Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

The end of Term 1 exams commenced this week and will continue until Friday 5 April.  I have written previously that good preparation is key for success in exams.  This preparation includes ensuring the student has the correct equipment for the exam, they have had an adequate amount of sleep and they are focussed prior to entering the exam. All of these factors are important, as is study time, for success in exams.  Reports will be sent electronically over the Easter holiday break. Good luck to all students.

I have included a section of the weekly email Mr Mason Hellyer sends to all Year 12 students, which further addresses the issue of exam preparation.

How to succeed in Exam block 

• Be Prepared.
• Have a plan. What subject, what to study and for how long should be planned in advance. Work backwards from each exam date so that every subject gets studied and you provide opportunity to do more work on the subject(s) you need more assistance with.
• Being prepared for the exam involves more than just revising the content of the unit; knowing how to apply and evaluate the content and knowing when the exam is.
• Refer to the Checklists and use them as a guide to what you need to know.
• Complete revision sheets and check them against solutions.
• Review the handouts given out in class.
• Speak to your teachers about any issues you have. 

Also ensure you understand the process you and your parents/caregivers need to follow if you are absent on the day of the exam. (See page 136 of the College Diary).

Prior to the exam, ensure that you: 

  •  have all the stationery items you require in a transparent container; 
  •  pack your bag before going to bed; 
  •  go to bed at a reasonable time so that you are well rested for each exam; 
  •  eat appropriately and drink moderately to minimise the need to go to the bathroom during the exam; 
  •  have put your mobile phone (and if you have one, smart watch) in your locker; 
  •  meet at the Campbell Centre 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the exam

In the exam, remind yourself to:

  • follow the instructions of the supervising teacher and those on the exam paper - read each question thoroughly. Don’t skim the questions;
  • ensure that you understand the difference between Perusal and Planning. Perusal means time allocated in an assessment to reading items and tasks and associated assessment materials. No writing is allowed; students may not make notes and may not commence responding to the assessment in the response space/book. Whereas if your paper states there is Planning time, it means that time is allocated in an assessment to planning how to respond to items and tasks and associated assessment materials;
  • remember you may make notes but may not commence responding to the assessment in the response space/book;
  • stay focused on your work;
  • be aware of the time and how much time to allocate to different sections in the paper;
  • ensure that you are only looking at your own work, be relaxed and breathe!

During the course of this term, the College has been recruiting in several key areas.  This week, it is my pleasure to announce the following appointments:

  • Human Resource Manager – Mrs Louise Smith
  • 1st XV Coach – Mr Ryan Schultz 

I welcome both of these people to the Terrace Family.

The final round of Term 1 GPS activities concludes this weekend with our Cricket teams playing IGS and our debaters competing against Anglican Church Grammar School.  It has been a successful season for all our GPS activities.  I congratulate all competitors for the commitment, sportsmanship and spirit displayed throughout the season.  I also thank the many coaches, coordinators, directors and volunteers for their efforts throughout the season.  Well done and thank you.

The news of the recent shooting in Christchurch shocked everyone.  Although we are thousands of kilometres away, it was important that Terrace supported the Christchurch Community.  Last Thursday, many Terrace students wrote messages of support to the people of Christchurch, as shown in the photo below.  We were able to connect with St Thomas of Canterbury College in Christchurch (a fellow Edmund Rice School) and send our written messages of support to their school community.  This was an initiative of our College Leaders.  I thank and congratulate them for their care and vision.

Finally this week, I thank all those who attended the Br Barry Buckley Breakfast today.  Our guest speaker, Mr Peter Greste, was very engaging with his story.  It was also wonderful that Br Buckley was in attendance.  My thanks to the GTOBA and the Terrace staff for coordinating this event.
Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Acting Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

With just over a week to go for the term, students are busily completing assessment tasks and looking to maximise their academic outcomes.  It can be a stressful time for our young men as they continue looking to make the most of their time at Terrace. Their levels of stress are certainly lowered by our teaching staff, who do their best to ensure students are as well prepared as possible for exams. The professional approach from staff to classwork and tutoring is a great strength at Terrace and it is always nice to hear our students showing genuine appreciation to staff for their dedication. They deserve this recognition. A school can only ever be as strong as its staff and we are blessed with quality adults, both teaching and non-teaching, acting as mentors and role-models for the Gentlemen of Terrace.  This time of term is exceptionally busy for teachers, who are working to tight deadlines around marking and reporting.  We look forward to next week running smoothly as we head to the end of term.

