Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

It was not that long ago that I was writing to indicate that we were at the mid-way point of the term – now the end is upon us.

Tomorrow is the last day of Term 2 for the students.  In last week’s Terrace News, I outlined the variations to the last day with exams, Football and Tennis games, as well as the end-of-term Thanksgiving Liturgy.  Staff will return next week to complete marking and reporting processes and to continue planning for Term 3.  The Semester 1 reports will be released online from midday Monday 28 June.  The Parent/Teacher/Student Interview booking process will begin at a similar time during the holiday period.

It has been a big week for many within the Terrace Family.  Last Friday, the TLG hosted Terralicious ’21, which was a huge success.  Well done to the TLG and the organising committee for such a great day.

Last Saturday, another piece of Terrace history was written when our 1st XI Football team defeated Churchie to secure our first ever Football Premiership.  There is still one round to play in the 2021 GPS competition on Friday. Terrace will maintain its position at the top of the ladder, the Premiership is secure.  I congratulate all the players and the staff involved with the 1st XI team and the whole Terrace Football program, past and present, on an outstanding performance.  Well done to all involved.

In more news involving the extended Terrace Family, the 2021 Australian Swimming Trials are currently being held in Adelaide, and we have one current and two former Terrace Swimming Captains among the competitors – Louis Townsend (GT 2015), Tom Neill (GT 2019) and George Williamson (Year 12).  Results from this meet are also being used to select the Australian Swimming Team for the Tokyo Olympics. We wish all these Gentlemen of Terrace the very best.

The final piece of Terrace Family news involves Old Boy Tom O’Halloran (GT 2009), who has gained selection in the Australian Olympic Team for rock climbing.  We congratulate Tom on his achievement.

Over the holiday break, there are many camps, tours, rehearsals and training sessions occurring.  I thank all involved with these activities and I am sure they will be successful events.  Good luck to all involved.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support during Term 2.  I trust the upcoming holiday period provides the chance to recharge the batteries in preparation for Term 3.

Finally this week, I remind families that I am taking some Professional Renewal Leave for the first six weeks of Term 3, returning to the College on Monday 23 August.  In my absence, Mr Damien Fall will be Acting College Principal.  I know that you will support Damien and the rest of the College Leadership Team in my absence.

Have a great holiday break, and I look forward to reconnecting with you all in August.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

As is often the case in our complex organisation, a considerable number of staffing changes are taking place as we close out the term and plan for the commencement of Semester 2.

After more than 30 years of dedicated service to Terrace in the Property and Facilities team, we farewell Mr Peter Ford and wish him well as he heads into retirement. We also farewell and thank Mrs Susannah Kits, who has left after a number of years as a key member of our Communications team.

Mrs Louise Cosgrove, who had initially taken leave for Term 2, has extended her leave for the remainder of the year. Mrs Alison Rooney and Mr Stewart Webb will also take leave for all of Semester 2, and we wish them well for their time away.

Sincere thanks to Ms Aimee McLean, Ms Wendy Hatfield-Witt and Ms Kelly Findlay, who will finish contracts covering teachers on leave next week. We are grateful to these teachers for their excellent contribution as we welcome Ms Cassie Bampton and Ms Gen Claffey back from leave.

The above brings about the following staffing changes:

  • Mrs Sally Hart will continue as Head of Faculty, Religious Education
  • Ms Claudia Houstoun will continue as a teacher of SOR and RE

We welcome the following new members of teaching staff who will join us for Semester 2: 

  • Ms Marcelle Lam, Teacher of Art and RE
  • Ms Melanie Wolff, Teacher of Art and RE
  • Mr Jordan McDonald, Teacher of Science and PE

Several classes will have a change of teacher as a result of the above changes. While changes to class teachers are never ideal, they are unavoidable, and I thank parents and caregivers in anticipation of your understanding and ongoing support.

These changes will also have implications for Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews next term. Dr Carroll’s letter, to be sent home in conjunction with the release of reports, outlines staff who will be unavailable for some or all of the interviews. I encourage parents to check this letter carefully to be aware of teacher absences.

In other changes, the first six weeks of next term will see:

  • Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey as Acting Dean of Communication
  • Mrs Jamie Newnham as Acting Program Leader, Years 11 and 12
  • Mr Matt Crameri as Acting Head of Faculty, Science

Finally, Dr Carroll will be taking some well-earned Professional Renewal Leave for the first six weeks of next term. On behalf of the College, I wish him well for this time and hope that he finds it both personally and professionally refreshing. I am honoured and humbled to assume the role of Acting Principal, with Ms Zoe Morgan as Acting Deputy Principal, and I look forward to leading the College to the best of my ability during this time.

As Semester 1 concludes, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all in the Terrace Family a peaceful time away from the usual daily routines of school life. Thank you as always for working with us as we continue to provide excellence in Catholic education for the boys in our care.

Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

Ordinary people to welcome, thank and celebrate

It is hard to believe we are at the halfway point in the year. I probably seem like a broken record, but where has this year gone? It only felt like yesterday when we were welcoming our newest additions to the Terrace Family.

This Sunday, we commence Refugee Week. Refugee Week started in Australia in 1986 to acknowledge and remember all the people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds who have started a new life in communities around the world.

The key aims of Refugee Week are:

  • To celebrate how people from refugee backgrounds enrich our communities and culture.
  • To educate the public about who refugees are and why they have come to Australia and to understand the many challenges they face in doing so.
  • To foster empathy and understanding and, in doing so, encourage a safe and welcoming environment for people seeking safety in Australia.
  • To enable communities and individuals to take positive action and stand in solidarity with people seeking asylum and displaced people in Australia and around the world.

(Refugee Week 2021)

At Terrace, Refugee Week is especially significant, as one of our staff members, Hakim Mokhlis, fled his war-torn country (Afghanistan) to start a new life here in Australia. Last week, Year 12 Religion and Ethics students (studying a Refugee unit this term) listened to and asked questions about Hakim’s journey. Having spent seven and a half years in detention centres in Papua New Guinea and Australia, the students and staff were shocked at some of the risks, sufferings and sacrifices Hakim endured. It put things into perspective for all of us to hear his story. We thank Hakim for sharing his life with the Terrace Family. He is a valuable member of our community.

Blanket Drive

For the past few weeks, Year 6 students have been participating in the annual blanket drive for the Eddie’s Van. This collection plays a significant role in keeping those who sleep on the streets warm during the winter months. The Night Van and Big Brekkie team have been distributing these donations alongside conversations and a meal. Thank you to our Year 6 students and their families for your generous donations to the Eddie’s Van program. Over 200 blankets and other warm items have already been collected.

I want to finish with a prayer that I shared with the Terrace Family last year – this was written by a Year 9 student. 

God our protector,
We ask you to protect those who have survived the treacherous journey undertaken by refugees and asylum seekers, those seeking to have a better life, and allow them to rebuild it in a safe environment.
Help us to understand what they are going through.
May we be more willing to accept refugees and asylum seekers into our community.
Let us be more compassionate and kinder.
Motivate us to be more involved in charities that help refugees and asylum seekers.
Encourage us to learn about the hardships and suffering that they have endured.
Guide us in our mission to help all feel safe.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

I would like to wish the Terrace family a safe and relaxing break.

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever

St Joseph…Pray for us.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

As I reflect on Term 2, I am conscious that students are tired, having been pushed to meet their potential. One aspect of a Terrace education that has been a constant throughout my time here is that students are challenged, and the expectations are high. In particular, students from Years 11 and 12 have experienced the most challenging term of their school lives. I trust that they go into the school holidays content in the knowledge that they have performed in a way they can be proud of. Now is the time to rest up and recharge the batteries. At our Year 12 Assembly this week, I reminded our Year 12s of the need to prioritise their wellbeing over the holidays. They have been given several strategies to support this, but they need to be the ones to prioritise it. We all know that can be harder than it sounds.

This Friday, our Term 2 Sport programs conclude with Football and Tennis matches against The Southport School. I have enjoyed being out and about the fields throughout the term, and despite the unusual timing, there is still great enthusiasm by our Senior cohort to support these events. Tomorrow, we are running a bus out to Tennyson to take Year 12 students to watch the 1st XI continue their unbeaten run going into the final round. Just a timely reminder that student drivers are not permitted to take other students from Terrace to Tennyson. All other students need to catch the bus from the Chapel at 12.45pm. As communicated, players from the 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A and 2nds will also catch the 12.45pm buses to Tennyson to play their 3pm matches. All other students from Year 5 to Year 10 will conclude the day at 3.10pm as usual.

I have recently met with several groups participating in camps, retreats and tours over the holidays. The key message, as always, is that our expectations do not change with regard to behaviour and presentation. Please support the College by ensuring that your son doesn’t attend these holiday programs with haircuts that wouldn’t be accepted at school. Further to this, a conversation about appreciating the efforts of the staff to make these opportunities available is equally important. Finally, I hope you get the chance to take some time off with your children during this period as well.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

As we come to the end of the examination period, it is important to take time over the upcoming holiday break to reflect upon the term.

Your son’s Term 2 report will be available on Parent Lounge from 12pm on Monday 28 June. The results contained within this report will provide point in time data to indicate your son’s progress. This data is the starting point for discussion and reflection regarding a student’s progress.

While the individual subject result is an important indicator, reflecting on how the result was achieved is a much more powerful message. A strong result will reinforce a student’s work ethic or positive change to study habits. A disappointing result will highlight the need to modify existing work habits and work ethic. It is vitally important that these messages are explained and reinforced.

To support the discussion, your son will again meet with their Academic Mentor through the first part of Term 3. This is an important aspect of our Academic Mentoring program. The conversation reinforces the importance of academic reflection on past performance and the implementation of strategies moving forward.

Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to meet with teachers at the Parent/Teacher Interviews (PTI). Bookings for PTI will be available from 28 June. Please note that interviews on 12 July will be solely online, while interviews on 21 July will be solely face-to-face at the College. Further information regarding the PTI booking process will be made available with reports.

Early in Term 3, Years 8 and 10 students will be making subject selection choices. The Year 9 2022 subject selection evening will be held on Monday 19 July. The Year 11 2022 subject selection evening will be held on Monday 26 July. Both evenings will be held online. Further details regarding each evening, and distribution of subject selection booklets to students, will occur in Week 1 of Term 3.

In Year 12, the College offers two extension subjects – Music Extension, English and Literature Extension. Students may select these as stand-alone subjects for Units 3 and 4. For Year 11 2021 students, an online information evening on these subjects will be held on 21 July. Further information regarding these subjects and the information evening will be forwarded early in Term 3.

I trust that students and parents have a restful and enjoyable holiday period.

Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

In Jesse Itzler’s book, Living with a Seal, the author describes how a Navy Seal came to live with his family for a month and taught them an integral principle to sustaining mental toughness. The golden rule centres on a simple strategy - a trialled and tested observation which athletes and successful people often utilise unknowingly. The trigger is that when your mind begins to tell you that ‘you are done, that ‘there is nothing left in the tank’, you have in most instances only utilised 40% of your actual physical or mental capacity.

As we finish what has been a busy assessment period, many of our Year 10 students have learned that perseverance is more than just a word. Like any athlete or professional, training the mind to push its limitations often leads to greater mental tenacity and the achievement of personal goals. Ultimately, challenges build your capacity to combat life’s hurdles. We call this resilience. As educators, we work hard to find the balance between encouraging and challenging our students and providing support and guidance when our students need it. This is not easy for teachers or parents, as many boys struggle to communicate how they feel with the adults in their lives. Our structures here at Terrace, in partnership with parents, hopefully, challenge our boys while providing the support they need.

