Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

As we approach the end of May and the impending exam season, we also mark the commencement of Reconciliation Week.  Earlier this term, Terrace hosted its first Indigenous Round at Tennyson and this coming week, as a College community, we will reinforce our Reconciliation agenda through both word and action.

Last week I attended the National EREA Principal’s Gathering in Brisbane.  The first day of the conference involved a cultural and historical walk commencing at the Pugin Chapel on the grounds of St Stephen’s Cathedral.  This was the site where Terrace began in July 1875, opening with 19 students on the first day.  Our walk was guided by Br Damien Price and Indigenous Elder Joe Kirk.  During our walk, Joe guided us through the journey of our First Nations people and the white settlers, speaking of both the positive and negative aspects of our local history.  A common theme of Joe’s story was that ‘we are all one mob.’  As we acknowledge Reconciliation Week and the pain and suffering of previous generations, we have an opportunity to continue the journey as 'one mob’ and be a united people of Australia.

Next week, the Tuesday morning Mass will focus on the theme of National Reconciliation.  I extend an invitation to the Terrace Family to stand together in our response to Reconciliation.

This week I would like to provide details of the next of the Pillars outlined in the College’s Strategic Plan – Towards 150.  I encourage you to review the goals identified for Lifelong Learning through Excellence in Education across the next five years, we will:

  • Develop and realise the Terrace Educator framework.
  • Enrich our academic and holistic culture of challenge and support for students and staff.
  • Drive school improvement and educational initiatives through College-wide utilisation of data, research and reflective practice.
  • Proactively monitor the implementation of the Senior schooling curriculum and assessment regimes.

Terrace has nurtured a strong Culture of Learning over many years, and it is certainly our goal to continue this tradition.  This year Ms Ralda Deoki was appointed to the role of Dean of Pedagogy and Learning Innovation.  This role will be pivotal in examining how we further develop an environment of positive teaching and learning at Terrace and, importantly, also be responsible for identifying ways in which we can all improve the quality of teaching and learning at Terrace.  Ultimately, our goal is to develop updated, consistent teaching and learning practices throughout the entire College and develop and realise a Terrace Educator Framework.

I will be taking Professional Renewal leave (sabbatical) for the first six weeks of Term 3 and am looking forward to completing some study and travelling within Australia.  In my absence, there will be several staff members undertaking Acting roles.  These include:

  • Acting Principal – Mr Damien Fall
  • Acting Deputy Principal – Ms Zoe Morgan
  • Acting Dean of Communication – Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey

I congratulate each of these people and know they will do an excellent job in their respective roles.

Finally, this week, I encourage all within and beyond our Terrace Family to attend the upcoming Br Barry Buckley Breakfast on Friday 4 June.  This year, the guest speaker will be Old Boy Professor Paul Young (GT 1972), leader of the University of Queensland’s COVID Vaccination Program.  The breakfast is hosted by the GTOBA but is open to everyone.  Tickets are available here and I encourage you to come along with your friends to hear what will undoubtedly be an interesting and highly relevant presentation.  I am also pleased to confirm that Br Barry Buckley will be in attendance.  I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

We acknowledged National Sorry Day on Wednesday, which is a significant day on Australia’s calendar and the lead-up to National Reconciliation Week. The College will recognise the week in several ways. Many of us only relate the early stories of Australia’s colonisation to Sydney since it was the original site of the British penal colony that would become modern Australia. We often overlook or have never been made aware of Brisbane’s early history and its severe impact on our First Nations people when Oxley first sailed north via Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River to extend the southern colony in the 1820s.

