Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

Last week we hosted the Inter-House Track and Field carnival at Tennyson.  It was a tremendous day, albeit a bit hot.  Nonetheless, the Terrace Spirit was well and truly on display.  After a couple of years of cancellations, everyone was primed for a great day.  My thanks to the staff who ensured the day ran so well.  In particular, I thank Mr Tony McGahan and the Sports Office staff, as well as Mr Alan Kennedy and the Tennyson staff for their organisation and preparation, all of which contributed to the success of the day.  My thanks also to the huge number of parents and caregivers who volunteered their time at the Canteen and BBQ throughout the day.  Feeding 1700 boys is not an easy task, but they managed magnificently.  My thanks to Mrs Kirsten Carroll, the TLG and the large numbers of volunteers who gave their time so freely.  As I stood on the main oval at the end of the day, it was wonderful to see the Old Boys’ Grandstand full of students for the first time this year.  COVID-19 crowd restrictions this year have meant that numbers at Tennyson have been very small, making Friday’s crowd and the Terrace Spirit on display even more special.

To round out a very busy day, the Year 12 Formal was also held at the Convention Centre last Friday evening.  This special event for our Year 12 students looked unlikely to occur earlier this year, so to be able to hold the Formal was very important for the Year 12 cohort.  My thanks to the staff who attended the Formal and my special thanks to Mrs Jo Tarlington for all the work she did in coordinating the event.

During the course of last week, the College Leadership Team spoke to all year levels during their assemblies.  There was a consistent message presented to all students around ‘starting early and starting well’.  With only eight weeks in Term 4, a positive start will be critical and re-establishing good homework and study routines will be extra important due to the short term.  You can assist your son by reinforcing this message at home.

Earlier this week, the interviews for 2021 College Student Leaders were conducted.  It is my pleasure to announce the 2021 Student Leaders:

  • College Captain:  Jake Laherty
  • College Vice Captains: 
    • Luke Ames
    • Oliver Casey-Ryan
    • Eden Chan
    • Ben Chatwood

The selection of the 2021 House Leaders will commence on Friday.

The final event on the GPS calendar; the Track and Field Championships, will occur this Friday 16 October for our Junior team, and on Friday 23 October for our Senior team.  Our athletes have been working very hard this season and although no spectators will be permitted at the carnivals, the entire Terrace Family will undoubtedly be there in spirit.  It is also my pleasure to announce the Track and Field Captains for 2020:

  • Captain – Callum Walsh
  • Vice Captain – Joe Maranta
  • Vice Captain – Daniel Migotto

Congratulations to these young men and good luck to all athletes over the next two weeks.

It is with much sadness that I ask the Terrace Family to keep Judge Guy Andrew (GT 1982), in their thoughts and prayers.  Guy, who passed away recently, was a proud Terrace Old Boy and we keep both Guy and his family in our prayers.

In other Old Boy news, it is pleasing to see some of our recent graduates performing so well across a range of sporting arenas.  Congratulations to the following Old Boys:

  • Ben Keays (GT 2014) – Players’ Trademark Award – Adelaide Crows
  • Patrick Carrigan (GT 2015) – Selection in the extended State of Origin squad and Paul Morgan Medallist for the Brisbane Broncos
  • Harry Wilson (GT 2017) – Wallaby Debut v All Blacks
  • Tom Neill (GT 2019) – World Junior Swimming Record in 400m – short course event

These achievements serve to inspire our current students to work hard and believe in their dreams.

I would also ask that the Terrace Family keeps Mrs Noelene Rosengren in their prayers. Mrs Rosengren, who passed away recently, was a proud Terrace mother and grandmother to Peter (GT 1982), Stephen (GT 1983), Andrew (GT 1985), David (GT 1988), Anthony (GT 2003), Ben (GT 2005), Luke (GT 2006), Oliver Nash (Year 12), William Nash (Year 9), Max Lloyd (Year 7) and Jack Brumby (Year 5).  We keep the extended Rosengren Family in our thoughts and prayers.

The next few weeks remain very busy, with a range of activities scheduled.  A reminder that classroom work must remain the core focus for all students during this time.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal