Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

This week, staff will be meeting with students in their Pastoral Care groups to review their academic progress as part of our Mentor meetings.  These meetings are an opportunity for the PC Mentors and students to review progress thus far and formulate goals and strategies for Semester 2.  The House Deans will meet with their Year 11 students later this term, and the College Leadership Team will be meeting with the Year 12 students as part of their mentoring program with their House Groups.  This Mentoring Process is part of the ongoing monitoring and mentoring that occurs during the year and is designed to provide another layer of support and direction for the students.

Another aspect of this student support strategy is the Parent/Teacher/Student interviews.  The second round of these meetings occurred yesterday, and I trust they have been useful in reviewing Semester 1 results and importantly, used to develop strategies for Semester 2.  As I have outlined previously, these interviews were conducted for the first time using Microsoft Teams.  Initial feedback from staff and parents has been very positive.  Mr Damien Fall will send a survey seeking your formal feedback over the next few weeks, and I encourage you to provide any feedback that you feel is relevant.  Amidst the many disruptions and changes due to COVID-19, the use of virtual meeting platforms has become far more prevalent in our daily lives and in many ways, assist our efficient use of time.  My thanks to the staff for their efforts during the Parent/Teacher/Student meetings.  I particularly wish to acknowledge the IT staff for the outstanding work that they have done to ensure that the meetings were effective and problem free.

Last Saturday saw the commencement of the Term 3 GPS season with Chess and Cross Country on Friday night and Football, Basketball, Gymnastics and Tennis on Saturday. Rugby trials were also held at Tennyson on Saturday.  It was excellent to see so many students involved across the weekend, along with the return of a limited number of supporters.  I remind parents/caregivers that throughout this unique season, all parents are required to sign in using the EVA Check-In App at all venues, not just Terrace venues.  I also remind parents that two spectators per player are all that is currently allowed.  Unfortunately, grandparents, friends, etc. are not permitted to attend venues.  The final aspect is that players and spectators are required to leave the venue after their match so that the next round of fixtures can commence.  I thank parents for the high level of cooperation evident so far.  I acknowledge that this is a little inconvenient, but your compliance with these requirements has assisted us in getting Term 3 activities underway.

For those of you who drop off or pick up your sons, you will have noticed that a new, official school crossing has been constructed in Rogers Street.  This crossing operates from 7.30–8.30am and from 3–3.30pm each day.  Students are asked to use this crossing in the morning and the afternoon.

Finally this week, I remind parents/caregivers to continue to reinforce with their sons the importance of developing a good routine; emphasising a balance of homework, study and training. 

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

We have now successfully completed our second round of Parent/Teacher/Student interviews via Teams. It is fair to say there were plenty of nerves among staff as we entered into this process. Running these remote interviews is a new experience, and staff were determined to do their best under unusual circumstances. Understandably, there was some anxiety about things running smoothly and the capacity to make the experience worthwhile for our families. I was delighted to see everything go to plan and initial feedback is that staff and families were pleasantly surprised with how positive the experience was. In the coming weeks, we will also be remotely running subject selection evenings.

Looking forward, the College is faced with a decision about how we might run these events in the future. To assist with this, we would appreciate feedback on your experience of the recent interviews via Teams. In the next day or two, parents/caregivers will receive a brief survey that will help us to determine the positives and negatives of the past two interview evenings. It would be much appreciated if as many families as possible could take a moment to complete the survey. Many thanks in anticipation.

Work continues on the College Strategic Plan, to be launched early 2021. At this point, our facilitator, Mr Damien Brennan, is working with the College Leadership Team around the College’s Values, Vision and Mission statements. The next phase of consultation will involve the College’s Board and Middle Leaders before staff, students and parents are consulted in order to hear the voices of all in the Terrace Family. Setting the strategic directions of the College for the next five years is both exciting and important for our community.

We thank Mr John Langer for joining us for the first two weeks of term. He has done a wonderful job of replacing Mr Craig Tonkies, who we welcome back from paternity leave next week. A number of our older students and their families will know Mr Mark Shori, who has been a highly-regarded teacher at our Waterford Place campus for a number of years. Mark became severely ill about two years ago and has been on a very slow path to recovery. We are delighted that Mark’s recovery has continued to the point that he will be returning to a part-time teaching role; he will now take over the teaching of two Year 10 Business classes with the goal of returning to a full-time load by the end of the year. We are delighted with Mark’s progress, and we know the boys will enjoy having him in the classroom.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

For students, with the recommencement of co-curricular activities, this term's challenge is to start well with strong, consistent study habits. A common observation at Terrace is that our students do well in the classroom when they are involved in all that the College has to offer. However, this requires organisation, application and perseverance. Consequently, it is imperative to be prepared and have set their academic goals for the term. To prevent poor performance at assessment time, students will need to:

• Prepare their study timetable
• Plan how to use their study time effectively
• Plan how they will work toward their assignment due dates
• Set their academic goals for the term
• Prepare to work hard 

Ultimately it is up to each student to take responsibility for their learning. However, the College is here to work with each student on their academic journey. There are a number of initiatives that students can access to assist with their study:

• Assessment calendars have been distributed to students to assist with their planning.
• Staff tutoring is offered to students by our generous staff. The staff tutoring list can be found on the College App.
• Study Group is available to Years 11 and 12 students every afternoon from 3.15–5.30pm – in rooms 422 and 423.

The next two Monday evenings will see the Year 11 2021 (27 July) and Year 9 2021 (3 August) subject selection evenings occur. These evenings are an important aspect of the subject selection process for both years. These evenings supplement the subject selection books that have been distributed to students and provide the opportunity to gather further information and ask questions of Subject Coordinators. However, this year, both evenings will be held online via Microsoft Teams. Information has been forwarded to Year 10 parents/caregivers and is also available on the College App. Year 8 parents will receive information early in Week 3.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

During the week, our Year 11 students enjoyed keynote presentations on two important topics - mental health and leadership. James Peterson (BreakingFree) commenced his presentation by asking the boys to make the philosophical choice to ‘put your mental health first’. Young men need to value mental health in the same capacity that they value their physical health. It is concerning that even with the dramatic advances in treatment options and support networks, society is continuing to see significant increases in the number of young people who are experiencing mental health issues. James suggests that the lifestyles that we are currently leading go against and are not in tune with how we have biologically evolved. The practical strategies he presented to assist in alleviating pressure were all relatively achievable. These included ways to actively manage stress, increasing exercise levels, monitoring sleep patterns, spending time in the sun, prioritising people and social activity and most importantly, seeking help early. As a community, we need to give our sons an early voice when it comes to mental health. While the ground is moving to some degree, an admission by young males to suffering mental health issues is viewed as being a non-masculine character trait. Society needs to keep chipping away at this corrosive stereotype. 

Major General Stephen Day (ret.) also spent time with our students reflecting on his leadership philosophy from experiences in the Army and in particular, deployments in Iraq and East Timor. The address focused on the need to demonstrate humility, have moral courage and be a person invested in hope.  His insight was very well received by the boys and gave them plenty to think about. As always, the gold in a presentation of this nature is in the ability to make the connection to school leadership. The General’s talk aligns perfectly with our College values of knowledge, humility and wisdom. In the coming weeks, our Year 11s will hear from a range of Old Boy speakers on related topics. 

The College has also been fortunate to have Br Damien Price spend some time with our Year 12 students in the last few weeks at Kairos and again on assembly during the week. Br Price’s talk was titled Half Time Talk. He spoke to the cohort about what has gone well this year to date and the need to be present in the coming months. His concluding remarks were centred around ensuring that they don’t forget to enjoy the journey. They have plenty of opportunities on a day to day basis to make social engagement a priority. Chin up, shoulders back, let’s go.  

Students have responded to our reminders about mobile phones needing to remain in lockers during the day. Thank you for your support in this area. 

Acting Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

Mary Magdalene

Yesterday, the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. Mary was a close disciple of Jesus and was the first person to witness the resurrection. She brought the news of the resurrection to the disciples, which gave hope. She continues to be a sign of hope for us today.

