Principal's Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

Week 3 has been a full week with several significant events occurring. Earlier this week, the College celebrated Blessed Edmund Rice Feast Day with a whole school liturgy.  For nearly 150 years, Terrace, as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, has shared in the Edmund Rice story and provided a holistic educational journey for over 18 000 young men.  While the academic journey is an important aspect of Terrace, so is the journey for justice and the call to support those on the margins of our society.  Edmund Rice formed the Christian Brothers to help educate and support the young people at the margins in Waterford.  In 2021, as the Terrace Family, we still have a responsibility to support those at the margins – both within our own community and beyond.  At next week's Campus Ministry Presentation Assembly we look forward to officially launching the new Eddie's Van, an important tool in our work with those on the margins.

Another event of great significance is the celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday.  The mothers within our Terrace Family form the cornerstones of who we are and how we can continue to be a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition.  Each of us owes much to our mothers.  Personally, my mother has been a pillar of strength for myself and my family.  As a family of six children, my mother was the glue that kept us together and, importantly, supported each of us through our life journeys.  I have no doubt that without the love, support and passion demonstrated by my mother, I would not be the person I am today, and I am so incredibly grateful for her unconditional love.  I know we all have similar stories to share about our mothers, and this Sunday provides the opportunity for us to say thank you for all they do for us and for the love and support they share with us each day.  Thank you to my mother and to all mothers and mother figures who form our Terrace Family.

This week will see the premiere of the Middle School Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  It is an extraordinary musical, and the talent of our middle school students is equally remarkable.  Staff, parents/caregivers and students, have worked very hard for many months, and the quality of the show reflects this hard work.  Well done to all involved.

My thanks to the GTOBA, Mrs Natalie Twine, Mr Mason Hellyer and the many Old Boy presenters involved in the Career Expo at the College on Tuesday 4 May.  It was an excellent afternoon and provided an opportunity for students of all year levels to learn more about a range of career opportunities.  My thanks to all involved.

Next Monday, 10 May, the College will host its 2021 Open Day.  This event is an excellent way to showcase the magnificent and diverse range of opportunities available at Terrace.  Visitors to the College are asked to register attendance online and scan in using the new Queensland Government Check-In App.  It promises to be a great afternoon, and in advance, I would like to thank the staff, students, parents and caregivers who will contribute to the success of the event.  Open Day activities will operate between 3.30pm – 6.30pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you to the many parents and caregivers who continue to exercise care and caution when driving around the streets near Terrace.  Unfortunately, there are still some drivers who fail to demonstrate the care needed.  Please, do not stop in the middle of the street to pick up your son and do not perform U-turns on Rogers Street or the surrounding narrow streets – including Union Street and Hipwood Street.  I cannot stress enough that student safety is at risk.  It is fair to say that there is significant unrest amongst several of our neighbours due to the unacceptable behaviour of a small number of our parent drivers. This, in turn, reflects very poorly on the College.  I remind all drivers again, please do not park across driveways or on yellow lines, do not stop in the middle of the street to collect your son, and avoid U-turns, particularly in Rogers Street.  I strongly urge you to support and adhere to these simple road safety rules.

Finally, this week, it is with great pleasure that I announce, in conjunction with the Terrace Timor Network, the launch of the new Merlo Kolega Timor coffee.  For many years now, Terrace has had a strong relationship with Timor-Leste and its people.  One aspect of this relationship has been the production of Kolega Coffee from Timor coffee beans.  More recently, Terrace and TTN have forged a relationship with Merlo Coffee to develop a new blend of Kolega Coffee, with profits from coffee sales being distributed to Timor-Leste.  Visitors to Tennyson on a Saturday will also notice that our new Kolega Cafe serves the Merlo Kolega Timor coffee.  This new coffee is made from 100% Timor peaberry beans, sourced, roasted and prepared by Merlo Coffee.  On behalf of all within the Terrace Family, I would like to thank Merlo Coffee, particularly Dean Merlo and his team, for the extraordinarily generous work they have done to facilitate the production of this new Kolega coffee.  My thanks also to the TTN team for the significant amount of work done over many years to get to this point.  I encourage you to come and enjoy a great coffee at the Kolega Café (beside the canteen area) when you are next at Tennyson.  The profit from bean sales directed back to Timor-Leste from these coffee sales will be directed back to Timor via the TTN and will be particularly welcomed as the country deals with natural disasters and the global pandemic.  Thank you again to the Merlo Group and TTN for this outstanding initiative.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