On Monday, Mr Tim Stephens commences a short period of leave and we welcome Mr Tony Nicita, who will be taking Tim’s classes for next week and the first two weeks of Term 2. I am pleased to report that Deputy Principal, Mr Chris Ryan is aiming to return at the start of next term after needing to take leave to care for his father. Things are progressing well for Chris’s family and he is very much looking forward to returning, provided the improvement continues.  The Lenten season is a time for us to consider others and to have the discipline to go without things that might be special to us.  As we head towards Easter, it is important that we take the opportunity to recognise this most important time in the Church’s calendar. Best wishes to all in our community.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

This week, exams have commenced for our Senior students and I have already witnessed great dedication by many students to produce their best outcomes. I continue to be inspired by the planning, preparation and thought that many students make towards their academic outcomes. One such example is the student who has downloaded all the learning required from the checklists provided and has across this term, methodically and systematically marked off the lists as he has mastered each topic. His commitment has given him a level of confidence approaching this exam block that is an essential part of success. 

All students have been issued with copies of the exam schedule. Copies can also be obtained from student services or downloaded from Moodle. These timetables are a necessary part of a strategic revision plan. This week and next week’s challenge is to ensure that our boys exhibit perseverance in their preparation and commitment until the completion of their final exam. Our aim is for each and every student to finish the term knowing that he has given his best, whatever that outcome may be.

Ultimately, the key to good performance is preparation – it is still not too late to be prepared. Therefore, when your son is feeling the pressure of exams, here are some hints to share with him:

  • Be prepared. Work backwards from your exam date to plan when you will prepare.  Don't just leave it to the night before.
  • Complete all of the revision sheets.
  • Use Moodle and the subject checklist to go back through the content you have covered. 
  • Test yourself - use flashcards and do as many practice questions as possible.
  • Mind dump - close your notes and recall everything in your own words.
  • Continue to exercise and eat well. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.  Have a good sleep the night before and be well rested.
  • Go back over your study notes before the exam.
  • Don’t engage in speculative talk.
  • It’s OK to be nervous, in fact it is normal. Your mates may not obviously show it, but they are just as nervous as you. Feeling nerves is your body’s way of getting ready. Walk into the exam with confidence – you have done the work, now is the time to show it!

All the best for the next week.

Acting Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

On Tuesday of last week, we celebrated St Joseph’s Day with a liturgy in the Campbell Centre. Whilst commonly referred to as Terrace, it can sometimes be easy to forget that the school’s name is actually St Joseph’s College. Saint Joseph, the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the stepfather of Jesus Christ, is remembered as a model of courage and fortitude for the young men of Terrace. He stood tall and confronted many obstacles to protect his loved ones throughout his life. May our young men also look to Saint Joseph as a role model in understanding their own masculinity. 

Helping our young men find their definition of masculinity can be a challenging. The following questions are difficult to answer but can help young men to ‘find their narrative’ and ‘own their story’. 

  • What do you stand for? 
  • Who do you stand with? 
  • What do you stand against?

 If we are to grow our boys into good men, they must learn values such as love, humility and empathy. Through our formation programs, retreats and liturgies we aim to provide opportunities for our young men to reflect on role-models like Saint Joseph in order to help construct this meaning. Providing opportunities to be vulnerable in a safe environment allows our young men to grow into their own skin with the strength that they yearn for as young males. It is a delicate balance, particularly in an all-boys school, that needs thoughtful nurturing from both the College and at home. 

If we can teach young boys at an early age to look beyond their physical attributes and to look inward to reflect on their abilities, their values, their passions and their knowledge, we might have a world full of boys and men who are less obsessed with proving strength through how much space they occupy, control or destroy. True strength is defined by the depth of our character and our potential.