Mary Magdalene is the premiere witness to the resurrection—when all the other disciples are fleeing, Mary Magdalene stands firm. She does not run; she does not betray or lie about her commitment; she witnesses. Hers is clearly a demonstration of either the deepest human love or the highest spiritual understanding of what Jesus was teaching, perhaps both. Richard Rohr (2020)

Last weekend, I had the honour of watching our 1st XI Football side (finally!) play their Round 1 fixture against Ipswich Grammar. It proved to be a competitive, hard-fought match. It was obvious that players from both sides were itching to get out on the park by the amount of enthusiasm and eagerness that they displayed in the first minutes of the game. 

Early in the game, one of our boys was, unfortunately, red-carded (sent off) for an illegal tackle on an opposing player. Whether it should have been a red card on not remains to be seen - no doubt the Terrace young men have their view on this ruling! Terrace was down to ten men for the best part of the match. One would suggest that fatigue would eventually set in and get the better of the other boys in the team. However, the opposite was the case. The ten young men donning the red and black played out of their skin. Their commitment, perseverance and sportsmanship were second to none. They never once lost sight of trying to win the game. They didn’t want to let one another down. The game resulted in a 2-all draw, which was an amazing effort - all the players should be proud. Although they did not get a win this time, they can all hold their heads high. 

Like Mary Magdalene, the 1st XI Football players were witnesses. In difficult times, they could have easily given up and run away. However, they stood firm in their commitment and, showed great hope and were there for each other.

O God, whose Only Begotten Son entrusted Mary Magdalene before all others with announcing the great joy of the resurrection, grant, we pray, that through her intercession and example we may proclaim the living Christ and come to see him reigning in your glory. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen. 

Tuesday morning Mass

We have recommenced Tuesday morning Mass at 7.30am in the Chapel of The Holy Family. Our Years 5 and 6 students are leading Mass in the coming weeks. 
• Week 3 – Year 6 White and Yellow
• Week 4 – Year 5 Blue, Green and Yellow
• Week 5 – Year 5 Red and White

Due to the current restrictions in place, parents/caregivers who attend will need to sign in (via the EVA Check-In App) and follow social distancing requirements. We appreciate your support with this.

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Chess v IGS

Well done to the Premier and Junior Boards for winning last week against Ipswich Grammar School. A great start to their season! With social distanced training underway and our teams fresh from online clashes with Australian Chess Royalty, the entire team placed very well with five wins, three losses and a draw.

Good luck to our team who play at home this week against Toowoomba Grammar School.

Half Time stream

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, our Pep Band and Red Thunder Drumline are unable to play at Terrace home games.

We have been working with the Pep Band and Drumline to create content that will be played on the screens at half time.

This content will soon be available via our Social Media pages.


Please check the Terrace App and email for information regarding the upcoming Debating workshops.  It is important that students register their intent as we need to ensure we continue to practice COVID-19 safe environments.

Staying in touch   

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.  The Cultural YouTube Channel is also worth a look!

If you have any photographs or video that you would to share, please tag us.

Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

Hello and welcome to Week 2. It is with great pleasure that we announce the following students who received places in the Queensland Conservatorium State Honours Ensemble Program:

Jack Barends (Year 9)
Max Beckmann 
(Year 8)
James Cameron 
(Year 9)
Eden Chan 
(Year 11)
Samuel Dutton 
(Year 12)
Baden Forster 
(Year 11)
Jasper Gifford 
(Year 11)
William Gu 
(Year 9)
Edward Lee 
(Year 12)
Hugo Panizza 
(Year 9)
Logan Wilson 
(Year 10)

Yesterday, the Pep Band (the combined bands of the TJO, the Tuba Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble 2) came together in the Edmund Rice Theatre to create a music video. Well done to all for a magnificent effort! Please keep an eye out for the release of this through the College’s social media platforms.