The thoughts and prayers of the Terrace Family go out to a number of staff who have lost loved ones in recent days. Ms Ralda Deoki’s mother passed away late last week, and Mr Devon Naeser lost his dad after a period of illness. Ms Angela Wood and Mr Glenn Cameron also grieve the loss of beloved family members in recent days. It can be a challenge to go about our regular workdays while carrying the burden of the personal issues we have to deal with periodically. However, the support of those in our community helps ease the burden a little, and I am thankful that friends and colleagues always rally around those most in need. May the souls of the departed rest in peace, and may perpetual light shine upon them. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends who grieve their passing.

As I mentioned in last week’s Terrace News, it seems the job of recruitment never ends, with the inevitable mid-year staff departures and periods of leave that are part of such a large organisation. In the past week, we have had the opportunity to welcome several new members of teaching staff to the College:

  • Ms Wendy Hatfield-Witt has joined us to teach Art and Religious Education following the departure of Ms Aubrey-Rees. At this stage, Wendy will be with us until the end of this term.
  • Mr Brad Winchester will replace Mr Devon Naeser teaching Physical Education and Religious Education as he takes a period of personal leave for Weeks 3 and 4.

This week, we have celebrated the feast day of our founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, with a College Mass. We also look forward to celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday. As a son, husband and father, I look forward to spending family time with my mother and my wife on Sunday. In reflection, I am struck by the common character traits of Edmund and so many of our mothers – strength with humility, selflessness, commitment and compassion. These are the traits that allow us to put others before ourselves, something for which mothers are renowned and hopefully thanked. I wish all mums in the Terrace Family a wonderful day full of love and laughter on Sunday.

I am looking forward to seeing many of our current and future families on Monday as we showcase the College at Open Day. I hope to see you there.

Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

Edmund Rice Feast Day – Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever

Yesterday, as a worldwide Christian community, we celebrated the Feast Day of Edmund Rice, the Founder of the Christian Brothers. We gathered as a Terrace Family to celebrate the person who made a real difference in providing hope to young men over 200 years ago; the person who founded the Christian Brothers; the person who inspired the establishment of Catholic schools across the world; the person whose tradition we have carried as a Terrace community for 146 years.

While we celebrated this significant day in the Terrace calendar, 170 000 students from five other continents also gathered to commemorate the life and spirit of our common founder, Blessed Edmund Rice. It is a day of celebration for students and teachers at schools in North America, South America, Ireland, England, East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, India, and New Zealand, who all are part of the Edmund Rice family.  

As members of a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, we are challenged to be stewards of an Edmund Rice education, expressing this identity in an authentic and relevant manner. The essence of an Edmund Rice education remains as relevant as ever before - an education is based on the presence of walking with others, compassion for the hopes and challenges of others and the liberation from our mutual fears and limitations.

  • We are present to each other when we take the time to listen without judgement, correction, or suggestion.
  • We are compassionate to each other when we place the needs of others before our own.
  • We liberate others when we encourage them to realise their true potential, leaving behind self-doubt and fears.

As a Terrace Family and as members of a global Edmund Rice family, we are on a journey to wisdom. As we walk humbly serving others with becoming the best they can be, may we enact the same wisdom that Edmund Rice prayed for, to Live Jesus in our hearts … Forever.

God of justice and compassion
We place before you our needs.
We thank you for the life of Edmund Rice as he opened his heart to Christ present in those oppressed by poverty and injustice
Nourish and inspire us to follow his example of faith and generosity as we strive to live justly.
Open our hearts and minds to accept and welcome all into our community.
May we work together to build a better world
And seek to live lives of love and service, justice and peace,
To be signs of faith to all.
We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen


Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

This week was a celebration of the profound impact our founder Blessed Edmund Rice has had across more than two centuries. Much has changed since 1875, and the College must strike a balance between welcoming change and innovation while retaining the unique traditions and foundations that have brought the College to its current point. I often speak to our Senior students about a definition of tradition that resonates with me – ‘tradition is the best of the past’. This is an important definition, as it helps to distinguish between a fad and a fundamental cornerstone of the College. Certain haircuts or trends will come and go, but our commitment to an education based around service, inclusivity, sound relationships and Gospel values should never falter. The challenge for all members of our community is to keep alive the very best of the past and continue to grow the traditions for which the College has become best known.  While it may never be perfect, we aim to challenge students to constantly live out Edmund’s vision.

