Student Safety or Bullying Concerns Report

St Joseph’s College has a very strong, active culture of avoiding and responding to student harm. The College prioritises safety and Pastoral Care for its students, which is strongly tied to the sense of family that has become synonymous with Terrace. We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment and growing an atmosphere of care, in which every individual is valued, welcomed and given a voice.

To report a concern about student harm, safety or bullying at the College please complete the form here. You may also wish to report an incident or concern relating to student safety that has taken place outside of the College. Submissions can be anonymous - no name is required.

Your report will go to the Dean of Students.

If you would prefer to send a report to the Principal or Deputy Principal, you can email: or

Even if you are unsure whether to report a concern about yourself or another student, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead and make the report and the College staff will make a wise decision about how to proceed.

Report Concerns