Dean of Waterford | Mr Mason Hellyer

Exam week has been progressing well at Waterford after what’s been a fairly fast paced academic term for the cohort. The individual Immersion groups will meet on Thursday to pass on any final details relevant to the immersions. Next Monday on 28 August, all Year 10 students will commence the Immersion with a Retreat day at Waterford, based around the leadership theme. The exception to this will be the Outdoor Education Immersion group who need to make a start on the Immersion programs proper that day. The final day of Immersion 2016 will be the Presentation Evening on Wednesday 13 September. Year 10 students will not be required at school on Thursday 14 of September (which is the final day of term for all Terrace students). I am looking forward to being away with the Cape York group for much of the Immersion program and all communication, as normal, can be made through Student Services at Waterford Place. The afterhours emergency contact number during this period is 0411 157 452. This number will be monitored by Mrs Quinn. I’m looking forward to seeing the boys grow from their experiences over the next few weeks.