Throughout the week, our Year 6 students participated in a workshop titled Awareness, restraint and resilience of emotions. The workshop, run by Peer Power, is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to deal with the emotional challenges we often face in life by teaching students how to identify and control emotional impulses.

Once again, we welcomed Lisa Maltman back to the College to speak with our Years 8 and 11 students about the importance that sleep has on our wellbeing. Sleep can sometimes feel like a hard sell for teenage boys, but it is crucial in managing anxiety and stress for our young men.

Next Monday afternoon, we have the Terrace Open Day. A reminder that all Year 11 students are required to wear their white shirts to school on this day as they will be running the tours for our guests.

Finally, with Mother’s Day this Sunday, I would like to make special mention of the wonderful women whose love makes the lives of our students so much easier.  I trust all our mums will be spoilt on Sunday.  Thank you for all that you do.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

On Tuesday, the Terrace Careers Expo was held at the College. A large number of students were present to take part in the Careers Marketplace – accessing information and speakers from a variety of Universities, TAFE, private training providers and the Defence Force. Following the marketplace, there were four guest speaker panels where students heard from experts in a wide range of career fields. Additionally, a panel of recent Old Boys discussed the transition from school to university. The Careers Expo was a wonderful opportunity for the Terrace Old Boy and parent/caregiver community to contribute to the career development of current students. Thank you to our guest speakers who brought a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to the panels. Each of the panels was filmed and will shortly be available to view on the Terrace YouTube channel - a link will be provided via the College App.

Next week, Years 5, 7 and 9 will participate in the 2021 National Assessment - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) program. The exams will be held each morning of 11–13 May. Study cannot be done for the NAPLAN exams. However, our students in each year level have been participating in a preparation program to familiarise themselves with the question types and expectations of an external exam. This preparation for, and participation in an external exam like NAPLAN also contributes toward each student’s journey toward Year 12 external exams. All year levels will be completing the written NAPLAN this year. Year 5 students will undertake the exams in their class; Year 7 will take the exam in House groups, while the Year 9 cohort will be in the Campbell Centre. We wish each year level all the best with their NAPLAN exams.

Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

Thank you for your attendance at the Immersion parent information night last week. Thanks also to our Immersion presenters for taking the time to delve into what each Immersion entails. We hope that this provided you with more insight into each program. With some Immersions overprescribed, we are working through the difficult task of trying to allocate boys to their preferred selections. As explained at the information night, many boys will be assigned their second preference due to the popularity of some Immersions. I will be meeting with those boys this week.

At the end of the first week of Term 2,  Paul Dillon from DARTA spoke to the Waterford cohort. Paul delivers some valuable information about drugs and alcohol that will hopefully help our young men make informed decisions and stay safe. I would encourage you to ask your son what he took away from this presentation.

We have some exciting opportunities to offer the boys. Over the next couple of Thursdays, our Year 10 volunteers will be undergoing some training with our Edmund Rice Camp partners, who will assist the boys in getting ready for the Head 2 Heart Camp. I very much look forward to seeing the boys grow through their experiences of getting to know some wonderful children from different backgrounds who have much to share with them.

As part of the service-learning opportunities offered throughout the year at Waterford, in Term 2, we are running a Homework Club at St Mary of the Cross School, Windsor. This will involve Year 10 student volunteers to assist these primary school students with their homework. Our St Mary of the Cross School Homework Club will begin on Tuesday of Week 4 (next week). Thank you to all students who volunteered. We appreciate your commitment and hope you have a very enriching experience.

Friday 7 May marks a significant day in the Waterford calendar. It is the day we celebrate our mothers and mother figures and all the hard work, support and dedication they provide. We very much look forward to these women enjoying some quality time at Waterford this Friday before school.