Music practice hall 

Music practice hall is held on Mondays from 3.15-5pm. We encourage you to support this unique opportunity, where your sons can practice and receive guided supervision with tutors from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and other tertiary institutions.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Music Department

Terrace Library

The Weekly Wrap


Saturday marked the return of GPS Sport following a lengthy layoff, and it was encouraging to see students back on court playing competitive fixtures once again. A common thread throughout the day was the enthusiasm and energy from players at all levels and in what is always a competitive fixture against Ipswich Grammar School (IGS), there was excellent sportsmanship on display at both venues. Terrace had its most successful results against the strong sporting school, recording 17 wins from 18 games against IGS. This program wide result was punctuated by a strong result in the 1st V, where Terrace were able to maintain a dominant lead at every break on their way to a 31-point victory. It was a special day for both Tama Tuhi (#298) and Cooper Marshall (#299) who made their debuts for the Terrace 1st V. The 5As did the College proud in their first outing as Terrace Basketballers, with a strong performance in their victory, while the 9B team bounced back from a disappointing trial performance to dominate all areas of the court in their Round 1 win. 

We had 19 teams play supplementary fixtures on the weekend, with many games being played against higher division teams, helping with the development of the C and below program against strong opposition. The 9Es came back from a half time deficit to record a 1 point victory over the BBC 9Ds, and the 10Es played out a thrilling tie in their fixture at Brisbane Boys' College. A handful of Year 7 and Open games were held on Friday afternoon against Brisbane Grammar School, with the fifth game played in fantastic spirit by both teams and the 3rd V game going down to the final seconds, with BGS scoring on the buzzer to win in a dramatic fashion. The passion and intensity from both teams was great to see and was the perfect way to start the weekend’s fixtures. This weekend the program travels to Toowoomba Grammar School, with a host of supplementary games in Brisbane against four GPS Schools. 

Please see here for Round 1 results.


We were all incredibly excited to see GPS sport kick off last weekend. Our trip to Ipswich was filled with anticipation for the long-awaited Round 1 of Season 2020. 

Football games are never easy on the road and IGS made no exception. Each of our teams showed outstanding spirit on the field, were physical in the contest and should be proud of their efforts.

Congratulations to our Year 5 teams who tasted their first competitive football game on the weekend. The sea of happy faces in red and black jerseys were a sign that sport has truly returned.

We had teams representing the College across BBC, BGS, NC and Tennyson, along with our games out at Ipswich, and the families and coaches should be congratulated for the competitive sporting spirit that they brought to each venue. 

Over the 26 games played on the weekend, we recorded 10 wins, three draws and 13 losses. There are valuable lessons to be learned from each of these results, and we look forward to seeing some of those in practice this Saturday when we host Toowoomba Grammar School at Tennyson.

Week 2 reminders

  • All games held at Tennyson this week as we host TGS - check the App for all information
  • A reminder to please prepare for slight delays when entering Tennyson due to COVID registration restrictions for tracing purposes.
  • The canteen will be open this weekend.
  • All boys are to ensure they have the full football attire
  • 1st XI Match will be streamed live on Saturday via
  • Team lists will be announced today

Round 1 results


Old Boy coaching program

Our program is built upon a sound philosophy of educating and developing our coaches and creating a standard of knowledge and understanding. Our C and D teams are primarily coached by Old Boys who generously give up their time to coach our boys. This season we are once again fortunate to have the services of Michael Broad and Mick Tunny, experienced Level 4 coaches from Next Gen Rugby Coaching. Their role is to support our young Old Boy coaches in maintaining consistency of skill execution, terminology and performance across our C and D teams and the wider program.


Many thanks to all our referees who officiated games last weekend. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of students, Old Boys and parents who ensure that the boys play in a safe and well-structured environment. Once again, your support of all referees – both our own and our opposition’s – is greatly appreciated.

Medical room

Thanks to Dr Ben Forster and his team of parent doctors, along with the staff from Twelve9teen Sports Physiotherapy, who will oversee our game day coverage. These medical staff make sure our boys and their opposition are looked after in the event of any injury, great or small, and are on hand from the beginning of game one until the end of the 1st XV match. 