With all students now in the middle of the exam block, I would hope that everyone is working hard to prepare for upcoming exams. In mentoring interviews with students, they often speak about the temptations that devices create around this time. It is a good time to reinvest in the simple discussions around leaving mobile phones out of the bedroom during these periods. In many cases, the boys have textbooks that can be used instead of the online texts, possibly removing the need for a laptop as well in some instances. All the best to our students as they complete exams in the coming days.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

“Our Friendships”

A key tenet of the mission of St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace is ‘to instil a spirit of service’ in the context of Catholic values with a strong and principled commitment to the poor and marginalised. By doing so, ‘We seek opportunities in partnership with others to develop right relationships that respect the dignity of each person'. Enacting this mission, in conjunction with the application of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, the Terrace Family has a long and proud tradition of fostering human dignity through social justice action.

The Service Ministry program of Terrace fosters the ideals of service learning, focusing on experiences that promote the deepening of the understanding of scriptural foundations and meaning of Christian service and how Christian service is exercised. 

The Service Ministry programs of Terrace include active engagement in outreach experiences that aims to develop a ‘Relational Spirituality’ between the staff and students of St Joseph’s College and the poor and marginalised of our College as well as local and global communities. The staff, students, parents, Old Boys and friends of St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace are invited to be active participants in a range of Service Ministry initiatives. A key service opportunity exists within each House community with their respective House Friendship Groups. 

Each House has developed a relationship with a local organisation in our community as a House Friendship Group. With the intention of building long-term relationships, Gregory Terrace seeks to provide opportunities for both communities to walk in solidarity to provide liberating experiences for all to instil the values of Knowledge, Wisdom and Humility. Each House holds a number of events and fundraising opportunities to support their House Friendship Group. Currently, our Houses have the following House Friendship Groups:

• Barrett House – Western Suburbs Special School
• Buckley House – Childhood Cancer Support
• Kearney House – Milpera State High School
• Magee House – St Mary of the Cross School
• Mahoney House – The McIntyre Centre
• Reidy House – Brisbane Youth Service
• Treacy House – Orange Sky Laundry
• Windsor House – Youngcare, Red Hill Special School and Guide Dogs Queensland
• Xavier House – Yourtown, Kids Help Line and Ubuntu Through Health

If you would like to find out how you can more greatly support House Friendship Groups, please contact our wonderful team of House Deans.

Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

It has been an excellent week leading into the exam block with before school tutoring sessions attracting a great deal of interest from the boys.  This cohort has certainly embraced the opportunity to access extra assistance with their studies over the past fortnight. One other observation that I would like to make is that assignment submissions have been excellent from the group. We hope that the final preparations for the upcoming exam period will put the ‘icing on the cake’ for what has been a very good term in the classroom. 

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a ‘Leaders of Wellbeing’ conference in Ballarat. It was a wonderful opportunity to gain some professional development and network with key leaders from EREA schools across the country. One of the most pleasing aspects from the conference for me was the affirmation that the ‘Atmosphere of Care’ structures we have in place here at Terrace are best practice. There are schools across the country shifting from horizontal structures (e.g. Heads of Year levels) to mirror our vertical House system. It makes sense when we know the key factor in caring for our students is the relationships formed with their mentors, teachers and House Deans. Relationships take time to develop and our structures allow this to occur. 

The Waterford experience is obviously a step out of the horizontal House structure. As was promoted at the start of the year, this is a strategic decision to focus on this year level as we aim to better prepare the boys for senior schooling. While the boys are still connected to their House, we need to be conscious that it is still early in the relationship building with mentors, teachers and myself as Dean of Waterford. The staff at Waterford are dedicated to supporting your son to be the best he can be. As the boys are challenged to strive to be their best, there will be some rocky times. If we communicate well, guide and support the boys in partnership, then the outcomes that we as parents and teachers desire will more than likely be achieved.

I hope the exam period runs smoothly for your son. Be mindful that it is a time where good diet, maintaining some exercise and plenty of sleep are very important.

The Terrace Library

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

GPS Premiership guaranteed

With a win against IGS and Churchie losing to BBC, the Terrace Senior A Debaters have not only placed first on the ladder this week; they have also guaranteed a premiership. Friday night’s decider against Churchie will now determine if Terrace becomes the outright champion or tie for equal first. Well done to the boys and their coaches on a fabulous season. We look forward to how this unfolds further in the QDU season.

