Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Last week I had the privilege of spending some time in Melbourne with a number of Christian Brothers and members of the EREA Network, as part of the 150 years celebration of Br Ambrose Treacy.  The days provided an opportunity to celebrate the legacy that Ambrose Treacy has created by establishing Christian Brothers’ Schools across Australia.  The gathering also focused on the future.  What does the Edmund Rice Network look like moving forward?  I left the gathering enthused by what the future looks like, but also challenged by the opportunity and responsibility that the Terrace Family has with this new journey.

Following the gathering in Melbourne, as a College community we celebrated the Edmund Rice Feast Day with a full school Mass on Tuesday.  It was a special Mass for our community as we acknowledged and celebrated our Founder and the privilege he gave to us by establishing the Christian Brothers.  The Mass also provided an opportunity where, as a College Community, we could acknowledge and apologise for the hurt that has been caused by the actions of a few. On behalf of the Terrace Family I apologised for the abuse and hurt that some within the Terrace Family have endured in the past.  It is important that we acknowledge and apologise for the hurt that has occurred.  On behalf of the generations of the Terrace Family, I say ‘Sorry’ for the hurt that has occurred.

This week signifies the halfway point for the term and it is very important that, despite the number of short and interrupted weeks, all students are focused on their studies.  In particular, attention should be given to the assessment calendar and the array of assignments that are currently in progress.  This week, Mr Mason Hellyer takes over the role of Acting Dean of Studies.  Mason will continue the work that Mrs Julie Quinn has started this term. I wish Mason all the best for the remainder of this term.  Mr Rob Sweeper will assume the role of Acting HoF HPE and Mr Devon Naeser takes over as coordinator of Year 7-9 HPE for the remainder of Term 2.

May is a full term with the continuance of the co-curricular program and the NAPLAN tests.  Students in Years 5, 7 and 9 are continuing their NAPLAN preparation with their teachers. The NAPLAN tests are scheduled for next week. Next week also sees the staging of the College Musical at QUT.  Students, staff and parents have spent an extraordinary amount of time rehearsing and I wish them all the best for the shows next week.

The building program continues to progress with a reasonable amount of foundation and structural work beginning to appear.  Over the next few weeks we should see some of this foundation work really progress.  I again thank parents for the care you have exercised when driving around the streets.  I also wish to acknowledge how well the students are adjusting to the building program.  Well done. I ask parents to support the College by reinforcing our message regarding road safety.  A couple of weeks ago I positioned myself on St Paul’s Terrace at the end of the school day.  I was disappointed and concerned to see some students flaunting common sense road safety rules by crossing this very busy and dangerous road not at the traffic lights or designated crossing areas.  No one wants an accident or injury to a student.  The staff will continue to reiterate this message, but we also need your help to reinforce this important road safety message with your sons.  We do not want a student injured, or worse.  Please reinforce this message.

Finally this week, I wish all of the Mothers in our community a very happy Mother's Day.  I hope that your sons pamper you and say thank you for all that you do for them.

Have a great week.
God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal