with your planning, please note the following TLG events scheduled for the first few weeks of term, further information will be forthcoming:

  • Monday 1 February – 7.30am - TLG Meeting and Morning Tea GT125 and afterwards in the Founders' Room. Dr Carroll will be our guest speaker.
  • Monday 1 February – 5pm - Year 7 TLG Parent Welcome Function Duhig Place. (Please note the changed timing of this event – before the Year 7 Parent Information session on the same evening).
  • Tuesday 2 February – 5pm - Years 5 and 6 TLG Parent Welcome Function Duhig Place (as above, please note this event will occur before the Years 5 and 6 Parent Information session on the same evening).
  • Friday 5 February - Afternoon tea for Year 12 students and families (following the Induction Mass) Pat Rafter Arena.
  • Tuesday 9 February – 7.30am - TLG Welcome Mass and Morning Tea – Chapel of the Holy Family.

Finally, if you don’t already receive TLG emails and would like to, please forward your name and email address to  Emails are sent out from time to time on TLG related events. You will also find upcoming events in the Terrace News out each week on Thursday.

In the meantime, if you have any TLG related questions, feel free to contact any of the current TLG team (we are all in the College Directory or email us at  We will do our very best to answer you.

Your TLG team for 2021 

·      Hayley McBrien (TLG President)

·      Nicole Hoffmann (TLG VP Logistics)

·      Holly Hohn and Megan Beattie (TLG VPs Hospitality)

·      Christina O’Kane (TLG Treasurer)

·      Kris Siddle (TLG Secretary)

·      Victoria Bryant (Care & Concern)

·      Diane Ames (Care & Concern)

·      Linda Beckman (Care & Concern)

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The Terrace Family

We pray for the families of the following members of the Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest. 

Mr Stephen DADDOW – GT 1988-92


The place to find all your upcoming Terrace Family 2021 events...

RSVP | Click Here

Details: Saturday 13 February | 5.30 - 9.30pm
Venue: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: Adults - $30 (+bf) | Includes finger food. Cash bar
Students/Siblings - Free | Includes pizza & drink
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 11 February
For further information, please contact
Samantha Bodimeade |

Cricket Launch | Book HereSeason Launch | Volunteer Here

Terrace's Red and Black Cricket community is warmly invited to the Terrace Cricket Luncheon

Details: Friday 26 February | 12.30pm
Venue: Queensland Cricketers' Club, Gabba Towers, Vulture St Wooloongabba
Cost: $150pp (+BF) or $1500 for a table of 10. Includes 2 course lunch and premium drink package for 4 hours
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Friday 19 February
For further information or event enquiries, please contact
Matthew Jackson |

Cricket Luncheon | Book Here

Want to help but poor on time?

You can now donate money directly to the Terrace Family's Care and Concern. Cash donations will be used to purchase ingredients to make meals for Terrace families and staff in need. 

All donations are appreciated greatly, and will support the important work this committee undertakes for our community.

Cash Donation | Click Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming Term 1 2021 year level event details here...

Year 7 Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Saturday 27 February | 6.30 - 10.30pm
Venue: Southbeach Social, 30aa Stanley St Plaza, South Brisbane
Cost: $30pp (+bf) | Includes drink on arrival & canapes
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 15 February
For further information, please contact
Kelli McKeiver |

Year 7 Function | Book Here

Year 12 Mother & Son Breakfast

Details: Friday 14 May | 6.30 - 9.00am
Venue: Victoria Park Marquee, Herston Rd, Herston
Cost: $29pp (+bf) | Includes continental breakfast and drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 31 March
For further information, please contact
Julia Joseph |

Year 12 Breakfast | Book Here