Focus on students

Terrace students are the focus of the partnership between home and the college.

The Terrace gentleman makes a difference through his knowledge, humility and wisdom.




Pastoral Care

A strong emphasis on academic achievement is essential to providing a holistic education at Terrace.

Our consistently high academic outcomes are the result of dedicated staff and students utilising state-of-art technology in an environment that encourages and recognises improvement and success. Students’ results are carefully tracked to ensure they are given the best possible opportunity to be ‘the best that they can be.’

Lessons learned on the sporting fields – such as teamwork and sportsmanship – are integral to a Terrace education.

As one of nine Greater Public Schools (GPS), Terrace competes in 12 sports at all levels. We consider participation in sport, no matter at what level, to be essential to learning. The 12 sports are divided over four terms per year with preparation and pre-season training also taking place in the preceding term, providing a wide variety of sports to compete in year round.

Arts and culture is crucial to creativity and the whole development of the Terrace student.

The diversity of activities available to students ensures that there is a means by which every student is provided with the opportunity to foster and develop the ‘artist within’, be it through Music, Film and Television, Debating, Speech and Drama, Chess and much more. Activities such as Chess and Debating also provide competition against other GPS Schools.

Pastoral Care at Terrace is built on an atmosphere of care in which every individual is valued and welcome.

As we strive for the students in our care to become the best that they can be, many individuals including House Deans, tutors, teachers and senior students play a role in the personal and spiritual development of the Terrace gentleman. Our pastoral care system also is strongly supported by our retreat program, the campus ministry and service programs.


A proud history

Terrace, the first Christian Brothers’ school in Queensland, is steeped in history.

Established in 1875, the students of today stand on the shoulders of those who went before them.


News & Events

Terrace is a vibrant and dynamic community inside and outside of the classroom.

Terrace does not tolerate bullying. If you have seen or experienced bullying of any kind, please report it here.

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