The wonderful part of school life is the chance to rest and recharge at the end of term. I hope that all our Waterford families enjoy the holidays and our boys return to school safely.

Term 3 is a short term with only six weeks of classes before we sit exams ahead of the Immersion programs. The Immersion programs are traditionally the highlight of the boy’s journey at Waterford. I am looking forward to the excitement and experiences that these programs provide.

Terrace Library

Exceptional Learners

Influence Brisbane

  • Are you an artist?
  • Have you got the idea?
  • Are you just counting the beat?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these take the opportunity and take part in these programs on offer at the Mt Gravatt Show.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

QCMF Workshop and Recordings

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) competition is online this year.  Each Terrace musician has been sent a workshop and recording schedule.  This is also available for all families on the Terrace App. Please ensure all students are aware of their workshop and performance time. If there are any issues, please speak with your Ensemble Director or Director of Music as soon as possible.

Chess Workshop with Australian Chess Grandmaster

During Staff Week next week, many of our Terrace Chess students will be attending workshops and seminars with Australian Chess Grandmaster David Smerdon. We have been fortunate to engage his services for these workshops and anticipate challenging games for our students.

QDU Debating

The QDU Finals draw has been released.  As it stands, we have the opportunity to have a Terrace Debating team in each level on Grand Final night!  Congratulations to the ten teams and their coaches who will be debating in the rounds. 

Please ensure you check the Terrace App, our Cultural Instagram page and your emails for dates, times and venues. The first debates for each team are listed below:

House Choir

As mentioned, the House Choir competition will be held at the Pat Rafter Arena on 23 July.  This event is a great College event with literally thousands of people in attendance.  To ensure everything runs smoothly, we require volunteers who can help behind the scenes.  If you can assist, please click the link here.  One of the members of our Terrace Performing Arts will be in touch with you to explain your role.  Thank you to those parents who have already put up their hands. 

To help you decide when you will volunteer your time, please see the House order list below.  The first House performs at 6.40pm and then every ten minutes thereafter.

The House order for this year’s event is as follows:

  • Magee
  • Buckley
  • Kearney
  • Treacy
  • Mahoney
  • Barrett
  • Reidy
  • Xavier
  • Windsor

Support Group meetings

Support Group meetings will be held online if necessary. 

Staying in touch 

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on social media to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or videos that you would like to share, please tag us.

TWITTER            @GTCulture

INSTAGRAM      terrace_gtculture

YOUTUBE          Terrace Culture YouTube Channel

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Plato

Such simple words with such a powerful message. As the term draws to a close, I challenge each of you to take a moment and reflect, where do you draw your inspiration from, do you take the time to develop your imagination, and what motivates you in your life to continually progress and achieve?

Years 5 and 6 QCMF Recording

All students in Years 5 and 6 are part of either a Concert Band or String Orchestra. This week various ensembles performed at Duhig Place in preparation for the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF). All boys are to be congratulated on the way they performed and conducted themselves. Parents/caregivers will receive information next term regarding viewing their son’s performance at the online festival.

Notice to discontinue lessons

If any students wish to discontinue either the Instrumental or Speech and Drama program, written notification by parents needs to be received two weeks before the end of term as per the Music Handbook.

Cancellation of lessons

Lessons may be cancelled simply by emailing your intention to two full weeks before the end of the current term. Notification after this time will incur a full term's fees for the following term.

If you have not contacted the Music Office via email, please do so by Friday afternoon.

Reminder to collect musical instruments

Students need to collect their instruments from the Music Centre by 3.30pm on Friday. For each boy to continue to develop his skills, he would greatly benefit from practising during the holiday break.

