Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Daniel Migotto

After only two weeks of the school year, there is no doubt that 2020 has well and truly begun. As of last Friday, the first Senior class of this decade was inducted as formal leaders. Badges were exchanged, thanks given and of course plenty of hugs from the Senior’s parents during and after the ceremony. Growing up at Terrace, I always dreaded Induction Mass; hours of sitting and staring at boys seated on stage. But this year offered a change of perspective, 2020 marked the year I fully embraced the idea that Terrace has changed my family forever.

As part of the tradition, parents and caregivers are invited to Induction Mass to pin badges on their sons, presenting them with the opportunity to recognise this significant milestone officially. Unfortunately, although they wanted to, my parents were not able to attend. This left me in an interesting position. Without my parents, I had to ask someone else to present my badges. I thought about it for a while, maybe a teacher, someone else’s parents? I wasn’t sure, but eventually, I decided to ask my brother, who was sitting up the back of the crowd. He agreed and I thought that was that, nothing special. I couldn’t even imagine how wrong I was. 

When the Vice Captains’ parents were invited to pin badges, Josh stood up and walked from the back of the hall to the front of the stage. Because it was unorthodox for a student to pin a badge, all eyes were on my little brother. By the time Josh got to me, most of the other parents had finished pinning the badges, leaving us in another interesting situation. Josh and I rarely share hugs, and I had planned on giving him one originally, but now that he and I were the only ones left with 2000 people watching, I thought I would spare him the embarrassment. But to my pleasant surprise, after he finished pinning the badge, Josh gave me a massive hug. It might seem trivial, but it meant a lot to me. And seeing the reaction of boys around me, we were reminded how Terrace brings us together because here, we are all brothers. 

Since then, Josh and I have not talked about that day, but I hope it serves a reminder that not only is Terrace a new family, but it brings old families together.