Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

The end of Term 1 is upon us.  Traditionally a full and busy term, it seems to have gone very quickly.  It does not seem long ago that we were welcoming our newest members of the Terrace Family and now they are ‘veterans’.

I thank parents and staff for the support and effort you have provided to the students this term.  The boys have had a good term, both in and out of the classroom and should be congratulated for their dedication and focus.  Your holidays are well deserved. 

The Term 1 exams have been completed and reports will be available from Tuesday 9 April via the Parent Lounge.  Details of the Parent/Teacher/Student meetings scheduled for 1 and 8 May will also be available at this time.

Last Friday night, the final round of GPS debating was held with Terrace debating against Churchie.  It was again a very high quality debate, with both teams demonstrating skills that have placed them as the two top teams in the competition this year.  On the night, Terrace was victorious.  As a result of this final round, I am pleased to say that the Terrace Senior A team was crowned 2019 GPS Debating Champions, an outstanding effort. I believe that this result is the first GPS championship event that Terrace has won since 2015, so ‘well done’ to James Hurst, Alexander Sullivan, Declan Hackett, Benjamin Scuderi and Scott Moran for their outstanding season.  Congratulations gentlemen.  I also congratulate their coaches, Ms Dana Schottlaender and Ms Chantel Morris, as well as Mr Andrew Stormonth, Coordinator of Debating.  Added to the GPS success, congratulations must also go to Alexander Sullivan who was selected in the Queensland Schools Debating Team that will compete in the National Championships in Darwin later this year.  Well done Alex.

Over the holidays, the activities continue with camps and clinics for Football, Tennis and Rugby.  I wish all students the best in these activities.

Finally this week, I take the opportunity to wish the entire Terrace Family a safe and restful Easter break.  As a Catholic school, the centrality of the Easter story to our faith is important.  The Death and Resurrection of Jesus is the core of our faith.

Have a wonderful Easter, and I look forward to reconnecting on Tuesday 23 April for Term 2.

God Bess

Dr Michal Carroll
College Principal

Acting Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

As we come to the conclusion of Term 1, we are in the process of finalising some staffing changes that will take effect next term.  Mr Anthony Hayward will be taking leave for the whole term and we are pleased that the role of Windsor House Dean will be assumed by Ms Jane Williams during this time.  We will be joined for the term by Ms Kaylene Campbell and Ms Niamh McConnell to cover classes for both Jane and Anthony. Best wishes to Mr Hayward during his time away and to Ms Williams with this exciting new opportunity. We are delighted that Mr Glenn Cameron and his wife Amelia are about to welcome a new baby to their family. Glenn will be taking paternity leave for the first two weeks of next term. His classes will largely be taken by Mr Peter Murdoch, who has a long association with Terrace.  Mrs Nicolette Cleary will assist with daily matters in Barrett House during Glenn’s absence.  PC Mentors remain the first point of contact for Barrett families during this time, while more significant matters should be referred to Mr Damien Cuddihy, Acting Dean of Students.  Mr Tim Stephens commenced a period of leave this week and this will continue for the first two weeks of Term 2, replaced by Mr Tony Nicita.

Two other significant members of our staff taking some leave are Mr Glenn Brown, who leads our maintenance team; he will be taking time off for the first three weeks of Term 2, while Mr Trevor Buley from our IT team will be having a break for the first seven weeks of the term. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Padraig Gannon, who covered for Mr Ken Hainstock while he took leave during Term 1.  We wish Mr Gannon all the very best and we look forward to welcoming Mr Hainstock back after the break. Sincere thanks on behalf of all in our community must also be extended to Mr Tyron Mandrusiak, who acted in the role of Director of Sport during Term 1. It may sound cliched, but Tyron genuinely brings great knowledge, humility and wisdom to any situation and we know that the Rugby community will be pleased to see him back as Director.  Mr Tony McGahan has commenced as Director of Sport and has been generously assisted by Tyron as he transitions into the role. While major staff changes are not common, it is fair to say that minor movements at Terrace make staffing a somewhat dynamic scene!

Most significantly, we are likely to be welcoming Mr Chris Ryan back as Deputy Principal in the new term. His father is making excellent progress with his rehabilitation and, if this continues over the next few weeks, Mr Ryan should be in a position to return to work.  I know he is keen to be back at Terrace and we are delighted that this is likely to be the case.