Terrace Library

Terrace Book Week

The Library is gearing up for a very exciting Terrace Book Week next week. There will be book competitions, great prizes, a trivia afternoon, Get Caught Reading awards, Terra Mechanica awards, and more. 

If you would like to be part of the fun, come up to the library and get involved next week!

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Opening Night Tonight

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

The Middle School production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is now wrapping up the last rehearsals. Monday saw the entire cast and crew come together and run their technical and dress rehearsal in the Edmund Rice Theatre. The costumes look incredible thanks to our parent team led by Mrs Tanya O’Meally. The students are the strongest singers and dancers we have seen. They are all looking forward to three sell-out shows Thursday – Saturday this week.

This year, we have employed an on-demand learning system that has seen many virtual hours of rehearsal and personal practice. We look forward to using this tool in future productions.

Freaky Friday - All Hallows' School

Our Senior students have joined with All Hallows' School in their production of Freaky Friday. Their opening night is also this Thursday, and Year 10 student Alex Buswell has reported that rehearsals have been sailing smoothly, and he is excited to take the stage. We look forward to hearing more about his experience next week.

QDU Debating

Our QDU program has experienced numerous successes since the start of the term. Our Senior A, 11.1, 11.2, 9.2, 9.3, 8.1 and 8.3 teams have won their respective matches. In addition, the Senior A, 12.2, both Year 11 teams, 10.1, 10.2, all Year 9 teams, 8.1 and 8.3 teams are all undefeated to date. As a result, these teams are well-positioned to compete in the preliminaries before the QDU finals later this year.

Support Group meetings

The next DSG and TPA meetings will be Tuesday 25 May.  Support Group meetings will be held online if necessary.  

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

TWITTER        @GTCulture

INSTAGRAM terrace_gtculture

YOUTUBE      Terrace Culture YouTube Channel

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

Middle School Musical

Good luck to all boys performing as part of the Middle School Musical production Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Experiencing rehearsals firsthand last weekend, all boys should be immensely proud of their achievements. With a relatively young cast this year, the energy on stage is contagious. Opening Night is tonight. Tickets are hot property, so be sure to purchase yours now.

Can learning a musical instrument help your son?

Over the years, there has been much debate regarding the benefits of learning a musical instrument. However, an article published by Matthew Lorenzo earlier this year raised some pertinent questions surrounding this issue.

Educator Martin Bergee from the University of Kansas set out to bust the myth that music contributes to student’s success in key learning areas and was surprised by his findings.

Martin studied 1000 middle school aged students (Years 5 to 8) to establish if there was any link between music education and increased performance in other disciplines, i.e. numeracy and literacy skills. Martin made allowances for demographics, environmental influences, socioeconomic and educational influences, assuming that the link between music and broader academic performance would decrease.

After a lengthy process, Martin concluded to his surprise that learning music still improved students’ performance in other disciplines. The data from these studies has since been published in the Journal of Research in Music Education.

Martin says:

that not only are these areas related but there's a cause-and-effect relationship - that as you get better in one area, you will, per se, get better in another area. The more you study music, the better you're going to be at math or reading. That's always been suspect with me.
I've always believed that the relationship is correlational and not causational. I set out to demonstrate that there are probably a number of background variables that are influencing achievement in any academic area - in particular, things like the educational level of the family, where the student lives, and so forth.
My intention was to show that the relationships are probably spurious, meaning that background influences are the main drivers of the relationships, and once those outside influences, like demographics, etc., are controlled for, the relationship essentially disappears.
Much to my surprise, not only did they not disappear, but the relationships are really strong.

Martin acknowledges that recent research has focused on the correlation between music education and the broader academic performance of young people. While Martin does not say that learning a musical instrument will automatically provide for a better mind, he does say that it can contribute to developing a more generalisable learning process.

Open Day

Next Monday afternoon, various ensembles will be providing musical entertainment at Open Day. Students will be performing at multiple locations, including Duhig Place, Treacy Court, The Chapel of the Holy Family and Waterford Place. Please come along and support the boys as they perform a range of music throughout the afternoon.

