Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

This week has been a significant week for Terrace.  Our students in Years 5,7 and 9 have participated in the NAPLAN testing program.  The students have performed very well, and I congratulate them on their dedication and focus. My thanks are also extended to the staff who have assisted the students with their preparation.  The NAPLAN results will be available later in the year.

This week has also seen Terrace participating in the EREA School Renewal Program.  The Renewal has involved the School Renewal Team meeting with a cross section of staff, students and parents in order to assess how Terrace acts as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition.  The Renewal process finishes on Friday and a Renewal Report will be presented later in the year.  I thank all those who were involved in the various interviews.

This Sunday, the Terrace Ladies Group will host their annual Past Mothers’ Mass and morning tea. This is always a wonderful morning and an opportunity for past mothers to reconnect with each other and importantly, have the opportunity to remain part of the Terrace Family. My thanks to the TLG for coordinating the morning tea and of course, to Fr Gerry for his ongoing involvement in our liturgies at Terrace.

Over the coming weeks, the students will be very much involved with their assignments and their revision programs. In these weeks, it is important that the students coordinate their study, homework and co-curricular time. Balance is the key at this stage of the term. We are nearing the end of Week 4 and exams will commence during Week 8. The next few weeks are very important for all of the students.

The building program is progressing well and should be completed by the end of June. Following this, we will relocate into the new building, which will be operational for the start of Term 3. Whilst the building works continue, I again ask that parents continue to be mindful of safety when driving near the College.

As the building program nears completion, I also ask parents to be mindful of pickup at the Centenary Pool carpark. With a large number of cars using the carpark, I ask parents not to park whilst waiting for pickup, but rather, to do the loop until your son is ready for collection. This will greatly assist the parking congestion that is being experienced in the afternoons. Your assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Finally this week, I remind all families that the Terrace Foundation ‘Giving Day’ is scheduled for Wednesday 22 May. Your support of this Giving Day is an important way to assist the Foundation with their significant work.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll

College Principal

Deputy Principal | Mr Chris Ryan

Child Protection and Safety

In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about the College’s ongoing commitment to and investment in Compliance and Human Resources. A fundamental aspect of this is our commitment to adhering to regulations and legislation concerning working with children, child protection and child safety.

Under ‘About Us’ on the College website, you will find numerous important Edmund Rice Education Australia and College policies; none are more important than those that relate to the wellbeing of young people.

In part, our statement of commitment to these policies reads:

All children have a right to feel safe, and be safe.  St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace is committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing, and participation of all children and young people is paramount.  We have zero tolerance of child abuse and all allegations and safety concerns are treated very seriously and consistent with our robust policies and procedures. As part of EREA, the College has legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we are worried about a child’s safety, which we follow rigorously.

In 2019, Edmund Rice Education Australia has appointed Mr Michael Horsley to the inaugural position of National Director for Safeguarding. In particular, Mr Horsley and his team are presently ‘rolling out’ documentation relevant to the National Catholic Safeguarding standards which are being implemented across the country and the subsequent framework being developed by Edmund Rice Education Australia for its 54 schools, including Terrace. Mr Horsley is visiting Terrace next week to discuss this important initiative with key staff and our local implementation of the framework. This work will enhance our practices and procedures and continue to promote the safe, inclusive and proactive program we are blessed to have at the College.

Please visit the College website under ‘About Us’ and preview our policy and process documentation available on the site.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

The boys are at an interesting point in the term, with many assignments due and exams on the horizon. The Sport and Cultural programs are in the middle of their respective seasons and the preseason for the Term 3 programs is well underway. Therefore, it is vitally important that students are organised and are following their study plans in order to maximise their available study time. 

At this busy time, it is easy to leave study and revision until later in the term. However, this can produce a ‘hole’ in a student’s knowledge in exam subjects that is difficult to recover from. One solution here is to complete small, yet consistent time for study/revision. That is, spend 10-20 minutes per subject per night on study for exam subjects before working on assignment subjects.