At this time of term, it is always clear that students, parents and staff are all ready for a break; a simple change of pace from the early morning rush of uniforms, lunches, bells and books will be a welcome relief after a typically busy first term. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the Terrace Family a restful break over the next few weeks.  I trust that, as well as unwinding, we will all take some time to reflect and recognise the significance of Lent and Easter; the most important of times in the Catholic calendar.  Enjoy the break and I look forward to seeing everyone in Term 2.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

As we come to the end of the examination period, it is important to take time over the upcoming holiday break to reflect upon the term. Term 1 can potentially be a difficult term for students as they re-enter at a new year level or even a new school. It takes time for students to settle and become comfortable. Terrace prides itself on the pastoral focus provided to students at this time in order to ensure that students are happy and settled.

Early next week, you will receive your son’s Term 1 report. The results contained within this report will provide point in time data to indicate your son’s progress. As I mentioned in my article last week, this data is simply the starting point for discussions and reflection to occur regarding a student’s progress.

Whilst the individual subject result is an important indicator, reflection on how the result was achieved is a much more powerful message. A strong result will reinforce a student’s work ethic or positive change to study habits. A disappointing result will highlight the need to modify existing work habits and work ethic. It is vitally important that these messages are explained and reinforced.

To support the discussion you will have with your son, Parent/Student/Teacher interviews will be held on 1 and 8 May. These interviews are an opportunity to reflect on the Term 1 result and to work with teaching staff to develop strategies to enhance academic performance. Booking times for these interviews can be made through the Parent Lounge. Further information regarding this process will be available with your son’s report.

Year 12 students are continuing their QCS preparation this week, with a two day workshop on Thursday and Friday. The 2019 cohort have started the QCS program well during Term 1 and these two days provide an opportunity to consolidate work, especially in the Writing Task and Short Response Item tests.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Thank you for your support this term. I am thrilled to report that it has been very successful from my perspective. I would like to reinforce the importance of creating a positive relationship between students, teachers and parents and the impact it can have on your son's education. The relationship between parents and their son's school is often referred to as a marriage where ongoing support is needed in the good times and bad. This is crucial if the boys are to learn from their mistakes. If independence is a key outcome of the adolescent phase, then responsibility needs to be a priority as well. 

Term 2 is always punctuated with the importance of either consolidating a strong academic start or bringing about change to address issues which limited success in the first term. I encourage you to have a conversation with your son regarding his Term 1 report, paying particular attention to the application and behaviour insights provided by your son’s teachers. There is a strong connection between academic and pastoral progress and we should never view them as being independent of each other. The College strongly encourages students to accompany their parents to the interviews with teaching staff at the commencement of Term 2. It is a significantly more influential conversation when the boys are present at these meetings. 

As we move into next term, I would like to remind all students of the value of pride in their personal appearance and I expect that all students are appropriately attired and return with suitable a haircut for the commencement of classes in Term 2.  As the year progresses, so does the number of boys who are required to shave. I ask that you ensure your son arrives to school on a Monday morning clean-shaven and then shaves again throughout the week as required. A key uniform focus for the pastoral team early next term will be identifying students who are wearing socks that are well past their used by date. It would be appreciated if these socks are put to rest over the holidays and didn’t make a resurrection on Easter Sunday! Take care.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Three symbols of peace and tolerance

Two weeks ago, 150 members of our Terrace Family gathered and spent some time reflecting on our personal and communal response to the recent Christchurch tragedy. This tragic event that has shaken the people of New Zealand has reminded me, and our world, that peace and tolerance in our societies is something we cannot take for granted. We need to continually seek ways to speak for peace and tolerance, advocate for peace and tolerance and be instruments of peace and tolerance. We must walk the talk of peace and tolerance.

Our Christian faith is strongly grounded in peace. In fact, one of the very first ways Jesus asked his followers to be fully human was to be a peacemaker. The Christian faith is not the only faith that strongly promotes peace. In all the media reports we hear, we read, we see – we can lose sight of the fact that many faiths have peace and tolerance as a key tenet, belief or practice.

At tomorrow’s end of term Thanksgiving Liturgy, we will spend some still and quiet time exploring and giving thanks for three symbols that call their respective followers to be instruments of peace in our world:

The crescent moon. A heavenly body we witness in this form each 28 days. The symbol for the followers of Islam. A 600 year old Islamic prayer calls people to:

Unite our hearts and set aright our mutual affairs, guide us in the path of peace.

The cross. Two simple intersecting lines arranged perpendicular to each other. The symbol for Christians who are committed to following the way of Jesus. The well known Peace Prayer of St Francis asks us to:

Make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me bring love. Where there is hurt, let me bring forgiveness. Where there is disharmony, let me bring unity.

The six-pointed star. Two overlaid equilateral triangles. The symbol of Judaism, representing the star of David and the foundations of the faith. “Shalom” is a traditional Jewish greeting, with deep meaning:

Translated, “shalom” means “I wish peace for you.” Not transient peace that comes and goes. Rather, peace which subsists. Peace which stays with you.