In late 1858, Brisbane’s newspaper, the Moreton Bay Courier, published a series of five letters attributed to local First Nations men Dalipie and Dalinkua in which they question how the laws and commands of ‘the book of books’ could be so blatantly ignored by those who carried it. They wrote of their joy that ‘the naked would be clothed and the hungry fed’ and their despair when, in contrast, ‘our white brothers have taken our hunting and fishing grounds from us’. Australia’s story of the plight of our First Nations people is very much Brisbane’s story. From Breakfast Creek to Milton, through Gardens Point and into Spring Hill, Brisbane is rich with the history of our first peoples. Our students should learn of this important local history. I hope that this week, and always, we can do our best to live out the values of ‘the book of books’, which forms the foundations of our Catholic faith.

Many thanks to the parents and caregivers who took the time to complete the survey following our recent Parent/Teacher interviews. We received 378 responses, which gave us some excellent data to consider as we plan for the future. Overall, respondents rated the interview experience via Teams as an average of 8.44 out of 10 and fewer than 10% of respondents would like all future interviews to be conducted face to face. However, it seems there remains a strong appetite for remote interviews, despite the lack of direct interaction and the difficulty with viewing students’ work. We will continue to consider feedback and will communicate our plans for the next round of interviews in due course.

In staff news, this week I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Mr Peter Ford, who has been a loyal member of the College’s Property and Maintenance Team for more than 30 years. Peter recently notified us that he is retiring in the coming weeks. Peter will leave us with mixed emotions; after such a long time, it is hard to say goodbye, but he looks forward to exploring new adventures in his retirement. We thank Peter for his service and wish him well in the future.

The term is rapidly disappearing, and I wish teachers and students the very best as they work together in preparation for exams, which commence in less than two weeks for most students.

Program Leader: Campus Ministry | Mr Andrew Stormonth

Reconciliation…More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.

As a practice, we often commence our times of reflection and prayer with 'In voice and action'. As a Terrace Family, we know the power when both the things we say and the things we do align with each other and demonstrate our commitment and solidarity. Inspired by Blessed Edmund Rice, we hear his call to be people of Presence, Compassion and Liberation – all values that require action.

National Reconciliation Week is an opportunity to specifically focus on our relationship with our First Nations people. Inspired by their histories, cultures and languages, as a Terrace Family, we hear their call to be people of story sharing, valuing traditions and stories, and respecting our elders – past, present and emerging. National Reconciliation Week draws attention to three key important dates in our shared history – National Sorry Day, the 1967 Referendum and the Australian High Court delivery of the Mabo Decision. These significant milestones were a push against ignorance, lack of respect and de-humanisation of our First Nations people.

In 2020, our Reconciliation Action Plan was ratified by Narragunnawali, the education arm of Reconciliation Australia. At its basic level, this document is a collection of statements and goals that the College hopes to achieve. But our responsibility is to put reconciliation into action – we need to live it, breathe it, be accountable and be an agent of change in our community. It requires us to be proactive and authentic in our actions – to learn, understand, and grow.

As a Terrace Family, we are taking these first steps to be more, to be better, and to not tolerate the status quo. This requires us to be vulnerable – to accept that things will change – no matter whether it is a tradition, common practice or action we have done previously.

Let us look back with courage, see the truth and speak it.

Let us look around with compassion, see the cost and share it.

Let us look forward with hope, see what can be and create it.

With courage, compassion and hope, we walk together in this journey of healing.

Live Jesus in our hearts…forever!

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

On Monday, we held the annual Year 7 Mother/Caregiver Son evening at the College. Like the Father/Son evening earlier in the year, it was very well attended, with over 140 families enjoying the evening. It was great to see everyone sharing and listening to the stories.  These are priceless moments in the journey of our young men, and I thank you for your support. Our young men need to keep sharing their feelings with trusted adults as mental health continues to be an area of great concern in society. At College Assembly earlier in the week, our College Vice Captain Luke Ames addressed the gathering to share his story of adversity. His key message was that you are not alone in your struggles.  You are part of a big team of Terrace boys that will struggle at some point with their wellbeing.  Luke encouraged the assembly to start conversations with parents, friends or teachers if they need help. The College counselling referral portal can be found on the Terrace website if you would like to connect your son with one of our College counsellors.

