Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Resilience is often defined as a person’s ability to bounce back from adversity. One of our goals in helping our students become their best is to teach them the skills to handle negative experiences and become stronger. As parents and teachers, we need to allow students to experience safe failure and face situations that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable while knowing that supportive adults are available if things do not go well. If we shelter students from every negative experience, we do them a disservice by denying them necessary life skills. Whether it be at camp, retreat, in the classroom or on the sporting field, students regularly learn new coping skills and should not always be shielded from experiences that may help them grow and mature.

Students regularly learn lessons in resilience as a result of interactions with other students. If a young man feels that another student is mistreating him, it is important that he first tries to handle it himself by being assertive and asking the other student to stop. This is an obvious first step in attempting to solve the problem. If issues are ongoing, he may need to speak with an adult for advice. Traditionally, students are reluctant to speak out about others because they worry about how their peers will view them. Sadly, some boys will attempt to handle a situation independently and respond by using physical force. Students must never take matters into their own hands and use physical force to resolve a relationship issue. Students using violence as a response to relationship issues will always be viewed in a negative light. Our young men need to learn that there are better ways to respond. We regularly share the message that students must maintain an environment where they keep their hands to themselves.

Last Friday, we held the annual Year 7 Inter-House Futsal competition at Waterford Place. The competition was expertly run by our Year 12 Recreational Studies class as an assessment item. The House Seniors were again very enthusiastic in their support of the Year 7s, and we thank them for their leadership on the day. Our congratulations to all the House teams, but in the end, it was Mahoney House who won this year’s competition. Bring on House Choir!

Finally, with exams commencing next week, I wish all our students the very best. The next few days should see our young men finishing their preparations. Year 11 students will commence exam block on Wednesday 9 June and are requested to follow all the usual expectations associated with this important time. Year 12 students will remain in regular timetabled classes for the remainder of the term while also attending scheduled exams. Many thanks for your support with checking go-cards, hat condition, and reminding your sons to polish their shoes regularly. We are noticing an improvement in these areas at the College.