Queensland State Team

Well done to both Scott Moran and Alexander Sullivan who both represented Terrace at the State Debating Trials. For both students it is a great honour to make it to the final 12. Last Monday night saw the team selection occur over two high level debates and in just under four hours, the decision was announced. Congratulations to 2019 Vice Captain of Debating, Alex Sullivan who was selected as part of the team. We are proud to have you on ours.

Lions Youth of the Year

As you may be aware, Scott Moran has been performing well in all knock out rounds of the Lions Youth of the Year. Congratulations on making it all the way to districts. Unfortunately, Scott did not win against the high quality field in his most recent round. Terrace and the Bardon Lions Club are very proud of Scott.

Madagascar Jnr – Save the Date

Tickets to the 2019 Middle School Musical will be on sale soon. Reserve the dates in your diary and keep your eye on the newsletter and social media for the release of ticket sales.


  • Thursday 9 May 6.30pm
  • Friday 10 May 6.30pm
  • Saturday 11 May 6.30pm

Support Group Meetings

  • Tuesday 7 May, 5.30pm - Debating Support Group in the Old Boys’ Room

  • Tuesday 7 May, 5.30pm - Terrace Performing Arts in the Callan Centre

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

Acting Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

In addition to our successful SHEP candidates published in last week’s newsletter, I would also like to congratulate the following successful SHEP candidates:

  •  Jack McIntyre
  •  Robert Pestorius
  •  Orlando Tessarolo
  •  Xavier McIntosh


All Instrumental and Speech and Drama staff at Terrace utilise the Microsoft product OneNote. Lesson attendance rolls, lesson notes and various artefacts are recorded and stored in OneNote. Your son has access to this resource. I would encourage you to ask your sons to show you this, as this will give you an insight into what they should be practicing each week.

Holiday workshops

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming holiday workshops (please see below) for the ANZAC Day Marching Band and the Red Peppers Pep Band.  For those who will be also trying out for the Years 8, 10 and Open Football trials, please attend the trials first up at 9am, then come across to the band rehearsal. We are all in the same space at Tennyson. The expectation from the sport department is that it won’t take long to assess you. 

Recently, Event Memos for the ANZAC Day Marching Band, Drumline and Pep band outlining details for the remaining rehearsals and performance were sent out via the College App. Separate tour notifications for each element were sent to enable us to create accurate rolls for each rehearsal given that they are outside of school hours and regular rehearsal times. In preparation for the holiday rehearsals, students are reminded to ensure they have their music memorised and spend some time working on marching; doing this in front of a mirror or video recording their practice will help to improve their skills. Year 11 and 12 students in the SWE and Red Thunder Drumline are reminded that this performance forms part of their qualification for an Honour Pocket (see p.151 of the Student Diary) for those ensembles.


For those students who perform with our beginner and intermediate level ensembles, it is a requirement that they wear grey trousers for performances. This provides a more formal and unified look as opposed to a mix of trousers and shorts. Trousers are available from the Uniform Shop in sizes from 8 to 18. Students who perform only as part of the Year 5 and 6 Band and Strings classes do not need to purchase trousers.

Music Practice Hall

Music Practice Hall is held on Mondays from 3.15-5pm. We encourage you to support this unique opportunity on a regular basis, whereby your sons can practice and receive guided supervision with tutors from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and other tertiary institutions. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

Please note: There will be no assembly performances for the rest of the term.

Holiday Workshops

  • Monday 15 April 9-12pm Tennyson, ANZAC Day Marching Band, (Consisting of BCB, RCB and Red Thunder Drumline) 
  • Monday 15 April 12.30-2.30pm Tennyson, Red Thunder Drumline  
  • Tuesday 16 April, 9-12pm Tennyson, ANZAC Day Marching Band (as per above + SWE) 
  • Tuesday 16 April, 12.30-2.30pm Tennyson, Pep Band (TJO, BBB, Tuba Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble Two Drumline)