Term 2

  • Thursday 6 - Saturday 8 May - Middle School Musical 
  • Monday 10 May - Open Day
  • Saturday 15 May - Pep Band performance
  • Tuesday 25 May - TPA Meeting
  • Saturday 5 June - Pep Band performance
  • Sunday 6 June - Norman Clarke Concert

The Weekly Wrap


Round 2

Round 2 saw us play State High, a very dominant and ambitious footballing school with plenty of juniors who play in Football Queensland’s NPL. From Years 7 to 12, State High has four teams per age group, which makes Football their highest participation sport. However, our boys were up to the challenge. A number of times, we found ourselves in difficult situations but were willing to dig deep and play until the final whistle. The 9A and 9B sides were particularly admirable in their matches. The 9As played against a solid and powerful team. Despite going one-nil down early, they scored a late equaliser through Zack Damianakis. The 9Bs managed to break down their resilient opposition with a late goal, finishing with a one-nil victory and continuing their impressive unbeaten run, which they have held since Year 7.

Our 8D, 11B, 11A and 3rd XI should also be congratulated on their hard-fought wins, while our 6B, 6C and 5B should be applauded for their incredible efforts away to Toowoomba, where we took two out of three wins.

Across the weekend, we managed 20 wins and two draws. Unfortunately, our 5C, 5D and 5E were washed out at the very last minute.

For the 1st XI, this match was always going to be a good indicator of the group's mindset and the individuals within. If it was a test, we passed, but only just. The four-nil scoreline is good, but it could easily have been closer if not for the acrobatics of goalkeeper Will Harris, who had multiple terrific saves.  We knew State High would be up for the battle, but so were we. We just made life difficult for ourselves by having moments where we didn’t play as a team. It is good that this performance happened so early in the season.

Thanks to the boys that came out to support the team. After a long break, it was great to see them all singing together in celebration after the game.

Round 3 is an away fixture against BBC, and we look forward to another big outing for the program.


Term 3 Rugby Sign On

Sign on will take place throughout Week 5. All families will receive an invitation to register via Parent Lounge. Please note that the GPS competition will once again follow the direction of Rugby Australia and select boys based on their year of birth. This is the same system that operates in the club competition and ensures that boys play at their own age level. The year of schooling is irrelevant. The age selections are 1 January – 31 December.

Please note that the boys born in 2011 (Under 10) will play and be graded with the Under 11 boys. The GPS made this decision as only a small number of GPS schools could field Under 10 teams. The upside is that all Year 5 boys will get to play with their classmates during their first year of rugby here at Terrace.

  • Opens - Born 2003 2004
  • 16 years - Born 2005
  • 15 years - Born 2006
  • 14 years - Born 2007
  • 13 years - Born 2008
  • 12 years - Born 2009
  • 10/ 11 years    Born 2011 / 2010

Refereeing Kids Rugby

Next Friday, our referee coordinator Mr Charlie Marshall will deliver the Rugby Australia “Refereeing Kids Rugby” course to our up and coming schoolboy referees.  It is pleasing to see such a good number of boys registering their interest. Many of the boys will commence their refereeing at the Under 11 / Under 12 level and progress to referee higher age groups once they have gained valuable experience. Good luck to all boys.

Representative Rugby

Congratulations to Lachie Martin, Will Ritchie, Sam Cannon,Thomas Nasser, Matthew Formosa, Luke Felsman and Will Reilly, who have been selected to represent City Districts at the Under 12 Regional Carnival. The carnival will take place late in Term 2.

Player readiness mid-year holiday Rugby clinics

All players will participate in a preseason training program which will take place at Tennyson on Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 July. The purpose of the clinic is to prepare the boys for the upcoming GPS Rugby season. During the clinics, all elements of the Smart Rugby and Confidence in Contact program will be delivered by experienced coaches leading into our trial games against Nudgee College on Saturday 10 July, at Tennyson.

Lost and found

Large amounts of gear are returned from Tennyson after each training session and can be collected from Student Services the following day. Please ensure your son’s name is clearly marked on all items.

