Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

As a College, our Anzac Liturgy on Monday was a way in which Terrace acknowledged the sacrifices made by so many.

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

As a nation, Anzac Day provides an opportunity to acknowledge those men and women who sacrificed their lives on the beaches of Anzac Cove. It also provides an opportunity to pay tribute to all within the Armed Services, past and present. As a College, our Anzac Liturgy on Monday was a way in which Terrace acknowledged the sacrifices made by so many.

Our Marching Band also participated in the Anzac Parade on Tuesday. I thank staff, students and parents for their efforts with both events. It is also worth noting that in recent years our Gallipoli Choir was involved with the Dawn Service at Anzac Cove. To all those people in the Armed Services, past and present, LEST WE FORGET.

The first round of Parent/Teacher meetings were held on Wednesday afternoon and it was pleasing to see so many parents at the interviews. There are many reasons why Terrace is a special place. However, in my opinion, a central reason is the strong and productive partnership between home and school. This was reinforced on Wednesday. You would appreciate that these are long days for the staff and I do want to acknowledge and thank them for their dedication and efforts. A reminder that classes will again conclude at 12.51pm to allow staff and students to attend the meetings.

An example of this dedication and support is evidenced by the tutoring and ‘Roll Call’ provided by the staff. The Term 2 roster of staff tutoring was uploaded on to the Parent Lounge last week and is very extensive. I would encourage students to access these sessions as a way of continuing to improve their results. I thank the staff for their generosity and support in offering these tutorial sessions. It does not happen everywhere. As well as the tutoring, the Year 10 staff offer ‘Friday Roll Call’ at Waterford and Mr Coman has commenced a similar ‘Year 9 Roll Call’ on Friday morning in GT 125. Both sessions are designed to provide students with a way to revise and recall the work they have covered during the week. Again, I urge students to access these services.

The College provides a Study Hall program each afternoon for students in Years 11 and 12. Previously, Old Boys have supervised these sessions but this term, the Old Boys will be operating these sessions as tutorials rather than just as study sessions. This will provide a further opportunity for the students to get assistance with their subjects.

A new initiative for Year 12 students began this week. A group of Year 12 students have volunteered to run ‘Peer Tutoring’ in a range of subjects during morning and afternoon sessions for their fellow students. This as an initiative of the students and I am very excited about this program. I would encourage Year 12 students to use these sessions to give themselves that added advantage in their subjects. I also want to thank the Year 12 students who have generously volunteered their time to assist their classmates. The ‘Peer Tutoring’ schedule was emailed to students last weekend.

I have detailed the various ‘tutoring’ opportunities to highlight the fact that there is a range of support opportunities for students at Terrace. We are fortunate that Terrace performs well academically. However, I highlight that this is not just by chance. The boys work hard, there are good processes and practices (such as the tutoring program) in place, staff are supportive and caring of students, parents take an active interest in their son’s academic journey and there is a strong and positive partnership between staff, parents and students. This is why Terrace is a special place.

Finally, this week some news about a couple of our recent Old Boys. Firstly, congratulations to Louis Townsend (2015) for his selection in the Australian swim team for the World championships later this year. Secondly, congratulations to Oscar McCabe (2016) for his T J Ryan Award from the State Government. Well done to both Louis and Oscar.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll

College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Terrace enjoys a variety of student exchange programs

Student Exchange Programs

Terrace enjoys a variety of student exchange programs with international partnerships in France, Japan and the USA. Over the Easter holidays, 20 students of Japanese travelled to our partner school, Konan Boys’ High in Osaka. Our students enjoyed several days of homestay with Konan families and the tour party had the opportunity to be expertly guided by Mrs Mary Cassidy and Mr Andrew Stormonth through Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nara. The 17 year old relationship with Konan includes our hosting two students annually for a whole year and this year, we are delighted to have with us Ren Koyama and Hide Kinugawa. Enormous thanks to the Latter, Atkinson, Mikkola and Panizza families who have welcomed the boys from Konan into their homes thus far this year. The hospitality of Terrace families and Konan families is vital to the success of the relationship. We are also blessed to have the opportunity to send a student for an extended period over the Christmas break each year and there is also the chance to go to Konan Boys’ High for ‘Year 13’. I met a proud Konan family who have hosted half a dozen boys over the years and they showed me their photo album like it was their own family!

