Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

Welcome to Term 4. I hope that the break provided an opportunity to recharge in preparation for the hectic Term 4 that lies ahead. Over the holidays, many Terrace students, staff and parents engaged in a range of training and rehearsals in readiness for the term ahead.

As we commence the term, I ask for your cooperation on two matters:

  1. Student masks – Students need to take greater responsibility for their own masks. As outlined in a communication late last term, a small fee will now be charged for masks supplied by the College.
  2. Parent drivers – Towards the end of Term 3, I noticed a marked increase in poor parent driving behaviour, performing U-turns, stopping in driveways and in the middle of the road to collect students. This driving is a significant safety issue, and I again ask that you please refrain from these illegal actions. If you do not want to sit in traffic in Rogers Street, then I suggest you arrange an alternative pick-up location. I apologise for the tone of my message; however, the safety of our students remains paramount.

It was extraordinary and very pleasing to see the large number of Year 12 students who attended the open classrooms offered during the second week of the holidays. A consistent focus on teaching and learning is key to the success that Terrace experiences in and out of the classroom. Well done, and thank you to all involved.

As we turn our attention to Term 4, we all must assume a ‘start now’ approach. With only eight weeks from start to finish and numerous interruptions along the way, the term will be over before we know. My strong message is, ‘start now’.

Term 3 reports will be sent out tomorrow, Friday 8 October and will reflect your son’s performance during Term 3. There are no parent/teacher meetings following these reports. Should you have queries or concerns regarding your son’s progress, please make contact with his teachers.

Numerous events are occurring this term, and I encourage you to monitor the College calendar or the College App to keep up with what is happening. There are a few events that I would like to draw your attention to specifically:

  • 8 October Inter-House Track & Field Carnival
  • 12 October GPS Track & Field Carnival
  • 13 October Year 5 Orientation
  • 16 October ‘GT on the Green’ – Long Lunch
  • 18 October Celebration of Excellence
  • 29 October Rescheduled RNA Public Holiday
  • 18 November Year 12 Valedictory
  • 26 November Final Day of Term 4

The GPS Track and Field Carnival has been rescheduled to Tuesday 12 October. The team has been training well and will give their best on the day. It is my pleasure to announce the Track and Field Captains for 2021:

  • Captain: Griffin Kelly
  • Vice Captain: Oliver Casey-Ryan

I wish all of our athletes the very best.

I would also like to advise the following staff changes for Term 4. Mrs Maryanne Costi is taking long service leave this term and will be replaced by Mrs Donna Compton, returning from maternity leave. Mr Geoff Ludlow is also taking extended long service leave before retiring and will be replaced by Dr Andreas Ruhmann for this term. Mr Michael MacDermott is on a period of leave during Term 4 to attend to matters of a personal nature. His classes will be covered by current staff. Mr Danny Bliss will also take long service leave before retiring and is being replaced by Mr Conor Bowden, while Mrs Colleen McHugh will join us working part-time as a Library Technician.

The 2021 Giving Day is scheduled for 20 October. The campaign was launched earlier this week. The campaign video ‘One Day’ encourages us to consider how we can help Terrace continue to support students who may otherwise not be able to experience all that a Terrace education offers. We are aiming to raise $400 000. This sum of money will establish an endowed fund that generates income in perpetuity. This endowment fund will provide a Terrace education for a new young man every six years. Your support is valued.

Finally, this week, I welcome you to Term 4 and look forward to journeying with you over the next eight weeks.

God Bless.

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

A warm welcome to all in the Terrace Family as we commence the somewhat brief but significant final term of the academic year. Front of mind at this time is our Senior students whose remaining days in the classroom are now in the single figures. A significant shift under the new QCE system and its associated ATAR is that the final external exams are not written or marked by our staff. Hence, the attitude of staff and students is that of a team taking on a common and somewhat unknown enemy. Opportunities such as mock exams, open classrooms and feedback sessions were facilitated by many teachers during the recent holidays and are an enormous benefit for the Seniors. I wish to pass on the thanks of the community to these dedicated teachers who gave up their holiday time for the benefit of their students. I am confident that it will make a positive difference as the boys tackle their external exams.