As a Catholic faith and learning community, the Gospel of Jesus reminds us that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life of peace. Our Lenten journey, which continues for the next two weeks, has, and will continue to, provide us with the chance to follow the path of peace. As our Lenten journey brings us closer to the season of Easter, we remember that Jesus is a way, a truth and a life of peace. 

I wish all our students and families a happy and safe holiday and a Holy Easter.

The Good News of Terrace: St James’ Captains Efon and Paul sharing their thoughts on the EREA Touchstones with our Year 7s. 

Terrace Library

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

GPS premiership win

Last Friday night was a night many years in the making.  After 13 years, our Senior A GPS Debating team claimed The Vicki Sargent Memorial Trophy.  The team were outright winners after some very tough rounds of competition.  We would like to congratulate our five young men on their win, their display of College spirit and for being examples of Terrace Gentlemen to our younger debaters.

Well done to Scott Moran, Alexander Sullivan, Declan Hackett, James Hurst and Benjamin Scuderi.

For those who may not be aware, this trophy was named after a long-serving Terrace staff member, Ms Vicki Sargent, who made an enormous contribution to GPS Debating.  Vicki joined the Terrace staff in 1983, moving up the professional ladder to become Subject Coordinator and then Head of Faculty of Creative Arts and Coordinator of Art.  In 2001, she joined the College Leadership Team as Director of Culture – the first woman to reach such a position since Terrace was founded in 1875!  Vicki spent her entire teaching career at Terrace and so it was fitting that her funeral was held at the birthplace of Terrace – St Stephen’s Cathedral in Elizabeth Street.  Her passing in 2007 saw over 1200 friends, family, students and old boys line Elizabeth St to form a guard of honour.  It is for this reason we are proud of our entire debating program – students and parents – who supported our Senior A team to bring her trophy back to Terrace.

GPS Music showcase

Earlier this term, 23 students were chosen to represent Terrace at the GPS Music Showcase.  This event showcases the elite musicians from the nine GPS schools.  Please find following a YouTube video following the path of one of our musicians – Luke Ames (Year 10).

Madagascar Jr – Save the Date! 

Tickets to the 2019 Middle School Musical will be on sale soon. Reserve the dates in your diary and keep your eye on the newsletter and social media for the release of ticket sales. 

  • Thursday 9 May 6.30pm 
  • Friday 10 May 6.30pm 
  • Saturday 11 May 6.30pm

Madagascar Jr – from The Director 

Madagascar Jr, our Middle School musical, is the story of a group of Central Park Zoo animals, shipped from New York City, mistakenly winding up in Madagascar.  As fate would have it, the costume head-pieces for our leads are en-route to us from the Netherlands, where they were constructed, via cargo ship.  Hopefully they don’t experience the same misadventures as befall the heroes in our show!  Oscar Wilde said it best, Life imitates art!  

Rehearsals have been firing on all cylinders and the boys have been dancing up a storm at our Wednesday choreography rehearsals and singing and acting their way through the play during our Monday rehearsals.  Be sure to get your tickets for what is going to be a one-of-a-kind event.

High School Musical - Date Claimer

The All Hallows’/Gregory Terrace joint production for 2019: High School Musical on Stage will be held in Claver Theatre with performances as follows:

  • Thursday 9 May - 7pm
  • Friday 10 May - 5pm
  • Friday 10 May - 7.30pm
  • Saturday 11 May - 7pm

 Tickets will be available for purchase from Tuesday 23 April 2019 (Day 1, Term 2) through the All Hallows’ School Payment Portal or via the links below:

High School Musical on Stage Thursday 9 May 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

 High School Musical on Stage Friday 10 May 2019 – 5:00pm to 6:30pm

 High School Musical on Stage Friday 10 May 2019 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

 High School Musical on Stage Saturday 11 May 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Seats are now formally numbered in Claver Theatre. Tickets purchased for this production will be for specifically numbered seats.

Support Group Meetings

  • Tuesday 7 May, 5.30pm - Debating Support Group in the Old Boys’ Room

  • Tuesday 7 May, 5.30pm - Terrace Performing Arts in the Callan Centre

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Term 2 Music

A perusal of the Term 2 Music events reveals a busy schedule of performances for musicians and singers.

School holidays present a wonderful opportunity for practice on a regular basis, in preparation for the upcoming performances. Along these lines, a reminder that Music Practice Hall is held on Mondays from 3.15-5pm. We encourage you to support this unique opportunity on a regular basis, and give your sons the chance to practice with guided supervision. This is run by tutors from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and other tertiary institutions. 