We also have long standing relationships with Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chamindade College in St Louis in Missouri. Each year, four or five students from the US join us in Term 1 and we exchange the same amount of fellows in Term 3 as a part of our Year 10 Immersion program. This year, James Devine and Adam Sweeney have been selected to attend Archbishop Moeller High School and Joseph Stretton, Thomas O’Shea and Christopher Thorpe have been invited to attend Chaminade College. We sincerely congratulate all of the applicants for this program as it is never easy to decide who to send because of the outstanding quality of expressions of interest and interview. Best wishes to the boys when they travel in Term 3.

Last, but certainly not least, is our partnership with two schools in France, the White Cross College in Bondues and Sacred Heart College in Nantes. Madame Lindsay Maher and I are interviewing applicants for these exchanges this week, and like the USA process, we expect to be meeting some outstanding young men.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Dr Ian Hunter working with our staff to enhance literacy.

Across the next few weeks, tutors will spend time with your son/s reviewing their Term 1 report.

We have now completed the first week of the term and our boys seem to be back and into the routine of waking earlier and adjusting to the daily demands of school. On day one every student was issued with an assessment calendar that outlines the date that assessment is delivered and the due date for the assessment. The calendar also outlines the type of assessment for each subject this term. On Moodle (our learning platform) we have listed a “checklist” for each subject . This “checklist” outlines what a student needs to learn for this term. We are able to give access to this section on the Moodle to parents. The following link will allow you to check the details of what your son needs to know for this term in each of his subjects. I strongly encourage our boys to print these checklists and paste them into an exercise book where they can methodically note and review their revision. Students in Years 7, 8, 9and 10 have these checklist booklets printed and issued to them.


Across the next few weeks, tutors will spend time with your son/s reviewing their Term 1 report. Tutors will review each students’ report to reflect on what strategies were successful for them last term and possible strategies that will enhance their learning and outcomes for the term ahead. Year 12 students will meet with their academic mentors over the next weeks to review their outcomes and to receive an updated estimated OP score. It would be a wonderful topic of conversation across the dinner table in the coming weeks to initiate with your son/s as to what was discussed in these mentoring meetings.

The staff tutoring program for Term 2 is also available on the Parent Lounge. This generous offer from so many of our staff to assist boys outside of the classroom is most valuable in enhancing learning . I encourage boys make use of this resource.


Across the first few weeks we have and will meet with each year level to highlight how the boys have performed as a cohort in comparisons to last term’s effort. These assemblies also give recognition to boys who have made improvements across successive terms as well as directions for continued improvement as a cohort and individually.


Many thanks to the number of parents who have booked interviews. These interviews are just another example where as a community we aim to support each other to allow our boys to “be the best that they can be”. We commence these interviews this week and next Wednesday afternoon and evening. I encourage the students to attend these interviews also. Classes will again conclude at 12.51pm to allow staff and students to attend the interviews.


This year, one of the College’s area of focus is around a whole school literacy program with an emphasis on Years 7, 8 and 9. Dr Ian Hunter, a consultant with great expertise in this area, has been working with our staff to offer professional development around enhancing literacy. Students in year 7 and 9 completed some literacy testing at the end of last term. Dr Hunter will be spending time in the coming weeks working with the Year 9 students in their English classes.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

Congratulations to Mahoney House on Monday’s Cross Country victory.

As with all House events, it was a wonderful day of fun, spirited competition, dampened only slightly by a downpour at the end of the day. Many thanks to the Sport Office for their efforts organising the day and to our pastoral team for their assistance in ensuring things ran smoothly. Monday started with an Anzac Liturgy and I applaud our students for the way they recognised the significance of this occasion. There was a great spirit of respect and reverence attached to this event and it is a credit to our young men. I trust all of our families were able to use the Anzac Day holiday in a positive way.

