Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

At College Assembly this week, the boys were congratulated on how they are competing every week in their matches following two central themes:

Compete fiercely and never give in - The boys have truly been fighting hard and competing as best as they can on every ball and every point. That is great – a never say die attitude in sport transfers over into everyday life – especially their academics, where they should never be satisfied with simply accepting an outcome. Keep trying and do your best every chance you can.

Always in the best of sportsmanship – The boys have displayed great manners and great sportsmanship at all times – and that needs to be recognised, encouraged at all times and congratulated.  It is expected that there is a display of respect for the team and our opponents.  Everyday life throws up examples of athletes that display bad sportsmanship both in the arena of competition and outside in general life – theses athletes should never be role models for the boys. Athletes that espouse virtues of humility and respect, such as Roger Federer, are the style of athlete that Terrace boys should strive to emulate.

Congratulations to the men who are competing and representing the College in our flagship teams, the Cricket 1st XI and Volleyball 1st VI. Currently both these teams are sitting second in their respective competitions and both teams have one very similar trait – a never give in attitude where they compete against their rivals to the very end. Respectfully, neither team, are full of superstars, but both teams are full of hard working diligent and committed young men who try at every point and run to do their best. Both groups could be referred to as great Teams, with 'Team' being the operative word.


If you want the support you need to show the support. At College assembly the boys were congratulated – again led by the Years 11 and 12 cohort, for their support of each other.  Most pleasing has been the support to both Volleyball and Cricket from those boys who are more identified in other activities – such as Swimming, Rowing, Basketball and Rugby to name a few.
Support your mates and support the College – we are all in this together. 

Championship Week - Swimming 

Friday is the GPS Championship day for the Junior and Senior programs for swimming. The First session of the day will be for boys in Years 5, 6 and 7 who are aged 10,11 and 12 years. The Second session is for boys in Years 7 through to 12 who are 13 years to Open.

The Senior Swimming Championships are truly an unbelievable event – noisy, crowded and overpowering in sweat, emotion and passion for swimming and competition. It is an irreplaceable three hours that encapsulates everything great about sport – the triumphs, the challenges  and the thrill of competition. It is an event that is always a sell-out and strictly ticketed – apologies if parents want extra tickets but the College is limited to two tickets per swimming family.

The boys who will represent the College at both events have been completing a mountain of work and need to be congratulated for their efforts. The turnaround in the Swimming program continues under the guidance of Rackley Swimming and the base of Centenary Pool, and boys are reaping the benefits of a good program that encourages and develops their skills. Regardless of the final placing for both programs, the success of the swimming is the program and the development of the boys. 

Championship Week - Rowing 

The Rowing program witnessed the final racing of the Year 9 program with the running of the Junior Head of the River. The Terrace crews recorded third place overall - a good effort. Congratulations to the Year 9 2nd Quad that were victorious in their race. Well done men – the only element on the Year 9 Rowers agenda is now supporting at the Senior Head of the River on 10 March. The Year 8 program wraps up this week with racing at Wyaralong for the first time for these boys. Again they are expected to support at the Senior Head of the River in a weeks’ time.

The Senior Shed had a very good day on Saturday coming home second overall, with great results from many crews – especially the Year 10 Quads. Keep training hard and freshen up for Saturday week.

Saturday 10 March is the Head of the River – which coincides with the 'bye' weekend in Cricket and Volleyball. The only Open team in either activity that is scheduled to play on that day is the 1st XI v Downlands – all other Open Teams in Cricket and Volleyball should be looking to travel to Wyaralong to support the rowers.

Cricket Team Photos 

A reminder to Cricket teams playing at Tennyson this weekend that Yearbook team photos will be taken in the Rowing Shed.  Boys are asked to check the schedule and ensure they are at the Shed in time for the scheduled photo.  Boys are to wear their full Terrace Cricket playing kit.