As is often the case at the commencement of a new term, a number of unavoidable staffing changes have been made and are reflected in the timetable. A change of teacher is never ideal and is certainly not our preference, but there are occasions when we have no choice. In a big school with many teachers, there is never a term in which changes are not required. In his article this week, Dr Carroll has outlined these staff changes, and I have written to parents and caregivers of the students who will have a change of teacher. At Terrace, we are blessed to have an abundance of quality teachers who are willing to assist when staffing issues arise. I thank those teachers who have willingly helped to ensure that teaching and learning are unaffected.

We are in the final stages of preparing the calendar and timetable for 2022. While there is still plenty to happen this year, plans are well underway for matters including staffing for next year, which will be complicated by several factors, including the mid-year campus swap of Years 9 and 10 students. Wishing all in the Terrace Family the very best for a wonderful final term for the year.

Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

On the Road to Emmaus

A warm welcome to the final term of the year and good luck to our Year 12 students who commence their last term of high school. I enjoy the commencement of a new term. Not only is everyone rested and full of energy, but the College Leadership Team also get to address each year level in GT125. This week, my address has been centred around the Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) touchstone of Gospel Spirituality.

Specifically, I referred to the On the road to Emmaus story in Luke’s Gospel. Post Jesus’ crucifixion, two disciples were walking from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus. While they were walking and still coming to terms with Jesus’ death, a third person appeared and was walking with them. This person realised they were confused, upset, lost and struggling. This person showed love, compassion, empathy and respect. This person walked with them. This person was Jesus!

Last term, I asked a Year 11 student who his Emmaus person was during the pandemic last year. The person who walked with him in a time of unknowns, struggle and disconnection from school. This student, without a blink, said Waterford Place teacher, Mr Ernst.

Mr Ernst walked with me. He is a man that genuinely cared for the wellbeing of every single person who walked through his door. He had time for everybody. No matter if you were his student or not. He was a man that listened. He never judged anyone but simply offered reassurance that we can only try our best, and sometimes, our best isn’t always good enough. But we are still good people. The fear of what the school day may have brought instantly disappeared when Mr Ernst would simply say 'good morning'. It didn’t always need to be a chat, but his bubbly personality made going to school 100 times easier. Mr Ernst connected me with the school environment at a time when I was lost. He is a man I strongly look up to, a person who is empathetic, respectful and truthful to all.

Post telling the students this story, I asked them to reflect on Term 3. Specifically –

  • Was there an Emmaus person that walked with you when you were confused, upset, lost or struggling last term?
  • Were you an Emmaus person to someone last term?

With the exception of Year 12 students, Term 4 is only eight weeks. Remove the public holidays and the examination period. Students are looking at a six-week term. Scary. Term 4 and the end of the year can bring about feelings of pressure and burnout. It is a time when many people in our community will need someone to walk with them. My challenge to the students this term is: How will they Answer The Call and walk with someone at Terrace? To be like Jesus, a person who walked with the disciples in a time of need, in a time of struggle and in a time of despair? How will they talk the talk and walk the walk to live the touchstone of Gospel Spirituality?

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever.

St Joseph…Pray for us.

Dean of Students | Mr Damian Cuddihy

Welcome to Term 4. I hope you had the opportunity to change the usual routine over the holidays. The boys have made an excellent start this week and seem prepared for the challenges ahead. Thank you for your support in assisting the staff in creating a positive tone around the corridors and classrooms by making sure your son has had a haircut and is well groomed this week. This term is short, and students have heard the message throughout the week - they need to get down to work immediately.