In recent weeks, there has been a growing wave of interest in a Netflix series known as 13 Reasons Why. The series deals with a number of sensitive issues including teenage suicide and all reports are that it contains some graphic content that is not suitable for adolescents to view. I am unsure whether the series has become popular among our students, but I would advise parents to be armed with information about it in case it becomes a topic of conversation at home. I have included some links below that will be of assistance with this topic. The first two are from Youth Mental Health Foundation, Headspace, articulating their concerns about the program and the second is from Mental Health First Aid Australia:

Resources for Adults and Young People Watching Netflix TV Show "13 Reasons Why "

The following link may also be useful for parents of students who have already watched the series:

The digital age ensures that trends spread quickly among adolescents, so it is best that we are proactive in making parents aware of this series.

This week, students from Years 10 – 12 will attend a presentation by Mr Paul Dillon from DARTA, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia. Paul is Australia’s leading presenter on this topic and he bases his work around the most recent research. The topics are highly relevant to boys of this age and are presented on a three year cycle, with new topics being covered across each of the three years.

I have written to families of Year 7 students about our Mother/Son evening on 15 May, to be facilitated by Mr Bill Jennings, director of a company known as Time & Space. Feedback from last year’s event was very positive and I look forward to strong attendance. Please feel free to be in contact if you did not receive any information or if you have questions.

A reminder to parents and guardians that classes will again conclude at 12.51pm this Wednesday to allow staff and students to attend the Parent | Teacher | Student interviews.

A final reminder that winter uniform commences on Tuesday of next week (2 May). As previously communicated, this means all students must wear their blazer to and from school every day. Long trousers are compulsory for students in Years 11 and 12, while younger students are welcome to wear either shorts or long trousers. The weather has started to cool down just at the right time.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

The Good News of Terrace – Barrett House commemorate Anzac Day with their friends of Western Suburbs Special School

The Grave of Indifference

Although our Easter break is now a distant and fading memory, the impressions of my Easter break remain and will likely for a long time to come. I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to travel to Africa with other teachers of Edmund Rice schools of Australia and Tanzania. It was an immersion into South Africa and Kenya, connecting intimately with the ongoing work of the Catholic Church and the Christian Brothers and the extraordinary ‘difference’ they are making to others. I’m compelled to share these stories of ‘difference’ with our Terrace Family.

Soweto is community personified. Not only is it the home of Nelson Mandela and archbishop Desmond Tutu, it is a symbol of struggle, hope and future for South Africa. It is a large and vibrant community determined to be in control of its destiny. This became very clear as our small group sat among the thousands of others at Sunday Mass at Regina Mundi Catholic Church. The priest provided our congregation with a very clear and powerful message – ‘we must avoid the grave of indifference’.

The people of Soweto and of South Africa don’t want to be neutral, they want to have a voice and be active participants in their nation’s future, shaping the construct of their society. The people of South Africa want to avoid the ‘she’ll be right’ approach.

Being challenged with the concept of ‘indifference’ was quite confronting. Not because of its uniqueness, but because of its perils when applied on a societal level. If each individual where to become ‘indifferent’ about the world around them, who then determines its future? The privileged? The outsider?

Spending three days in Soweto, including a homestay with a local family, was a wonderful experience. It brought me closer to understanding post-Apartheid South Africa, and most importantly, to better understanding the challenges our society faces and how it’s imperative for the individual to understand that their voice and actions count. Indifference will not progress any society, it won’t be life giving.

I look forward to sharing some more insights from my recent immersion to South Africa and Kenya in the coming weeks.

Dean of Waterford | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Thank you for your support of the Immersion Information evening last night.

Thank you for your support of the Immersion Information evening last night. The program has a variety of Immersions to consider and I ask that you take note of the various dates students will be away from Brisbane outlined in the information booklet. Please do not hesitate to contact the individual Immersion staff member or myself if you would like to discuss an Immersion in greater depth. Selection forms are due back at the end of this week.

The cohort has collectively performed very well academically in Term 1. Our challenge now is to maintain/build on this standard during Term 2. I have encouraged the boys to make time to attend the before school tutoring sessions conducted by the Waterford staff. If they are interested in obtaining a better understanding of the work being learnt this term, then this by far is the best strategy. Finally, I would encourage you to bring your sons along to the Parent/Teacher interviews commencing next Wednesday in the Campbell Centre, if possible.