Confidence in Contact

Our Confidence in Contact program continues to be a non-negotiable aspect of our training each week. Much of our contact work is done on either Monday or Tuesday so it is vital that all boys in the program continue to attend training as we work through this important safety component.

Age group coordinators

Training is not optional. If your son is unable to attend training, he is required to let his age group coordinator know. These contacts are:

Team lists

Weekly team lists will be placed on the College App each Friday morning by 10am following Thursday training.

Round 2 v TGS

I am pleased to announce that all teams will travel up the range to play Toowoomba Grammar this coming Saturday. The schedule will be posted on the App once confirmed.  


The start of Season 2020 for Terrace Tennis brings with it a significant amount of anticipation and excitement. Last year, Tennis saw strong results, great improvement and a swell in program engagement, and that trend seems set to continue this year. The increase in participation points to the considerable momentum built by fantastic coaching, improving facilities and the fun and excitement each player feels every game day. 

Following a considerable amount of preparation during the holiday period, Terrace Tennis has experienced a positive start across the first rounds of the season. Like many other sports and GPS schools, our usual preparation has been disrupted and challenged, but the enthusiasm of our boys to represent the red and black on court has never wavered. Our team of experienced coaches are committed to fostering a positive, productive environment at training and on game days, and creating great game day experiences for all players in the program.

Terrace had some significant victories against Ipswich Grammar School to kick off the season. There were many highlights on the weekend; in particular, our Year 6 teams were exceptional, and our Year 8 teams showed great professionalism on court. Our Firsts lead the charge, coming from behind with a great victory against a strong IGS outfit. Thank you to Ipswich for providing such high quality tennis in the opening round of the season. 

Looking ahead, we will be facing some competitive opponents in coming rounds. All players are reminded to play the game The Terrace Way with the highest level of sportsmanship.

Good luck to all players this week in their fixtures against Toowoomba Grammar School, Brisbane Boys' College and The Southport School. Please check the playing schedule closely for the correct times and location. Safe travels for those who are heading to Toowoomba this Saturday.

Captains’ Corner | College Captain, Sam Dutton

It has been wonderful to get to know many boys this year and share in the journey of many fantastic young men. In this process, it is very interesting to hear how different boys have faced certain challenges over this past year, as well as what motivates them to succeed and become better men. In each boy, there is always a differing degree of fulfilment, and with it, resilience. 

As we still presently deal with many of the societal challenges of a turbulent year, resilience is essential in moving forward and staying present to the opportunities that each day presents. Those young men that are presently most fulfilled and appreciative of the year have accepted the cards they have been dealt - changing their attitude when they could not change the situation. It is these individuals who inspire their peers and colleagues to look at the glass half-full and be conscious of new opportunities that have arisen out of this pandemic. 

I recently finished reading Ross Edgeley’s The Art of Resilience.  Edgeley delves into theories, philosophy and the psychology behind resilience. As the first man to swim around Great Britain, Edgeley used his journey as a case study to challenge modern sports literature, his own beliefs and human propensity. 

Although we may not swim around Great Britain – unfortunately missing out on the experience of losing parts of our tongue or being constantly stung by jellyfish – resilience is vital to our self-esteem, general wellbeing, energy and fulfilment.

Although it can take years to build such resilience, being present to ourselves and others is essential in the formation of mental fortitude. In a simple way, when you next sit down to drink a cup of coffee or take a sip of water, think about each action you are taking – holding the cup, picking it up, bringing it to your face. Being present in the moment can aid in reducing stress and dealing with troublesome situations – of which we are not exempt from this year!

Be the One to crack that smile!

All the best.


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40 Year Reunion - Class of 1980Saturday 24 October5.30 - 9.30pmDuhig Place, Gregory Terrace
60 Year Reunion - Class of 1960Friday 30 October5.30 - 9.30pmDuhig Place, Gregory Terrace
20 Year Reunion - Class of 2000Saturday 31 October4.30 - 6.30pmDuhig Place, followed by offsite venue TBA

For further information regarding reunions, please email or telephone 3214 5422.

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