The ANZAC Day city march occurs in Week 1 of Term 2. This year, the band will be marching around twice. This will occur at approximately 10.30am and again at 11.30am. This national event is carried live by ABC television, so for those who can’t make it to see their sons march, you will be able to watch them on the ABC.

The Norman Clarke concert

At Terrace, we are proud of our classroom music program and all that it offers students in Years 5 and 6. As part of the students’ musical journey, opportunities to perform are provided in Terms 2, 3 and 4. The program’s benefactor Mr Norman Clarke has invested considerable ongoing funding to make the program what it is and the annual concert has been named in his honour. The Norman Clarke concert brings the premier ensembles and choir together into one venue. As a first, we have decided this year to include Year 5 Classroom Music students as a part of this prestigious event.  This will be held in the Hanrahan Theatre at Villanova College on Sunday 9 June and parents are invited. Not only will it provide your sons with their first public appearance as musicians, but it will also show them and yourselves what the future will bring, as they develop on their musical journey. Timings for this event will be released shortly, but the performance itself is held in the afternoon.
Soon the boys will be rehearsing the repertoire for this concert, so please encourage them to practice often. We are looking forward to seeing them amaze you when their collective efforts come together on the day.

Holiday Workshops

  • Monday 15 April 9-12pm Tennyson, ANZAC Day Marching Band, (Consisting of BCB, RCB and Red Thunder Drumline) 
  • Monday 15 April 12.30-2.30pm Tennyson, Red Thunder Drumline  
  • Tuesday 16 April, 9-12pm Tennyson, ANZAC Day Marching Band (as per above + SWE) 
  • Tuesday 16 April, 12.30-2.30pm Tennyson, Pep Band (TJO, BBB, Tuba Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble Two Drumline)

Term 2 Events

  • Thursday 25 April 8am-12.30pm,  ANZAC Day Marching Band Thursday, meet at Terrace, march in Brisbane CBD
  • Thursday 9 - Saturday 11 May, Middle School Music Production, selected performers only
  • Saturday 11 May, 12.30pm, Pep Band
  • Saturday  25 May, 12.30pm, Pep Band 
  • Saturday 1 June, 12.30pm, Pep Band
  • Sunday 9 June, Villanova College. Norman Clarke Concert. Sound checks from 10.45am, concert at 3pm
  •  Monday 24 June, Drumline and BB2 Workshop 
  • Tuesday 25 June, First Percussion Ensemble BB3 band Workshop
  • Wednesday 26 June, Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC band Workshops 
  • Thursday 28 June – Saturday 6 July, USA Music Tour 

Acting Director of Sport | Mr Tyron Mandrusiak

Thank you

Well done to all boys who participated in our Term 1 activities. All boys, in all teams/crews, in all activities displayed great sportsmanship and respect for their opponents and they are to be congratulated for their performances.  The coaches, many of whom are teachers, parents and Old Boys are to be congratulated as well for giving up their time; the success of Terrace Sport is due in no small part to their invaluable assistance. 

Many thanks to the respective Directors of each sport: Mr Michael MacDermott (Swimming), Mr Brendan McGrath (Rowing), Mr Blair Copelin (Cricket) and Mr Matthew Hamilton-Smith (Volleyball). A huge thank you to Ms Cerene Hughes for her efforts behind the scenes and her continual support of each director. 

Special thanks must go to the Support Groups who were the first to arrive and last to leave each venue on game and event day to set up and pull down, our Terrace umpires and referees who quietly went about their jobs, Mr Alan Kennedy and Mr Craig Jesberg who prepared the fields at Tennyson each weekend and finally, all the parents and friends who supported each activity.

Term 2 Sport

Thanks to all families who took the time to sign on for Term 2 Sport. This has greatly assisted the Sport Office with the sorting of coaches, referees, buses, field usage and ultimately how many teams we nominate in the GPS Football and Tennis competition.

Have a safe Easter holiday period.

The Weekly Wrap

Cricket Wrap

In the final round of GPS Cricket for Season 2019, Terrace played Ipswich Grammar School (IGS), one of the stronger cricketing colleges. With exams taking precedence at this time of the term, only 14 teams were scheduled to play in matches to align with the IGS teams. Unfortunately, overnight and afternoon rain meant that a handful of matches could not proceed, however the matches that were played were all extremely competitive and well fought games of cricket, continuing the trend of high-quality game play this season. 