Other avenues for assistance at this time can be found through staff tutoring and Study Group (Years 11 and 12). Students can make appointments for staff tutoring with their teacher or the scheduled tutor times can be found on the College App. Study Group (Years 11 and 12) occurs every afternoon from 3.15 -5.30pm in rooms 4.22 and 4.23; any Senior student is welcome to work under the supervision of a recent Old Boy. 

Years 9 and 10 students are being asked to select either History or Geography for Semester 2. An email has been sent to all Years 9 and 10 parents/caregivers and students with instructions on how to make their selection. Students are directed to discuss their choice with their parents and make their selection online via the email link. If there are issues with accessing the online selection, please contact the Studies Office.

The 2019 NAPLAN testing program was completed this week. Terrace completed the whole program off-line. Thank you to all the students involved in giving their best effort in the four exams over the three days of testing.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

I have received some positive feedback recently from the public regarding the behaviour of Terrace students on public transport. Our mantra of being the first to stand up has long been communicated to the boys in various forums. I appreciate the role you have played in speaking with your son regarding this matter. Together we have made an impact. I would appreciate your support with regard to the behaviour of boys on the buses that travel to Tennyson. 

In recent weeks, I have informed all boys that misbehaviour on these buses comes with a significant consequence. They will miss their sporting fixtures as well as not being permitted to catch the buses to training for a period of time. A practice that has arisen is to spam other students with images via the “airdrop” function on an iPhone or Mac. We have advised students that it needs to stop and to set their Airdrop privacy settings to “Contacts Only” to avoid this issue. 

The overall standard of uniform looked very good last week. A reminder that all boys are required to wear their blazer to and from school. I would like to particularly commend the boys on the standard of dress at the Football on Saturday. It was a fantastic day at Tennyson with the Football committee working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. Thank you. The boys were generally well presented both on and off the field, although there were a couple of rugby jerseys worn and a few “old” Terrace caps visible which are not acceptable. I am quite determined to ensure that we are well presented and uniform in appearance at co-curricular events. The College hoodie is the only jumper to be worn with playing gear and the College blazer is to be worn with the formal school uniform. 

The annual ‘Mother and Son’ evening is scheduled on Monday 27 May in the Campbell Centre from 5.30 to 7.45 pm.  This is for Year 7 boys and their mother or adult female mentor. It follows from the successful Mother-Son experience last year. Students with Terrace sporting commitments that afternoon have been granted permission to miss training in order to arrive on time. 

The beginning of the week witnessed the third Kairos retreat for the year at Maroon. Kairos is a wonderful time for our Senior students to ‘breathe out’ for a few days and reinvest their energies into the significant relationships in their lives. This weekend also sees a group of Year 10 students participate in the first GT/AHS Head to Heart program for the year. This camp brings together younger students who are marginalised in our community for various reasons and a group of 20 All Hallows’ and Terrace students who act as mentors for a 24 hour period. The College thanks Edmund Rice Camps for facilitating this opportunity for our students to grow as young men.  

Assistant Dean of Identity | Mr Chris Zammit

Throughout Terms 1 and 2, the Year 7 students have had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in their House groups on camp at Maroon Dam. During this time, they have been challenged both physically and mentally as they explore and engage in a variety of activities around the Gregory Terrace Outdoor Education Centre. At the end of each week, these young men have then participated in the Shalom Retreat; a chance to reflect, to share story and to engage with the question of how we build and foster an Inclusive Community. The Hebrew word ‘Shalom’ means ‘peace be with you’ and is a form of welcome or greeting to those encountered on the journey.

During this time our Year 12 student leaders have joined the group to share stories of their journey and the many ups and downs of life. Each story touched on a different theme, from the masks we wear, the storms we encounter, and how we navigate the experience of being new to the Terrace community and the busyness of high school. One common theme continues to filter through each story; that the relationships we form are a vital part of navigating the Terrace journey and that building an inclusive community means we are all constantly asked to welcome others in our words and actions every day.

