Acting Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson

The week that was

I had planned on attending former Archbishop John Bathersby’s funeral on Monday.  However, in light of the Federal government banning events with more than 500 people, there were limited places to attend. Archbishop John Bathersby led the Brisbane Archdiocese from 3 December 1991 until his retirement on 14 November 2011. Current Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge put it simply  

In his 20 years as Archbishop of Brisbane, John Bathersby was no high-powered administrator or fiery preacher. What he brought to the office was something deeper and more enduring … John was consumed by the desire to know and love Jesus, and he spoke of this more and more as time went by …  John was a rare human being, with a heart as big as his mind and soul and his sense of humour.

Some of John Bathersby’s highlights as Archbishop included - 

  • A Reconciliation Gathering at Lang Park in 1997. 
  • The restoration of St Stephen’s Chapel – Queensland’s first church in 1999. 
  • An Archdiocesan Synod in 2003. 
  • The Holy Spirit Seminary’s relocation back to Banyo in 2008.

May Archbishop John Bathersby Rest In Peace and Perpetual Light Shine upon him.

This week we celebrated St Patrick’s Day on Tuesday and the Feast Day of St Joseph today. Although both days are important, the celebration of our school’s Patron Saint is particularly relevant. The name, 'St Joseph's' was intentionally given to us by the Christian Brothers. The hope was that students could lead with the example of love and humility displayed by Joseph. Joseph is often referred to as the “humble carpenter”. This illustrates the type of person Joseph was – a real person with problems and opportunities, like you and me. Joseph was asked to be Mary’s husband and Jesus’ father. What an incredible burden of responsibility he took on agreeing to raise the Son of God.

A Prayer to St Joseph

Saint Joseph, humble worker, you took Mary home as your wife where she gave birth to a son and you named him Jesus. We pray that we may have the wisdom to be still and to listen for God who is calling us. Saint Joseph, strong and gentle man, you protected your child and his mother, taking them to safety. We pray that we may have the wisdom to get up as you did and do what is right and just. Saint Joseph, you brought your child and his mother to the land of Israel to start a new life. We pray that we may have the wisdom to know that we are never alone, and that God is one who walks with us always. Saint Joseph, you followed the path of humility, the path of strength and gentleness, the path of faith and courage, a path of love. We pray that as the Terrace family, we may follow your example in growing to be more Christ like in all that we say and do. Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of our College, pray for us.Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of our College, pray for us.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts … Forever