Australian Diamonds legend Liz Ellis is an excellent role model in our society. I listened to a quick podcast during the week where she reflects on the importance of team sports in her life. Significantly for Liz, it wasn’t whether she was playing in the Under 12s or the Diamonds. The life skills she developed through social interactions and the challenges she faced within these environments were the same. In our context, it doesn’t matter whether your son is playing in the As or the Es, playing sport or in a band; boys still access the same experiences being involved in a team dynamic. These experiences can present challenges every time they gather in one form or another. As parents, we want them to experience these hurdles and learn how to navigate and overcome them. For many of us, this is why we provide the taxi service! So, Liz’s advice is to let your sons meet the challenges and not let them run away as team environments can be an excellent learning environment for our youth. However, there is a trigger point at which adult support might be required to give direction in a situation. If you feel this is necessary, please don’t hesitate to contact the relevant staff at the College. 

A reminder that we have the Year 7 Inter-House Futsal competition this Friday afternoon at Waterford Place. The boys will need to get changed into their HPE uniform after school and walk across to Waterford. The competition will finish with a sausage sizzle at 5.30pm. Parents are more than welcome to drop and watch throughout the afternoon.

Finally, we have had a reasonably high number of students absent due to sickness in the last couple of weeks. On assembly, I spoke about the need to maintain high standards of personal hygiene at school and stay at home if you are unwell. Our Sickbay staff have had to send home several students each day over the last week due to illness. If your son is absent from school, please inform the College either via or by phone on 3214 5244 by 9am.

Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

 At Week 6, the reality starts to kick in. Assignments are due and exams are on the horizon (two weeks away). The workload has been steadily increasing and now the need to revise is a reality. Some advice for students at this time:

Those students who are organised and have planned their studies will now start to reap the reward of their earlier work – keep going, be persistent and stick to your plan.

To those who have not planned or who have not started their revision – don’t panic! There is still time if you get to it now. The worst thing you can do is ignore your study and hope it will go away. Sorry, but it is not going to happen. Plan the rest of the term, start your revision with some extra work after homework is done, get help from a mate, your tutor, your teacher or your parents. There are lots of people here to help you, just ask.

Attend tutoring sessions generously offered by our staff. They are a great way to get assistance with that problem solving question you can’t answer or that concept you don’t understand. Tutoring times can be found on the College App.

Be an active learner. Seek out assistance for the problems, questions or concepts that you do not understand.

The QCAA has released the 2021 External Exam timetable. This release is a prominent marker in the EA preparation journey for our Senior students. Most Senior subjects have completed two of the four assessment pieces for the year. As such, attention turns to the external exams, which are the differentiating piece of assessment for every subject. As I mentioned to Year 12 at our recent assembly, while the next internal assessment task is our main priority – consistent revision for Maths (every Year 12 student) and Science subjects is necessary. A good starting point is to find 20-30 minutes, four times a week, to revise Unit 3 content and questions. This will not benefit your next IA but it will have you ahead in your revision for the 50% weighted exams.

All the best to all students with their studies this week.

Terrace Library

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

National Music recognition

Well done to the five Terrace students who have been selected to participate in the Australian Honours Ensemble Program (AHEP), which will take place at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music later this year 

  • Max Beckmann – Violin
  • Thomas Druve – Bassoon
  • Lucas McIntosh, William O’Meally, Logan Wilson – Vocals. 

Debating Dinner

Thursday 26 August will see the annual Debating Dinner held at Victoria Park. Tickets will be $65 for adults and $45 for students. All are welcome, and a ticket link will be available through College Events soon.

Volunteer sign-up

A volunteer sign-up link for the Norman Clarke Concert is here. An email will come out shortly from the TPA regarding how parents can assist at this formal event.

Support Group meetings

Support Group meetings will be held online if necessary. 

Staying in touch 

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on social media to ensure you don’t miss anything.   If you have any photographs or videos that you would like to share, please tag us.