As Jesus' disciples walked with him in their travels, they learned many lessons. On leadership, they asked the question: Who is the greatest? How can we, as people, be the best we can be? Jesus response was counter cultural – it is not those who are the loudest, or the smartest, the fittest or the best looking, or even the most popular who are the greatest in the eyes of God. Rather, it is those who serve others, who place themselves last, who we should look up to. Jesus gives us a model for how to be inclusive and welcome others in our community. We must constantly look to serve the needs of others before ourselves in order to ensure all in our community have a sense of belonging. So, as we continue our journey through Term 2, ask yourself what you do each and every day, in both actions and words, big and small, to serve the needs of the newest or the most vulnerable members of our community.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Madagascar Jr 

With three sold out shows under their belts, I think we can say that our Middle School Musical cast members have gained some very valuable experience. Thank you to the many parent helpers who stepped up to assist whether it was behind the scenes or on the evenings with programs, tickets and at the bar.  

Thank you also to the parents and friends who have sent in some beautiful emails. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge the hard work from both our production team and our talented students.


Congratulations to Terrace Debating Vice Captain Alex Sullivan who will be representing Queensland (and Terrace) at the National School Debating Championship this weekend in Darwin. We wish him clear thought and speech.  The next step is selection as a member in the World Debating Championships.


Theatresports 2019 kicked off in Term 1 with two workshops led by the training director of ImproMafia, Camelia Percy. During the workshop, our budding “Theatresporters” were taught the basic foundational principles of improvisation. From there, students were allocated into their teams, and since late Term 1 have spent time training with their respective coaches. Our Senior 2 team competed this week at Marist College Ashgrove. They were victorious and will now proceed to the next round. Terrace will host our Senior 1 team on 21 May at 7pm in the Edmund Rice Theatre. Please come along to support them. 

Rostrum – Voice of Youth

The next round of the Rostrum Voice of Youth competition will be held this Saturday at Terrace.  We have three students competing and we wish them all the very best.


Good luck to the 12 Chess students who will be competing in the Interschool Chess Competition at Churchie next Tuesday.  We wish these young men well as they face some formidable opponents.

Support Group Meetings

Debating Support Group – Tuesday 23 July, 5.30pm in the Old Boys’ Room Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 23 July, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or video that you would like to share, please tag us. 

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Congratulations to all performers, support crew and staff for putting on such an amazing spectacle in the Middle School production of Madagascar Jr! 

Our thanks also to the Pep Band for the half time performance at the GPS Football match at Tennyson last Saturday.  This dynamic group will be performing next at Tennyson on 25 May and again 1 June. 

On Sunday, the Double Reed-O-Rama workshop and performance was held at the Conservatorium. This event for oboists and bassoonists was attended by Thomas Druve (Year 8) and Cormaic Dunne (Year 6).   

New opportunities

Terrace Music continues to find new opportunities for our musicians to develop and perform. On Wednesday 5 June from 3-6.30pm in the Music Centre, Professor Annette-Barbara Vogel will be running a rehearsal/workshop with our premier String ensemble, the Waterford Soloists. 

You can learn more about Professor Vogel here:        

The Norman Clarke Concert

The Norman Clarke Concert is our annual showcase for the premier ensembles. A new initiative this year is the addition of Year 5 Classroom Music Band and Strings. These two groups are the direct beneficiaries of Mr Clarke’s generosity and are part of an exciting development. Workshops during staff week and a USA tour round out the term.               

Music Practice Hall 

A reminder that Music Practice Hall is held on Mondays from 3.15-5pm. We encourage you to support this unique opportunity on a regular basis, whereby your sons can practice with guided supervision. This is run by tutors from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and other tertiary institutions. AMEB candidates please note that these tutors are also on hand to assist with the components of the exams. I encourage those interested to avail yourselves of the service.

Term 2 Events

  • Saturday 25 May, 12.30pm - Pep Band.  
  • Saturday 1 June, 12.30pm - Pep Band.  
  • Sunday 9 June, Norman Clarke concert, Villanova College. Sound checks from 10.45am, concert at 3pm. 
  • Monday 24 June, Drumline and BB2 workshop. 
  • Tuesday 25 June, First Percussion Ensemble BB3 band workshop. 
  • Wednesday 26 June, Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC band workshops.
  • Sunday 23 June – 3 July, USA Music tour.

