Year 12 OP Results

Congratulations Class of 2017

Dr Michael Carroll has recently written to the Terrace Family and advised of the Year 12 2017 OP Results. The Senior Class of 2017 is to be congratulated on their efforts and outcomes both within the classroom and the Queensland Core Skills test. We also acknowledge and thank the College teaching staff for their dedication and expertise, and the parents/guardians for their ongoing support of their sons.

We particularly congratulate the Senior class of 2017 in obtaining a median OP score of 5. The Terrace teaching staff are extremely proud that 50 % of the cohort received an OP 5 or better. Further to these results, 26.7 % of the cohort received an OP score of 1 or 2.

We congratulate the following 30 students who received an OP 1:

William Bingham

Lachlan Dunk

Hunter Preston

Hamish Brown

Liam Falconer

Hamish Quinn

Daniel Burgess

Carl Franzmann

Connor Ryan

Joshua Cabucos

Sean Galloway

Patrick Self

Alexander Campion

Joshua Hagemann

Patrick Sharkey

Joseph Cappello

Henry Hanson

Isaac Wade

Seunghwa Cheong

Jack Kimmins

Callum Waite

William Cook

Charles Marshall

Benjamin Wilson-Boyd

Patrick Cummins

Adam McMamara

Benjamin Woodrow

Xavier Cunningham

Jack Moore

Connor Wright