Term 2 Events

  • Thursday 25 April 8am-12.30pm,  ANZAC Day Marching Band Thursday, meet at Terrace, march in Brisbane CBD
  • Thursday 9 - Saturday 11 May, Middle School Music Production, selected performers only
  • Saturday 11 May, 12.30pm, Pep Band
  • Saturday  25 May, 12.30pm, Pep Band 
  • Saturday 1 June, 12.30pm, Pep Band
  • Sunday 9 June, Villanova College. Norman Clarke Concert. Sound checks from 10.45am, concert at 3pm
  •  Monday 24 June, Drumline and BB2 Workshop 
  • Tuesday 25 June, First Percussion Ensemble BB3 band Workshop
  • Wednesday 26 June, Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC band Workshops 
  • Thursday 28 June – Saturday 6 July, USA Music Tour 

The Weekly Wrap

Cricket Wrap

Round 8 of GPS Cricket doubled as the final round of the season for the majority of Terrace Teams. ‘Mates Round’ acted as a fitting way to end the season, as 39 teams took the field on Saturday in a number of supplementary and internal matches given it was the fixtured ‘bye’ round for the season. The weekend’s matches brought out a great sense of mateship, community and competitiveness, as Terrace enjoyed a highly successful day on the field. We won 26 of 32 matches played against a number of schools including Ambrose Treacy College, Downlands College, Brisbane Grammar School (BGS), Nudgee College and Anglican Church Grammar School.

For the second year in a row, Terrace took out the ‘Spring Hill Cup’ against BGS, which was contested by 11 Years 5 and 6 sides, winning 9 of the 11 matches. We thank BGS for hosting the day once again and creating a great festival atmosphere on match day. Congratulations to all players for the great spirit in which the games were played.  

With only a select number of teams playing in Round 9 against Ipswich Grammar School, the Terrace Cricket program congratulates those teams whose season has ended. Regardless of the on-field result, the Cricket program is proud of each player who represented the College and thank them for their spirit, energy, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and commitment to Cricket at the College.

Click here for:  Round 8 Results

Volleyball Wrap

There was no better way to finish the 2019 GPS season than to head to Grammar for the 'King of the Hill' round. The day proved tough, with competitive matches across the age groups.

The 7As had a slow start, but after a pep talk between the first and second set from their coaches, were able to turn it around and take the second set. Unfortunately, they went down in the third set to a very well drilled BGS team. Charlie Cross was awarded MVP for his outstanding communication, aggressive serving and his passing in the back row.

The 8As were outstanding in their 2-0 win, with very few errors the key to their success. Fallon Chan was excellent in his role as libero, delivering perfect passes for his setters to use.

The 9As were eager to try and steal the premiership away from BGS. As the supporters began to roll in, Nicholas Lawrence lead his team during a tight and intense premiership game. Both sets were hotly contested, going point for point throughout the whole match. The 9As went down in two sets (25-23, 28-26) to the eventual premiers, taking second place overall.

The 10As won 2-1, ensuring the BGS team did not go undefeated this season. A few unlucky losses earlier in the season meant the 10As took out third. Joa McMahon was once again unstoppable at the net.

11As closed out their season with a 2-0 win. Archie Hanson was awarded MVP for his smart hitting options, using the block to win points. The 2nd VI went down in three sets, and Ben McMahon attacked well throughout the game.

A large crowd formed for the main event – the 1st VI. After going point for point, Grammar took the match 3-0. Whilst not the result we wanted, a true credit to the boys who performed well week in and out, and were competitive against every team. The 1st VI share second place with BGS. Thomas Sheehan was outstanding in the front row, fast becoming a very reliable attacking option in the lineup.

Thank you to all the boys who participated in the 2019 Volleyball program. Terrace Volleyball has cemented itself as one of the most consistent and competitive programs in GPS. Thank you also to all the coaches, staff, Volleyball Support Group and the parents who make the effort to get your sons to training and games every week. We look forward to seeing everyone back for pre-season training in Term 4.

Click here for Volleyball Results

Terrace Ladies Group

We had two very engaging guest speakers at our meeting last Monday. Mr Tyron Mandrusiak covered where Terrace is situated coming into the 2019 Rugby season.  Mr Mason Hellyer talked about where Terrace goes from here both this year and beyond academically. Thank you both for giving up your time to come and talk to us.   

