Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

The importance of emotional intelligence

After speaking with many students and some of their parents regarding reports, conversations and circumstances can differ greatly. The one thing that is always consistent is when boys are disappointed with their result they are also disappointed with the effort that went with this. Our students are constantly reminded that success in life is about being consistent. You can’t complete a term’s work for all subjects in one week, this is also a very stressful situation for boys (and their parents) to be in.

Assignments are coming up and in a short term most will be due around the same date and time in class. It is paramount that work needs to be consistent when the opportunity is given. When the opportunity is wasted, boys tend to make up for this just before it is due, but of course the issue is complicated when they find themselves in this circumstance for multiple subjects.

In Formation, we have reviewed and reflected on Term 3’s results, each student should have completed a weekly plan as well as a Term plan for the first four weeks. We have now moved into our pastoral topics. Year 7s are looking at investigating emotions, Year 8s have looked at Daniel Goleman’s work on Emotional Intelligence and elements that are required to be successful leaders in this. Year 9s will watch a documentary ‘The Mask You Live In’ which delves into the topic of masculinity and challenges myths of what it means to be a man in today’s world. We look at all the qualities that boys admire in the men who play a major role in their life, we also look at the issues that teenage boys face in trying to figure out what it means to be a man, some needing to wear a ‘mask’ to cover who they really are.

The term will go quickly as we now head into Week 4, with exam block starting in Week 7. Study should be occurring each night after homework and assignment work is completed.