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Well done to all our runners at the Cross Country on Monday

It is only Week 2, however, with shortened weeks and a short term, extra work outside the classroom is very important.

This is a significant week, as always, with services across the country to remember our Anzacs. The connection and bonds with our men and women who served and who are continuing to fight across the world are maintained here at school and in our local communities through our remembrance services. Thank you to the parents and students from Years 5 amd 6 for their support of the Lenten Appeal. Unfortunately, the weather was against our completing the Lenten Walk and Fair for this this year, but the donations that came in were fantastic.

By now all students will have had an opportunity to take in the results and comments in their report card for Term 1. By now each student should have established personal strategies and goals for Term 2 with your teacher. Parent /Teacher interviews are taking place for the next two weeks and there is a reminder that students will conclude school at 12.45pm next Wednesday.

It is only Week 2, however, with shortened weeks and a short term, extra work outside the classroom is very important. Assessment calendars were handed out in the last week of Term 1 as a guide to plan and avoid the panic at the last minute. Our Year 5 students have been working extremely hard at their Literacy and Numeracy skills to start off Term 2. Creating good study habits is very important.

This term, Year 5 classes will be celebrating mass in the Chapel. This is a great occasion for students to celebrate with their families. This Tuesday, mass will be celebrated by 5 White. All parents and extended family are most welcome. Mass will begin at 7.45am.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

The ANZAC Band performs on parade.


Well done to the Senior A for defeating Nudgee last week by five points. Congratulations also to the Senior B who until this round have been undefeated.

Please see below for this week’s results.


The excitement builds as we turn the Edmund Rice Theatre into Shrek’s Swamp for the Middle School Musical. This musical sold out in days and the Years 5 – 8 students are doing an excellent job with lines, singing and dancing as the show comes together in these late stages.

We look forward to seeing you in the audience on 5 and 6 May. The show starts at 6.30pm with a five minute lockout. Why not arrive from 5.30pm and enjoy the hospitality supplied by the Terrace Performing Arts Supporters Group?

ANZAC Band Project

‘Terrace to the Fore’! With 105 musicians Terrace fielded the largest musical ensemble for the Brisbane Anzac Day parade. The boys performed to an exceptional level and accolades have come from far and wide. Well done and thank you. Put a note in your diary to come and support the boys in 2018 as we continue to push forward and raise the standard of our musicians.

Support Group Meetings

DSG Meeting | Tuesday 9 May | 5.30pm | Old Boys Room

Please register your apologies via

TPA Meeting | Tuesday 9May | 5.30pm | Callan Centre

Please register your apologies via

Director of Music | Mr Brad Esbensen

Congratulations to the ANZAC Band who marched in Tuesday’s Anzac Parade through the Brisbane CBD.

The band consisted of 105 students from all year levels and was the largest in the parade. We marched the circuit twice and all the boys conducted themselves in a professional manner throughout the day, proudly representing Terrace in the wider community. Thanks to the music staff involved in preparing the students and to parents for your support. There has been a great deal of positive feedback and we are forward to making it bigger and better in 2018.

The Red Peppers Pep Band played their debut performance at the football, for the tunnel and half-time show, last Saturday. They played very well and looked sharp, getting the crowd on side and adding an extra dimension to the game. We will do our second, and final, performance at the football on Saturday 6 May.

Congratulations to the Terrace Choir and James Weidinger (Year 12 – Trumpet) for their contribution to the Anzac Day liturgy that was held on Monday. Next week, the Terrace Jazz Combo will be performing at College Assembly.

On Wednesday 17 May, several of our students will be representing Terrace at the GPS Music Showcase. This will involve a day of rehearsals and workshops, followed by an evening concert in the QPAC Concert Hall at 7pm. Shortly, free tickets for the event will become available for anyone in the community wishing to attend. Please contact to reserve your tickets and they will be forwarded to you once they become available.

Registration for the Pemulwuy! National Male Voice Festival is now open. Pemulwuy! is a triennial event based in Brisbane, Queensland and we have always had a good representation from Terrace in previous years. It aims to encourage males throughout Australia to engage in singing at whatever level of experience they find themselves and to build networks between conductors and artists who work in this unique field. If you would like to register or find out more information, please visit

There are vacancies in the Terrace Youth Choir (Years 5-8) rehearsing Wednesday mornings at 7.15am in the Chapel. Please contact our choral director, Mrs Debattista, ( if you require further information.

