College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Thank you to our non-teaching staff

At Terrace, it is relatively easy to spot the CLT, House Deans, Heads of Faculty and teachers but there are hundreds of people behind the scenes who play a vital role. After the Swimming Carnival, we see the school begin to settle into a routine and after all of the wonderful imagery and moments of the ‘first days’, it is important to recognise the staff who make sure things are in place, working and organised. There is a huge machine of people across our four campuses that bring everything together on time. Just this fortnight we have seen over 1000 boys participate in co-curricular activities, four parent information nights, dozens of committee meetings and the wonderful ritual of the Senior Induction Mass at the University of Queensland. It definitely takes a village to raise a Terrace Gentleman!

Briefly, on behalf of the Terrace Family, I would like to thank and acknowledge:

  • Business Manager, Mr Adam Read and his team.
  • Director of IT, Mr Matthew Gausden and his team.
  • Directors of Sport and Cultural Activities, Mr Damian Wright and Mr Matt Cocking and their teams of coordinators, coaches and tutors.
  • All Personal Assistants of the College Leadership Team and non-teaching staff in administration and support roles on Main Campus and Waterford Place.
  • Property Manager, Mr Glenn Brown and his team.
  • Dean of Communication, Ms Zoe Morgan and her team.
  • Director of Development, Mrs Lea Walker-Franks and her team.
  • Registrar, Mrs Andrea Splatt.
  • College Receptionist, Mrs Brooke Zande.
  • Student Services Assistant, Mrs Helen Kearney.
  • Book Shop Manager, Ms Ellyse Mackenroth and her team.
  • Clothing Shop Manager, Mrs Mirella Kelly and her team.
  • Director of Tennyson, Mr Alan Kennedy and his team.
  • Director of Terrace Outdoor Education, Mr Toby Gowland and his team.
  • Head of Campus Ministry, Mr Paul Antenucci, Assistant Dean of Identity, Mr Chris Zammit and the Peer Ministers and Eddie’s Van coordinators, Mrs Judy McGuire, Mr Josh Di Bella, Mr Nick Fidler and our enormous volunteer base.

The Terrace Ladies Group

Sincere thanks to Mrs Mel Josephson and all of the volunteers who have assisted across the three welcome functions this month and the Year 12 Induction Mass and function at the University of Queensland. Thank you to the generous Year 11 families for their assistance.