Dean of Waterford | Acting Dean, Mr Mason Hellyer

The Year 10 Waterford journey is a significant marker for each Terracian as they progress through the school. It is an opportunity to socially connect as a year, to experience the role of the leader, develop their skills as a student and scholar, gain greater experience of their own strengths and limitations, be challenged on their path to masculinity and importantly, develop an understanding of the wider world beyond themselves. Waterford creates the environment for these opportunities through the Immersion program, academic mentoring, the physical environment and most significantly the everyday interactions between students and staff.

At the start of the final term, we have been working with the Year 10 group to recognise the challenge ahead of finishing the year well, so that Waterford becomes a springboard into their Senior schooling. This can be a challenge as students have returned from a long break outside the ‘classroom’. However, it is one I am sure that the group will embrace.

Next week will see the return of Mr Damien Cuddihy as Dean of Waterford. Thanks to Damien for his support during my brief time as acting Dean. Thanks also must go to the Waterford staff for their professionalism and the students for their support, cooperation and challenge.