Tomorrow, we are holding our annual Inter-House Track and Field Carnival. The day will include a range of fun events culminating in the much anticipated all age House relay and student v staff touch rugby match. As with all House events, the focus is on participation, fun and connection. On this day, all students are asked to wear their PE uniform to school. It is an expectation that every student who is physically able to do so competes in all events for their House. This is an enjoyable, important, and compulsory day for all students, and I look forward to everyone attending and participating to the best of their ability. Please remind your son to bring a water bottle, sunscreen and Terrace hat to the carnival. Boys needing to catch the bus from Terrace need to be here by 8.15am. If you are dropping your son at Tennyson, he will need to arrive by 8.45am. Students can be collected from Tennyson at 2.45pm or from the College at 3.10pm.

Next Tuesday, we have the GPS Track and Field Carnival at QSAC. We wish Mr Hayward and the team all the best for the carnival and hope that as many athletes as possible can record a personal best in their events. This is just a reminder that Year 5 students attend as spectators in the morning, and Year 7 students will attend in the afternoon.

We will continue to push the message about considerate use of public transport to and from the College. The need to look for opportunities to offer your seat to an adult and ensure that you don’t take food onto the train or bus is at the forefront of this message. Further to this, students have also been asked to ensure they only cross major roads at designated crossings, even if it means walking slightly further to do so. The welfare of students is our top priority, and we need them to help by making good decisions when it comes to their safety.

I look forward to a positive and highly successful final term for all members of our community.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

As we start the last term of the year, I trust that families were able to enjoy a restful break from the school routine and students (and parents!) are now feeling refreshed and ready for the term ahead.

Term 3 reports for Years 5-11 will be available from the Parent Lounge at 3pm on Friday 8 October. This reporting timeline is consistent with the timeline from previous years. There are a number of different reports that will be provided.

  • Years 5-10 will receive a progress report detailing the Term 3 and cumulative results.
  • Year 11 will receive a detailed subject report with subject based comments. This report marks the conclusion of Unit 2 and the formative aspect of each subject. All internal and mock external assessments will be detailed on the report and a Term 3 grade, cumulative result, and cumulative grade.

As always, a report is an opportunity to reflect on a student’s academic performance. I encourage students and parents to celebrate the positives and discuss strategies to overcome the disappointments of the report. Additionally, students will meet with their Pastoral Care Mentor or House Dean to discuss their academic progress.

In the second week of the holidays, the Year 12 cohort were offered the opportunity to attend open classrooms. This program was an opportunity for Senior students to continue their preparation for the upcoming external exams. Open classrooms were well attended, with well over half of the grade on site for each of the five days. This is a wonderful reflection of the commitment to each student’s academic performance and a reflection of the Terrace academic culture. My thanks to the students who attended and the staff who enabled the week to occur and run smoothly.

Term 4 is a very short term of only eight weeks, with only six teaching weeks until the commencement of exams. In year level assemblies this week, I have discussed the importance of starting ASAP. Academic success comes about through sustained effort over some time. As this term is short, the time to start is now.

All the best for the term ahead.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


Thank you to the staff, families and students who participated in activities over the recent holiday period. Over the holidays we had the Guitar Orchestra shoot a video of Blinding Lights by the Weekend. To be released on YouTube in the coming weeks. We also had rehearsals for the 2021 Celebration of Excellence.

Congratulations to the six students who participated in the Australian Honours Ensemble Program (AHEP) and the 24 students who participated in State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP).


This weekend will see Terrace host the Queensland Interschool State Chess Championships. This event will see students from across the state coming to our College and spending two days competing.


After a long, drawn out, COVID affected season, our Senior A team played in the QDU Grand Final in the last week of Term 3. Congratulations to these young men who gave it their all. They were narrowly beaten by a very competitive Churchie team, who we congratulate for a spirited debate.

The QDU season continues for our other teams, with our 10.1, 9.1 and 9.3 competing in the finals.

Debating for Years 5-7 QDU teams will continue for the next five weeks.

The 2022 Debating trials will be held next weekend. Registration is via Parent Lounge and is open to all students in Years 7-11. Registration for Year 5-6 will be at a later date.

Public speaking

Students participated in an online public speaking seminar with World Champion Public Speaker Mark Hunter. Thank you to Ms Clarke for facilitating this event during the break.