For those of you who participate in our Premier Ensembles, the Terrace Shop now has a selection of black microfibre shirts available for $50. These will be required, along with black trousers, for the Norman Clarke Concert later this term.

For those students who perform with our beginner and intermediate level ensembles, it is a requirement that they wear grey trousers for performances. This provides a more formal and unified look as opposed to a mix of trousers and shorts. The first big concert event for these groups will be the Winter Concert on Thursday 18 May. Trousers are available from the Uniform Shop in sizes from 8 to 18. Students who perform only as part of the Year 5 and 6 Band and Strings classes do not need to purchase trousers.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in CultureàMusic.

Term 2 Events

  • Red Peppers Pep Band, Saturday 6 May, 2pm, Tennyson Playing Fields. If you are playing football, please change into your formal school uniform and arrive asap once your game is finished.
  • Terrace Jazz Combo, Saturday 6 May, 4.30pm, Tennyson Playing Fields, Term 2 Sports Launch
  • GPS Music Showcase, Wednesday 17 May, selected performers only. All day rehearsals and workshop, Concert at QPAC Concert Hall, 7pm.
  • Winter Concert, Thursday 18 May, 6.30pm. Please note the date for this event has changed due to a clash with GPS Music Showcase.
  • Norman Clarke Concert, Sunday 21 May, Villanova College. Sound checks from 10.45am, concert at 3pm.

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

This Saturday our sporting community travel to Brisbane State High School

It was a busy weekend last Saturday at Tennyson when Terrace hosted Nudgee College in a plethora of fixtures across the fields.


The program was very successful, winning 21 games – losing 14 and drawing 6 matches.

Unfortunately, the 1st XI suffered a 0 – 4 defeat – allowing three quick goals at the final stages of the second half.


The Tennis program was affected by several washouts that resulted in a significantly reduced program – however of the eleven fixtures, Terrace were successful in nine of the eleven, dropping only two fixtures.

Special note was the performances of the 1st IV and 2nd IV that won 8-0 and 6-0 respectively – an amazing clean sweep of these two highly competitive games.

This Saturday our sporting community travel to Brisbane State High School. The BSHS Football program is significantly bigger than the BSHS Rugby program, so more teams will be accommodated by our opposition. However, there will still be some need for supplementary games at Tennyson, Nudgee, Churchie and Brisbane Grammar.

Please check your schedules accurately – on the school app, and be ready to play by arriving 45 minutes before your start time to warm up.


Well done to the boys that travelled to TSS last Friday to win in the first meet of the season.

The Open and U16 age levels shone through with strong performances. The remaining age levels were strong but need to work a little harder – the runners coming in as the 4th 5th and 6th runners for Terrace need to be at least in the top 30 – every place counts and it is important to work as a team in hunting the runners from other schools down.

This Friday is the BGS / GT Carnival at Northgate. Goals for the day will be set by Coach Hughes but if all Terrace runners work together – pace each other and if the top six runners per age level finish in the top 30, then the team will go a long way to success at this meet and the Championships on 31 May.

The Weekly Wrap

Cross Country Wrap

GPS Shield meet results

There is one type of race with descriptions like ‘Tough’, ‘Grim’ or ‘Brutal’. Welcome to the world of cross country running and the second GPS Cross Country Shield Meet at the The Southport School (after the cancellation of the BSHS meet at the end of Term 1).

The Terrace Cross Country squad spent Term 1 preparing themselves for the competition season with a key message to drive their performance, ‘Consistency’ and ‘Best Effort Always’! The training program has been tailored to the demands of cross country racing and their commitment and dedication has been outstanding. They have focused on the processes and learnt to employ a steady effort, which can be utilised when racing. They have also learnt that a well-planned cross course will do everything to disrupt their stride, their pace, and their focus.