The following are the highlights from both Tyron and Mason’s presentations:

Mr Tyron Mandrusiak (Acting Director of Sport)

• All boys wanting to play Rugby will have a game. 

• Terrace is leading the way with first aid and medical support with Dr Ben Forster supervising the Tennyson first aid room. 

• The concussion app is being used where players who are concussed must follow protocol supported by clubs and parents and in association with schools. 

• Terrace is looking for consistency across all schools for the training and accreditation of all coaches and referees. 

• Terrace follows the Rugby Safe Play though Rugby Readiness Program -  https://rugbyready.worldrugby.... 

• Questions for Tyron can be sent through email on the school’s contact link. 

Mr Mason Hellyer (Dean of Studies)

• Year 12 cohort processes are the same as previous years with continued academic mentoring in place. Same practise for the QCS (Qld Core Skills Test).

• Dr Ian Hunter is helping to prepare writing skills and Terrace is the only school in Queensland to have this specialised support. 

• Mrs Julie Quinn (Previous Dean of Studies) is working with the cohort on their short answer items part of the QCS. 

• Mr Mason Hellyer is supervising their multiple choice workshops.

• Year 11 – Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey is supervising study groups in room 4.6 where 20-30 students have put together their own self driven study groups. It is good to see the academic culture at Terrace is student driven. 

• Students seem to be understanding that there needs to be a major step up from Year 10 to Year 11. The school acknowledges that this works best if it is student driven rather than from staff/parents. 

• Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey has set up an internal endorsement team for educating teachers on preparing assessments that will be accepted and confirmed by the QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority).

• Year 11 reports will look different this year - with a tested score out of a total mark and an alphabet mark from A - E. 

• Years 5-10: Dr Ian Hunter continues the literacy workshops and teaching the students using an online tool. 

• Naplan prep continues.  However, not much class time is used for this. It will be done mainly after exams have finished. 

• Terrace is using cognitive verbs in their teaching process to describe what the students should know and do. Students are learning to evaluate in different contexts and using their higher order thinking skills. 

• Alwell Test for Year 10 occurs in Term 2 - this gives staff a better understanding of the cohort’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides the College with data on each student’s current aptitude in literacy, numeracy and helps with Year 11 subject selection. 

• QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre) will be doing the inter-subject scaling process by comparing how well students perform across the state. 

• Students ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) starts with the current Year 11 group who will complete the first of Queensland’s ATAR. Further understanding of ATAR can be found on the link below. 

Years 5-9 Mothers' High Tea 

Tickets went on sale on Monday morning with nearly 79% already sold. Please buy your ticket early to avoid disappointment. This is the main event of 2019 for the TLG.

Tickets will be $57 each, which includes a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival, sumptuous High Tea and your chance to win the wonderful main lucky door prize or one of the lucky draw prizes for each of the five year levels coming on the day. 

The main prize is a fabulous overnight accommodation package at the newly opened Calile Hotel in James Street, Fortitude Valley.  The prize also includes complimentary valet parking and a $200 Hellenika voucher which you may choose to use for breakfast, dinner, or poolside cocktails.  That's a prize worth winning! The prizes to be won between the year levels include, in no particular order: 

• $150 Clayfield Hairlines Gift Pack including $100 treatment voucher and products 

• $150 Gambaro Voucher to be used at Gambaro, Persone or BlackHide 

• Susan Driver necklace

• $100 Lipstick Time Starter Pack and Colour consult and a bottle of Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Champagne 

• $150 La Cache a Vin, Spring Hill Dining voucher

Key dates

 • Tuesday 23 April – RSVPs close unless otherwise sold out.

 • Friday 3 May – Years 5-9 Mothers' High Tea, Victoria Park Golf Club

Guests are seated in nominated year groups, so there is no urgency to organise groups to sit with. We also take a lot of care in where we place ladies on tables to ensure you have a wonderful time together. If you have more than one son in these grades, you nominate which year level you’d like to sit with this year when you purchase your ticket.