TWITTER            @GTCulture

INSTAGRAM      terrace_gtculture

YOUTUBE          Terrace Culture YouTube Channel

Director of Music | Mr Derek Rose

Peak performance

Whatever our endeavour in life, most of us are striving to reach a particular goal. In a discussion surrounding peak performance, Dr John Lynch (former Associate Professor of Wind Band Conducting at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music) challenges our thinking on this notion of peak performance and the concept of mastery. These ideas and principles relate to many fields extending beyond music.

Effortless mastery involves relaxed concentration, having a relaxed body while your mind is sharply focused will equate to a great performance. Long deep breaths enable us to relax, activating our breath control. Motion in music, the idea of communicating deep emotion through our performance of the music we are playing, being so well prepared on our technique that it becomes second nature, we can be present during the performance without having to think about what we are playing and focus on how we are playing it. Going through the process of setting up our instrument, warming up and then walking on stage will enable our minds to be prepared for the performance, so once we get up onto that stage, we can connect with the audience, and we are ready to play/sing.  Dr John Lynch

As educators, our daily challenge with your sons is to create an immersive educational learning experience. This could simply mean allowing oneself to be taken to the place the music is set or wants us to be taken. We are all affected in various ways by experiences, thus the power of music!

Assembly performance

Congratulations to the Waterford Strings 2 Ensemble conducted by Mrs Domenica Kelly, who presented an excellent performance at this week’s assembly.


Congratulations to the following students who have been successful in their selection as part of the Australian Honours Ensemble Program: Max Beckmann (Year 9), Thomas Druve (Year 10), Lucas McIntosh (Year 9), William O’Meally (Year 12) and Logan Wilson (Year 11).

Norman Clarke Concert

The Annual Norman Clarke Concert will be held at Villanova College on Sunday 6 June, commencing at 3pm. I warmly invite the Terrace Family to come and support our Premier Music Ensembles and Year 5 students as they take us on an immersive musical journey of discovery.

Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF)

This year the annual QCMF event will be hosted through an online platform. All school ensembles must submit a video recording of their ensemble’s performance. Due to the deadlines surrounding this, a workshop and recording schedule has been created and is located on the Terrace App.


  • Wednesday 2 June, Pep Band Rehearsal, 3.30pm, Tennyson
  • Saturday 5 June, Pep Band Performance, 12.15pm Arrival
  • Sunday 6 June, Norman Clarke Concert, 3pm Villanova College.

The Weekly Wrap


We faced a very tough Nudgee College who were fresh from the bye and had two weeks of preparation for the fixture. However, our boys continued to impress and show remarkable resilience and fight where needed.

The 6th XI started the day strong on Ross oval winning 2-0 to keep them undefeated this season, while the 9Bs have maintained their incredible run, holding on for a nervy 1-0 win. Our 9Cs also continued their excellent form with a massive 10-0 victory, with Ben Wick scoring a hat trick. Overall, we won 18 games, lost 19 and drew four.

A big thank you needs to go to all the boys who stayed to support the 1st XI on the weekend. The boys needed that extra motivation to help drive them to victory. Congratulations to Will Dent, who scored his ninth and tenth goals for the season.

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain Benjamin Chatwood

 Whenever I write a Captains’ Corner, I try to include some sort of message or theme that I have learned throughout my journey at Terrace and not just wrap up my week or my day. But, alas, here we have completed a full week of events that I feel I could not ignore mentioning yet I don't appear to have any wisdom to impart.

Surprisingly, this week of frivolities started for me on Thursday with the GPS Cross Country at Limestone Park. I was fortunate to attend this event with some fellow Year 12 leaders and the Year 9 cohort. I am not a big fan of endurance running due to my low-level cardiovascular fitness; however, I find the boys who pursue Cross Country with such utter dedication very noble. Their countless training sessions all year round, regardless of the weather or the temperature, are simply amazing. What stood out to me was the determination the runners showed last Thursday.  Despite every muscle in their body telling them to stop or at least to slow down, they kept on running, running not just for the College or their mates but so they could be proud of their efforts. This level of drive is very inspiring.

