Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Steven Hohn

Welcome back to the final term of the year. As always, the extended break from mainstream schooling experienced by the Year 10 students throughout the Immersion period is a significant time of change for the boys on many levels. I have been fortunate enough to listen to the stories and reflections of many students from various Immersions and was really pleased at what they have been able to take away from their experiences.

This term has a few changes at Waterford Place and as a result of those changes, we welcomed Mrs Belinda Brown and Mr Gavin Clements to the Waterford Place staff. Given the changes, the need to reestablish routines as quickly possible is vital.  On the first day back this term we spoke about the need to follow ‘The Terrace Way’ document as an approach to settling back into school.  In short, ‘The Terrace Way’ document encourages the students, as a group, to get their behaviour right and to come to class with the right attitude and the correct equipment for learning.  

I have spoken to the Year 10 cohort about showing respect and having positive interactions with their peers and staff members.  This can be achieved through:

• Communicating positively with each other.
• Respecting different viewpoints.
• Handling conflict in a respectful way.
• Sharing the workload.

We have watched a short video on decision making in the moment.  There are many moments within a day where we are presented with opportunities to make decisions.  These decisions can impact others negatively or positively.  The Year 10 students were challenged to “choose kind”.

This term at Waterford Place, we will continue to focus on the small things to ensure that the boys finish the year with the necessary momentum to finish well and start Year 11 in the correct frame of mind.  

On Friday we have the Inter-House Track and Field carnival.  The day centres around participation and I would encourage each student to turn up, have a go and have some fun with their classmates.  It is a great community opportunity to reconnect with each of the Houses and House mates from other year levels.