Support Group meetings

Support Group meetings will be held on 9 November in the board rooms at Mt Sion. Please note the change of rooms for the Debating meeting.

Debating Support Group:

Terrace Performing Arts:

Staying in touch

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. If you have any photographs or videos that you would like to share, please tag us.


INSTAGRAM terrace_gtculture

YOUTUBE Terrace Culture YouTube Channel

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. ― Billy Joel

Holiday workshops

The holiday break was a productive and busy time for many musicians within the Terrace Music program. Our Big Band rhythm sections worked on developing their skills and mastering new styles and genres of music. The Guitar Orchestra workshopped and recorded over two days - stay tuned for their new video to be released soon. With the Celebration of Excellence almost upon us many instrumentalists and choral students were involved with rehearsals in preparation for the event.

Celebration of Excellence rehearsals

All students in SWE, TJO, Waterford String Orchestra and Waterford Strings 2 will have rehearsals each morning next week from 7am until the end of Pastoral Care as they prepare for Celebration of Excellence. The Terrace Choir and Youth Choir will be required from Wednesday morning onwards.

TPA Senior Music Lunch

Next Tuesday is the Senior Music lunch, which provides the opportunity to recognise Year 12 Music students for their service and dedication to the Music program throughout their time at the College.

Music Practice Hall

Music Practice Hall will commence next Monday for Term 4. Please note that on Monday 18 October there will be no Music Practice Hall due to the Celebration of Excellence.

Director of Sport | Mr Tony McGahan

For all Cricket, Rowing, Swimming and Volleyball parents, it is hard to believe we are back to pre-season training already. We hope those boys looking to improve their Term 1 performances this year have a great pre-season and set themselves up for the Term 1 2022 competition.

Terrace Sport continued over the holidays, with the 1st XI Cricket, 1st VIII Rowing and 1st VI Volleyball programs making a start on their training programs. With an emphasis on standards, expectations, identity, and style of play, these training days are important so pre-season can be smooth and have a clear focus in Term 4.

Track and Field

This Friday is the College Inter-House Track and Field Carnival at Tennyson. While this carnival is a participation-based event, the opportunity to be spotted by our Track and Field staff is still available for the GPS Track and Field Championship, scheduled for next Tuesday - Week 2 at QSAC.

A big thanks to Track and Field Coordinator Mr Anthony Hayward and Head Coach Mr Werner Botha for their tireless work with our squad in Term 3. There were many early mornings and training at Queensland University over the holidays. We wish the coaches and team led by Captain Griffin Kelly and Vice Captain Oliver Casey-Ryan all the best for next Tuesday.

Whatever the outcome, our boys can be proud of the effort they have put into their training over the last 11 weeks. Their commitment to this Track and Field season was evident with their outstanding attendance at training over the holidays, with up to 50 boys training each day. Thank you to all these boys for making an effort to attend, and thank you to your parents for taking the time to drive you each day.

Two incredibly noteworthy achievements occurred over the holidays.

  1. Saturday 18 September - Meet 1 of the Queensland Athletics Road to ‘32 Series, held at QSAC (SAF), Track and Field Captain Griffin Kelly broke Stuart Bowden’s 1997 1500m College record with a time of 3:50.15. He broke Stuart’s long-standing record by an incredible margin of 6.84 seconds.
  2. Saturday 25 September – Meet 3 of the Queensland Athletics Road to ‘32 Series, held at the University of Queensland Athletics Centre, Lachlan Kennedy broke Anthony Ryan’s 1986 100m College Record with a time of 10.51 seconds. He broke Anthony’s long-standing record by 0.17 seconds.

Breaking these long-held records is a testament to the calibre of athletes that these fabulous young men are. Congratulations Griffin and Lachlan!


The four-day Champion Basketball School of Queensland (CBSQ) 2021 competition was held for the first time at the Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre. This 16-court venue played host to 124 schools across seven divisions. Terrace competed in the championship division and was keen to better the 2020 fourth-place finish. They entered the tournament on the back of some inconsistent form in the GPS competition and a less than ideal preparation with several key players carrying injuries and a busy schedule of school events.