I believe everyone could take some of that Cross Country drive, whether doing an extra question during class or battling against your will to help with the chores at home rather than watching Netflix; we all need to dig deep to be the best that we can be. Despite the boys not achieving the result they wanted, they did Answer the Call, and they should be proud of themselves.

On Friday, we had Terrace Movie night out at Tennyson, where we watched Jumanji and The Castle, which raised funds and awareness for Headspace. It was plenty of fun, and I recommend if it is on again next year that you make an effort to go. A big shout out of thanks must go to Ms Morgan, Mr Cuddihy and Mr Thompson, who gave up their Friday night to support this event, as well as the members of the Terrace Ladies Group who worked the popcorn machine and the canteen to keep the masses fed.

Saturday was always going to be the biggest day of the week with the Terrace/Nudgee Round. Whether it is because of the rivalry between the two schools or just from the feeling of camaraderie amongst the Terrace lads, there is no better feeling than beating Nudgee. That is a lie; there is a better feeling – beating Nudgee at their home ground in a game where we were predicted to lose. The Football boys yet again played brilliantly and demonstrated the prowess of the Terrace Football program. The boys supporting did so respectfully and enthusiastically, cheering louder than the Nudgee supporters despite being outnumbered. Watching the 1st XI and celebrating their success when the final whistle sounded is certainly a memory I will keep for a very long time.

While it was a big week, I do not regret a single minute spent at a Terrace event and being a part of the Terrace Family, being a member of a sporting team or simply cheering my mates from the sidelines sure beats sitting at home. So maybe there is a message in this week’s Captains' Corner after all - Answer the Call to get involved.


NEWSFLASH – Two weeks to go - one week to buy your ticket!

The Terralicious '21 team has another big surprise for all attendees. We have negotiated to have a one-hour drinks package from 11.30-12.30pm included in the ticket price. This will be a great chance to mix and mingle while nibbling on canapes and having a refreshing glass or two.  The Terralicious Fashion Parade will commence just after 12.30pm, and all attendees will be seated for the parade. After the parade, we will move to a cocktail style event where there will be food, drinks, plenty of seating and lots of fun in store.

We have 20 brave and fabulous Terrace mums who will be our models for the parade. They have Answered the Call, and we will all be cheering them on as they walk the catwalk. Stay tuned for a surprise guest or two making a celebrity appearance on the catwalk.

 Congratulations to Yasmin Salter and Jude Lunn, who upgraded and unlocked access for themselves and a fellow ticket purchaser to VIP seats. We hope you enjoy this treat.

Be sure to get in and purchase your ticket ASAP. There will be VIP access passes giveaways in the lead up to the event.  Tickets are on sale until Friday 4 June – Here.  

Afterparty at Cloudland

We are set for a fun afterparty at Cloudland this year:

  • Free bus travel from RNA venue to Cloudland
  • Exclusive VIP access for Terralicious’21 guests from 3pm
  • DJ will be playing tunes that will make it hard to resist dancing
  • Two delicious signature cocktails especially for our event – Damien’s Downfall and Mother’s Magic
  • French Champagne offered at a special price of $85 per bottle for Mumm and $35 per bottle for Cremant de Bourgogne Brut
  • Delicious bar snacks available for purchase

Terralicious ’21 Red Raffle

We are also offering a Red Raffle on the day. The premier prize donated courtesy of the very generous Bickle Family is:

Halcyon House two night stay in a Classic Room valued at $1960 with the following inclusions:

  • Welcome drink on arrival featuring Ink Gin by Husk Distillers
  • Daily à la carte breakfast
  • Nightly four-course Paper Daisy dinner
  • 5pm aperitif in Paper Daisy each evening
  • Complimentary mini-bar (refreshed daily)
  • Use of Halcyon House bicycles and McTavish Surfboards
  • Use of Halcyon Spa steam room during your stay