Term 2

  • QCMF Recordings Holiday workshops as per Event memos on the College App

Term 3

  • Sunday 18 July- Norman Clarke Concert (rescheduled)
  • Friday 23 July - House Choir
  • Saturday 24 July - Sousaphone Ensemble Basketball Performance
  • Sunday 25 July - Australian Drumline Competition - Gold Coast
  • Wednesday 4 August - String Showcase

Director of Sport | Mr Tony McGahan

Another season of Terrace Sport has concluded, delivering strong participation numbers in Football, Tennis and Cross Country.  A big thank you to all families for making the most important sacrifice of all, giving your time during the week and on Saturdays for Terrace Sport to succeed.

Cross Country 

The Terrace Cross Country program continues to grow due to the hard work by all involved over many years. The program is continuing to get consistency, with runners across both the junior and senior programs placing second and eighth respectively at the GPS Championship in 2021. Coordinator Mr John Hinch, Coaching Coordinator Mr Damien Coman and Head Coach Mr Werner Botha, alongside Captain Griffin Kelly have put in a significant effort to drive this program, and we thank them for this.

Season Results

  • Cross Country Shield:  2nd place
  • GPS Junior Championships:  2nd place
  • GPS Senior Championships:  8th place


The Terrace Football program again enjoyed a successful season, with most age groups across the program recording strong results. A total of 41 teams participated each Saturday, displaying a great connection to Football in the College.  Thanks to the fine work of Mr Mitch Edwards and his team who delivered through the preseason and in-season programs.  Congratulations to our 1st XI squad on a premiership-winning season with one round to play.  They have been consistent each week and played their best football when it mattered.  The team has been well led by Captain Marcus De Ruos and Rory Scott and Rhys Gray, whose leadership and play should be congratulated.  Head Coach Mr John Kosmina and Assistant Coach Mr Damon Millard have managed the on-field program this year and have done an outstanding job. Thank you to Mr Edwards for his running of such an extensive program and for the care and support he delivers to each of the young men in the program.  All involved in the program are aware of the many hard yards done in previous seasons from a number of supporters and students.  The 2021 squad has benefitted from this hard work.


Thank you to Director of Tennis Mr Blair Copelin and Head Coach Mr Graeme Brimblecombe for delivering a high-quality team experience to our young men of Terrace.  A great story in the Tennis program is the Campbell family, whose son Tom is the fourth Campbell boy to represent the 1st IV Tennis team for Terrace.  Zac represented in 2015 and 2016, George in 2018, Will in 2020 and now Tom in 2021. The Tennis program is currently sitting at approximately fifth overall in terms of program wins against the opposition, with winning days against Ipswich Grammar School, Toowoomba Grammar School, Nudgee, Brisbane State High School and losses to Brisbane Boys’ College and Brisbane Grammar School with The Southport School round this Friday.

Term 3 Sports

Basketball and Rugby have been hard at it over Term 2 with preseason preparation.  This will continue over the holidays with our 1st Basketballers heading to North Queensland on tour and the rest of the program participating in clinics and trials to be ready for Round 1 against Ipswich Grammar School.

The Rugby 1st Squad will be at Twin Waters for a camp, while the rest of the program will be at Tennyson in the third week of the holidays, concluding with a full school trial against Nudgee on Saturday 10 July before Round 1. 

Track and Field will open training in Week 1 of Term 3 to prepare for the GPS Track and Field Championship in Term 4 Week 3.  We thank the Directors, coaches and families who allow these camps and training sessions to occur so that we can be at our best during the season.

Attendance at training

I ask that all boys commit to their attendance at training during the week and present ready for their games/lead up meets, home or away. Representing the College is something to be valued. Being a team member who can be depended on entails sacrifice and commitment, no matter the level or activity.  Communication for being absent at training or games is important for coaches and Directors to finalise teams each week, as this has a flow-on effect for all teams, especially when working with over 40 teams.


