Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

At school assembly last week, I informed the boys that I would be sending advice to you to set up a “Family Phone Box” where mobile phones are placed upon arriving home and are collected from the box when all homework , assignment work and revision are completed.


Last Friday was yet again another wonderful celebration of the community spirit within the Terrace family. My congratulations to all the boys who participated and also to the Seniors who led and inspired the younger members of the community to join in so enthusiastically. This camaraderie extends across all facets of the College, inclusive of the classroom and learning.


On Tuesday we celebrated the academic achievements of 373 students. We have again increased the number of medal winners making this number the highest ever awarded at Terrace. There are many inspirational stories that lead to these medals from a year five student taking the initiative to make more notes and revise more, to a loyal friend tutoring to try to allow his mate to win a medal for the first time. Well done to all our boys on their efforts to be the best possible student that they can be.


My thanks again to the large number of parents who attend the parent/teacher/student interviews. With our final formal round of interviews concluding, many students have now been given information on how to sustain or enhance their outcomes. This partnership between school and home is greatly valued by all our teaching staff.

Quarter time Mark

As we approach the end of week three, I remind all boys that we are at the quarter time mark for teaching and learning for this term. With many boys having exams in week nine, they need to be aware of the work that is to be completed prior to this time.

I offer the checklist below for students to complete to ensure that they are organised and making the most of their time.

I have….

  • Completed a study plan that outlines when my assignments are due and when I am going to do revision for my exams.
  • Noted on the study plan the time and topics/exercises that I am intending to spend on each subject for both assignments and revision where applicable.
  • Completed Friday roll call for the past two weeks.
  • Logged my hours and they are consistent with the required hours to maximise my outcomes.
  • Asked my teacher questions to clarify concepts that I have not understood.
  • Downloaded from Moodle the checklist for every subject that outlines what I need to know for exams this term.
  • Pasted the checklist into a book and am pretending that the checklist is an exam and I am methodically working my way through the list and checking that I know what is listed.
  • Made use of the resources at Terrace and attended tutorials where required.

Support for Parents.

Parents are able to access the Checklists on Moodle by following this link (just in case your sons forgot to show you their checklist)