There are a host of other gorgeous prizes to win to Spice Up your life:

  • Stylist Kerrie Carucci Wardrobe Edit or Stylist Guided Shopping trip valued at $600 sponsored by Own It Homes.
  • Creating Students Gold Package for academic mentoring in Term 3 valued at $1250
  • Ted and Lil Photography mini family session valued at $1395
  • Kailo Wellness Medispa 60 min specialised massage and 60 min Biologique Recherche facial valued at $500
  • The Modern Furniture Store - $500 voucher
  • Golf Central Two hours ladies’ clinic for six people, including lunch and champagne valued at $400
  • Stephanies Luxury Spas Opal Rasul Steam Therapy for two valued at $278
  • Limited Edition book on the life and family of Keri Craig valued at $250
  • $200 James St gift card
  • The Port Office Hotel $200 voucher
  • La Costa Bar and Restaurant $200 voucher
  • Cooking Class at Golden Pig valued at $180
  • Olive Thyme Restaurant $150 voucher
  • Boardwalk Tavern $100 voucher
  • Victoria Park Golf Club $100 voucher
  • Raw Power Yoga Albion five-pack of yoga classes valued at $180
  • Tickets to European Masterpieces exhibition at Goma
  • Brisbane Festival Experience includes tickets to a show and complimentary drinks
  • Riverbend Books - Bag of books including Maggie Dent’s new release From Boys to Men

And more …

Upcoming Events

  • 29 May  – Round 4 GPS – Restricted Canteen for 17 games being played at Tennyson.
  • 5 June  – Round 5 GPS – Home Game against BGS. Reminder Team Photos this day.
  • 7 June – TLG Meeting 7.30am – Guest Speakers Mr Tyron Mandrusiak, Mrs Loretta and Mr Mark Chisholm – Concussion, Game Day Concussion processes and Athletic Development update.
  • 11 June – Terralicious '21 Fashion Parade – Tickets on sale only until Friday 4 June!


 EOFY sponsorship opportunities

The end of the financial year is a great time to drive maximum value from this year’s remaining funds. Sign up for Back Red & Black and profile your brand within the Terrace Family (and beyond) across 2021/22 at no cost to next year’s budget. Sponsors are featured at Tennyson and Spring Hill and on the Terrace App and website (via the Online Business Directory) for 12 months.

You will receive sustained exposure over the year for the same cost as a single commercial magazine ad ($4000). Sign up before the end of this term to be recognised as First to Back Red & Black (and get an exclusive rugby jersey for inaugural sponsors only).

No funds this year? Think about allocating $4000 to Back Red & Black in your budget for next year.

Please contact the Sponsorship Manager Ms Cathy Stacey


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

Last chance to place your order - closes at midnight TONIGHT!

Any late orders will incur a surcharge (from Canterbury) and will not be guaranteed delivery before the end of the year due to Covid-19 shipping delays.
Any queries can be directed to 
Terrace Shop | | 3214 5258

Year 12 Jersey | Order Here

Back due to popular demand - orders open until 9am Monday!

$15 from every hat ordered will be donated to the Terrace Timor Network

  • Order: Online via the link below or boys can order in person (card sales only)
  • Orders and sizing: Lunch Wednesday 19 May - Friday 20 May at the Kolega Cafe (main campus) or Morning Tea Thursday 20 May at Waterford Place. Students are strongly encouraged to check sizing at these times.
  • Delivery: Early Term 3

*The limited-edition hat is a fundraising initiative of the 2021 College Captains and it can only be worn as part of the uniform at designated Timor sporting rounds.  

