Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Pen and paper are still the best tools for revision.

Welcome back to the new term to all our families​.

I hope that the holidays provided a break for families from the regular school routine. This term is yet another busy time with our celebration of the academic achievements from Semester 1, Parent/Teacher and Student interviews, subject selections for our current Year 10 cohort leading into Year 11, subject selection for our current Year 8 students leading into Year 9, possible selection for English Extension and Music Extension subjects for our current Year 11 students, Year 10 Immersion and our formal Queensland Core Skills test for our Senior students.

Assessment Calendars

All students have been issued with an assessment calendar outlining the date of assessment issued and the due date. Copies are also available for students via Moodle, Student Cafe and the College App. Parents can access assessment calendars through either the College App or via Parent Lounge ('links' section) . I strongly encourage all students to use the information on assessment calendars to construct a study plan. A study plan is imperative to ensure that adequate time is given to each of the demands of each subject studied. All students have been versed in how to construct a study plan.


All learning required for this term for every year level and every subject is listed for students on the checklist on Moodle. Again, I encourage all students to print the checklists relevant to them and use this as their revision guide. Students are often remising in their allocation of time to revise for exams. Assignments are usually covered well by students due to scaffolding and drafting but time given to revision is often neglected until the final week/s of the term.

Revision- how, when and why…

Often students are unsure of how to revise - the solution is very easy - follow and practise the checklist skills. The checklist should be used by students as if it was an exam. With pen and paper, students should work their way through the checklist, practising and then checking that their answers are correct. The checklist, outlining all the learning that is required for the exam, should not just be read over and knowledge assumed. Revision should begin in week one of each term. Much research, plus common sense, dictates that skills and knowledge practised become skills and knowledge mastered.

Homework and Diaries

I often refer to the “three aspects” of mastery within a term. The mastery of homework, assignments and revision. Homework needs to be completed each day and hours logged so students can refer to this log against the results achieved. Many thanks to all the parents who take the time to sign their sons’ diaries. Your support in this is most valued.

Pen and Paper

Research continues to emphasise the need to use pen and paper to enhance memory and learning. Students need to complete their homework and revision and where possible assignments using pen and paper rather than their computer. We continue to track and monitor weekly the use of BYOD at school and follow up with boys who have used their BYOD for purposes other than educational.

Tutorials, Study group and hall

Staff at Terrace are very generous with extra time given to offer tutorials. I encourage boys to use this very valuable resource. Times are listed on the College App for students. Parent are able to view available times via the College App and Parent Lounge ('Links' section). Study group for Year 12 students and study group for Year 11 students will continue to operate every afternoon from 3.15 to 5.15 pm. Study hall for students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will operate on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Attendance must be confirmed via the Parent Lounge.

Start Well

A strong start to the term will set students up and give confidence for a strong finish. Best wishes for the term ahead.