Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Last Wednesday, the Seniors completed their first QCS workshop on the Short Response Item. The following day the Seniors attempted their first practice paper of the Short Response Item. This will be graded by external markers and returned to us to share results and plan for further workshops. Our Seniors on their attitude and approach to this demanding practice test, their efforts on the day and their commitment to give their very best are to be commended at the highest level.

We have just received news from QCAA that Patrick Sharkey Callum Waite, Connor Ryan and Patrick Cummins, Seniors of 2017, were recognised as four of the 28 recipients of awards for distinguished academic achievers. Our congratulations are extended to these past students and to the Seniors of 2017 for gaining the most number of these awards across Queensland.

The recipients of these awards were asked their hints on balancing their studies. Their responses follow:  

“My secret to balancing study with other activities is to set out the activities you want to do and then plan your schedule so you can accomplish everything effectively”. 

“My secret to balancing study with other activities is to treat your extracurricular commitments as your breaks so you can have healthy habits when you’re studying”.

“Stay organised and communicate well with my teachers and coaches”. 

“Be selective and then plan your time effectively to fit everything in”. 

“Time management. If you’re good at that you’ll definitely have room to fit everything in”. 

“If you can’t take it on, don’t take it on”. 

“In balancing study with other activities, I found they facilitated each other. For example, with my athletics I found I was able to use this as a method of relaxation”. 

“Time management and good preparation, not procrastinating. Making sure that I still had time to fit in everything that I wanted to do”.

These special occasions when recognition is given to our youth of are both uplifting and instil great confidence in the future of our society.

As we have now completed information evenings for all year levels, I would like to again thank parents for their support of their sons. This triad of school, student and parent allows the best opportunities for our boys to flourish. Copies of these presentations have been posted on the App and in Parent Lounge for further reference. 

As Week 5 comes to a close, I again encourage all students to ensure that they are not just spending time on assignments but also following their study plan that includes committing time to revision. This is often a challenging time for students while trying to juggle all the demands of homework, assignments and revision. The “checklist” provides all the required learning for the Term 1 exams in each subject. Working from this list to complete effective revision should be the key strategy.