The Weekly Wrap

Football Wrap

Over the weekend, we hosted Nudgee College for our first home GPS Football round. A huge congratulations and thanks to the Football Support Group and groundsmen for all of their time and effort to make this a fantastic day. This weekend represented a great opportunity to compete against a traditional strong and well-resourced Football program. With 12 wins, 11 draws and 17 losses, we might not have achieved the end results we were chasing, however we showed a very competitive display across the day. Thank you to all those who attended the Football Launch on Saturday evening; it was a great way to kick off the season and support Terrace Football.

This weekend we are away at Brisbane State High School. They will again provide a strong test for all of our young gentlemen. It would be wonderful for you to continue your great support throughout our games and to cheer on our 1st XI who will be looking to lock away three important points.

Mr Mitchell Edwards | Director of Football

A draw wasn’t the ideal way to launch our home season, but it was much better than the alternative. A point is a point, but it could so easily have been three given we led twice in the game. Having said that, Nudgee is a team against which you must be prepared to battle, and we did that well. 

Our second 3-3 result in succession says that we can score goals. It also tells us that we need to tighten up defensively and to minimise mistakes in crucial areas on the field. Congratulations to Solomon Wildermariam who scored the team’s first hat-trick of the season. Congratulations also to Connor McKenzie who started his first game since 2017 after a horrid time with injury. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention William Dent (Year 9), Marcus DeRous, Rhys Gray (Year 10) and Maclean Millar (Year 11) who are all new to the squad and are doing a great job. 

It was a really good game of football to watch with a typical ‘derby’ feel about it. There was plenty of action at both ends and the game was well supported by a raucous crowd. The result sees us second on the table, four points behind TSS. The two draws in succession have not done us any favours in chasing the premiership, but all we can do is back up this week and put in the effort against State High. Good intention and effort reap good outcomes.

Mr John Kosmina | 1st XI Coach

Rugby Wrap

Refereeing kids 

Last Friday, our referee coordinator Mr Charlie Marshall delivered the Rugby Australia “Refereeing Kids Rugby” course to our up-and-coming schoolboy referees.  It was pleasing to see such a good number of boys in attendance. Many of the boys will commence their refereeing at the Under 11/Under 12 level and will progress to referee higher age groups once gaining valuable experience – good luck to all boys.

Representative Rugby

Congratulations to George Hales, Archer Mann, Samuel McGahan, Jack Moore, Joseph Simpson and Charlie Vincenzi who have been selected to represent City Districts at the Under 12 Regional Carnival. The carnival will take place late in Term 2.

Term 3 Rugby sign on 

Sign on will take place throughout Week 7. All families will receive an email inviting them to register online. Please note that the GPS competition will once again follow the direction of Rugby Australia and select boys based on their year of birth. This is the same system that operates in the club competition and ensures that boys play in their own age level. Year of schooling is irrelevant. The age selections are 1 January – 31 December.

Please note that the boys born in 2009 (Under 10) will play and be graded with the Under 11 boys. This decision was made by the GPS as only a small number of GPS schools could field Under 10 teams. The upside is that all Year 5 boys will get to play with their classmates during their first year of Rugby here at Terrace.

  • Opens born 2001, 2002 
  • 16 years born 2003
  • 15 years born 2004
  • 14 years born 2005
  • 13 years born 2006 
  • 12 years born 2007
  • 10/ 11 years born 2009 / 2008

Player readiness mid-year holiday rugby clinics 

All players will participate in a preseason training program which will take place at Tennyson on Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 July. The purpose of the clinic is to prepare the boys for the upcoming GPS Rugby season. During the clinics all elements of the Smart Rugby and “Confidence in Contact” program will be delivered by experienced coaches leading into our trial games against Nudgee College on Saturday 13 July at Tennyson. 

Lost and found 

Large amounts of lost clothing  are returned from Tennyson after each training session and can be collected from Student Services the following day. Please ensure you son’s name is clearly marked on all items.

