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The Good News of Terrace – Year 5 and 6 Launch their Blanket Drive for our Eddie’s Van Friends

From Terrace to Africa and Back

We’ve all encountered challenges that at first seem insurmountable. We’ve all struggled at some stage with knowing where to begin. Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya –home to 1.2 million displaced people – the place where I stood 28 days ago being overwhelmed with figuring out where to begin. Figuring out where to begin with finding a way to help those who are living in conditions that nobody deserves to be living in. Figuring out a way to make a difference.

Fortunately, the Christian Brothers of Africa have figured out a way to make a difference. The Mary Rice Centre of Kibera, comprising of Christian Brothers and lay teachers and therapists, educates 42 disabled children from the informal settlement of Kibera. Not only was I illuminated to the possibilities of where to begin with making a difference, it illuminated to me the extraordinary compassion, dedication and commitment of people of Edmund Rice communities from across the world. Then came Vincent.

Vincent is an eight-year-old boy who attends Br Beausang school in Nairobi, Kenya. He has two brothers and one sister, all being cared for by their mum. In 2014, they arrived in Nairobi with nothing other than hope for something better. With nowhere to turn, mum knocked on the local Catholic church’s door and was greeted by the priest. The priest and parish took care of the family and connected the family with the Christian Brothers, who are now educating Vincent and his siblings at Br Beausang School. Furthermore, the local parish sponsored Vincent’s mum with a mico-finance loan that has enabled here to start up a small business to make ends meet. Again, extraordinary compassion, dedication and commitment people working together to make a difference.

From Terrace to Africa and back. I knew it would be worth it, but I wasn’t expected to be gifted with so much.