Terrace were able to win 8 of the 10 matches played against IGS on the weekend. The 1st XI finished off their season in memorable fashion, defeating Ipswich in a compelling rain reduced game on Internationals Oval, highlighted by a century to 1st XI Opening Batsman/Wicket Keeper Tobias Snell. The 2nd XI completed a successful season with a convincing victory that secured the premiership, the first Terrace 2nd XI team to do so in 10 years.

Most pleasing over the past two rounds was to see the camaraderie that has been built across the length of the season both on the field between the players, but also off the field between parents and families. Cricket is a sport which offers so much more than what occurs on the field, and the friendships that have been developed through the season are worth more than any number of runs or wickets taken. The Cricket program thanks the entire Cricket community for their support of the season and the focus now turns to Season 2020 with great anticipation. 

Click here for: Round 9 results

The Terrace Family

We pray for the families of the following members of our Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest:

Mr Desmond FANNING - GT 1947-55

May they be consoled by their many memories of those they have loved and lost.

Terrace Shop

Read more for limited stock details and important reminders | Trading Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30am-12pm, 12.30-3.30pm

Term 2 | Winter uniform

On return to Term 2, there are only a couple of weeks to purchase your son's winter uniform.

The uniform shop has a limited supply of jumpers and blazers.

The uniform shop appreciates your patience at this busy time of the year. You will be served as quickly as possible.  

Terrace Uniform Shop Purchase Form | Click HereTerrace Uniform Shop Webpage | Click Here


Find all your Term 2 Terrace Family event details here...

Date and Time: Saturday 27 April | 11.00am
Where: Public Lawn Marquee, Eagle Farm Racecourse, 230 Lancaster Rd Ascot
Cost: $190pp (+ booking fees) | Includes racecourse entry, exclusive use of the Public Lawn Marquee, 5 hour food & beverage package, racebooks, private tote, bus to Cloudland after party and much more!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Kristin Esler | | 0411 871 899
Natalie Davis | | 0403 466 354

Race Day | Book Here

Date and Time: Monday 29 April | 7.00pm
Where: Heritage Room, Blackbird Bar & Grill, Riverside Centre 
Cost: $39pp (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP via below link by Friday 19 April
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Natalie Davis | | 0403 466 354

Semi Formal Parent Function | Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 3 May | 10.00am
Where: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex, 309 Herston Rd Herston
Cost: $57pp (+ booking fees) | Includes champagne on arrival, traditional high tea and lucky prize draw entry
RSVP: Tickets on sale via below link 9am Monday 25 March. Please RSVP by Tuesday 23 April, or earlier as ticket numbers are limited!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anna Stiles |

Mothers' High Tea | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 11 May | From 5.00pm
Where: Br Rogers Pavilion, Tennyson 
Cost: Adults - $37 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes & noodle box
Children - Free | Includes pizza & a soft drink
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Friday 3 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Ida Gambaro |

Football Launch | Book Here

Date and Time: Sunday 19 May | 10.00am 
Where: Chapel of the Holy Family, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace
Cost: $26pp (+ booking fees) | Includes morning tea
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 14 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Samantha Mills | | 0409 290 906

Past Mothers' Mass | RSVP Here

Save the Date. Booking details coming in Term 2. 
Date and Time: Thursday 25 July | 6.30pm 
Where: Victoria Park Golf Complex, 309 Herston Rd Herston
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Andrew Stormonth |

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming Year Level parent function details here...

Year 12 Parent/Caregiver Coffee Catch Up

Details: Friday 26 April | 7.45am
Where: The Johnson, 477 Boundary St Spring Hill
Cost: Order at the counter
RSVP: No RSVP required. Please feel welcome to join us.
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 12 Mother & Son Breakfast

Details: Thursday 9 May | 7.00am
Where: Rydges Fortitude Valley, 601 Gregory Terrace Fortitude Valley
Cost: $31pp (+ booking fees). Includes full buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Wednesday 1 May or ASAP before we reach room capacity
For further details or enquiries, please contact          
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Mother & Son B'fast | Book Here

Year 12 State of Origin Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Game 1 | Wednesday 5 June | 6.30pm
Where: The Lord Alfred, 68 Petrie Terrace Brisbane 
$10pp | Includes bar snacks. Paid to Robin Tucker on the evening. 
RSVP: Please RSVP via email below by Thursday 30 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Robin Tucker | | 0418 158 429

RSVP | Email Here

Year 12 Mother's Lunch

Details: Saturday 8 June | Midday
Where: Azure Restaurant, Elements of Byron Resort, 144 Bayshore Drive Byron Bay 
Cost: $73pp (+ booking fees). Includes 2 course lunch 
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 30 April
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Prue Long | | 0427 134 693

Year 12 Lunch | Book Here