Date claimers

  • Week 5 whole College Rugby Sign On – Please note that boys currently enrolled in the Term 2 preseason program are not required to enrol for Term 3 Rugby.
  • Saturday 22 May 1st XV practice games v TSS and ACGS
  • Saturday 29 May 1st XV, 2nd XV and Under 12A/B – Under 16A/B v TGS (A)
  • Saturday 5 June 1st XV, 2nd XV and Under 12A/B – Under 16A/B v BGS (H/A)
  • Saturday 12 June 1st XV, 2nd XV and Under 12A/B – Under 16A/B v ACGS (H/A)
  • Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 July - Holiday Clinics at Tennyson
  • Saturday 10 July - Whole College practice game v NC at Tennyson



Congratulations to Jock Millar (Year 11) who has been selected to attend the 2021 Australian Senior League Championship held on 8–12 May at Albert Park, Lismore NSW. There will be eight teams competing for the Australian Senior League Championship, with the winner representing Australia at the Senior League World Series in Easley, South Carolina USA from 31 July- 7 August 2021.


Congratulations to Jack Moore (Year 9) who has recently been selected to represent Queensland in the 2021 Queensland School Sport 13-19 Years Swimming Merit team.

Water Polo

Congratulations to Jack French (Year 10) who was named in the Queensland Under 16 Merit Water Polo team.  Jack also participated in the Under 16 Water Polo State Championships held last week where his team, Met North, won a gold medal.

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Luke Ames

When I was only in Year 3, I found myself in the middle of a situation that has forever changed my life.

I remember faint lights lighting up the corridor as I took strained, almost regretful steps forward. I was on the way to say goodbye to my dad. All I could hear was the constant beeping from the life support machines droning in the background as I looked at my dad on his deathbed. With my heart feeling as if it was going to explode out of my chest, I stepped forward with shaking hands and said my last goodbyes.

When I look back on this moment, what stands out to me isn’t how I felt. It wasn’t how the room looked or even how my head seemed to swirl with every sound the clock on the wall made. Instead, what stands out in my mind is the support offered to me, especially from my Mum.

In what would have been the darkest moment of her life, she stepped into a dual-parent role, protecting and comforting us every minute she was with us. I distinctly remember the warmth of my Mum’s hand as we apprehensively approached the beeping sounds. I distinctively remember the hugs and talks that we had in the car every day that we came back from the hospital. I distinctively remember all of the trips to the vending machine across the corridor from the ICU and the laughs that followed from Mum as we begged for more than one treat.

Now nine years on from his miraculous recovery, my dad is often called inspirational by people he meets. But what most people don’t see is our Mum. Her actions displayed in a crisis were selfless. During the year my dad was in hospital, I did not miss one day of school, one sporting event or one friend’s birthday party.  I remember going to bed one night when my dad was in hospital, looking at my exhausted Mum lying next to me.  Her heavy eyes slammed shut as soon as her head hit the pillow.  But every day she was around us, I felt hopeful for the future. Everything was going to be okay.

The past nine years have been more than okay – the continuous stream of selfless decisions by my Mum have made it that way.  During late night study sessions, the hot chocolates, the free uber trips all over the city, the encouraging voice whenever I needed it have all allowed me to Answer the Call. Her selfless acts that often go unnoticed by my siblings and me continue to motivate us to be the best that we can be.

This Mother’s Day, Answer the Call to be like mothers. The ones who drive us in at 4am for Rowing training, proofread our shocking English assignments plagued by a mountain of spelling errors and do it all for nothing in return. The world really does need more mothers.

This Mother’s Day, Answer the Call to show gratitude for everything that your Mum does.


Mothers’ High Tea

What a fantastic event it was! The marquee at Victoria Park was a sea of excited mothers and filled with the buzz of #friendraising.  An enormous thank you must go to Renee Pfender and her organising committee, who once again Answered the Call and delivered a wonderful afternoon. Our thanks also to Mrs Susannah Kits in the Communication office for her tireless effort in setting up the event for sale, and ensuring it is always advertised so well for the community.  Bernadette and Sam Dutton teamed up to deliver an entertaining and humorous speech.  I am sure everyone is looking forward to the next high tea in 2022.

Tennyson Canteen Volunteering Term 2

Saturday 8 May is not a home game for Terrace, but our fields will be used to play 16 games. We will be opening the Tennyson Canteen to cater for the parents and boys attending.  We realise many families will be committed to games elsewhere, but if you could please assist with a short stint in either the canteen or BBQ, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please sign on to volunteer via the link sent out via the Football notices on the App during Week 3.


