Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

A warm welcome to all in the Terrace Family as we commence the somewhat brief but significant final term of the academic year. Front of mind at this time is our Senior students whose remaining days in the classroom are now in the single figures. A significant shift under the new QCE system and its associated ATAR is that the final external exams are not written or marked by our staff. Hence, the attitude of staff and students is that of a team taking on a common and somewhat unknown enemy. Opportunities such as mock exams, open classrooms and feedback sessions were facilitated by many teachers during the recent holidays and are an enormous benefit for the Seniors. I wish to pass on the thanks of the community to these dedicated teachers who gave up their holiday time for the benefit of their students. I am confident that it will make a positive difference as the boys tackle their external exams.

As is often the case at the commencement of a new term, a number of unavoidable staffing changes have been made and are reflected in the timetable. A change of teacher is never ideal and is certainly not our preference, but there are occasions when we have no choice. In a big school with many teachers, there is never a term in which changes are not required. In his article this week, Dr Carroll has outlined these staff changes, and I have written to parents and caregivers of the students who will have a change of teacher. At Terrace, we are blessed to have an abundance of quality teachers who are willing to assist when staffing issues arise. I thank those teachers who have willingly helped to ensure that teaching and learning are unaffected.

We are in the final stages of preparing the calendar and timetable for 2022. While there is still plenty to happen this year, plans are well underway for matters including staffing for next year, which will be complicated by several factors, including the mid-year campus swap of Years 9 and 10 students. Wishing all in the Terrace Family the very best for a wonderful final term for the year.