Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

It has been excellent to see our young men in their blazers this week.

This week, I am writing from Sydney, where I am attending an EREA National Conference centered around student wellbeing. It is a wonderful opportunity for schools in the Edmund Rice tradition to share stories of success in looking after the students entrusted to our care. One common theme that has arisen is the need for significant mentors in the lives of students. This obviously includes adults such as the staff in schools, but the power of older students in making the journey smooth for younger boys is clear. One of the many positives of a House system is that it provides opportunity for students to interact with others from a variety of year levels. Positive interactions with students of different ages, backgrounds and interests teaches our young men empathy, tolerance and resilience, all of which contribute to the formation of good men. Exercise is also strongly linked to wellbeing, so the co-curricular program is far more than an opportunity to play some sport; there is clear evidence of its emotional as well as physical benefits.

It has been excellent to see our young men in their blazers this week and I thank parents for your support in ensuring this has happened. The uniform, worn correctly, is an important outward symbol of a student’s commitment to his education. On the subject of uniform, a quick reminder that all students staying to support the 1st XI Football team are required to be in full school uniform. I encourage all of our young men to make the commitment and come along to give their support at what is a wonderful community event each Saturday. We look forward to a strong crowd for this week’s match against Churchie.

A reminder to families of Year 7 students about our mother/son evening on 15 May to be facilitated by Mr Bill Jennings, director of a company known as Time & Space. Feedback from last year’s event was very positive and I look forward to strong attendance. Please feel free to be in contact if you did not receive any information or if you have questions.

We have had multiple unavoidable interruptions in the first three weeks of term, but we now begin to return to some normal routine. With exams commencing in Week 8 and multiple assignments underway, there should be a strong sense that students are academically busy. Class time is exceptionally valuable, but in the busy lives of our young men, the necessity to be working hard at home amidst other commitments, should mean that there is not a lot of time to spare in the week. Boys who are committed and kept busy with healthy pursuits are the happiest and ultimately, the best equipped to make their way in the world. I wish all of our young men and families the very best over the coming weeks of a jam-packed term.