There were 61 runners who took to the start line over distances of 2km, 3km, 4km and 6km. The races delivered sequels to Chariots of Fire for some, and a battle ground for others who slogged around the course, with their hearts feeling like they were about to explode and their legs weary from the effort. In the main senior race – 6km (Opens and 16 years) of the afternoon, all of the favourites were right in contention throughout the fast course, which took them around the perimeter of TSS. There was no running out of steam for Nick Erzetic taking the win for the Opens or Ollie Seawright showing the 16 years how it’s done, breaking away mid way through the race and winning both overall and the 16years event. Another solid performer was Jeremy Davis taking a very close third place in the Opens event and Max Van Balen also finishing 3rd in the 11years – 3km event.

We need to field six runners per age-group, which let us down on the vverall score card. The 13years missed out on scoring points despite their efforts with only five runners taking the start line. One of our biggest improvers in this age-group Mitchell Taylor, delivered on his race cues and surprised himself with a top 20 finish. We also had Ned O’Rourke in the 14 years setting himself a target of a top 10 finish, and coming away with 7th place.


We head to Northgate this coming Friday 29April, for the Gregory Terrace and Brisbane Grammar School GPS Shield Meet.

Representative Sport

Read more for your Representative Sports information

Terrace students are eligible to trial for selection into District and Met Nth Regional representative teams in a number of sports. Our Primary students nominate via City Dist. and our Secondary students via Nth Independent or in some cases Met Nth direct depending on the sport.

Boys will only be nominated if they are of a high standard and meet qualifying times in respective sports.

City District Term 2 Sports are:

Direct nominations to Met. Nth Sports are:

  • Cross Country date 6 June – Open to 13-19 years. Nominations close Friday 12 May
  • Rugby Union trial date 23 May – Open to all boys turning 15. Nominations close Friday 12 May
  • Golf trial date 22 May – Open to all 10 – 18 yrs. Nominations close Friday 12 May

For more information relating to upcoming trials please contact or click on the below link

Thanks for your support.


Putting it on the line | Tennis Wrap

This week the Terrace Tennis program plays Brisbane State High School in matches from Years 7 through to 12. Our Years 5 and 6 will be either playing internal challenges or supplementary matches. This week the away matches are being played at Griffith University, Mount Gravatt Campus. The home matches are being played at Coops Tennis Centre, Ambiweera and Victoria Park for Years 5-9.

The results from the round v Nudgee College were excellent. The quality of tennis provided by both schools is a great reflection on the health of the game throughout Australia. Terrace were successful in the majority of matches as can be seen by the results sheets included for your reference. The program will be looking to build on this momentum from Round 1 as we move through the competition.

Tennis is a weather dependant sport and it was extremely disappointing for a number of matches being cancelled due to safety concerns and wetness of courts. Coaches were at the venues by 6.45am and at this time the courts were fine to play on, however rain swept through venues between 7 and 7.20am. This is the nature of the game and although extremely disappointing for all concerned we look forward to Round 2 with much excitement.

Team of the Week - OPEN 3rd IV

Edward Brockhurst

Sean Galloway

Nick Hopkins

Jude Korad

This team is full of boys who have played tennis at the College for every year they have attended, three of these boys have played since Year 5. These boys are outstanding individuals who together play the game the right way and for the right reasons. They are great examples to the rest of the program.

Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, William Cook

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

The Anzac legacy is one that is especially close to my heart after I had the privilege of visiting Gallipoli in 2015 as a part of the Terrace/All Hallows’ Gallipoli choir. This experience solidified in me the importance of commemorating our fallen heroes and further highlighted the Anzac values of courage, mateship and sacrifice.

As we toured through the rugged landscape of Gallipoli I soon realised the impossible courage it would have taken to fight in those conditions. Standing atop the Sphinx, the bold cliff that dominates Anzac cove, it was amazing to see the large sharp cliffs juxtaposed with the small beach. To think that young Australians fought up those cliffs from height to height as machine gun fire rained down on them astounded me, for I have never had to show such courage. To not only charge up the impossible cliffs, but to sit in trenches for months on end with an enemy not 100 metres away would’ve been incredibly testing. But they did it, our Anzacs showed such great courage and for that reason I am proud to be Australian.