Date claimers

• Week 7 Whole School Rugby Sign On – Please note that boys currently enrolled in the Term 2 preseason program will need to also enrol for Term 3 Rugby.
• Monday 3 June Rugby Program Parent Information presentation GT 125 - 6-7pm
• Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 July - Holiday clinics at Tennyson 
• Saturday 13 July - Whole School practice game v NC at Tennyson
• Saturday 20 July – GPS Round 1 v TGS followed by the Rugby season launch

Tennis Wrap

The results from Round 3 against Nudgee College were excellent. Across the board, we saw competitive matches played throughout the whole program, and in particular between the two EREA schools. The results from the weekend demonstrate a fantastic display of character by the program to bounce back from the previous round against BBC. Terrace, for the first time in over 20 years, went through with a clean sweep against Nudgee to win every match on the day. An incredible effort. The 1st IV had an emphatic victory and won every rubber to stamp their dominance on the day. 

It is nice to win, but it is not the most important outcome of the day. We saw many friends compete against each other on court in a respectful manner and the sportsmanship on display was of the highest standard. Winning is nice but playing in the right manner is more important. 

1st IV 

After a difficult week against BBC, our 1st IV boys knew how important it was to get back into winning matches. 

At the end of the four singles rubbers, Bryce Robinson won 6-2, 6-3, Sean Pacey won 6-0, 6-0 and was ruthless in his dismantling of his opponent, Dominic Anderson won 6-3, 6-4 and Charlie Van Balen won 6-4, 7-5. This put us up 4-0 after the singles without dropping a set. Sean was the best of the performances in the singles.

In the doubles, the boys were fired up and looking for a comprehensive win. In the reverse doubles Bryce and Dominic won their 1st doubles match 6-0,6-1, while Sean and Charlie continued to improve their combination with a three sets super tie-breaker win.

Yosua Lumbanradja was given an opportunity to get some valuable first experiences in the doubles. Yosua was best on court in his doubles with Dominic winning their match against the no 1 Nudgee pair 6-4, 6-2. Sean and Charlie then continued their improvement with a 6-2, 6-1 score. 

The Round 3 results should provide some good momentum for the team leading into some difficult upcoming rounds.

Round 3 Results

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Tom Burns

Fresh from a wonderful weekend at Tennyson, where our Football 1st XI drew in a tough match against our rivals, Nudgee, and our Tennis 1st IV led the program to a clean sweep across the board, I thought I would take the time to talk about the value and power of support. 

It was four years ago when the concept of ‘support’ finally clicked in my head. I had been at Terrace for three years and had watched countless games of rugby, football and cricket. It was where I felt at home. However, I never really thought, besides from the initial tunnel we made for our players, that our support had much effect on the outcome or momentum of the game. That all changed on a cloudy day back in 2015, out at our home, Tennyson. 

It was nearing the end of the Rugby season, and I had unfortunately missed out on a major portion of my team’s season due to a dislocated elbow. With my elbow brace, I sat next to the others in the casualty ward of the season whilst my team ran out to play a dominant BBC side. Much to my disappointment, the mighty 13As were not doing too well and we were down by a number of tries in the first ten minutes. With my team behind, it only took a slight raise in the noise level from the crowd behind me to turn around. What I hadn’t noticed behind me was the number of people who had gathered to watch the 14As in what I later found out to be the premiership game. 

I had never seen so many grey shirts gathered on the sideline for a game like the 14As. From end to end, the boys ran and yelled, slowly destroying the hallowed Tennyson turf, as their team made their way down the field and then were forced back. I watched on in pure disbelief at the energy these supporters were putting in as most by now had drenched their shirts in sweat. But what shocked me more was that it wasn’t Year 12s leading these boys, it was boys from Year 9. They had organised themselves to come out and support their team because they knew the effect it would have. They knew how much it meant to the team. They knew that just a little effort from them would make a difference. It was at this point I truly knew how much support meant. 

The 14As that year were not meant to defeat BBC. But they did. The 14As pulled off what was thought to be impossible. And, in my opinion, they pulled it off because of the people they could see on the sidelines. They dug deep and fought till the end because they knew they had the full support of their mates who took time out of their day to come and watch them. 

Now this may seem very irrelevant to life outside of sport. But as I have slowly discovered every day since that day four years ago, support matters everywhere in life. Whether it is in the seminar room and you need help with your Japanese, support from your mates will help you. Whether you are struggling to keep studying after a couple of hours during exam block, support from those around you will help you to keep going and achieve the marks you thought were just out of reach. The truth is, we all need support and it is support that can help us to achieve the impossible just like the 14As in 2015. 

