Captain’s Corner | College Captain, Ryan Gassman

Let’s continue all this hard work both in the classroom and on the sporting field.

Term 2 thus far has been a challenge for us all, but a challenge I feel all Terrace Gentlemen have risen to. Now with most of our assignments handed in, the uphill climb to exam block begins and we must push that little bit more in every class and tutorial to revise all the course work we have covered over the last six weeks. With a bye week this weekend, it is a perfect time to do this. This week is a chance for everyone to get on top of their workload as well as catch up on any sleep lost during the previous weeks. It is a well earned break that must be taken advantage of as to allow for the best results possible during exam block.

Last weekend both the 1st Football and 1st Tennis teams competed against TSS at Southport in what was going to be two very close competitions between competitors of an equally high standard. The Footballers fought to the very last second in what was an incredible spectacle of skill and ball play to come out with a draw against an equally as skilled TSS side. The 1st Tennis team also bested an undefeated TSS team to take top spot on the ladder coming into the final weeks of the competition. The tennis players throughout this term have consistently shown the skill and ability on the court and as such have been rewarded for their discipline with an undefeated season thus far.

Let’s continue all this hard work both in the classroom and on the sporting field and wrap up the second term of 2017 on a high note.