Standing in the peaceful cemetery of Shrapnel Valley, a place of such death and destruction, now a place of beauty, I had a moment of sheer gratitude. Gratitude that I haven’t had to experience war (and hopefully never will), thanks to the sacrifice of my predecessors. But in this cemetery I also saw all the headstones of men just 17 years old, a shocking and horrifying fact of this campaign. It was a chilling thought to envisage myself and my brothers fighting and dying, but that’s the hard reality so many boys faced.

One of the cornerstones of the Anzac legacy is the mateship that bonded every soldier so strongly. But one thing that surprised me was the mateship that bonds Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. The close connection that allows each country to commemorate such a bloody campaign together in solidarity. The genuine interactions I had with Turkish people in my time over there really showed me the value of this close relationship. This close relationship is best encapsulated by a quote from Mustafar Kemal Ataturk (the founder of modern Turkey).

Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives ... You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.... You, the mothers who sent their sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.

This year we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Sinai-Palestinian and the Flanders' offensive, in which brave Australian soldiers died for the liberation of these lands.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

Lest we Forget

Terrace Ladies Group

Read more for all your TLG news

TLG Meeting | 24 April 2017

On Monday this week we had the TLG meeting in the GT125 Auditorium. Mrs Louise Underwood, Head of Faculty (Library) continued sharing the valuable information she provided on research resources and assignment preparations. We are very grateful to have Louise explain the digital platform our boys use for research and resources. One significant aspect worth mentioning is the extent of material available on the College’s online library through Libguides, accessed through the boys’ Moodle login – or you can access it here. It is definitely worth investigating yourself to see that there is really no need for the boys to blindly ask Google what they need to find out.

Mothers’ High Tea | Years 5 – 9, The Marquee, Victoria Park

This Friday 28 April is the Mothers’ High Tea for Years 5-9. There will be bubbles on arrival, a Traditional High Tea plus free entry into the Lucky Prize Draw. Prizes include a weekend away at Halcyon House with a dining voucher for Paper Daisy (total value $850), a $500 Camargue Voucher, a $330 Studio Kirby Family Portrait Voucher and a $300 voucher to Blow Hair and Beauty Salon. We are honoured to have Sallyanne Atkinson, former Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor (amongst many other accomplishments) as our guest speaker.

Terrace Cookbook Special

The TLG are pleased to offer to the whole school community a “High Tea Cookbook Special” for only $50 you will receive The Terrace Cookbook ($5 saving), a free GT Tea Towel and the Red and Black canvas carry bag. This is a total saving of $25. We have had some great sales with this special so we have decided to extend it until Mothers’ Day. You can purchase these at the Morning Tea, the Uniform Shop or via this link on the school’s website.

Tennyson Canteen

Last Saturday was our first home game for the Football season against Nudgee. Thank you very much to all the mothers that helped in the canteen on such a busy day. It was greatly needed with the canteen being busy throughout the whole day. Supplies were very thin at the end of the day which reflected the good takings overall in the canteen and barbecue. The next home game is 6 May, which is the same day as the Season Launch. We are expecting another busy day, so please volunteer to help if you can. Of course home bake is always welcome too.

Year 12 Mothers’ Masses

Tuesday 16 and Tuesday 23 May at 7.30am the College is hosting masses for the Year 12 Mothers in their house groups (see below). The Masses will be held in the Chapel of the Holy Family with the TLG offering morning tea afterwards in the Founders’ Room.

Past Mothers’ Mass

The Past Mothers’ Mass for 2017 is being hosted by the TLG on Sunday 28 May at 10am in the Chapel of the Holy Family with morning tea being served afterwards in the Founders’ Room. If you have a family member or friend who you think may like to attend and who may not have received an invitation, please contact Mrs Marianne Eadie at Alternatively, please feel free to forward them the booking link. The cost of attending is $20 (plus booking fee) and tickets can be purchased via the College Events page, or BOOK HERE for Past Mothers Mass.

