Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Luke Gribble

The 2019 Waterford cohort is finishing the year exceptionally well and should be congratulated on what has been an excellent year across a multitude of areas. As I write this article the current Year 12 cohort are in their final day of classes as their Terrace journey comes to a close. The young men of Waterford are well prepared to return to the main campus as ‘big buddies’ and play their support role to the next cohort of Senior leaders.

It can be difficult to identify growth when you are walking with your son on a day to day basis. The Waterford teachers are witness to a great deal of change in the outlook of our young men after a year spent at Waterford. I am currently preparing for the 2020 Waterford intake and through this process I am reminded of the level of social and emotional growth that occurs from the end of Year 9 to the start of Year 11. I hope you see some of this growth at home. 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following boys for achieving special awards for their involvement at Waterford this year. 

  • Dux of Year 10 - Jake Laherty  
  • Yr 10 Leadership Prize - Eden Chan
  • Yr 10 Character, Service, Study and Co-curricular Prize - Luke Ames
  • Junior Sportsman of the Year - Mitchell Bodimeade