With this in mind, I encourage everyone to offer support to someone. It may only be small, and it may seem like it is having a very small effect on the person, but I can assure you it is having a greater effect than you think. 

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend, and as Mother’s Day was last Sunday, thank you to all the mothers for your endless support and time you give up for us. All in!

God Bless. 


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22 May is Annual Giving Day
On this day, for 24 hours only, every tax-deductible dollar you donate to the Bursary program will be DOUBLED!
To learn more, and to receive a reminder on the day, please click the below link.

Giving Day | Register Here

Show your support for the Terrace Football program and be in with a chance of winning some incredible prizes, including:

  • 2 nights stay at Brisbane's hottest new hotel, the Calile Hotel on James St. Prize includes accommodation, valet parking, breakfast at the Lobby Bar and a $150 voucher to Hellenika
  • $500 Canterbury voucher
  • $500 Terry White Chemmart voucher

Plus so many more...
Tickets on sale via the below link until Wednesday 19 June.

Football Raffle | Tickets Here

Date and Time: Sunday 2 June | 1.00pm arrival for 2.00pm movie start
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost : $20.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes movie ticket & lucky door prize ticket
RSVP: Please RSVP via the link below by Friday 3 May
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Steven Hohn |

Movie Fundraiser | Book Here

Please join us for a night of celebration as we acknowledge the efforts of all our debaters and coaches throughout the 2019 season. Dinner will be followed by the much anticipated annual Comedy Debate. 
Date and Time: 
Thursday 25 July | 6.30pm 
Where: Victoria Park Golf Complex, 309 Herston Rd Herston
Cost: Adults | $80 (+ booking fees), Students | $70 (+ booking fees), Additional student family member | $60 (+ booking fees)
Includes 2 course dinner & drink on arrival for adults. Soft drinks for students.
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 16 July
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Christine Maher |

Debating Dinner | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 July | 6.00pm - 11.00pm
Where: The Grand Chancellor, Leichhardt St Brisbane
Cost: $135 per Old Boy or $95 per Vintage Terracian or "Young" Old Boy (Class of 2018 - 2014) | Includes 3 hour beverage package, canapes & 2 course sit down meal 
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by Wednesday 24 July
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Erin Bowpitt | | 3214 5422

GTOBA Annual Dinner | Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

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Year 8 Mother's Lunch

Details: Friday 31 May | 12.00pm - 3.00pm 
Where: Libertine Bar and Restaurant, The Barracks, Petrie Terrace 
Cost: $40pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 6 course Autumn Long Lunch menu 
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 21 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact             
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Year 8 Mother's Lunch | Book Here

Year 7 Magee Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Friday 31 May | 7.00pm
Where: Mrs Brown's Kitchen and Bar, 32 Commercial Rd Newstead
Cost: $43pp (+ booking fees) | Includes substantial canapes
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Friday 24 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact            
Jude Lunn | | 0421 280 400

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Year 12 State of Origin Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Game 1 | Wednesday 5 June | 6.30pm
Where: The Lord Alfred, 68 Petrie Terrace Brisbane 
$10pp | Includes bar snacks. Paid to Robin Tucker on the evening. 
RSVP: Please RSVP via email below by Thursday 30 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Robin Tucker | | 0418 158 429

RSVP | Email Here

Year 7 Treacy House Mother's Function

Details: Thursday 6 June | 7.00pm
Where: Mrs Brown's Kitchen and Bar, 32 Commercial Rd Newstead
Cost: $18pp (+ booking fees) | Includes finger food. Cash bar
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 4 June
For further details or enquiries, please contact            
Erin McKenna | | 0438 335 719

Year 7 Treacy Function | Book Here

Year 12 Mother's Lunch

Details: Saturday 8 June | Midday
Where: Azure Restaurant, Elements of Byron Resort, 144 Bayshore Drive Byron Bay 
Cost: $73pp (+ booking fees). Includes 2 course lunch 
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below link by Tuesday 30 April
For further details or enquiries, please contact           
Prue Long | | 0427 134 693

Year 12 Lunch | Book Here