Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Bill Bingham

Together we are 18 000 strong.

With five minutes left and at one point down, it was looking bleak. Sitting in the stands spectating the 1st VX game on the weekend, the Terrace supporters had the front row seats to the Churchie onslaught. Churchie, a school that we haven't beaten away in at least five games, were continually advancing on our try line. As a spectator, I felt useless. Our 1sts were holding on by the skin of their teeth and there was nothing I felt I could do. Nonetheless the Terrace supporters fell back on what we do best and we yelled for what felt like an eternity. Although didn't feel like it was doing much, the 1sts came off the field expressing their gratitude and claimed that "it was the Terrace support which got us over the line."

Even though it is obvious what to do and how to go about supporting a rugby team, I think support of our mates runs a lot deeper. Coming into a time where a lot of assignments are due and revision needs to start, support for our mates, both on and off the field is imperative.

Any support is good support, so if you can't watch on the weekend that isn't an excuse not to support. I implore you to ask your mates about their assignments, or encourage them to start revision. It isn't hard to give out, but the impact of such small actions is not hard to see. We beat Churchie by one point. Support can make all the difference. Together we are 18 000 strong.