The TLG is thrilled to host the Spice it Up Terralicious’21 Fashion Parade on Friday 11 June at the Royal International Convention Centre.  Tickets went on sale this morning. There is no need to organise a table this year, as true to the theme we are Spicing It Up, there will be a traditional catwalk fashion parade and a cocktail style event. We promise you an afternoon of fashion, fun and fundraising to support This is a Conversation Starter (TIACS). Be sure to stay tuned to the College App for updates.  You can also follow preparations for the big day and find out information about our fantastic sponsors and prize donors on Instagram - Terralicious 21’.

Upcoming Events

  • 7 May – Year 10 Mother/Son breakfast at Waterford
  • 10 May – TLG Meeting 7.30am – Guest Speaker Sonia Thorpe will discuss strategies to support grieving children and young people.
  • 10 May - Open Day – 3.30pm
  • 15 May – Tennyson Canteen - GPS Football Round 4
  • 5 June  – Tennyson Canteen - GPS Football Round 7
  • 7 June – TLG meeting 7.30am - Guest speakers will be Tyron Mandrusiak and Mark Chisholm with a concussion and Ahtletic Development update.
  • 11 June – Terralicious ’21 Fashion Parade


The place to find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details...

A handful of tickets remain - don't miss out on this weekend's performance!

Details: Thursday 6 May, Friday 7 May & Saturday 8 May | 6.30pm show time
Venue: Edmund Rice Theatre, Waterford Place, St Joseph's College Gregory Terrace
Cost: Adult - $20pp (+bf) | Grandparent - $15pp (+bf) | High school student/Child - $10pp (+bf)
For further event details, please contact
Imogen Brown | 

Middle School Musical | Book Here

The Terrace Family is invited to a night under the stars at the Tennyson Moonlight Cinema, in support of Headspace.

Details: Friday 21 May | From 5.00pm 
Venue: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: $10pp (+ booking fees) | Children under 5 free

  • Pizza and baked spud food trucks. 
  • Movie snacks and drinks available to purchase.
  • BYO chairs/picnic blanket

For further information, please contact
Terrace Communications |

Moonlight Cinema | Book Here

Tickets are now on sale to the 2021 Terralicious Fashion Parade

In support of mental health advocacy organisation, This is a Conversation Starter (TIACS) Foundation.
Details: Friday 11 June | From 11.30am
Venue: Royal International Convention Centre (RNA) | Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills
Cost: $140pp (+ booking fees) | Includes welcome glass of champagne, canapés, two fork dishes & a chance to win dinner for four at The Balfour Kitchen & Bar. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below ticket link by Friday 4 June or before tickets sell out! 
For further event information or enquiries, please contact
Loretta Olivotto | | 0419 821 762

Terralicious Fashion Parade | Book Here

Terralicious Black Raffle tickets are now on sale, with some amazing prizes up for grabs for all the Terrace Family. 

All proceeds will go directly to supporting for this year's Terralicious Fashion Parade charity, This is a Conversation Starter. 

Tickets $20 each or 3 for $50 (+ booking fees) via the below link.

Black Raffle Tickets | Purchase Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming parent event for 2021 here...

Year 12 Mother/Caregiver & Son Breakfast

Details: Friday 14 May | 6.30 - 9.00am
Venue: Victoria Park Marquee, Herston Rd, Herston
Cost: $29pp (+bf) | Includes continental breakfast and drinks
Bookings now closed
For further information, please contact
Julia Joseph |

Community Information


The Terracian magazine wishes to apologise to the Joseph and Tyquin families for the error made on Page 17 of the April Terracian.  Anthony Joseph (GT 1993) was not awarded the AM, rather it was his father Anthony Joseph who was awarded the AM in the Australia Day Honours.  We congratulate Mr Joseph for this recognition.  Mr John Tyquin (GT 1982) was also not awarded the OAM, it was his father Mr John Tyquin who was awarded the OAM and we congratulate him on this honour.  A formal apology will be placed in the August edition of The Terracian magazine.