Please be aware that all Directors, Coordinators and coaches have been asked to monitor training and playing uniform.  We want to ensure we represent the College and ourselves, both on and off the field, with the highest standards.

Parent Lounge

Participation in Terrace Sport is outstanding.  This is due to the quality of the sporting programs offered that allows for all levels of participation and the high standard of coaching across the individual sports.  The easy flow of communication is important, ensuring everyone is kept informed. Please sign on for each term sport via the Parent Lounge for in-season and preseason activities offered each term.  Typically, this is available for four weeks towards the end of term. 


Please download the College App and select to receive notifications for your sons’ chosen activities to remain up to date. You will find updates, training and playing schedules, team lists, game/meet locations and further information under the individual sport.

The College is moving away from ongoing email communication, with the College App to be used as the primary source of communication.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all Year 12 boys who took part in Term 2 Sport and thank them for their efforts playing their respective sports at Terrace.  These young men have represented the College well, some since 2014.  The Terrace community is very proud of you, and in your final year, we want to thank you for pulling on the Red and Black for the last time.

Have a great Term 3 in Terrace Sport.

The Weekly Wrap


What a fantastic and unprecedented season for Terrace Football. Our 1st XI managed to secure the College’s first-ever GPS Football Premiership. Well done to Mr John Kosmina and the team.

Will Dent scored four goals for the second time this season, overtaking the GPS record with 16 goals in seven games. Will Harris was also phenomenal all season. It is the 1st XI, though, not just individual players. The entire team has played terrific Football all season. Well done, boys.

In a very tough and even contest across the day, Terrace played 40 games against Churchie, of which we won 18, drew five and lost 17.

Across the program, we finished the season with six undefeated sides (5E,9B,10B,10E, 11E, 7th XI), as well as the 1st XI pending Friday’s fixture.

Our 5As beat an undefeated Churchie team 5-0, and the 2nd XI managed to hold on for a tight 1-0 win too. Despite having many players out either injured and sick, the 11As managed a 6-0 win. 

This Friday, we will see only a handful of teams playing vs The Southport School. The 1st XI game will be live-streamed from 1.15pm for those who wish to watch. The link will be released on Twitter.


The Gymnastics program is held at Brisbane Boys' College and Brisbane Boys Grammar and is open to any boys from Gregory Terrace Years 5 to 12 wanting to join. There is a wonderful camaraderie between the GT and BBC boys, and the program provides an excellent opportunity to build strength and coordination and can also greatly benefit other sports. The boys are trained by coaches who are Olympic and Commonwealth Games Athletes, including Mr Josh Chambers, Mr Jack Riek and Mr Michael Tone. 

For more details on the program please contact Josh Chambers


The College congratulates the following Old Boys and current students for their excellence in their chosen sport.

Olympic selection

Old Boy Tom O'Halloran (GT 2009) for his selection in the Tokyo Olympic Climbing team.


Seamus Penny (Year 11) has been selected in the Queensland 13-16 Years Boys Hockey Merit Team.


Jack Manly (Year 12) has been named in the Queensland State Under 17 squad to compete at the upcoming NAB AFL National Under 17 Championships held on the Gold Coast from 5-9 of July.


Terralicious ’21

'Spicing it Up' was the theme, and the day didn’t let those who attended down. From the COVID regulations, traditional catwalk style parade, the gorgeous rose flower wall to Dr Carroll talking a stroll down the catwalk, it was surprises galore!

I would like to thank the Terralicious ‘21 committee for their outstanding work in organising this amazing event. It was an incredible team effort by a fantastic group of creative and professional women - Loretta Olivotto, Palmina Martin, Kiki Amalfi, Ida Gambora, Kristine Siddle, Jane Hogan, Nikki White, Giulia Coorey, Renai Grace, Megan Beattie and Heidi Cooper. Thanks also to the fabulous Victoria Carthew (MC) for her wonderful commentary. A special thank you to our models for bringing your great attitude and fun to the catwalk and continuing the fabulous tradition that is Terralicious.