Timor Bucket Hat | Order Here

Please join us for a very special Terrace Family breakfast next Friday, and stay informed on all the latest information on Covid-19 vaccine information via guest speaker and Old Boy Professor Paul Young (GT 1972)

Details: Friday 4 June | 7.00 - 8.30am
Venue: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex
Cost: $60pp or $560 Table of 10 | Includes hot sit-down breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 2 June
For further event information or sponsorship enquires, please contact
Erin Bowpitt |

Br Buckley Breakfast | Book Here

Bookings close soon - if you're thinking of joining this event, don't delay!

Join us for an afternoon of fashion, fun and some fundraising to support This is a Conversation Starter (TIACS).
This year's parade will highlight the latest fashion from Camargue, Hummingbird, Luna May, Palma Martin, Sacha Drake and White Label Noba.  We wish to thank these organisations for their generous support and enthusiasm. 
Details: Friday 11 June | From 11.30am
Venue: Royal International Convention Centre (RNA) | Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills
Cost: $140pp (+ booking fees) | I Includes one-hour beverage package served from 11.30am - 12.30pm, canapés, two fork dishes, a voucher for a FREE Custom ½ hour facial valued at $89 from any of the 10 Complete Skin & Beauty stores* & a chance to win dinner for four at The Balfour Kitchen & Bar. Cash Bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP using the below ticket link by Friday 4 June

By registering to attend this event you acknowledge that:

  • You do not have currently have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing/runny nose or loss of sense of smell or taste);
  • In the last 14 days you have not travelled from overseas or a declared COVID-19 hotspot.
  • You have not been in close contact with a person who is positive to COVID-19?
  • You are not an active COVID-19 case or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

For further event information or enquiries, please contact
Loretta Olivotto | | 0419 821 762

*Complete Skin & Beauty voucher to be provided at Parade.

Terralicious Fashion Parade | Book Here

The biggest raffle to hit the Terrace Family for 2021 - so many amazing prizes up for grabs!

All proceeds will go directly to supporting for this year's Terralicious Fashion Parade charity, This is a Conversation Starter. 

Tickets $20 each or 3 for $50 (+ booking fees) via the below link.

Black Raffle Tickets | Purchase Here

Details: Saturday 12 June | From 4pm
Venue: Ambiwerra Tennis Centre, Corinda
Cost: No cost event | Please RSVP for catering purposes via the below link
For further information, please contact
Blair Copelin |

Tennis Celebration | RSVP Here

Mahoney House mothers and all the Terrace Family are invited to a special screening of "June Again" in support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Services

Details: Sunday 13 June | 1pm for 2pm movie start
Venue: New Farm Cinema, 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $20.50 per ticket (+ booking fee) | Include movie admission and fundraising support for ATSICHS
RSVP: Seats strictly limited. Please RSVP via the below link ASAP
For further information, please contact 
Steven Hohn | Mahoney House Dean |

June Again Movie Fundraiser | Tickets Here

Join us for a celebration of the 2021 Red and Black Football Season and special thank you to coaches

Details: Friday 18 June | 4.00 - 7.30pm
Venue: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: Adults | $20pp (+bf) | Includes food truck meal, chips & drink. Cash bar available
Students/Children | Free | Includes pizza
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 10 June
For further event information, please contact
Chris Shaw |

Football Celebration | Book Here

Details: Sunday 18 July | From 4pm
Venue: Norman Hotel, Ipswich Rd Wooloongabba
Cost: No cost event. Please RSVP for catering purposes only
RSVP: Please RSVP by 11 July via the below link
For further event information, please contact
Angela Papacostas |

Basketball Launch | Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

The place to find your upcoming Terrace Year Level event details...

Year 7 Parent/Caregiver Mid-Year Function

Details: Saturday 31 July | 6.30 - 10.30pm
Venue: Gusto da Gianni, Portside Wharf, Hamilton
Cost: $48pp (+bf) | Includes canapes & glass of prosecco on arrival. 
RSVP: Please RSVP via the below link by 19 July
For further information or event enquiries, please contact
Monica Katsanevas |

Year 7 Function | Book Here