Terrace claimed their first-ever Bronze Medal at the competition, cruising to a 19-point win against St James College and closing out what will be remembered as a successful campaign. The resurgence and return to form were led by the starting five: Geordan Papacostas, Dominic Hayes, Samuel Schmidt, Nazar Angallo and Tama Tuhi. Playing long minutes in most games and with fatigue and injury increasing throughout the tournament, the starting group led the squad and stepped up when it mattered most during the finals. The starting five’s contribution was immense, but the result was also down to the role of all players in the team, Phoenix Trego, Hunter Trego, Justin Sullivan, Jacob Shaw, Cooper Marshall, Jack McCabe and Mackenzie Rabbitt.

The tight nature of this group was also strengthened by the non-playing members who stayed in camp all week and supported the team in many off-court roles. It was a justifiable finish to a tough season for the group. However, the Senior members of the team were on the court together for the final siren to close out their time as part of the Terrace Basketball program, leaving their legacy as winners in the final fixture. We thank the coaching staff, Mr Matthew-Hamilton Smith, Mr Rodger Smith, Mr Andrew Latimer and Mr Pat McInerney for their assistance, time, effort and care over the weekend and the entire season.


Congratulations to 1st XV members Xavier Grambower and PJ Su’a on their selection in the Queensland Under 16 Maroon and White sides. The teams have been selected based on performances at school and club rugby. The Queensland Red team played the Queensland White team during the holidays.

Congratulations to Kiyan Gunewardene for his selection in the Brisbane White Under 15 team for the Emerging Reds Cup. Teams from South-East Queensland, Central Queensland and Brisbane recently competed during the September school holidays.

Congratulations to all boys who participated in the recent QJRU State Championships in Toowoomba. Well done to Isaac McAuliffe (Under 16) and Rohan Clancy (Under 13), who have been selected to represent Brisbane City.

Attendance at Training

I would ask that all boys commit to their attendance at training during the week and present ready for their games/lead up meets, home or away. Representing the College is something to be valued. Being a team member who can be depended on entails sacrifice and commitment, no matter the level or activity. Communication for absence at training or games is important for coaches and directors to finalise teams each week.


Please be aware that all Directors, Coordinators and coaches have been asked to monitor training and playing uniform. We want to ensure that we represent the College and ourselves, both on and off the field, with the highest standards.


To remain up to date, please download the College App and select to receive notifications for your son/s' chosen activities. You will find updates, training and playing schedules, team lists, game/meet locations, and further information under the individual sport.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all Year 12 boys who took part in Term 3 sport and thank them for their efforts playing their respective sports at Terrace. These young men have represented the College well, some since 2014. The Terrace Family is very proud of you, and in your final year, we want to thank you for pulling on the red and black for the final time.

Have a great Term 4 in Terrace Sport.

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captains, Luke Ames & Oliver Casey-Ryan

Within the present day, we as humans tend to crave busy, bustling lifestyles. We tailor our lives to be ever so jam-packed with things like meetings, social media and everything in between. Sometimes at Terrace, it is true that life as a student is often hectic. Often, the importance of deadlines and school bells gets in the way of what really matters. But as we sit back and soak in the reality that our days at this great place are numbered, and the final sporting and cultural events have already passed over the horizon, we realise that our most significant takeaway from this place will not be the B+ in Chemistry, or how well we could play Cricket in Year 7. What we will miss most is that sense of belonging, a true connectedness and a sense of immense appreciation toward the Terrace Family that made this place our home.

When we first stepped inside the hallowed Rogers Street gates, it is fair to say that what made this place so special was the materialistic things; the academic medals, the sporting trophies, the opportunity to wear the red and black tie was what entranced the wide-eyed Terrace students walking into the College for the first time. Now, as we prepare to walk out the gates for our final time as Terrace students, our whole perspective on what it means to be a Terracian has changed. While at the start, the true grandeur of the halls was what appealed to us. We were just happy to be there, to be at a school where we were almost guaranteed good marks and spoonfed an array of other co-curricular and holistic experiences. Now, as we prepare to depart the College for the last time as students, looking back, it is fair to say that the most important thing about this place was who we chose to walk these halls with.

