Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

We are indeed blessed with the wonderful young men in our community.​

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables have been issued to all students. These documents are crucial in planning strategically for a student’s exam revision. I encourage all students to use this document wisely so that they are fully prepared for exam in the final weeks of this term. I remind boys that all learning required for each subject is listed on the Checklist in Moodle. I encourage boys to treat the checklist as an exam and to use pen and paper and answer each of the required learning facts. This strategy has proved to be most successful for many students. Where applicable, revision booklets and sheets have been issued to the boys which provides another source for targeted revision.

Queensland Core Skills test

Next Tuesday and Wednesday our Senior students will attempt two days of testing across four papers- the Writing Task, Multiple Choice 1 and 11 and the Short Response Item paper. We congratulate our boys on their dedication to their preparation for these exams and their willingness to give their best. We wish them well in these demanding days. A reminder that all Year 12 students need to be at school by 8am.


We wish our Year 10 students all the very best as they embark upon their Immersion. My thanks also to the many staff who accompany the boys on these most fulfilling experiences and allow these wonderful opportunities to occur. Immersion units this year are – Beyond Borders, Cape York , India, Fiji, Timor Leste , ACU, Career Pathways , Outdoor Education, Photography and the US exchange. We look forward to hearing about these Immersion experiences when the boys present in the final week of the term.

Year 8 | Subject Selection

A reminder that this evening is our subject selection for students in Year 8. Boys will have presentations from each of the electives being offered- Business Education, Drama, French, Graphics, Technology A (workshop), Digital Technology, Japanese, Music and Visual Art. From these subjects, students will need to select two subjects that they wish to study next year. The selection will be made electronically and boys will be given instructions on how to complete their preferences.


Below is a reflection from a current student when asked an opinion on what it is like being a student at Terrace:

A Terrace Gentleman is motivated by a cause, a purpose. He works hard for his cause and is willing to do everything for his cause, whether it be being the best Rugby player or getting that extra A on their report card. He also places himself in an environment where the people around him want to help him reach his goal. He is willing to work with ‘blood and sweat and tears’ for the result.

We are indeed blessed with the wonderful young men in our community.