Where would we be without volunteers? A special thanks to Maria Patorniti, Cathy Nash, Erin Bledsoe, Carol Millington and all our other wonderful volunteers who signed up to help out on the day. My thanks also to Ms Zoe Morgan and the Communication team at the College for their generous assistance in organising advertising and the online bookings for our events. We are most grateful for all your efforts.

A very big thank you to our major sponsors, Spicer’s Retreats, McKinney’s and Bright People. I would also like to thank all the other businesses and families who contributed fabulous prizes to the Red Raffle.

Congratulations to our main prize winners: Mrs Charmaine MacDonald, who won the Spicer’s Retreat Escape prize; Pamela Stewart, who won the $5000 McKinney’s Jewellers voucher and Clare Smethurst, who won the Apple Packaged sponsored by Bright People.

Thank you to everyone for coming along and supporting this TLG event. It was wonderful to see everyone arrive in high spirits and enjoy being together to support two such worthwhile causes. We are finalising the financials of the day and will update the community early next term.

Photographs of the event will be available in the Terrace Image Library.  All parents were sent an invitation to join the Image Library at the start of the year.  If you have not registered and would like to, we highly recommend you do.  All the photos taken at Terrace are on the Image Library!  Please email if you need help registering.

Upcoming Events

  • 10 July – Ruby trial matches vs Nudgee at Tennyson
  • 19 July – TLG Meeting – 7.30am in The Founder's Room
  • 22 August – Past Mother’s Mass and High Tea


Details: Friday 18 June | 4.00 - 7.30pm
Venue: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: Adults | $20pp (+bf) | Includes food truck meal, chips & drink. Cash bar available
Students/Children | Free | Includes pizza
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 10 June
For further event information, please contact
Chris Shaw |

Football Celebration | Book Here

Reidy House mothers are invited to a special screening of Cruella at the Palace Cinemas, The Barracks, in support of the House Friendship Group Brisbane Youth Service 

Details: Sunday 11 July | 1pm for 2pm movie start
Venue: Palace Cinema, The Barracks. 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane City
Cost: $25.50 per ticket (+ booking fee) | Include movie admission and a glass of bubbles
RSVP: Seats strictly limited. Please RSVP via the below link ASAP
For further information, please contact 
Joanne Hagenson |

Cruella Movie Fundraiser | Tickets Here

Details: Sunday 18 July | From 4pm
Venue: Norman Hotel, Ipswich Rd Wooloongabba
Cost: No cost event. Please RSVP for catering purposes only
RSVP: Please RSVP by 11 July via the below link
For further event information, please contact
Angela Papacostas |

Basketball Launch | Book Here

Details: Thursday 26 August | 6.30 - 10.30pm
Venue: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex, Herston
Cost: Adults - $65pp (+bf) Students - $45pp (+bf) | Includes two course dinner
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 12 August
For further event information, please contact Nicole Quinn |

Terrace Debating Dinner | Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your upcoming 2021 year level parent function details here...

Year 6 Mothers' Evening

Details: Saturday 17 July | 5.00 - 9.00pm Venue: The Greenhouse, Howard Smith Wharves (located near the cliffside lift to Bowen Tce) Cost: $60pp (+bf) | Includes canapes & drink on arrival RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 7 July Please note: This event is strictly limited to 80 people and RSVPs must be received by 7 July

For further information or event enquiries, please contact Loren Lockyer |

Year 6 Function | Book Here

Year 7 Parent/Caregiver Mid-Year Function

Details: Saturday 31 July | 6.30 - 10.30pm
Venue: Gusto da Gianni, Portside Wharf, Hamilton
Cost: $48pp (+bf) | Includes canapes & glass of prosecco on arrival. 
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 19 July
For further information or event enquiries, please contact
Monica Katsanevas |

Year 7 Function | Book Here