The last eight years have been the time of our lives, but it is an experience that we have found truly special due to the men around us who have answered the call. Answering the call to early morning Rowing sessions, getting lost together on the first day or the hilarious small talk at lunch. It has been a privilege to walk through the gates with the 240 men that will make up the 2021 Seniors, and it is a surreal feeling to think that we may do it for the final time in a couple of weeks. It has been a privilege to Answer the Call alongside them. To all other Terrace students, enjoy answering your Terrace call just as much as we have, and may the years that follow be filled with many red and black memories.


Track and Field Carnival

This Friday, 8 October, is the Inter-House Track and Field carnival. The Tennyson canteen and BBQ will be in action on the day to cater for the boys. Burgers, hot chips, as well as the usual range of food from the canteen, plus a few treats, will be on sale on the day. On the day there will be a MEAL DEAL for $15 – Burger, hot chips and a drink

We need volunteers for the day to help feed our boys. Click on the links below to put your name down:

Canteen & BBQ Pit volunteer link - Here
Home bake volunteer link - Here

Terrace Shop volunteers

During Term 4, we will be welcoming our newest students to the Terrace Family, and the Uniform Shop needs our help. If you are interested in helping, please put your name down here.

TLG Committee 2022

The TLG is a Support Group to the College, and we are involved in coordinating a range of events and activities. Our Executive Committee consists of six positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and VP of Hospitality x 2. These positions have a two-year tender, and elections are rotated so that the executive committee has consistency from year to year. We will be calling for nominations for Secretary, Treasurer and VP of Hospitality (x2) to join the executive committee for 2022. If you are interested in nominating for one of these roles, please advise your interest to or feel free to email to ask for more information about a particular role.

Upcoming Events

  • 8 October – Inter-House Track and Field Carnival – volunteers needed
  • 8 November – TLG AGM - 7.30am
  • 11 October – TLG Meeting - 7.30am – Guest speaker Mr Mason Hellyer on ATAR
  • 13 November – The Long Lunch – 12pm start


Come and Try Rowing

Details: Saturday 9 October | 7.00am - 5.30pm
Venue: Maroon Dam | Bus departs and returns to Tennyson
Cost: Free
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Friday 17 September
For further event information, please contact
Brendan McGrath |


Terrace Volleyball Estee Lauder Corporate Shopping Experience

Details: Saturday 30 October | 10.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Level 2, 33 Park Road, Milton
Cost: $10 (+bf)
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Monday 25 October
For further event information, please contact
Diana Weedon |

Get Tickets Here!

Want to help but poor on time?

You can now donate money directly to the Terrace Family's Care and Concern. Cash donations will be used to purchase ingredients to make meals for Terrace families and staff in need.

All donations are appreciated greatly and will support the important work this committee undertakes for our community.

Cash Donation | Click HereCare and Concern | Confidential Referral Form

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Year 5 Mothers' Long Lunch

Details: Sunday 14 November | 12.30 - 3.30pm
Venue: Blackbird Bar & Restaurant, Riverside
Cost: $140pp (+bf) | Includes 3 course lunch & 3 hour beverage package
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 1 November
For further information or event enquiries, please contact
Monica Katsanevas |

Year 5 Mothers' Long Lunch | RSVP Here

Community Information

The Terrace Family would like to congratulate a valued member of our community - Mrs Denise Shellbach on her recognition and award for her service to the community.


Applications for the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme are NOW OPEN! The initiative provides financial assistance for families transporting students to non-state schools in Queensland. Visit


The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme provides financial assistance for families transporting students to non-state schools in Queensland. To find out more about eligibility requirements visit


To find out if you qualify for Students With Disability transport assistance under the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme visit


Applications for the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme will close on 31 October. To apply visit