Terrace Shop

Read more for limited stock details and important reminders | Trading Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30am-12pm, 12.30-3.30pm

  • Black blazers are now in stock.  Please accompany your son to try these on as there is no exchange or refund on blazers.
  • Limited stock of Senior red blazers are now available for sale. Please accompany your son to try these on as there is no exchange or refund on blazers.
  • A limited number of the GPS100 caps are available for sale - grab these collector's items fast before we sell out.

A reminder: We will gladly exchange an item (as new, with tags and receipt) within four weeks of purchase. We do not refund for change of mind and only refund as per Australian Consumer Law. The Terrace Shop no longer holds personal credit card details on file, but parents can use the uniform order form, found on the website.

Terrace Uniform Shop Purchase Form | Click HereTerrace Uniform Shop Webpage | Click Here


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

Date and Time: U14 - U17 Age Group | Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 April | 9.00am - 3.00pmU9 - U13 Age Group | Thursday 11 & Friday 12 April | 9.00am - 3.00pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: $358 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 days coaching with English premier league coaches, full AFC Bournemouth premier league kits & all food
RSVP: Please RSVP using the link below by Thursday 28 March
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Mitch Edwards |

AFC Bournemouth Football Clinic | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 April | 11.00am
Where: Public Lawn Marquee, Eagle Farm Racecourse, 230 Lancaster Rd Ascot
Cost: $190pp (+ booking fees) | Includes racecourse entry, exclusive use of the Public Lawn Marquee, 5 hour food & beverage package, racebooks, private tote, bus to Cloudland after party and much more!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Kristin Esler | | 0411 871 899
Natalie Davis | | 0403 466 354

Race Day | Book Here

Date and Time: Monday 29 April | 7.00pm
Where: Heritage Room, Blackbird Bar & Grill, Riverside Centre 
Cost: $39pp (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP via below link by Friday 19 April
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Natalie Davis | | 0403 466 354

Semi Formal Parent Function | Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 3 May | 10.00am
Where: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex, 309 Herston Rd Herston
Cost: $57pp (+ booking fees) | Includes champagne on arrival, traditional high tea and lucky prize draw entry
RSVP: Tickets on sale via below link 9am Monday 25 March. Please RSVP by Tuesday 23 April, or earlier as ticket numbers are limited!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anna Stiles |

Mothers' High Tea | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 11 May | From 5.00pm
Where: Br Rogers Pavilion, Tennyson 
Cost: Adults - $37 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes & noodle box
Children - Free | Includes pizza & a soft drink
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Friday 3 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Ida Gambaro |

Football Launch | Book Here

Date and Time: Sunday 19 May | 10.00am 
Where: Chapel of the Holy Family, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
Cost: $26pp (+ booking fees) | Includes morning tea
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 14 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Samantha Mills | | 0409 290 906

Past Mothers' Mass | RSVP Here

Save the Date. Booking details coming in Term 2. 
Date and Time: Thursday 25 July | 6.30pm 
Where: Victoria Park Golf Complex, 309 Herston Rd Herston
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Andrew Stormonth |

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming Year Level parent function details here...

Year 12 Parent/Caregiver Coffee Catch Up

Details: Friday 26 April | 7.45am
Where: The Johnson, 477 Boundary St Spring Hill
Cost: Order at the counter
RSVP: No RSVP required. Please feel welcome to join us.
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 12 Mother & Son Breakfast

Details: Thursday 9 May | 7.00am
Where: Rydges Fortitude Valley, 601 Gregory Terrace Fortitude Valley
Cost: $31pp (+ booking fees). Includes full buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Wednesday 1 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact          
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Mother & Son B'fast | Book Here

Year 12 State of Origin Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Game 1 | Wednesday 5 June | 6.30pm
Where: The Lord Alfred, 68 Petrie Terrace Brisbane 
$10pp | Includes bar snacks. Paid to Robin Tucker on the evening. 
RSVP: Please RSVP via email below by Thursday 30 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Robin Tucker | | 0418 158 429

RSVP | Email Here

Year 12 Mother's Lunch

Details: Saturday 8 June | Midday
Where: Azure Restaurant, Elements of Byron Resort, 144 Bayshore Drive Byron Bay 
Cost: $73pp (+ booking fees). Includes 2 course lunch 
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 30 April
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Prue Long | | 0427 134 693

Year 12 Lunch | Book Here