Coming Up

Friday 28 April - Mothers High Tea (Years 5 to 9) 10am-1pm Victoria Park

Tuesday 16 May - Year 12 Mothers’ Mass (Barrett, Buckley, Kearney, Magee, Mahoney)

Tuesday 23 May - Year 12 Mothers’ Mass (Reidy, Treacy, Windsor, Xavier)

Sunday 28 May - Past Mothers’ Mass, 10am Chapel of the Holy Family followed by Morning Tea in the Founders’ Room

PLEASE NOTE: Calendar Error:-A TLG Function is incorrectly listed for 5 May – the correct date of 28 April is correctly listed.


TLG President

Mel Josephson:

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray...

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the souls of :

Mr Eric William CLOWES | GT 1932 - 1940

Mr Robert James RATCLIFFE | GT 1988 - 1991

Dr Frederick SCHUBERT | GT 1940 - 1943

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Please read below for further details about upcoming College events

Date and Time: Saturday 6 May 2017 | 5pm - 9.30pm
Where: Br Rogers Pavilion | Tennyson Playing Fields
Cost: Adults $30 (+ booking fees) | This includes a 2-course dinner & welcome drink. Cash bar available.
Children Free | This includes pizza & soft drink
RSVP: RSVP extended until Tuesday 2 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jen Lynch | | 0407 575 455

Book Mega Season Launch Tickets Here

Date and Time: Sunday 21 May | 1.45pm for 2.30pm movie start
Where: New Farm Cinemas
Cost: $25 (+ booking fees)
Ticket includes 1 movie ticket to the screening of Table 19, lucky door prize raffle ticket and leather "mother of" frat band gift
RSVP: Please book tickets by Friday 12 May
Proudly organised by Mahoney House to support their House Friendship Group - the McIntyre Centre

Book Movie Fundraiser Tickets Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 May 2017 | 6.30pm - 11pm
Where: The Boat Shed | Tennyson
Cost: $50 (+ booking fees) | This includes a wok dinner, complimentary drink on arrival and live band. Cash bar available
RSVP: Please RSVP by Monday 22 May 2017
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Vanessa Wick | | 0416 034 548

Timor Festa Tickets Purchase Here

Date and Time: Sunday 28 May 2017 | 10am
Where: Chapel of the Holy Family followed by morning tea in the Founders' Room
Cost: $20 (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Please RSVP by 24 May 2017
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Marianne Eadie | | 0410 720 067

Book Past Mothers' Morning Tea Here

By popular demand the Terrace Cookbook Special has been extended for sale at the amazing price of $50 until Mother's Day Sunday 14 May. This also includes a lovely free gift of a GT Tea Towel and GT Carry Bag.

Purchase Terrace Cookbook Special Here

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to come and see one of Shakespeare’s most enduring & magical plays performed by All Hallows' School and Gregory Terrace students.
Date and Time: Thursday 18 May - Saturday 20 May | 7pm
Where: Claver Theatre | All Hallows' School | 547 Ann St Brisbane
Cost: Adults $25. Student/Concession $15
Tickets can be purchased via the All Hallows’ Payment Portal link below

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" tickets here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Click here for event details and booking links for the various parent social functions throughout the Term.

Year 7 Mothers' Brunch

Date and Time: Sunday 7 May 2017 | 11am - 2pm
Where: Chow House | 39 James St, New Farm
Cost: Order individually from menu on the day
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 3 May
For RSVP and further enquiries, please contact
Diana Thiele | | 0402 070 287

Year 10 Term 2 Parent Morning Tea

Date and Time: Tuesday 9 May | 8am - 10.30am
Where: Victoria Park Golf Club Cafe | 309 Herston Rd Herston
Cost: Order individually on the day
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 10 Friday Afternoon Drinks

Date and Time: Friday 19 May | 5.30pm - 8pm
Where: Darling & Co. | 157 Given Tce Paddington
Cost: $25 (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 12 May
For RSVP or further details, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 10 Drinks Book Here

Year 9 Ladies Lunch

Date and Time: Saturday 27 May | 12pm - 4pm
Where: The Alice Room - Cloudland | 641 Ann St Fortitude Valley
Cost: $40 (+ booking fees) including bubbles on arrival & 2 course set menu (main & dessert)
RSVP: Please RSVP by Saturday 20 May
For RSVP or further details, please contact
Simone Healy | hiley@iinet, | 0417 726 869

Yr 9 Cloudland Lunch Book Here